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The (Dying) Elephant in the Room

The City of London is scrambling to keep its control of the $1.5 quadrillion global derivatives bubble intact, under conditions that increasingly indicate its early demise. At issue is the British Empire’s stranglehold over the trans-Atlantic financial system and economies, under conditions of a surging alternative in the form of the Belt and Road Initiative. Continue reading The (Dying) Elephant in the Room

A Bunch Of Criminals

A while ago, ECB President Mario Draghi announced that the Eurozone will print more paper money to bail itself out. This would mean that the banks will continue to circulate worthless currency to keep itself afloat while the population doing the actual hard work is deceptively compensated by it.
No wonder bank CEOs are fattened with huge bonuses even at these trying times.
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€1.1 Trillion QE for Eurozone Announced; Euro Falling

The European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has decided to flood the Eurozone with Federal Reserve type quantitative easing in the staggering amount of €1.1 Trillion!
As expected the Euro fell, and the Swiss National Bank was right when it decided to decouple the Francs away from the Euro.
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