They Offered Me the World

This update is not by Benjamin Fulford but is written about the White Dragon Society to which he represents, the OPPT, and the alternative bloggers.

This may explain why these alternative sources of information are gradually falling to other side, or maybe that’s the plan they’ve following from the very beginning.

Strange things are happening behind the scenes, even behind the Alternative Media. These involve bribing those who are behind the alternative sources of information and bloggers.

If some of you may have noticed, there were comments made on some of the articles we’ve posted, and these comments were about Illuminati Agents trying to recruit you and me through their own testimonials. I have approved some of these comments for transparency sake, i.e. that these people do exist.

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If you haven’t done so, we also would like you to read “HAVE YOU GOTTEN ENOUGH OF THE PSYOPS?“, so that you will a more comprehensive picture of what’s really going on right now.

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