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Putin Prepares for War, Medvedev Dedicates Himself to Science

To the deep consternation of the West, the Russian economy continues to grow amidst Western sanctions. Its scientific community and military sector continue to advance even after the massive plunders against the former Soviet Union.

Its agricultural sector, on the other hand, is poised to become the global superpower in terms of non-GMO food production.


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Putin Orders Northern Fleet to Full Alert

Military exercises are an everyday business nowadays. But it doesn’t mean that these people are just playing games. The warmongers are beating the drums and NATO forces are marching towards the gates of Mother Russia.

The “resurrected” Putin is not taking things lightly.

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Russian Military Capabilities

This article serves as a supplement to “Hear These Russian Warnings” from the Executive Intelligence Review.

The US military hegemony may be over when an early iteration of the Sukhoi fighter aircraft buzzed around USS Donald Cook navigating  the Black Sea in April 2014, that shocked its crew.

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Hear These Russian Warnings

Contrary to mainstream pundits, it is the United States, Inc. that is effectively being isolated by its own “exceptional” provocative pronouncements and covert actions at this point of the game.

Even the German mouthpiece Der Spiegel is accusing the US Hawks of trying to fast track a full blown proxy war with Russia to the detriment of the Europeans.

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