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The World is not what you think it is. What you see as reality is fiction, a manipulated sense of the Truth. And what is considered as fiction is real…

There are underground societies that are trying to correct the situation, i.e. neutralizing the Dark Cabal that’s causing all that is evil in our society today. And they are providing very important updates regularly:

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. First I find it strange that this guy’s idea about a basket of currencies and gold matches exactly the adgenda of the Imf world bank presidents considering that’s exactly whom he supposedly opposes. You can read the articles about it from back in 2010. Second shouldn’t all texts within the Vatican library be freely available to the public at all times and not just a panel of international scholars? Third he claims to be so worried about international affairs yet mentions nothing about the poor people in the middle east who’s countries are literally on fire. Fourth he claims to be against the banking cabal but wants to use their slogan on the back of the dollar “our new world order is now a success” this term was also consistently used by Adolf Hitler and Bush sr whom he claims to be against…. fifth he talks about how it will take 1 5years to “produce” a non brainwashed generation. The way that is phrased just creeps me out. He sounds like a communist sociopath. Trust me… no one in the west is under any delusions that there is democracy here… further when he talks about producing a generation that he desires all to believe one thing he sounds just like whom he claims to be against. Sixth when he talks about (non humans) and surpressed technology hes only indicating that he knows about a secret adgenda that you don’t which is a huge indicator he’s part of whom he calls the dark cabal. The things he’s saying are incredibly strange and aappear upon examination to flow exactly with intentions of the cabals. Sorry guys… to a discerning individual able to think things through this man is about to play “hero” in a staged world wide revolution… to implement the new world order…or old world order as he called it. Come on conspirators…. stop making it so obvious! It’s boring truly. Your lack of creativity…..

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