One Rocket Provoked the US Withdrawal from Syria

Last Friday a 155 mm artillery shell landed 300 metres from a US command post near the Syrian bordering city of Ayn al-Arab (known by the Syrian Kurds as “Kobane”) during an ongoing operation carried out by Turkey – a NATO and a US ally. This operation aimed to dislodge, at a distance of 30-35 kilometres from the border, the US-backed Kurdish militants known as the YPG, the Syrian branch of the US-EU-NATO designated terrorist group, the “Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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Mass Arrests vs. Deep State Operatives Imminent

Various events leading to the US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw an estimated 2,000 US troops from Syria and at least half of the 14,000 from Afghanistan are creating a very positive picture about the long sought mass arrests of people involved in the systematic destruction of resource rich countries, and the overall deterioration of the quality of life all over the planet. Continue reading