By Refusing to Relinquish Power, the Cabal Will Face Lynch Mobs

Posted by benjamin
October 11, 2011

When the Asians decided to wage financial war against the criminal cabal that has taken over the West and was plotting unprecedented genocide, the cabalists were warned that it would just be a matter of time before they faced lynch mobs in their own countries. That time is fast approaching. The non-stop protests against the cabalists in the US and the impending doom of the Euro are just the visible part of a global movement to remove these parasitic scum from the body politic of the West. The invisible part involves control of codes and high tech “black screens,” that are used to manage the international financial system. Here multiple sources say that bank accounts meant for the use of humanity as a whole but taken over by private interests will be seized. As a part of this move, the control of the US dollar will be taken away from the privately owned Washington D.C. Corporation and moved to Switzerland. There it will be managed by the nations of the earth. Given these circumstances, the United States would be well advised to create a new greenback for their own use.

The latest twist in this financial war is the news that David Eisenhower, the son of president Eisenhower, has been a key front man for the cabal within the Bank of International Settlements.

Eisenhower has illegally placed 10 Kennedy bonds he does not own into something known as a “trading program.” “Trading programs” are an esoteric financial scam set up by Henry Kissinger. They basically are fake “mirror accounts” of real funds that are used to recycle public money into private hands. The private individuals accessing money this way have no legal right to it. Thus Eisenhower is using bonds issued in the name of the US government for private purposes even though he has no legal right to do so. Another word for such activity is fraud.

Through these “programs,” money that was meant to be used for humanity as a whole was thus instead hijacked by private interests such as the Rothschilds, the Bushes etc.

The people in on this scam include the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, Alan Greenspan and the other usual suspects.

The nations of the world have now been notified about this scam. One consequence of this is that the government of Ireland has been asking bankers who are trying to force the Irish to pay huge amounts of “debt,” to prove the bankers had the legal right to create this debt in the first place. They do not.

Greece is now contemplating a similar move. This same legal maneuver would eliminate much of the US private and public debt as well.

Legal action against these high level fraudsters may begin late this week or early next week. At stake in one lawsuit is control of funds worth $371 trillion. This money was pooled after World War 2 by the non-aligned nations and meant to be spent on the development of Africa and Asia but was instead hijacked by the above-mentioned gangsters.

The Rothschilds have already contacted the White Dragon Society and are suing for peace. A WDS representative has been repeatedly invited to Geneva to meet with Rothschild family leaders to work out a deal. So far, no meeting has been agreed to.

Japanese power brokers under Rockefeller/Bush proxy former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone have also contacted the WDS and are trying to make a deal via the head of one of Japan’s public security agencies.

The White Dragon Society is no longer in a position to make a deal with these people. The situation is now being handled by various national police and security agencies. That means a lot of people who might have earlier been able to get away with appearing before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee will instead end up in jail. That is unless the mobs get them first.

The exposure of this high level financial crime will fundamentally change how the planet is run. The flow of money will used for the development of the planet instead of the enrichment of oligarchs.

The IMF no longer has money because they no longer have permission to access the pooled funds of the nations of the world. In fact, any treaty rights they had expired in 1994 and were not renewed.

Since the IMF no longer has access to most of the world’s pooled money, they will no longer be able to subject nations to their brutal and destructive “structural adjustment programs.”

Instead, existing global agencies like the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the BIS etc. will either be abolished or revamped. Some new agencies may also appear.

A Russian contact has told the WDS they now support their proposal for an international economic planning agency. The US agency and pentagon patriots have also given qualified support to this proposal. So have the Japanese and other national authorities.

This yet to be created agency is now expected to get initial funding of $11 trillion to use to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It will be meritocratically staffed and open to full media scrutiny.

Victory for humanity is close at hand.

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5 thoughts on “By Refusing to Relinquish Power, the Cabal Will Face Lynch Mobs”

  1. Lets see the demise of these criminals as soon as possible, and the big thing and most important is to tell the rest of the world, as so many today, have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. John

  2. Thank you Mr. Fulford for your couragous a deligent hard work. I’m so glad all this is beginning to unfold. I’ve known about these people for about 30 years and told everyone I know. They pretty much thought I was a loon but I continue on so it won’t be so difficult for them to accept the truth and there hero’s are all put in jail. Humanity has suffered enough and they don’t even know it. I have heard Bush Sr and family have been arrested. If that’s true it’s really going down. May you stay safe in all your endeavors. Much love and many blessings to you. David

  3. Well folks it has just come to my attention that the US has sign off and given Israel the green light to attack Iran. The insanity of the US and Israel is just astounding when will ever end. I hope everyone realises that if this happens then there are many other countries that will not sit by and watch the US and Israel start WW 111 however WW 111 will be the result and it will see the total destruction of our world as we know it. The sooner the black cabal are taken out by fair or foul means the better we will all be. Sometimes we have to fight fire with fire and this is one of those occasions.
    Sometimes I see this waiting ewswmbling the UN who tend to sit on their hands and do nothing when the time has come to kick some ass and remove this damgerous rubbish once and for all. John

  4. Ben, I’ve read all your reports published here, and all I can say is, I am gobsmacked. Until 2 years ago I lived in ignorant bliss. I am so grateful to you and people who blew the whistle in such a way that it shocked people like me awake. I have lived in Australia all of my life, and trusted the powers that be, as I was raised to. That does not mean that I always agreed with them, but expected those paid to do the job of running the country, to do that job, with the people’s and nation’s best interests at heart. This is what I had always been led to believe was the case. In fact I was taught that it was impolite to discuss politics and religion in public! I hope I live long enough to see some of the renewals promised from the current revelations and resultant eruptions. Thank you for the education. Abi

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