How Cabalists Thrive?

For decades, the “select few” that run the world keep feeding themselves with constantly flowing “liquidity’ from select industries that profited heavily from orchestrated wars, induced pandemic, premeditated housing foreclosures, rigged interest rates, forced appetite for oil, etc.
They have literally rigged the entire system from its core.
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The Vaccine Hoax is Over


Andrew Baker ( FFN),– Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

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CDC Admits Contaminating 98M Americans with Cancer

The expected Massive Disclosure is not happening through the outdated Mainstream Media [MSM] but through the efforts of ordinary bloggers and social networkers who dedicate themselves to uplifting the human spirit by sharing information vital to human survival.

For a very short period, they have accomplished so much that their efforts could never be ignored no more. We all have reached that point when the possibility of reverting back to what was accepted as reality is undeniably remote.

The field of healthcare is probably the most bastardized field of Science, and comes as no surprise if the end-goal is to depopulate the planet.

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus


The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which is now cached here, admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.

V40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer.

SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the tumor-suppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigen. Mutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation, leading to cancer.

Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40 in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

Dr. Michele Carbone openly acknowledged HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s. It was the first time since the initial transmissions took place in 1972-74, that a leading expert in the field of vaccine manufacturing and testing has openly admitted the Merck & Co. liability for AIDS.

The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination. In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had risen 30 percent over the previous 20 years.

The SV-40 virus is now being detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40.

Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by American Home Products (dba Lederle).

Both the oral, live virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.

Just two years ago, the U.S. government finally added formaldehyde to a list of known carcinogens and and admitted that the chemical styrene might cause cancer. Yet, the substance is still found in almost every vaccine.

According to the Australian National Research Council, fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, it is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund).

In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA. Laboratory animals exposed to doses of inhaled formaldehyde over their lifetimes have developed more cancers of the nose and throat than are usual.

Facts Listed on The CDC Website about SV40

-SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey.

-SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine.

-SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans.

Additional Facts

-In the 1950s, rhesus monkey kidney cells, which contain SV40 if the animal is infected, were used in preparing polio vaccines.

-Not all doses of IPV were contaminated. It has been estimated that 10-30 million people actually received a vaccine that contained SV40.

-Some evidence suggests that receipt of SV40-contaminated polio vaccine may increase risk of cancer.

A Greater Perspective on Aerial Spraying and SV40

The Defense Sciences Office of the Pathogen Countermeasures Program, in September 23, 1998 funded the University of Michigan’s principal investigator, Dr. James Baker, Jr. Dr. Baker, Director of Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences under several DARPA grants. Dr. Baker developed and focused on preventing pathogens from entering the human body, which is a major goal in the development of counter measures to Biological Warfare. This research project sought to develop a composite material that will serve as a pathogen avoidance barrier and post-exposure therapeutic agent to be applied in a topical manner to the skin and mucous membranes. The composite is modeled after the immune system in that it involves redundant, non-specific and specific forms of pathogen defense and inactivation. This composite material is now utilized in many nasal vaccines and vector control through the use of hydro-gel, nanosilicon gels and actuator materials in vaccines.

Through Dr. Baker’s research at the University of Michigan; he developed dendritic polymers and their application to medical and biological science. He co-developed a new vector system for gene transfer using synthetic polymers. These studies have produced striking results and have the potential to change the basis of gene transfer therapy. Dendrimers are nanometer-sized water soluble polymers that can conjugate to peptides or arbohydrates to act as decoy molecules to inhibit the binding of toxins and viruses to cells. They can act also as complex and stabilize genetic material for prolonged periods of time, as in a “time released or delayed gene transfer”. Through Dr. Baker’s ground breaking research many pharmaceutical and biological pesticide manufacturers can use these principles in DNA vaccines specific applications that incorporate the Simian Monkey Virus SV40.


In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, “Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans.” The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to “protect” the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside’s with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies. The recombinant vaccines against WNV use Rabbit Beta-globulin or the poly (A) signal of the SV40 virus. In early studies of DNA vaccines it was found that the negative result studies would go into the category of future developmental research projects in gene therapy. During the studies of poly (A) signaling of the SV40 for WNV vaccines, it was observed that WNV will lie dormant in individuals who were exposed to chicken pox, thus upon exposure to WNV aerial vaccines the potential for the release of chicken pox virus would cause a greater risk to having adult onset Shingles.


In February 2009 to present date, aerial spraying for the WNV occurred in major cities within the State of California. During spraying of Anaheim, CA a Caucasian female (age 50) was exposed to heavy spraying, while doing her daily exercise of walking several miles. Heavy helicopter activity occurred for several days in this area. After spraying, she experienced light headedness, nausea, muscle aches and increased low back pain. She was evaluated for toxicological mechanisms that were associated with pesticide exposure due to aerial spraying utilizing advanced biological monitoring testing. The test results which included protein band testing utilizing Protein Coupled Response (PCR) methods were positive for KD-45. KD-45 is the protein band for SV-40 Simian Green Monkey virus. Additional tests were performed for Epstein-Barr virus capside and Cytomeglia virus which are used in bio-engineering for gene delivery systems through viral protein envelope and adenoviral protein envelope technology. The individual was positive for both; indicating a highly probable exposure to a DNA vaccination delivery system through nasal inhalation.

The question of the century is how many other viruses and toxins are within current day vaccines that we’ll only find out about in a few decades?

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.


Prevent Disease

We have just released the Second Edition of Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook. The proceeds from this book will be used to fund our next project, Towards Energy Emancipation. The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid. Thank you very much for your valuable support.

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Chasing Filipino Dream for the World

Filipinos, today, can be seen in every country that welcomes immigrants and foreign workers. The lack of employment opportunities back home forces them to seek greener pastures elsewhere. They are said to contribute as much as US$20 Billion per annum to the government coffers, with as much as 80% going to service foreign debt.

The arrested development of the country caused by these global loan sharks has resulted to massive hunger, lawlessness, and suicides. But, is this what the people truly deserve?

Note: The colonial term “Filipino” will only be used here for clarity, and not as acceptance of historical falsehood.

Contrary to popular notions about our own history, the early inhabitants of these islands were relatively advanced in socio-economic terms. Each settlement we call “barangay” was one big happy family. They literally work, dine and play together. Proof of their advanced agricultural methods is the living Rice Terraces in Banaue, Ifugao.

Modern Filipinos have also ventured into the world of high-technology in a big way. Currently, we have a high-ranking technician in NASA for the critical operation of the Curiosity Rover in Mars.

We’ve also designed the first lunar rover back in early 60s. But that was to be eclipsed with the most astounding discovery in the late 1960s.

The Art of Burning Water

In 1969, a Filipino self-taught chemical engineer, Daniel Dingel, perfected the method of disassociating hydrogen, an explosive gas, from water and succeeded in running his car since then with nothing but water.

The process of extraction only requires power that is already available on-board the vehicle and hydrogen production won’t need a storage tank but is produced on demand.

His patent can be downloaded from Google Patent. Sadly, due to the ongoing suppression of useful knowledge, you can only see three pages of it.


One of the stable hydrogen isotopes is deuterium (chemical symbol: D or 2H). it can be used in power generation and of course, nuclear weaponry. Artificially producing deuterium with known processes is not that feasible. However, the Philippines is home to the largest natural deposit of deuterium right in her seabed.

“The world’s largest reserves of deuterium, or heavy water, are to be found in the Philippine trench. I had no idea what deuterium was until a couple of days ago, but thanks to anarticle in the Cebu Freeman I now have some notion. All our worries are over.

“Deuterium is used in the production of (hydrogen) Li-Hy Fuel now used in Canada, America, Germany and some parts of Sweden to provide fuel for cars, trucks, jet planes, etc. including solid hydrogen for the spacecraft Challenger and Columbia. Deuterium can replace gasoline, LPG, LNG, Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in a member of the water family. Emissions are nothing but water vapor or steam. Deuterium as hydrogen fuel can be used for cooking, lighting, heating, and as heavy water fuel for reactors in electric power generation.”

And where is it?

“[It] is obtained from the deep trenches of the world and the world’s largest deposit of deuterium is in the Philippines – a big deposit of 868 miles long, 52 miles at widest point, and 3 miles at deepest point, replenished by nature 24 hours a day after deuterium travels more than 12,000 kilometers from Central America to the Philippines through the span of the Pacific Ocean when planet earth turns on its axis from west to east in unending perpetual motion.”

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Needless Martyrdom

Their true history is yet to be told, but if they only knew, Filipinos need not work as domestic helpers, fruit pickers, bartenders, seamen, entertainers, etc. in some distant shores. They should not wallow in deep poverty and be forced to leave their families behind.

The social cost gained from the export of labor is absolutely unjustifiable. Our women and children should not have been raped or fall victims to human trafficking.

The brain drain created a perpetual dependence to an agricultural based economy rather than a full industrialization.

With local politicians playing in the hands of their foreign puppet masters, the question in everyone’s mind is, “When will the Filipino realizes its full potential?”

Both the level of skills of every Filipino worker and the richness of its natural resources could have propelled this country to greater heights that she truly deserves, but it wasn’t meant to be.

It seems that the future of the Filipino is also tied up to the fate of the rest of the inhabitants of this planet.

The Turning Point

The ongoing financial war and Middle East war mongering are about control of the Collateral Accounts that literally fuel the world’s economy.

The long overdue Global Settlements, which is the process of returning the Asian Assets (lent to the owners of the Federal Reserve and USA, Corp.) to its rightful owners, that is covered in said Collateral Accounts, have to be completed before a massive worldwide development, which would eliminate worldwide poverty in three months, could be implemented.

The treaty that covers the delivery of Asian Gold to the West had expired in 1998, and the Global Settlements for WorldWide Development should have been announced on September 11, 2011, but a successful controlled demolition of the World Trade Center effectively prevented it, and the rest is history.

Asians retaliated by not participating in the worthless Fiat Dollar Scam resulting to the Lehman’s Crash in 2008, and the ongoing EuroPlunge. The NWO/Cabal counteracted by inducing earthquake and detonating suitcase nuke 4 kilometers away from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. Puppet Ex-PM Naoto Kan succumbed to the blatant extortion of the Japanese and handed over a hefty 60 Trillion Yen to the Federal Reserve Board Syndicate.

The attack on Japan was preceded by the earthquake in Sichuan China in 2008, where more than 60 thousand perished, mostly schoolchildren, and left 4.8 million homeless. Even before that, the Indonesian Tsunami which wiped out Banda Aceh and killed more than 100 thousand was also caused artificially.

The same HARRP/incendiary bomb attack was also directed to the people in Guinsaugon, Philippines in 2006, causing massive mudslide that served as a pretext for the WW2 Golden Lily loot recovery disguised as humanitarian rescue mission by USS Essex.

Scores of Chinook Helicopters were seen carrying “stone/gravel and soil samples” which were dumped into waiting trucks said to be for “laboratory analysis”. The whole area of operation was cordoned off from public scrutiny, and lasted for more than a week.

Towards the end of August 2011, a secret meeting of 57 financial ministers, representing nations against the Federal Reserve, occurred and decided to chart a new asset-based financial system, and further formulated the best way for the world to move forward free of wars and misery.

This meeting in Monaco, which will be savored by historians as the turning point for humanity, was briefly interrupted by Sen. Jay Rockefeller and his goons.

“Do you know who I am?” said Rockefeller.

“Yes, you are nobody.” replied the host of the meeting (Neil Kennan?).

Rockefeller then summoned his BlackOps goons and came back but was overwhelmingly suppressed by the Monaco Colloquium’s own security. The meeting was then adjourned, only to resume in a large naval vessel floating in international waters.

The Monaco Accord is said to have been accepted and signed by 170+ nations as of this writing.

The White Dragon Society [WDS], in coordination with Pentagon WhiteHats and BRICS170+, is carefully squeezing the NWO-Cabalists grip on world finance by issuing liens against the BIS and with soon to be refilled lawsuit against the Federal Reserve.

The Asian Dragon Family is represented by Neil Keenan, and WDS, the umbrella organization, with its spokesman, Benjamin Fulford. The Pentagon WhiteHats, on the other hand, has “Drake Bailey”  as its spokesman.

The immediate outcome of these liens is the massive resignations of bankers , mostly CEOs , worldwide early this year. These resignations included no less than the World Bank President, Robert Zoellick.

Even the methods by which the bankers used to fool its depositors/investors were exposed to the limelight. More cans of worms will be opened soon.

There are also indications that arrests are already proceeding as you are reading this.

Now, the Cabalists are resorting to stealing from individual bank accounts just to keep it afloat. And for the “long term”, they want to start World War 3, only this time, it seems nobody is willing to participate.

Humanity’s Transition to the Golden Age Will Have a Filipino Flavor

At the center of this historic battle for the control of Collateral Accounts are the off-ledger bank accounts under the name “White Spiritual Boy” which involve the biggest amount reaching US$ Infinite [Infinite Dollar].

It turns out that the authorized signatory for this mind-boggling astronomical account is a Filipino by the name of [HM King] Anthony Santiago Martin.

More photos below…

White Spiritual Boy Account

Filipino People’s Account handled by Anthony Santiago Martin


(Top Secret)

These Banking Institution, with full banking responsibilities, generally have declared, certified and reconfirmed the Validity, Veracity and Existence of the Off-balance Fiduciary Bank Account Record Sheet (all accounts are drained in cash funds since year 2000) but having Sovereign Guarantee by Precious Commodities preserved and untouched in the Philippine Islands,

permissibly engraving of Multi-currency Bills in the Philippine Islands (99%) and/or in the United States of America (1%) and written in US Treasury Notes (top secret) and have been released its actual updates of the audited balances accounts, EXCEPT THOSE RED COLORED ACCOUNTS THAT HAVING UNCHANGED AND IRREVOCABLE BALANCES OF US$ Infinite (INFINITE DOLLAR),

the actual estimated, accumulated and presumed amount of US$ 200, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 per account given on this date January 25, 2008 although having been drained and these Authorities reconfirmed, declared, certified and reconsidered the veracity and validity of all herein bank account information entitled and inherited to the People of the Philippine Islands (70%) and the world (30%)

under the trusteeship, management and control of ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP represented and chaired by HM, King Anthony S. Martin, Holder of UN Diplomatic Passport no. UN – 00191 – 01.

All Accounts herewith are densely coded into 4 (four) unchanged codes: White Spiritual Boy, Spiritual Wonder Boy, Morning Star and King David however it depends upon the requisition and desire of C3 – AM – 01 in his papers together with the inclusion of any herein confirmed fiduciary heritage accounts except Falcon 1 up to Falcon 999*** that requested by former World Bank Pres. Robert S. McNamara by phone (also drained in cash funds since year 2000).

Said fiduciary bank accounts are amenable to change its original position and information upon requisition of C3 – AM – 01.


1. Special Federal Reserve Board (USA) Account no. 5525525424AM

2. Citibank (USA) Account no. 998552411 – 2212

3. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 201

4. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 202

5. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 203

6. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 204

7. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 205

8. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 206

9. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 207

10. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 208

11. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 209

12. Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 210

13. *Citibank (USA) Account no. 34P – 445412 – 211 up to Account no. 34P – 445412 – 999 (account compressed).

14. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 58453 – 02221 – 1

15. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23040 – AM21 – 241

16. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23041 – AM21 – 241

17. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23042 – AM21 – 241

18. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23043 – AM21 – 241

19. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23044 – AM21 – 241

20. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 23045 – AM21 – 241

21. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 1 with account name of Falcon 1

22. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 2 with account name of Falcon 2

23. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 3 with account name of Falcon 3

24. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 4 with account name of Falcon 4

25. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 5 with account name of Falcon 5

26. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 6 with account name of Falcon 6

27. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 7 with account name of Falcon 7

28. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 8 with account name of Falcon 8

29. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 9 with account name of Falcon 9

30. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 10 with account name of Falcon 10

31. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 11 with account name of Falcon 11

32. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 12 with account name of Falcon 12

33. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 13 with account name of Falcon 13

34. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 14 with account name of Falcon 14

35. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 15 with account name of Falcon 15

36. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 16 with account name of Falcon 16

37. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 17 with account name of Falcon 17

38. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 18 with account name of Falcon 18.

39. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 19 with account name of Falcon 19

40. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 20 with account name of Falcon 20

41. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 21 with account name of Falcon 21

42. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 22 with account name of Falcon 22

43. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 23 with account name of Falcon 23

44. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 24 with account name of Falcon 24

45. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 25 with account name of Falcon 25

46. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 26 with account name of Falcon 26

47. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 27 with account name of Falcon 27

48. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 28 with account name of Falcon 28

49. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 29 with account name of Falcon 29

50. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 30 with account name of Falcon 30

51. Bank of America (USA) Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 31 up to Account no. 1 – 2431 – 546A – 999 with account name of Falcon 31 up to Falcon 999 (account compressed).

52. Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Account no. 2A – 98736 – 1

53. Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Account no. 2A – 98736 – 2

54. Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Account no. 2A – 98736 – 3

55. Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Account no. 2A – 98736 – 4

56. Wells Fargo Bank (USA) Account no. 2A – 98736 – 5

57. American Express Debit (USA) Account no. 791121 – AM01 – 001

58. Commerce Bancorp (USA) Account no. 129918 – ASM211

59. Goldman Sachs Investment (USA) Account no. 333411 – SWB01 – 1

60. JP Morgan Chase Investment (USA) Account no. 8795 – AM200 – 1

61. JP Morgan Chase Investment (USA) Account no. 8795 – AM200 – 2

62. JP Morgan Chase Investment (USA) Account no. 8795 – AM200 – 3

63. JP Morgan Chase Investment (USA) Account no. 8795 – AM200 – 4

64. JP Morgan Chase Investment (USA) Account no. 8795 – AM200 – 5

65. Merrill Lynch Investment (USA) Account no. 98710 – 12301 – 0

66. World Bank Group (USA) Account no. 886 – 2848 – PP48 – 20 (Physical Deposit); the presumed balances are initially given while its actual balances will be undisclosed until January 25, 2008.

67. World Bank Group (USA) Account no. 868 – 2884 – PP84 – 22 (Eternal Deposit); the presumed balances are initially given while its actual balances will be undisclosed until January 25, 2008.

68. International Monetary Funds (USA) Account no. 7780919901 (interlocked into one account from 21 expanding accounts)

69. Banco Central de la República Argentina (Argentina) Account no. 377798604-AM01

70. BBVA Banco Francés (Argentina) Account no. 977761211-AM01

71. Banco Macro (Argentina) Account no. 77712456-AM01

72. Banco de la Nación Argentina (Argentina) Account no. 887774590-AM01

73. Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina) Account no. 887774590-AM01

74. Banco Credicoop (Argentina) Account no. 8945617776-AM01

75. Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) Account no. 277733902-AM01

76. Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe (Argentina) Account no. 16877790182-AM01

77. Banco Municipal de Rosario (Argentina) Account no. 1337770111-AM01

78. Central Bank of Bahamas (Bahamas) Account no. 99987563421

79. Bank of London and Montreal (Bahamas) Account no. 673589145

80. Barbados National Bank (Barbados) Account no. 35872214412

81. FirstCaribbean International Bank (Barbados) Account no. 888522144

82. Caribbean Development Bank (Barbados Headquarters) Account no. 8-6324544

83. Belize Bank (Belize) Account no. 827614984

84. Butterfield Bank (Bermuda) Account no. 454421123

85. Banco Central de Bolivia (Bolivia) Account no. 877761511

86. Banco Itaú (Brazil) Account no. 683341697

87. Banco Bradesco (Brazil) Account no. 593176985

88. Unibanco (Brazil) Account no. 823974554

89. Banco Safra (Brazil) Account no. 8537456982

90. Banco Central do Brazil (Brazil) Account no. 79977ASM-198

91. Banco do Brazil (Brazil) Account no. 33783341562

92. Banrisul (Brazil) Account no. 8327469851

93. Caixa Econômica Federal (Brazil) Account no. 9988745444-2

94. Banestes (Brazil) Account no. 3724964823

95. Royal Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 3876654122

96. Scotiabank (Canada) Account no. 87459432975

97. Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 177ASM12378

98. Bank of Montreal (Canada) Account no. 3784462178

99. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Canada) Account no. 4-7774521542

100. National Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 43875442114

101. Canadian Western Bank (Canada) Account no. 469721799

102. Citizens Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 74833871

103. First Nations Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 2726987441

104. Laurentian Bank of Canada (Canada) Account no. 8633297125

105. Bank of British Columbia (Canada) Account no. 4538912776

106. Bank of Toronto (Canada) Account no. 8397165923

107. Bancolombia (Colombia) Account no. 37111987545

108. Banco de la Republica de Colombia (Colombia) Account no. 888745262771

109. Banco de Bogotá (Colombia) Account no. 93117664

110. Davivienda (Colombia) Account no. 8733479655

111. Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) Account no. 92631958641

112. Banco Central de Cuba (Cuba) Account no. 523778627100

113. National Bank of Dominica (Dominica) Account no. 6733582122898

114. Central Bank of Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic) Account no. 52389777901

115. Banco Central Del Ecuador (Ecuador) Account no. 90771793128

116. Republic Bank (Grenada) Account no. 197532115455

117. Bank of Guyana (Guyana) Account no. 66764789511

118. Central Bank of Guatemala (Guatemala) Account no. 277610293422

119. Banque de l’Union Haïtienne (Haiti) Account no. 89873645513

120. Sogebank (Haiti) Account no. 543771761209

121. Banque de la République d’Haïti (Haiti) Account no. 4277725221

122. Central Bank of Honduras (Honduras) Account no. 78771985463

123. Bank of Jamaica (Jamaica) Account no. 6776533210

124. First Global Bank (Jamaica) Account no. 1386289614

125. Banco Azteca (Mexico) Account no. 356778451

126. Banco de Mexico (Mexico) Account no. 777ASM99861

127. Banorte (Mexico) Account no. 3965442122547

128. Banregio (Mexico) Account no. 64488743642

129. Banobras (Mexico) Account no. 9912867145

130. Banco Central de Nicaragua (Nicaragua) Account no. 7989770412

131. National Bank of Panama (Panama) Account no. 777563214557

132. Banistmo (Panama) Account no. 3333256897

133. Banco Nacional de Panama (Panama) Account no. 7211778912

134. Caja de Ahorros (Panama) Account no. 7211778912

135. Banco Central del Paraguay (Paraguay) Account no. 7987790234

136. Banco Materiales (Peru) Account no. 4532874114

137. Banco Central de Reserva del Peru (Peru) Account no. 7299977ASM-1

138. Eastern Carribean Central Bank (Saint Kitts and Nevis) Account no. 4897710287

139. 1st National Bank of Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia) Account no. 57233971156

140. Bank of Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia) Account no. 476698547411

141. De Surinaamsche Bank (Suriname) Account no. 839974552122

142. Central Bank of Suriname (Suriname) Account no. 57771156112ASM-9

143. First Citizens Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Account no. 997775624112

144. Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago) Account no. 7778129811

145. Bank of the South (Venezuela) Account no. 27772891831

146. Central Bank of Venezuela (Venezuela) Account no. 2877712543

147. Banco Central del Uruguay (Uruguay) Account no. 177714388

148. Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay [BROU] (Uruguay) Account no. 2777982143


149. Afghanistan International Bank (Afghanistan) Account no. 9098283734-1

150. Azizi Bank (Afghanistan) Account no. 69887444114

151. Banke Mille Afghan (Afghanistan) Account no. 982117266356-1

152. First Micro Finance Bank (Afghanistan) Account no. 11092773374-2

153. Central Bank of Afghanistan (Afghanistan) Account no. 13777652ASM-1

154. Kabul Bank (Afghanistan) Account no. 375689741-2A

155. Central Bank of Armenia (Armenia) Account no. 4463257774

156. Ameriabank (Armenia) Account no. 100293466522

157. Artsakhbank (Armenia) Account no. 19982377782

158. Bank of Bhutan (Bhutan) Account no. 97732394898

159. Bhutan National Bank (Bhutan) Account no. 10777092834

160. Arab Banking Corporation (Bahrain) Account no. 873519853249

161. Central Bank of Bahrain (Bahrain) Account no. 7745274ASM-9871

162. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (Bahrain) Account no. 539874523314

163. Eastern Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 77756329785

164. Bangladesh Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 963254777ASM-1

165. Dutch-Bangla Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 8347691359

166. National Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 763189337

167. Sonali Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 3377756189

168. Janata Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 7454354782

169. Agrani Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 8777562214

170. Rupali Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 672339874125

171. Grameen Bank (Bangladesh) Account no. 33671567445

172. Baiduri Bank (Brunei) Account no. 3476677721

173. Central Bank of Brunei (Brunei) Account no. 93777ASM992

174. Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) Account no. 70339644512

175. ACLEDA Bank (Cambodia) Account no. 2009288347-1

176. Cambodia Commercial Bank (Cambodia) Account no. 457822121455-7

177. National Bank of Cambodia (Cambodia) Account no. 9377452663254

178. Canadia Bank (Cambodia) Account no. 774774774-1

179. People’s Bank of China (PROC) Account no. 527AM77101

180. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 0567105267802012

181. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22

182. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 1

183. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 2

184. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 3

185. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 4

186. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 5

187. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 6

188. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 7

189. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 8

190. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 9

191. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK and Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 – 10

192. Bank of China (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 34255511 – AM01

193. Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 335413432

194. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101

195. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101 – 1

196. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101 – 2

197. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101 – 3

198. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101 – 4

199. Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 5543333-AM101 – 5

200. Chong Hing Bank (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 668933-5868

201. Dah Sing Bank (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 33423232-00001

202. Wing Hang Bank (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 981766511-KKA331

203. Wing Lung Bank (Hong Kong, PROC) Account no. 8867655414324

204. Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Macau, PROC) Account no. 6987452166455-1

205. Banco Delta Asia (Macau, PROC) Account no. 8799654211-11

206. Seng Heng Bank (Macau, PROC) Account no. 987663251455

207. Agricultural Bank of China (PROC) Account no. 665869985447

208. Bank of Communications (PROC) Account no. 386698747-83

209. China CITIC Bank (PROC) Account no. 6866578-112

210. China Construction Bank (PROC) Account no. 7781762653-AM1

211. China Development Bank (PROC) Account no. 100928771-0111098

212. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (PROC) Account no. 996588744521-85

213. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (PROC) Account no. 343232110-09928

214. China Merchants Bank (PROC) Account no. 5586558774-9

215. China Industrial Bank (PROC) Account no. 00188726736-1

216. China Minsheng Bank (PROC) Account no. 00299872763-1

217. Central Bank of East Timor (East Timor) Account no. 90771793128

218. Allahabad Bank (India) Account no. 9187267636-1

219. Andhra Bank (India) Account no. 2091898278-1

220. Axis Bank (India) Account no. 9018872763-1

221. Bank of Baroda (India) Account no. 209281726-2

222. Bank of Bombay (India) Account no. 30982615243

223. Bank of India (India) Account no. 9225214214-3

224. Bank of Madras (India) Account no. 778165635-0

225. Bank of Madura (India) Account no. 176155412-1

226. Bank of Maharashtra (India) Account no. 34524144233-2

227. Bank of Rajasthan (India) Account no. 20918982378-1

228. Bharat Overseas Bank (India) Account no. 330299383-1

229. COSMOS Bank (India) Account no. 891872761-1

230. Canara Bank (India) Account no. 109288374-2

231. Catholic Syrian Bank (India) Account no. 67654534311-1

232. Centurion Bank of Punjab (India) Account no. 445342524336

233. City Union Bank (India) Account no. 300998577621

234. Corporation Bank (India) Account no. 10229881722

235. Deccan Merchants Co-operative Bank (India) Account no. 71652443123

236. Dena Bank (India) Account no. 667156521-A1

237. Dhanalakshmi Bank (India) Account no. 20199283871

238. Exim Bank (India) Account no. 91872676434

239. Federal Bank (India) Account no. 12098387741

240. ICICI Bank (India) Account no. 39093881233

241. IDBI Bank (India) Account no. 92887377441

242. Imperial Bank of India (India) Account no. 409188721-1

243. Indian Bank (India) Account no. 617552412212

244. Indian Overseas Bank (India) Account no. 5615524531

245. Induslnd Bank (India) Account no. 98562321147

246. Jammu & Kashmir Bank (India) Account no. 9049576644

247. Karnataka Bank (India) Account no. 635142144124

248. Karur Vysya Bank (India) Account no. 33562140141

249. Kotak Mahindra Bank (India) Account no. 3092983883

250. Mercantile Bank of India, London and China (India) Account no. 7891726673

251. North Malabar Gramin Bank (India) Account no. 10928388747

252. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (India) Account no. 45243313220-2

253. Oriental Bank of Commerce (India) Account no. 2310221455

254. Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank (India) Account no. 563542423321

255. Punjab & Sind Bank (India) Account no. 39848577651

256. Punjab National Bank (India) Account no. 20938848412

257. South Malabar Gramin Bank (India) Account no. 87209388442

258. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur (India) Account no. 8337414224

259. State Bank of India (India) Account no. 871665535221

260. State Bank of Indore (India) Account no. 78001989221

261. State Bank of Mysore (India) Account no. 4524323221

262. State Bank of Patiala (India) Account no. 336895874122

263. State Bank of Saurashtra (India) Account no. 6742512441

264. State Bank of Travancore (India) Account no. 83742365211

265. Syndicate Bank (India) Account no. 673653434323

266. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (India) Account no. 78765354332

267. UCO Bank (India) Account no. 56254342342

268. Union Bank of India (India) Account no. 56355474664

269. United Bank of India (India) Account no. 5635432339

270. Vijaya Bank (India) Account no. 68731342421

271. Bank Central Asia (Indonesia) Account no. 5625534534

272. Bank Danamon (Indonesia) Account no. 9930884433

273. Bank Mandiri (Indonesia) Account no. 903988487

274. Bank Negara Indonesia (Indonesia) Account no. 2817265352

275. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Indonesia) Account no. 23413273563

276. Lippo Banking Group (Indonesia) Account no. 2342998377

277. Bank Melli Iran (Iran) Account no. 3755377736

278. Bank Saderat (Iran) Account no. 873365224125

279. Bank Sepah (Iran) Account no. 74777745221

280. Bank Mellat (Iran) Account no. 8855537712

281. Bank Refah (Iran) Account no. 2333526647

282. Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran (Iran) Account no. 5577279219

283. Central Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 5577271871

284. Basrah International Bank for Investment (Iraq) Account no. 677736998

285. Gulf Commercial Bank (Iraq) Account no. 27187337720

286. Rasheed Bank (Iraq) Account no. 6779977612

287. Iraq Bank (Iraq) Account no. 2772098870

288. Industrial Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 4319977720

289. Iraqi Islamic Bank (Iraq) Account no. 6792778066

290. Trade Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 4965772031

291. Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 677680546

292. Rafidain Bank (Iraq) Account no. 3337822985

293. National Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 74233987774

294. Central Bank of Iraq (Iraq) Account no. 9377766399

295. Bank Hapoalim (Israel) Account no. 9377452663254

296. Bank of Israel (Israel) Account no. 4534263777ASM-1

297. Bank Leumi (Israel) Account no. 774523369

298. Israel Discount Bank (Israel) Account no. 227775631

299. Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal (Israel) Account no. 7255874451

300. Union Bank of Israel (Israel) Account no. 84733654214

301. Bank of Japan (Japan) Account no. 1231 – 999122 – A091

302. Mizuho Corporate Bank (Japan) Account no. 019982736-01

303. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Japan) Account no. 981772673263

304. Senshu Bank (Japan) Account no. 200398485-17

305. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Japan) Account no. 98716255344

306. Shinshei Bank (Japan) Account no. 11928837347

307. Aozora Bank (Japan) Account no. 9019827773-KLA1

308. Aichi Bank (Japan) Account no. 7716525345-01K

309. Akita Bank (Japan) Account no. 245225447885-3

310. Hokuto Bank (Japan) Account no. 209812737-L12

311. Aomori Bank (Japan) Account no. 55423132-091C

312. Michinoku Bank (Japan) Account no. 98172653112

313. Chiba Bank (Japan) Account no. 5563534242

314. Toho Bank (Japan) Account no. 987263635112-1

315. Hokkaido Bank (Japan) Account no. 1121K28172632-1

316. Joyo Bank (Japan) Account no. 998172662122-2

317. Kanto Tsukuba Bank (Japan) Account no. 88736356522-1

318. Hokkoku Bank (Japan) Account no. 320983122303

319. Bank of Iwate (Japan) Account no. 3736252541-0

320. Tohoku Bank (Japan) Account no. 5544328878-9

321. The 77 Bank (Japan) Account no. 9988745444-2

322. Nanto Bank (Japan) Account no. 1092837743-1

323. Tomato Bank (Japan) Account no. 1110293838-A1

324. Shizuoka Bank (Japan) Account no. 113-20039-09189

325. Tokyo Star Bank (Japan) Account no. 33019283-1029-1

326. Hokuriku Bank (Japan) Account no. 22123-100292892

327. Yamagata Bank (Japan) Account no. 1-09298383092

328. Yamaguchi Bank (Japan) Account no. 112365243311-1

329. Narita Saving & Trust Co. (Japan) Account no. 5-0041-0201-0

330. Daichi-Kangko Bank (Japan) Account no. 2143-8461-555

331. Mitsubishi Bank (Japan) Account no. 2143-8461-555

332. Sanwa Bank (Japan) Account no. 916-002358-4

333. Japan Post Bank (Japan) Account no. 88763544352

334. Shinkin Bank (Japan) Account no. 8765243124-1

335. Shonai Bank (Japan) Account no. 98117253434-1

336. Seven Bank (Japan) Account no. 1287615522-1

337. Japan Trustee Service Bank (Japan) Account no. 20938871763-1

338. Trust & Custody Service Bank (Japan) Account no. 1228176365-1

339. Arab Bank (Jordan) Account no. 44327771441

340. Central Bank of Jordan (Jordan) Account no. 11277714123

341. Bank of Jordan (Jordan) Account no. 87774213665

342. Cairo Amman Bank (Jordan) Account no. 3678902145

343. Jordan Kuwait Bank (Jordan) Account no. 9988745444-2

344. BTA Bank (Kazakhstan) Account no. 5533902921

345. National Bank of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) Account no. 85067736279

346. National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait) Account no. 333687774554

347. Gulf Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait) Account no. 7774938545

348. Burgan Bank (Kuwait) Account no. 37255687774

349. Boubyan Bank (Kuwait) Account no. 874556621

350. Industrial Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait) Account no. 667774551

351. Central Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait) Account no. 79927788910

352. Kuwait Finance Home (Kuwait) Account no. 7763217093

353. National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) Account no. 37887720192

354. Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (Laos) Account no. 6777609189

355. Joint Development Bank (Laos) Account no. 3301928ASM-1

356. Central Bank of Laos (Laos) Account no. 87665177291

357. Al Baraka Bank (Lebanon) Account no. 333547878

358. Al-Mawarid Bank (Lebanon) Account no. 8777532144

359. Arab African International Bank (Lebanon) Account no. 27773669875

360. Bank of Beirut (Lebanon) Account no. 555777365

361. FFA Private Bank (Lebanon) Account no. 302587233

362. Central Bank of Lebanon (Lebanon) Account no. 33777283AM01

363. Maybank (Malaysia) Account no. 372333744

364. Public Bank (Malaysia) Account no. 33277845541

365. CIMB Group (Malaysia) Account no. 887454442

366. Affin Bank (Malaysia) Account no. 7772311874

367. AmBank Group (Malaysia) Account no. 328763211425

368. Hong Leong Bank (Malaysia) Account no. 3367544521154

369. RHB Bank (Malaysia) Account no. 3612784777

370. Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysia) Account no. 789284673647

371. Bank of Mongolia (Mongolia) Account no. 210-450-BC3210-32-12

372. Bank of Mongolia (Mongolia) Account no. 210-3210-BC32-12

373. Central Bank of Myanmar (Myanmar) Account no. 332190182

374. Rastriya Banijya Bank (Nepal) Account no. 44257778951

375. Nepal Bank (Nepal) Account no. 9777436971

376. Nepal Rastra Bank (Nepal) Account no. 1777436ASM-1

377. Himalayan Bank (Nepal) Account no. 67532412785

378. Nabil Bank (Nepal) Account no. 3874521223

379. Nepal Investment Bank (Nepal) Account no. 32187455621

380. Central Bank of North Korea (North Korea) Account no. 8668764432

381. Bank Muscat (Oman) Account no. 77657485448

382. Central Bank of Oman (Oman) 3477368ASM-71

383. National Bank of Oman (Oman) Account no. 187733435597

384. Central Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan) Account no. 77799812001

385. First Women Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 37467770918

386. National Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan) Account no. 7723348541

387. Industrial Development Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 88745422374

388. Zarai Taraqiati Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 873355777

389. Allied Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 2111777214

390. Askari Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 574477741144

391. Bank Al Habib (Pakistan) Account no. 33337771254

392. Bank Alfalah (Pakistan) Account no. 637773258

393. Bank Islami (Pakistan) Account no. 111777232

394. Habib Metropolitan Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 30122777541

395. MyBank (Pakistan) Account no. 37252777346

396. NIB Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 7211777235

397. PICIC Commercial Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 6752317747

398. United Bank (Pakistan) Account no. 3000777144

399. Bank of Punjab (Pakistan) Account no. 3777432114

400. Allied Bank (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 33217258

401. Banco de Oro Universal Bank (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 7772335

402. Bank of the Philippine Islands (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 20777305

403. Chinabank (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 307775684

404. Metrobank (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 67773210

405. PNB (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 87772304

406. RCBC (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 98777342

407. Security Bank (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 777320874

408. Union Bank of the Philippines (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 377746589

409. UCPB (Philippine Islands)* Account no. 10077738

410. Development Bank of the Philippines (Philippine Islands) Account no. 69027776524

411. Land Bank of the Philippines (Philippine Islands) Account no. 965777210943

412. Banco Filipino (Philippine Islands) Account no. 76829837721

413. Philippine Bank of Commerce (Philippine Islands) Account no. 677783984-1

414. Philippine Veterans Bank (Philippine Islands) Account no. 62198777625

415. PhilTrust Bank (Philippine Islands) Account no. 1987776586

416. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippine Islands) Account no. 777918278

417. Asian Development Bank (Philippine Headquarters) Account no. 286777320

418. Qatar National Bank (Qatar) Account no. 2777395898

419. Central Bank of Qatar (Qatar) Account no. 7782934875ASM-1

420. National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 7340900978

421. Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 33456007464

422. Al Bilad Bank (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 39950407464

423. Riyad Bank (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 3112347432

424. Arab National Bank (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 9978656454

425. Central Bank of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Account no. 88775671102

426. DBS Bank (Singapore) Account no. 1-229837646-019

427. United Overseas Bank (Singapore) Account no. 88716262535-1.

428. Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation (Singapore) Account no. 334 – 91AA – 2261

429. Central Bank of Singapore (Singapore) Account no. 7789271556

430. Shinhan Bank (South Korea) Account no. 3826658744

431. Korea Exchange Bank (South Korea) Account no. 7772339854

432. Pusan Bank (South Korea) Account no. 3339855172

433. Bank of Korea (South Korea) Account no. 6776746112

434. Kookmin Bank (South Korea) Account no. 5540977872

435. Hana Financial Group (South Korea) Account no. 1772499127

436. Woori Bank (South Korea) Account no. 17299842351

437. Korea Development Bank (South Korea) Account no. 57772431998

438. Kiup Bank (South Korea) Account no. 90977765211

439. Bank of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Account no. 877723014

440. Commercial Bank of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Account no. 377728711

441. Hatton National Bank (Sri Lanka) Account no. 3756899654

442. Seylan Bank (Sri Lanka) Account no. 4538777320

443. National Savings and Investment (Sri Lanka) Account no. 3520110777

444. Central Bank of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) Account no. 88977729938

445. Central Bank of Syria (Syria) Account no. 667677111209

446. Commercial Bank of Syria (Syria) Account no. 931877750

447. Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan) Account no. 2387775421

448. Mega International Commercial Bank (Taiwan) Account no. 34777521

449. CTCB (Taiwan) Account no. 448277710

450. Land Bank of Taiwan (Taiwan) Account no. 774632514

451. Taishin International Bank (Taiwan) Account no. 477756314

452. Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Taiwan) Account no. 5934777201

453. Taipei Fubon Bank (Taiwan) Account no. 37775971

454. Cathay United Bank (Taiwan) Account no. 831777478

455. Bank Sinopac (Taiwan) Account no. 44289777516

456. National Bank of Tajikistan (Tajikistan) Account no. 1372265771

457. Bangkok Bank (Thailand) Account no. 4529777231

458. Krung Thai Bank (Thailand) Account no. 4756277723

459. Kasikorn Bank (Thailand) Account no. 917774222

460. Siam Commercial Bank (Thailand) Account no. 7772391274

461. Central Bank of Thailand (Thailand) Account no. 650091777293

462. Central Bank of Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan) Account no. 1777982143

463. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE) Account no. 7771687455

464. National Bank of Dubai/Emirates NBD (UAE) Account no. 3366977721

465. Mashreq Bank (UAE) Account no. 397775304

466. First Gulf Bank (UAE) Account no. 4633777259

467. Dubai Islamic Bank (UAE) Account no. 86377720415

468. Dubai Bank (UAE) Account no. 4777469831

469. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (UAE) Account no. 863777432

470. Central Bank of UAE (UAE) Account no. 86477376541

471. BIDV (Vietnam) Account no. 880027771

472. Asia Commercial Bank (Vietnam) Account no. 577710006

473. Central Bank of Vietnam (Vietnam) Account no. 3345777201

474. Sabaa Islamic Bank (Yemen) Account no. 108877712

475. Central Bank of Yemen (Yemen) Account no. 13347779920

476. Central Bank of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan) Account no. 2779437812


477. Banco Africano de Investimentos (Angola) Account no. 2776355433

478. Banco de Comércio e Indústria (Angola) Account no. 901928374

479. Banco de Poupança e Crédito (Angola) Account no. 9211145222

480. Banco Central de Angola (Angola) Account no. 41397799207

481. Banque Internationale du Benin (Benin) Account no. 777443351

482. Banque Central du Benin (Benin) Account no. 974139920777

483. Financial Bank (Benin) Account no. 17773958711

484. Bank of Botswana (Botswana) Account no. 875621123771

485. Banque de la République du Burundi (Burundi) Account no. 177701283

486. Central Bank of Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso) Account no. 2223771762

487. Afriland First Bank (Cameroon) Account no. 3777654310

488. Central Bank of Cameroon (Cameroon) Account no. 788877AM34

489. Bank of Central African States (Cameroon) Account no. 9726577622

490. Banque Internationale pour la Centrafrique (Central African Republic) Account no. 9831778247

491. Commercial Bank Centrafrique (Central African Republic) Account no. 27725197430

492. Banque Centrale des Comores (Comoros) Account no. 9831778247

493. Central Bank of Chad (Chad) Account no. 97778214165

494. Banque Centrale du Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) Account no. 6977712018

495. Central Bank of Côte d’Ivoire (Côte d’Ivoire) Account no. 29782345325

496. Banco Cabo-Verdiano de Negócios (Cape Verde) Account no. 30199029893

497. Banco Comercial do Atlântico (Cape Verde) Account no. 625517455241

498. Banco Inter-Atlântico (Cape Verde) Account no. 333252241000

499. Banco do Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) Account no. 77999987ASM-1

500. Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) Account no. 8968879997

501. Banque Indosuez Mer Rouge (Djibouti) Account no. 30293848838

502. Banque Centrale de Djibouti (Djibouti) Account no. 72999077132

503. Banque pour le Commerce et l’lndustrie – Mer Rouge (Djibouti) Account no. 732846637

504. Banque Du Caire (Egypt) Account no. 888854744

505. Commercial International Bank (Egypt) Account no. 211252244

506. Central Bank of Egypt (Egypt) Account no. 798771222134

507. National Bank of Egypt (Egypt) Account no. 3377896255

508. Banca per l’Africa Orientale (Eritrea) Account no. 685521147

509. Bank of Eritrea (Eritrea) Account no. 72779987ASM-1

510. National Bank of Ethiopia (Ethiopia) Account no. 4123854112

511. Awash International Bank (Ethiopia) Account no. 7756325442

512. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Ethiopia) Account no. 66547732

513. Central Bank of Equatorial Guinea (Equitorial Guinea) Account no. 8777365129

514. Banque Gabonaise de Developpement (Gabon) Account no. 344118554

515. Central Bank of Gabon (Gabon) Account no. 2485035325

516. Central Bank of Gambia (Gambia) Account no. 2334777325

517. Central Bank of Ghana (Ghana) Account no. 54377734511

518. Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée (Guinea) Account no. 49029277827

519. Central Bank of Guinea-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) Account no. 88763007765

520. Central Bank of Kenya (Kenya) Account no. 7772431210

521. Development Bank of Kenya (Kenya) Account no. 1112522114

522. Kenya Commercial Bank (Kenya) Account no. 543378219

523. Central Bank of Lesotho (Lesotho) Account no. 387334577712

524. Central Bank of Liberia (Liberia) Account no. 38777214509

525. Central Bank of Libya (Libya) Account no. 38799778201

526. B.S.I.C. Group (Libya) Account no. 3877621387

527. Agricultural Bank of Libya (Libya) Account no. 33425589

528. Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (Libya) Account no. 88665887

529. Sahara Bank (Libya) Account no. 211411998

530. Umma Bank (Libya) Account no. 33655474

531. Central Bank of Madagascar (Madagascar) Account no. 38974514771

532. Commercial Bank of Malawi (Malawi) Account no. 39777098841

533. Reserve Bank of Malawi (Malawi) Account no. 770979182

534. Bank of Africa (Mali) Account no. 7727985631

535. Banque de l’Habitat du Mali (Mali) Account no. 77998711232

536. Malian Solidarity Bank (Mali) Account no. 4777390081

537. Mauritius Commercial Bank (Mauritius) Account no. 583397477

538. State Bank of Mauritius (Mauritius) Account no. 88533697

539. Bank of Maldives (Maldives) Account no. 3852777565

540. Central Bank of Mauritania (Mauritania) Account no. 4377998732

541. Bank of Mauritius (Mauritius) Account no. 77790882331

542. Bank of Mozambique (Mozambique) Account no. 79897721A20

543. Attijariwafa Bank (Morocco) Account no. 536955214

544. Banque Centrale de Morocco (Morocco) Account no. 7297321017

545. BMCE Bank (Morocco) Account no. 3321145547

546. Banque Commerciale du Maroc (Morocco) Account no. 439987441

547. Wafa Bank (Morocco) Account no. 5211538777

548. First National Bank of Namibia (Namibia) Account no. 248836554

549. Bank of Niger (Niger) Account no. 7920771022

550. Guaranty Trust Bank (Nigeria) Account no. 2763158912

551. Central Bank of Nigeria (Nigeria) Account no. 2288777976

552. Zenith Bank (Nigeria) Account no. 103369855

553. First City Monument Bank (Nigeria) Account no. 777855894

554. Bank of Namibia (Namibia) Account no. 4310747739

555. National Bank of Rwanda (Rwanda) Account no. 4377739871

556. Banco Internacional de Sao Tome e Principe (São Tomé and Príncipe) Account no. 874542225

557. Banco Central de Sao Tome e Principe (São Tomé and Príncipe) Account no. 8777251102

558. Bank of West Africa (Senegal) Account no. 48777909162

559. Commercial and Savings Bank of Somalia (Somalia) Account no. 998821125

560. Central Bank of Somalia (Somalia) Account no. 8777-0192838

561. ABSA (Amalgamated Bank of South Africa) Group Ltd. (South Africa) Account no. 485224112

562. First National Bank (South Africa) Account no. 1366987441

563. Investec Bank (South Africa) Account no. 2398521453

564. Nedbank (South Africa) Account no. 7489957742

565. Standard Bank of South Africa (South Africa) Account no. 4259734811

566. Teba Bank (South Africa) Account no. 9999288744

567. Bank of South Africa (South Africa) Account no. 18777938321

568. WesBank (South Africa) Account no. 1128334724

569. Compagnie Bancaire de l’Afrique Occidentale (Senegal) Account no. 7977156132

570. Central Bank of West African States (Senegal) Account no. 8777629942

571. Central Bank of Seychelles (Seychelles) Account no. 97799872

572. Central Bank of Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone) Account no. 797654171

573. Bank of Sudan (Sudan) Account no. 137278657

574. Central Bank of Swaziland (Swaziland) Account no. 17757234512

575. Ecobank (Togo) Account no. 1221987477

576. Central Bank of Togo (Togo) Account no. 7776516233

577. Central Bank of Tunisia (Tunisia) Account no. 1377733029

578. Tanzania Investment Bank (Tanzania) Account no. 681179347512

579. East African Development Bank (Uganda Headquarters) Account no. 338744551122

580. Uganda Development Bank (Uganda) Account no. 84387645221

581. Bank of Uganda (Uganda) Account no. 872529977

582. Bank of Zambia (Zambia) Account no. 10992837465

583. Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zambia) Account no. 33425243A87

584. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Account no. 19999019283

585. Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Account no. 10937790192


586. Credins Bank (Albania) Account no. 38777214509

587. Raiffeisen Bank (Albania) Account no. 5777130583

588. Central Bank of Albania (Albania) Account no. 81027779182

589. Banc Internacional d’Andorra – Banca Mora (Andorra) Account no. 447772351

590. Bank Austria (Austria) Account no. 4412377712

591. Oesterreichische Nationalbank [OeNB] (Austria) Account no. 8777251102

592. BAWAG P.S.K. (Austria) Account no. 8765577721

593. Erste Bank (Austria) Account no. 77763819

594. Hypo Group Alpe Adria (Austria) Account no. 997773654

595. Österreichische Postsparkasse – P.S.K. (Austria) Account no. 3258777310

596. Volksbank (Austria) Account no. 371177728

597. S M von Rothschild (Austria) Account no. 7774544135

598. Raiffeisen Zentralbank (Austria) Account no. 89877745382

599. International Bank of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) Account no. 777232581

600. Central Bank of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) Account no. 8893377721

601. Belarus Bank (Belarus) Account no. 586577735941

602. Central Bank of Belarus (Belarus) Account no. 772101799981

603. Euroclear (Belgium) Account no. 77665212897

604. Argenta Bank (Belgium) Account no. 87773549237

605. Dexia Bank (Belgium) Account no. 1117773854

606. Fortis (Belgium) Account no. 37773493716

607. KBC Group (Belgium) Account no. 3697772641

608. ABS Banka Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Account no. 529777346128

609. United Bulgarian Bank (Bulgaria) Account no. 23847776591

610. Central Cooperative Bank (Bulgaria) Account no. 93167774152

611. HVB Bank Biochim (Bulgaria) Account no. 3461277712

612. Central Bank of Bulgaria (Bulgaria) Account no. 77720299123

613. DSK Bank (Bulgaria) Account no. 3677741231

614. Bulbank (Bulgaria) Account no. 887773164

615. Zagrebačka Banka (Croatia) Account no. 38477712534

616. Croatia Banka (Croatia) Account no. 4427773549

617. Crotian National Bank (Croatia) Account no. 7737999188

618. Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus) Account no. 63197771374

619. Helenic Bank (Cyprus) Account no. 9977744255

620. Marfin Popular Bank (Cyprus) Account no. 2777541231

621. Československá Obchodní Banka – ČSOB (Czech Republic) Account no. 33527776974

622. Komerční Banka – KB (Czech Republic) Account no. 998877731

623. Živnostenská Banka (Czech Republic) Account no. 2777391674

624. Czech National Bank (Czech Republic) Account no. 33377019371

625. Aktieselskab Aarhus Lokalbank (Denmark) Account no. 4477711352

626. Bank DnB Nord (Denmark) Account no. 98874752371

627. Danske Bank (Denmark) Account no. 1327778721925

628. FIH Erhvervsbank A/S (Denmark) Account no. 186977739142

629. Jyske Bank (Denmark) Account no. 30777569881

630. Nordea Bank Danmark A/S (Denmark) Account no. 10307775698

631. Saxo Bank (Denmark) Account no. 39867773158

632. Spar Nord Bank (Denmark) Account no. 8877754442

633. National Bank of Denmark (Denmark) Account no. 333770117843

634. SEB Eesti Ühispank (Estonia) Account no. 44777359831

635. Eesti Krediidipank (Estonia) Account no. 8241777442

636. Bank of Estonia (Estonia) Account no. 32270193779

637. Säästöpankkiliitto – The Finnish Savings Banks Group (Finland) ** Account no. 33877723244

638. Osuuspankkikeskus – OP-Pohjola Group (Finland) ** Account no. 9997773335

639. Paikallisosuuspankkiliitto – Finnish Local Cooperative Bank (Finland) ** Group Account no. 227774539421

640. Bank of Finland (Finland) Account no. 87770195342

641. Natixis (France) Account no. 377745125

642. Banque de France (France) Account no. 301937177882

643. BNP Paribas (France) Account no. 22312139081

644. Crédit Agricole SA (France) Account no. 2357775432

645. Crédit Lyonnais (France) Account no. 47772689435

646. Société Générale (France) Account no. 3777691856

647. Landesbank Berlin Holding (Germany) Account no. 27778369125

648. Commerzbank (Germany) Account no. 7772938241

649. Deutsche Bank (Germany) Account no.38647771298

650. Allianz (Germany) Account no. 3777829146

651. DZ Bank (Germany) Account no. 98777465312

652. M.M.Warburg & Co. (Germany) Account no. 27773519831

653. Deutsche Postbank (Germany) Account no. 3367772142

654. Hessische Landesbank (Germany) Account no. 43298677721

655. LBBW (Germany) Account no. 34657772982

656. NordLB (Germany) Account no. 8777394752

657. WestLB (Germany) Account no. 7773321874

658. Salomon Oppenheim (Germany) Account no. 277700214

659. Procredit Bank (Germany) Account no. 288777332

660. Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany) Account no. 27331779871562

661. European Central Bank (EU-Germany based) Account no. 12677702453-ASM-01

662. People’s Bank of Georgia (Georgia) Account no. 6777894451

663. Bank of Georgia (Georgia) Account no. 312777469

664. TBC Bank (Georgia) Account no. 551377720392

665. Central Bank of Georgia (Georgia) Account no. 977373126

666. Banco Galliano (Gibraltar) Account no. 39157773469

667. ATEbank (Greece) Account no. 3597772412

668. Alpha Bank (Greece) Account no. 54477738142

669. Aspis Bank (Greece) Account no. 36777219821

670. Eurobank EFG (Greece) Account no. 364477712

671. Emporiki Bank (Greece) Account no. 28277754132

672. Geniki Bank (Greece) Account no. 864777212

673. National Bank of Greece (Greece) Account no. 97772541114

674. Piraeus Bank (Greece) Account no. 98877722335

675. Proton Bank (Greece) Account no. 864242777

676. Bank of Greece (Greece) Account no. 39937177812

677. Greek Postal Savings Bank (Greece) Account no. 777333218

678. Budapest Hitel- és Fejlesztési Bank (Hungary) Account no. 3266877741

679. OTP Bank (Hungary) Account no. 377756197

680. MKB Bank (Hungary) Account no. 877746582

681. FHB Mortgage Bank (Hungary) Account no. 87773974212

682. Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungary) Account no. 89877019370

683. K&H Bank (Hungary) Account no. 4000777451

684. CIB Bank (Hungary) Account no. 1200777641

685. Glitnir Bank (Iceland) Account no. 8877721456

686. Central Bank of Iceland (Iceland) Account no. 327737642

687. Icebank (Iceland) Account no. 8557774152

688. Kaupthing Bank (Iceland) Account no. 5577739841

689. Landsbanki (Iceland) Account no. 44277734578

690. Straumur Investment Bank (Iceland) Account no. 7773912308

691. ACC Bank (Ireland) Account no. 477700212

692. Allied British Bank (Ireland) Account no. 364777591

693. Anglo Irish Bank (Ireland) Account no. 35691777214

694. Halifax (Ireland) Account no. 2426984777

695. Bank of Ireland (Ireland) Account no. 3777289412

696. First Active Plc. (Ireland) Account no. 84332177721

697. Ulster Bank (Ireland) Account no. 84777239458

698. National Irish Bank (Ireland) Account no. 37772948

699. Irish Life and Permanent (Ireland) Account no. 557773156

700. IIB Bank (Ireland) Account no. 3827773594

701. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (Italy) Account no. 3777821

702. Banca Popolare di Milano (Italy) Account no. 28217771

703. Nuovo Banco Ambrosiano (Italy) Account no. 37774122

704. Intesa Sanpaulo (Italy) Account no. 384777124

705. Mediobanca (Italy) Account no. 6849377712

706. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Italy) Account no. 39177724

707. UniCredit (Italy) Account no. 967774318

708. Banca d’Italia (Italy) Account no. 967774318

709. New Bank of Kosova (Kosovo) Account no. 9677734612

710. Banka Kombetare Tregtare (Kosovo) Account no. 9988777112

711. National Bank of Latvia (Latvia) Account no. 88967774234

712. Bank of Latvia (Latvia) Account no. 88967421171

713. Parex Bank (Latvia) Account no. 1000077712

714. Rietumu Banka (Latvia) Account no. 38777416498

715. Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Liechtenstein) Account no. 77742389161

716. Bank Frick (Liechtenstein) Account no. 3984677721

717. LGT Bank (Liechtenstein) Account no. 3398477751

718. Ūkio Bankas (Lithuania) Account no. 569777261

719. Šiaulių Bankas (Lithuania) Account no. 1101277721

720. Bank of Lithunia (Lithuania) Account no. 78677423412

721. Advanzia Bank (Luxembourg) Account no. 3364777841

722. BCEE (Luxembourg) Account no. 3359977710

723. Clearstream (Luxembourg) Account no. SWB-001-ASM-01

724. Alpha Bank Skopje (Macedonia) Account no. 1000777462

725. Komercijalna Banka Skopje (Macedonia) Account no. 554777310

726. Stopanska Banka (Macedonia) Account no. 37774698511

727. National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia) Account no. 87774998124

728. Bank of Valetta (Malta) Account no. 45777654139

729. Central Bank of Malta (Malta) Account no. 897677421109

730. Lombard Bank (Malta) Account no. 397774682

731. Banca Comerciala EuroCreditBank (Moldova) Account no. 32477713369

732. National Bank of Moldova (Moldova) Account no. 3396777419

733. AtlasMont Banka (Montenegro) Account no. 9983367772

734. CKB (Montenegro) Account no. 3300577700

735. NLB Montenegrobanka (Montenegro) Account no. 3612577712564

736. Prva Banka Crne Gore (Montenegro) Account no. 134777645319

737. Podgorička Banka (Montenegro) Account no. 36941277731

738. Opportunity Bank (Montenegro) Account no. 66877735412

739. Central Bank of Montenegro (Montenegro) Account no. 88967774234

740. ABN AMRO (The Netherlands) Account no. 45777631289

741. Rabobank (The Netherlands) Account no. 33587771645

742. Netherlands Bank (The Netherlands) Account no. 237774498213

743. ING Group (The Netherlands) Account no. 31897773461

744. Postbank N.V. (The Netherlands) Account no. 87779431642

745. SNS Bank (The Netherlands) Account no. 35467778912

746. Turkish Bank (Northern Cyprus) Account no. 8777236413

747. Cyprus Economy Bank (Northern Cyprus) Account no. 55777694132

748. DNB NOR (Norway) Account no. 36477765412

749. Fokus Bank (Norway) Account no. 1000777214

750. Landkreditt Bank (Norway) Account no. 9001377720

751. Norges Bank (Norway) Account no. 88977423476

752. Storebrand Financial Group (Norway) Account no. 77733654821

753. Voss Veksel – og Landmandsbank (Norway) Account no. 993777542

754. Norwegian State Housing Bank (Norway) Account no. 100077731

755. Cultura Sparebank (Norway) Account no. 3677729145

756. Terra-Gruppen AS (Norway) Account no. 777300071

757. Sparebank 1 (Norway) Account no. 3777223524

758. Sparebanken Vest (Norway) Account no. 8977743182

759. PKO Bank Polski (Poland) Account no. 384517773641

760. Bank BHP (Poland) Account no. 8391277725

761. Bank Zachodni WBK AS (Poland) Account no. 93127779825

762. Nordea Bank Polska (Poland) Account no. 9987774544

763. Narodowy Bank Polski (Poland) Account no. 9677786423

764. Bank Ochrony Środowiska (Poland) Account no. 1137772358

765. Banco Espiritu Santo (Portugal) Account no. 3721187411

766. Banco Comercial Português (Portugal) Account no. 377790124

767. Banco Internacional do Funchal (Portugal) Account no. 677102510

768. Banco Nacional Ultramarino (Portugal) Account no. 39842777541

769. Banco Português de Investimentos (Portugal) Account no. 3377721441

770. Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Portugal) Account no. 86954777132

771. Montepio Geral (Portugal) Account no. 99877736542

772. Banco de Portugal (Portugal) Account no. 88967774234

773. Banca Comercialǎ Românǎ (Romania) Account no. 3657772416

774. BRD (Romania) Account no. 5597774512

775. Bancpost (Romania) Account no. 8631777219

776. Banca Transilvania (Romania) Account no. 63577794312

777. Banca Românească (Romania) Account no. 1397772512

778. Export-Import Bank of Romania (Romania) Account no. 9777196482

779. CEC Bank (Romania) Account no. 1058777320

780. Banca Comercială Carpatica (Romania) Account no. 3617772051

781. Banca Nationala a Romania (Romania) Account no. 88967774234

782. Romanian International Bank (Romania) Account no. 13057776981

783. Libra Bank (Romania) Account no. 3865177720

784. MKB Romexterra Bank (Romania) Account no. 965231A777

785. Gazprombank (Russia) Account no. 35777201436

786. Evrofinance Mosnarbank (Russia) Account no. 98877741162

787. International Industrial Bank (Russia) Account no. 3577714546

788. MDM Bank (Russia) Account no. 377796425841

789. Mezhprombank (Russia) Account no. 97772862741

790. Sberbank (Russia) Account no. 9128777AM1

791. VTB Bank (Russia) Account no. 963277721468

792. Rosbank (Russia) Account no. 386257771

793. Central Bank of Russia (Russia) Account no. 7760193875

794. Cassa di Risparmino della Repubblica di San Marino (San Marino) Account no. 3877724123

795. Komercijalna Banka (Serbia) Account no. 38677715964

796. Eurobank EFG Štedionica (Serbia) Account no. 826477753

797. Vojvođanska Banka (Serbia) Account no. 687774122300

798. AIK Banka Niš (Serbia) Account no. 923582777

799. Banca Intesa Beograd (Serbia) Account no. 6824777531

800. Meridian Bank (Serbia) Account no. 2200077741

801. OTP Banka Srbija (Serbia) Account no. 58932677715

802. Metals Banka (Serbia) Account no. 6431977726

803. Credy Banka (Serbia) Account no. 346897772145

804. Jumbes Banka (Serbia) Account no. 1007772946

805. National Bank of Serbia (Serbia) Account no. 5827779981

806. Deželna Banka Slovenije (Slovenia) Account no. 35821777965

807. Bank of Slovenia (Slovenia) Account no. 9827773332

808. Slovenská Sporiteľňa (Slovakia) Account no. 4237772589

809. Československá Obchodní Banka (Slovakia) Account no. 2227775510

810. Istrobanka (Slovakia) Account no. 85347774502

811. Komerční Banka Bratislava (Slovakia) Account no. 382A77731

812. Poštová Banka (Slovakia) Account no. 338777001

813. Slovenská Záručná a Rozvojová Banka (Slovakia) Account no. 932152777642

814. Tatra Bank (Slovakia) Account no. 10007773A20

815. Národná Banka Slovenska (Slovakia) Account no. 827778213490

816. Banca March (Spain) Account no. 91077795452

817. Banco Atlántico (Spain) Account no. 301777698242

818. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Spain) Account no. 2483107751

819. Banco Pastor (Spain) Account no. 16777895241

820. Banco Popular Español (Spain) Account no. 3357771065

821. Banco Sabadell (Spain) Account no. 8625477732

822. Grupo Santander (Spain) Account no. 4537771598

823. Banesto (Spain) Account no. 3420777698

824. Bankinter (Spain) Account no. 2677745226

825. Triodos Bank (Spain) Account no. 777284519246

826. La Caixa (Spain) Account no. 5237773591

827. Kutxa (Spain) Account no. 684277701245

828. Caja Navarra (Spain) Account no. 5137774169

829. Banco de España (Spain) Account no. 86420ASM7771

830. Bankaktiebolaget Avanza (Sweden) Account no. 31864207771

831. Carnegie Investment Bank (Sweden) Account no. 4477721

832. Forex Bank (Sweden) Account no. 333210010

833. H&Q AB (Sweden) Account no. 555277710

834. ICA Banken (Sweden) Account no. 4300777101

835. Ikanobanken (Sweden) Account no. 333777000

836. Länsförsäkringar Bank (Sweden) Account no. 487776942

837. Resurs Bank (Sweden) Account no. 585277712

838. Skandiabanken (Sweden) Account no. 537779102

839. SEB (Sweden) Account no. 52443777102

840. Handelbanken (Sweden) Account no. 371687517

841. JAK Members Bank (Sweden) Account no. 58277714031

842. Sveriges Riksbanken (Sweden) Account no. 7768764535AM-1

843. Bank for International Settlement (Switzerland) Account no. 667877341211

844. JBG (Switzerland) Account no. 4577760841

845. Hottinger & Cie Group (Switzerland) Account no. 87776319424

846. Swiss National Bank (Switzerland) Account no. 7877ASM34113

847. Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Account no. 887345AM-0092

848. UBS AG (Switzerland) Account no. 1203AM9801

849. UBS AG (Switzerland) Account no. AM22133334

850. UBS AG (Switzerland) Account no. 99912224349

851. Akbank (Turkey) Account no. 3746854221

852. Denizbank (Turkey) Account no. 387772591

853. Finansbank (Turkey) Account no. 6177730841

854. Koçbank (Turkey) Account no. 338777120

855. OYAK Bank (Turkey) Account no. 4277730890

856. Ziraat Bankasi (Turkey) Account no. 837775192

857. Türk Ekonomi Bankasi (Turkey) Account no. 9377721946

858. Garanti Bank (Turkey) Account no. 8377741256

859. Türkiye İş Bankası (Turkey) Account no. 4267779301

860. Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası (Turkey) Account no. 4267779301231

861. Pravex Bank (Ukraine) Account no. 98877726314

862. Ukrinbank (Ukraine) Account no. 526317772492

863. PrivatBank (Ukraine) Account no. 44382777201

864. Adam and Company (UK) Account no. 37298712721

865. Arbuthnot Latham & Co. (UK) Account no. 373227705

866. Clydesdale Bank (UK) Account no. 37773289214

867. Airdrie Savings Bank (UK) Account no. 372277569125

868. Co-operative Bank (UK) Account no. 4777239654

869. Egg Banking Plc. (UK) Account no. 6275797211

870. Julian Hodge Bank (UK) Account no. 3777210210

871. Drummonds Bank (UK) Account no. 372198737156

872. Coutts & Co. (UK) Account no. 37256871971

873. Kleinwort Benson (UK) Account no. 273727169

874. Reliance Bank (UK) Account no. 8777691243

875. Sainsbury’s Bank (UK) Account no. 5977726481

876. Yorkshire Bank (UK) Account no. 372089177

877. Abbey Bank (UK) Account no. 38777516

878. Alliance & Leicester (UK) Account no. 4527773912

879. Duncan Lawrie (UK) Account no. 77098712201

880. Halifax (UK) Account no. 897776253432

881. Harrods Bank (UK) Account no. 33748590577

882. Bank of England (UK) Account no. 9987775243

883. Standard Chartered Bank (UK) Account no. 7736719284

884. Lloyds TSB (UK) Account no. 3374877310-1

885. Barclays Plc. (UK) Account no. 9977752654

886. Royal Bank of Scotland Group (UK) Account no. 87776019283

887. Vatican Bank (Vatican) Account no. 777ASM001


888. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (Australia) Account no. 99877745442

889. National Australia Bank (Australia) Account no. 537771465

890. Reserve Bank of Australia (Australia) Account no. 977754650192

891. Commonwealth Bank (Australia) Account no. 777392012

892. St. George Bank (Australia) Account no. 4257774124

893. Suncorp-Metway Bank (Australia) Account no. 3338977741

894. Westpac Banking Corp. (Australia) Account no. 4267774542

895. Adelaide Bank (Australia) Account no. 3777256981

896. Bank of Queensland (Australia) Account no. 6977720541

897. BankWest (Australia) Account no. 33275759710

898. Bendigo Bank (Australia) Account no. 36977724515

899. Macquarie Bank (Australia) Account no. 3728769721

900. Colonial National Bank (Fiji) Account no. 856777512

901. Reserve Bank of Fiji (Fiji) Account no. 9988744778

902. TSB Bank (New Zealand) Account no. 377752164

903. ASB Bank (New Zealand) Account no. 3677715256

904. BankDirect (New Zealand) Account no. 33777521465

905. Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand) Account no. 52777146954

906. Reserve Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand) Account no. 556777451123

907. Kiwibank (New Zealand) Account no. 9377714564

908. National Bank of Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands) Account no. 377751971

909. Reserve Bank of Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands) Account no. 6577799312

910. Bank of South Pacific (Papua New Guinea) Account no. 3697774156

911. Reserve Bank of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea) Account no. 777451123-09

912. Central Bank of Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands) Account no. 43107767854

913. Central Bank of Samoa (Samoa) Account no. 43771709211

914. Central Bank of Tonga (Tonga) Account no. 18991027771

915. Central Bank of Tuvalu (Tuvalu) Account no. 5756772122

916. Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (Vanuatu) Account no. 5756772998

917. Tari Bunia Bank (Vanuatu) Account no. 57562261577

These Authorities have reconfirmed, re-certified, re-declared, reaffirmed and reconsidered the authenticity and validity of above given fiduciary accounts with or without signature of C3 – AM – 01 and upon record to these Authorities.

Signed, sealed and certified this General Confirmation on this 25th day of January, 2008 at the World Bank Headquarters, Washington D.C., USA to be concurred by the Authorities of the Committee of 300.

(signed) (signed)

HE Pres. Robert Zoellick HE Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon

The World Bank Group The United Nation Organization

The above Signatory of this above accounts is no other than Anthony Santiago Martin, Filipino resident of Rizal St., San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan, Chairman of ASBLP Group of Companies, Inc. with SEC Reg. no. CS201004379 and ASBLP Group, with Reg. no. ASBLP – 120005 – BASBLP – 10 and Holder of UN Diplomatic Passport no. UN – 00191 – 01 and Philippine Passport no. XX3794724.

I, Alvin Almirante Bersales attested the correctness and truthfulness of above contained information forwarded to me by HM, Queen Elizabeth II and Committee of 300 under army.

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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.

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Below, is a proof that the Knights of Malta were just using this man for their own vested interest. In order that the reader will understand who actually owns the Philippine treasure which is separate from that of China’s royal Dragon Family, go here.

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From The Time Of Eisenhower To The Kennedys In The White House, Asians Were Hoping That The Assets Would Be Used For Humanitarian Cause and Development As Originally Agreed

Now, we understand why the Kennedys must be eliminated.

It is hoped that through our Collective Effort, our Common Dreams will be realized. The current system must be shutdown in favor of a meritocratic one. Your active participation in this regard would surely usher this planet to the Golden Age of Abundance, Scientific Advancement, and Spiritual Wisdom.


Appeal: If you like this article, please share far and wide, not for the glory of the Filipino, but for the enlightenment of everyone. In the final analysis, the treasure belongs to all inhabitants of this planet, and not just to the chosen few. This planet is a world of plenty, and nobody should be suffering in any form whatsoever. Thank you very much.