Time for China to stop supporting fascist US regime

Posted by benjamin
May 22, 2012

We would like to start this week’s report with a special message to Chinese President Hu Jintao: The Chinese people asked the creator to grant the peaceful rise of China to the center of the world stage. You were told this would happen but that you had to promise to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. You have now presided over one of the greatest periods in China’s long and glorious history. However, you were not able to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. We ask you to please not stand in the way of people who wish to accomplish these goals. Specifically, we would like you to stop subsidizing the illegal fascist Obama corporate government with Chinese money. In 2011 alone you supplied them with $295 billion in Chinese subsidies. Please stop doing this. Thank you.

And now for the news:

satanic Sabbatean cult that illegally seized power in Western Europe and the US is now a dangerous, injured beast threatening to once again unleash nuclear terror. A British Intelligence source said that a bomb that was intended to go off in London was a Ukranian SS19 that had been “dialed down” from a maximum blast of 500 kilotons to 100 kilotons. This weapon was then traced from England to Germany and may now be in Japan, he said. He said the weapon would be brought into Japan (if it has not already been) via submarine from cabal bases in Sao Tome and New Guinea.

The likely offloading point would be the Miura peninsula, according to this source. Japanese AWACS planes should be able to detect the bomb during transportation because it will be unshielded. The bomb in London was brought in at a time when for mysterious reasons someone senior at the British Ministry of Defense ordered all British AWACS to be grounded, he said.

These nuclear missiles were part of a batch sold by Russian arms dealer Victor Bout, the source said. Iran also bought some of these weapons, he said.

This new, detailed intelligence dovetails with what other sources, including an FSB agent going by the name Richard Sorge and a close relative of the Shah of Iran, said.

This satanic group will also make another push to start World War 3 in Iran, he and other sources said.

So that, it seems, was the real secret agenda of the meeting of NATO terrorist states this past weekend in Chicago.

There also reports that a large shipment of stolen gold was displayed to NATO leaders in Chicago.

Somehow this group of criminals thinks that more mass murder and stolen gold will allow them to continue their regime of murder, bribery, lies and terror but they can rest assured their days are numbered even if they do manage a bit more horror.

It is also now clear that we are dealing with a sub-group within and outside of the committee of 300 and not the entire committee.

Last week the ailing Emperor Akihito of Japan made a rare overseas trip to visit Queen Elizabeth in England. This visit coincides with an offer by the committee of 300 to the White Dragon Society to make 7000 trillion yen available for ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. That would be enough to provide over $120,000 for every man woman and child on earth.

In early April, a person claiming to represent the “Dragon Family Royal Society,” came to Japan to meet with White Dragon representatives. He claimed his group represented ancient Asian as well as European royal families. He said a man by the name of Hiroshi Nakano worked for them and was “above” Emperor Akihito. He was asked at the time to prove this by getting a hand written letter from Emperor Akihito to Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa asking for the above-mentioned funds to be made available.

At the time, he was only able to offer a letter from Princess Masako. Masako is the daughter of Hisashi Owada, a World Court Judge and a Rockefeller Trilateral stooge.

Nonetheless, for now the funds are still being frozen by people connected to the P2 freemason lodge. The public obstacle seems to be the Washington D.C. corporate government using President Obama as his figurehead and senior Chinese government officials friendly to the P2 fascists. The secret obstacle is a new P2 leader whose identity we are now closing in on.

In a move that may be related to that, a young woman in Europe contacted this writer saying a Mafia friend of her family told her she was to be made a human sacrifice by people working for Lord Nicholas Windsor, a direct descendant of King George V and a senior P2 lodge member. Her testimony was detailed, coherent and consistent with other reports of human sacrifice at the P2 Lodge. Well Lord Windsor, do you publicly advocate your opposition to abortion so that you can have more sacrifice victims for your rituals or are you unaware your employees are accusing you of participating in murderous Satanic rituals? We have contacted Lord Windsor’s public relations manager and asked for comment as well.

In any case, recently new major power groups offered to support the goals of the White Dragon Society: the Turkish government, the ancient Middle-Eastern order of assassins and the spiritual war leader of Turtle Island (North America).

The Turkish government invited a White Dragon Society member to Turkey last week where they offered official support in the campaign against the Sabbatean cabal. This is significant because the cabal traces its origins to Turkey and it has many ancient and powerful enemies in that land. The Turks were advised to put pressure on the Gulf slave states run by Sabbatean satanic pseudo-muslims.

The survivors of the original assassin cult from the Middle East, who fled to India and elsewhere after the Mongols destroyed their main fortress, have also pledged their services towards removing the Satanic cabal from power.

Also, the White Dragon Society was offered support by William Twofeather, an Apache war-chief and spiritual war leader of the original native inhabitants of Turtle Island (they call North America Turtle Island because it is shaped like a turtle).

Twofeather told the story of how a group of 30 Apache warriors defeated a US army of 3000 in one of their most famous exploits. Their warriors buried themselves in the ground and breathed through straws. A few carefully camouflaged look-outs waited until the commanding general and his staff were near the warriors before giving the signal to attack. The US force was thus decapitated and demoralized before it even knew what hit them. This is the exact sort of tactic needed to defeat the cabal. Concentrate on the leaders.

Twofeather was told by tribal elders to visit Japan, Korea, China and the rest of the world to disseminate secret teachings of the Apache and other first nations of Turtle Island. These are mostly spiritual teachings but also involve some very dangerous secret knowledge that can only be passed on to trusted and morally upright people.

Twofeather is also a veteran of the US marine special forces and a proud American who is appalled at what has happened to the country he fought for.

Humanity must be set free.

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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and are projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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10 thoughts on “Time for China to stop supporting fascist US regime”

  1. Genious just genious ..

    Set you’re imagination free, make up a shitload of crap and in the end conclusion advertise for some hocus-spocus full of nonsense pdf you only get if you pay for by making a hefty donation 😛
    You sure need to lay of the crackpipe mister !

  2. All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

  3. Anyway, concerning this article, I would say, time for ass kicking. I knew they would react this way, that is an evidence they will not let it go

  4. Oh seriously Dims before you start you’re endless barrage of show stoppers …
    I am not rediculing nor violently opposing anything.
    I am just openly showing that I feel so sorry for you poor sheep following a flock without the power to change anything but the postings on the webblog you contribute to ..
    Sure it feels good to cry wolf the whole day but the truth (talking about truth) is you will end up serving us wool and meat …
    Trust me I am the last person to claim talking the red pill is a bad idea ..
    However luckily for me .. the reality as it formed after taking the red pill didn’t stall in the “I see evil everywhere” fase .. Unlike in your case.
    ZEN my friend .. ZEN .. He who claims to know anything is an bigger fool then he who claims to know nothing !

  5. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong, only the future will tell. Concerning Mr Fulflord, I also doubt about what he is saying as he wants an alliance with the ones who are responsilble of this mess. I do not know where all those things will lead but the balance power is changing, maybe this is just acting that we see to pass on the power from the old ones to the new asian Mafia. The time will tell, take care.

  6. an SS-19 is a type of missile and not a nuclear warhead….

    its true they carry 6x500kt MIRV warheads

    i’m unsure of nuclear bombs being ‘dialed down’ but very suspicious of that statement

  7. More Benji Foolford fairy tales. Conspiracy sheeple, I’ll bet his carrot on a stick turns out to be made of wood. There are plenty of crises, dangers, and tragedies in the world without Foolford pulling more out of his arse. I’m still waiting for someone to show me ONE of his wild stories that have been proven true. JUST ONE. He didn’t name the “underground bases” D.U.M.B.s for nothing. Wake up and smell the cointelpro bullsh1t.

  8. http://missilethreat.com/missiles/3m51-alfa/

    Reportedly, the U.S. naval ships have *no defense* against the Soviet-made Granit P-700 submarine-launched, supersonic, cruise missile, 24 of which were removed from the Kursk submarine that sunk in the Barents Sea after it collided with an US submarine that fired at it.

    Norwegian divers reportedly recovered the 24 missiles and took them out of the custody of Russia, who was blackmailed by the USA because the possession of the thermonuclear-tipped missiles was in violation of United Nations agreements and international law.

    It appears that there is no verifiable evidence of where the 24 missiles (if that is the correct number) are today if they still exist.

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