The Sunni Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, both artificially divided by the cabal, to be reunified

by benjamin
December 11, 2012

As the center of world economic gravity continues to shift towards Asia, changing old Western political constructs aimed to “divide and conquer” has become a key topic of secret debate. The machinations and fighting in Syria are aimed at “destroying artificial borders created by Western powers on the backs of envelopes after World War I,” according to Nazis connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Asia as well, there is a lot of intensive maneuvering taking place to do something about the artificial divisions created between North and South Korea, Taiwan and China and within Japan. In particular, the formerly Nazi allied North Korean ultra-nationalist right wing groups in Japan and their partners in North Korea are seeking to find a new role in the fast changing geopolitical landscape. The focus of the struggle is control over the Bank of Japan and the media-propaganda apparatus set up by the Sabbatean mafia in Japan and South Korea.

New regimes due to be in place next week in both Japan and South Korea will have to make big compromises with their Northern cousins. The new Chinese government of Xi Jinping will also have to get involved.

In combination with the Middle Eastern oil exporting nations, these countries control much of the financial fate of the Pentagon, the United States and Europe.

The Europeans and their Israel lobby American partners are making a big grab for control of the former Muslim caliphate (minus Iran or Persia) in the hope of keeping control of Middle Eastern oil in order to have serious leverage over the oil importing nations of Asia. It is looking likely that such a state may be born but, this effort may backfire as they create a unified Sunni mega-state that suddenly remembers the region’s historical independence from Europe. This has already been shown in the revolt against Egypt’s President Morsi that forced him to back off on declaring absolutist fascist power.

The Green Dragon, the ancient Muslim secret society, is watching the situation and will make its move when the situation is ripe, according to a Green Dragon source.

In Asia as well, efforts to cause fighting over tiny islands or old rocket technology are not producing the desired results. The exposure of the involvement of Lord James Sassoon and Jean Cohen of the Hoche group in these efforts to fan nationalistic conflict between Asian countries has forced them both to back off. The Chinese friendly with Hoche and Cohen (including Xi Jinping) are now pushing for the rights of Chinese enterprises to buy corporations in Japan, the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

Since foreign corporations have benefited enormously from being invited into China, it seems to be a very reasonable policy and the spate of Chinese acquisitions of US and Canadian companies seen last week is a sign North America, at least, accepts this policy.

Japanese underworld sources meanwhile report that Sassoon has suddenly turned quiet and backed off Japan.

Of course the Pentagon still needs to play its card of offering protection to countries around China from potential, imaginary or real Chinese bullying.

This is where negotiations on the new financial system need to be carried out with greater urgency.

Neil Keenan, a key person who hoped to get the rights to the global collateral accounts, has left Indonesia without yet clinching any deal. However, he claims to have obtained reams of hard evidence to be used in legal action against the cabal.

On a different front, the White Dragon Society has been invited to inspect a major imperial gold cache in Asia that could be used to finance the proposed international economic planning agency. The owners of the gold are asking, in return for their gold, for enough financing to build a space colony in an artificial planet. This is the kind of big thinking that the WDS supports.

Of course, the WDS will insist on being allowed to photograph the gold and take samples for testing to make sure this is not just another elaborate fraud attempt.

The other possible breakthrough concerns the soon to be elected new Japanese government. Shinzo Abe, the man expected to be Prime Minister after the December 16th election, has publicly claimed he will change the Bank of Japan law. He wants the BOJ to pump more money into the economy.

It is also possible that he will announce that Japan will pledge 7000 trillion yen for the International Economic Planning Agency to use for massive projects world-wide. To make that possible, some sort of accommodation will have to be made with the North Koreans who have acted as a proxy secret government in Japan since the end of World War 2.

The Sabbateans and Nazis have both been trying very hard to convince the North Koreans that the White Dragon Society is against them when nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that North Korean leader Yasuhiro Nakasone has been attacked by this writer for allowing infertility causing chemicals and drugs to be spread in the region as part of a plan to reduce population. However, the WDS itself believes that the Northern dynasty headed by Kim Jong-Un should be given some sort of permanent, hereditary royal type of role in a reunified peninsula.

The Chinese also need to realize that the former pastoralist peoples ranging down from Mongolia to Manchuria to Korea and Japan share similar languages and culture and are the descendants of the pastoralist long-term Northern neighbours of the Han. This means integrating them into the region will require some recognition of this history.

The North Koreans, South Koreans, Japanese and Chinese also need to take their eyes off historical disputes and think about the big picture. The big picture is that 300 years of Western imperialism in the region is coming to an end and that an opportunity to create an ideal world in equal partnership with the West and other regions now lies ahead.

The Western military industrial complex is ready to contribute by sharing amazing science fiction-like technology with the rest of the world as it goes through a swords-to-plowshares transition.

Setting up a new International Economic Planning Agency would be one of the ways to make a harmonious transformation to world peace possible. This sounds like a dream but it is based on pragmatic, scientific reality.

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3 thoughts on “The Sunni Middle East and the Korean Peninsula, both artificially divided by the cabal, to be reunified”

  1. How do we know that this new financial systeam that Ben talks about is not actually the result of the oligharcs efforts we keep Financial control.. How do we know that Ben is not a disinformation agent lulling people into a false sence of securety while the people he speaks of seaze control. Many of the people he said have been arrested are not arrested and still are in their rolls..No big fish in the US political arena have been arrested.. Its easy to say something is true that is not, and make it sound plausable..Fiction writters do it all the time But all I see is more of the same old,.same old. Filthy rich still gettting richer on the backs of the same old poor.. All we ever hear is it takes time it takes time..Well I have been following Bens posts for about 2 years now. I would love to believe what he says is true.. but I have seen no evidence of a change at all .All i do see is mostly evidence of business as usual . When is the world going to see the changes in a way that we all say wow WTF just happened..When is this new energy tech going to put oil out of business and when is there going to be food for the world. People are dying everyday.while you say the old guard is trying to negocieate a comfortable existance before relinguishing power.See thats why I think this is all a crock.. You say big changes are coming and you have been saying it for at least 2 far nothing..Arrest the people who are the culprits lock them up and sort the rest out later ..

  2. @ave: definitely a good point…it all sounds nice but what has changed really? do people think that the cabal is the only faction that wants to control world events?
    we may head into a future that is less of a “tyranny” but will the power really be in the peoples hands!? it all sounds a bit fishy to me, even the proposed name “l.i.f.e.” for the international program to enhance life on earth seems deceiving to me…not to badmouth anything, i’ve been following this blog for years also but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me, that some of it might be disinformation.

    i also wonder why many secret societies have the word “dragon” in them!? a reference to david icke’s reptilian theory may be a little far-fetched, but it still makes you wonder. interestingly there was an interview with ben on youtube in some kind of restaurant where he almost says “reptilian” but stops and changes the words…i still dont know what to make of all this but im aware that there is disinformation being put out and im always cautious about what to believe.

  3. The US just launched a top secreat state of the art spy sat. it dosent look like they are starting to relinguish control and you said in that event that thery would be arrested.. Still waiting for the first big fish arrests.. Throw a Bush or a Rockerfeller or better yet a Rothschild in jail already. Do something to prouve to the people following this blog that your not full of Sheeeeot

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