Cabal Desperately Trying To Create Fascist World Gov’t vs. Criminal Investigations

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December 12, 2011

Update, 12/15/2011: We received a tip from “an interested party” that…

“RE: About my “kidnapping.”


For the past couple of days the internet has been filled with reports that I have been kidnapped. The reason for this is that through a misunderstanding I missed an appointment with Chodoin Daikaku, the head of many of the world’s largest martial arts societies and an important ally. When all attempts to contact me failed, he assumed something nefarious must have happened to me. Given the various attempts on my life and other harassment directed towards me by the cabal, that was an entirely realistic assumption.

The truth, however, is that I went to a stream by the mountains in order to have a private conversation with a certain individual. These days mobile phones are GPS enabled portable listening devices while drones and other surveillance technology make having a private conversation almost impossible. For that reason, I find it necessary to go near a loud (lots of static) stream in a narrow mountain valley to make sure I can have a private conversation. However, I can assure everybody that I am just fine and was not “kidnapped.”

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However, where he is to appear posted this video…

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David Wilcock’s interview at Project Camelot sheds more light to the issue…


Update, 12/14/2011: Ben reportedly wasn’t able to attend to the show where he is a regular commentator…

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We can’t confirm this at the moment.

The fascist cabal known as the Bilderbergers, CFR, committee of 300 etc., is desperately and without hope trying to start WW3 and install a fascist world government in an attempt to pre-empt criminal investigations closing in on them from all sides. Their efforts will fail because the Pentagon and the agencies in the US (with the exception of homeland Gestapo) are preparing to remove them from power, according to CIA and other sources. For example, multiple investigations are closing in on alleged President Obama, including one for illegally declaring war on Libya. A count among US representatives show the votes necessary to impeach him are there, US law enforcement officials say. In addition, evidence of bribery and other forms of illegally tampering with government is being compiled against George Soros, among others. There is also a lot going on under and on the surface in Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

In Europe, an agreement was reached by most countries, including the 17 in the Eurozone, to agree to cede national sovereignty over fiscal policy in order to protect the Euro. This is all part of a long planned central power grab by unelected secret Khazarian groups that was meant to be a major milestone on the road to a global fascist regime. Create the crisis, offer the solution.

In the US, as mentioned last week, the Obama regime has asserted the right to murder and imprison Americans without due process, meaning he has declared the US to be a fascist dictatorship. Again, it looks on the surface like the plans for a world fascist government are proceeding smoothly.

Fortunately for the rest of the human race, the fascist power grab is really just a sign of desperation.

The EU, agreement, for example, is like a dead-beat borrower promising to be good in the future saying: “Now that I have agreed to German autocratic control could I have some money please?” The answer remains, “sure, just borrow from the Germans.” The Germans, of course, do not have enough money. As mentioned before, the Euro zone still needs money from the rest of the world in order to stabilize its financial situation and that money will not be forthcoming until more fundamental problems with the global system, such as 1.1 billion hungry people and rampant environmental destruction, are dealt with. The upcoming belt-tightening, however, is a healthy process that will be good for Europe in the medium to long term.

Living within your means is always a wise policy for both individuals and nations.

The fact of the matter is that the European financial elites have been hogging the world’s financial assets since the end of World War 2 and have been plotting genocide so they are not going to get any money. End of story.

The UK was the only nation to veto the new EU treaty because the interests of the City of London financial district and the average citizen happened to coincide. The City did not want a financial transaction tax because it would gut their business and the average Britton was not willing to surrender to the Germans.

The situation in the US is a bit more complicated. The problem is that almost the entire leadership structure in Washington D.C. is corrupt and compromised but people in the pentagon and the agencies are so used to taking orders they do not know what to do when their leaders become dysfunctional.

For example, there are enough votes in the US Congress and Senate now to impeach Obama but the problem is nobody can agree on a replacement.

The various corruption investigations against the Obama regime can remove him from power but nobody knows what to do next. The only answer is for the military to set up a temporary government headed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff until the garbage can be removed from Washington D.C. and Wall Street. The military rightly claim that armies are not good at governing. However, they are good at cleaning up a mess and restoring constitutional order.

The US military also worry about being able to meet the payroll but the backers of the new financial system have already promised generous financing to ensure a restoration of US economic might and a gradual transition of the military industrial complex into something that can be self-supporting and good for the planet.

In any case, the Khazarian Satanic bankers in both Europe and the US are being cut off from their credit by the rest of the world. Since the only product they know how to create is debt, that means that without somebody gullible enough to provide them with credit, they have nothing but illusion to offer. These debts they claim the rights to are not owed by the people of Europe or the US because they were never anything but illusions placed upon them by rapacious bankers. No matter how many zeros and how many astronomical numbers they invent to put into their banking computers, there is simply nothing in the real world to back them up.

Their efforts to take over the rest of the world outside of the EU and the US are also failing big time. The sham attempt to sabotage Russian Parliamentary elections with paid saboteurs got nowhere. Efforts to start World War 3 in Iran continue to be blocked.

Attempts to get money from Asia to finance the Satanic cabalists are also going nowhere. According to a CIA representative, a senior member of the Du Pont family and a Rothschild representative are in Indonesia trying to get access to rights for Asian treasure but are getting nowhere.

In Japan too, there is a desperate attempt to re-establish Khazarian control.

Democratic Party of Japan power broker and Rockefeller stooge Ichiro Ozawa, police corruption beneficiary Shizuka Kamei and corrupt Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara are trying to drum up support for a new political party. They have been sucking up to recently elected and very popular Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto. The plan seems to be to use the nuclear fear they are fanning in Tokyo to promote a shift of government functions to Osaka. That, of course, would mean a lot of construction contracts and other means to bribe the Japanese political elite back into submission. It is such a pathetic plan that more than anything it shows how desperate these hoodlums have become.

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  1. The Cosmos will splinter the dark cabal into peices. May all the Gods bless the courage of those who fight and have died against the cabal! Our lives will not be in vain rather we are the greatest warriors in our short history of modern man. Thank you Ben Fulford for your courage! May God bless us all in this fight for our very lives! To all the cowards….find you guts….we need your help in this battle. Wake the %#$k up!

  2. “homeland Gestapo”

    We have a winner! The perfectly fitting term for that bunch of thugs. Would that make TSA the new SS?

    “In addition, evidence of bribery and other forms of illegally tampering with government is being compiled against George Soros…”

    Good Riddance to that Nazi slimeball. I’ve been hearing that he pulls Obama’s strings, as well as manipulating the Occupy movement from the shadows.

    “For example, there are enough votes in the US Congress and Senate now to impeach Obama but the problem is nobody can agree on a replacement. ”

    There is one in there that isn’t on the take and corrupt. A man with true integrity, a man that the Nazis are very afraid of. The best, and so far only man for the job: Ron Paul.

  3. 12/08/2011
    Q &A

    Dear Mr. Fulford: I am subscribed to your website. Thank you for your great work. I continue to follow your weekly report very carefully. I was hoping I could get your counsel on a personal economic matter. I follow the NIA (National Inflation Association) website. They are an independent alternative group exposing the truth about the US economic situation as well as providing financial advice.

    Over the past few years, they have given stock tips for gold, silver, copper and other metal and mineral mining companies. And over the past few years, ALL of their stock tips have done very well, sometimes gaining many hundreds per cent. So in view of the difficult economic situation we all face here in the US, I was considering trying to grow a little money by following one of their stock leads and buying shares in a silver and copper mining company they have just recommended. But I am very uncertain as to whether at this juncture in history this would be a wise move.

    The NIA mining company stock recommendations have all done extraordinarily well over the past few years. But I have reflected that over the past few years the world political and economic situation has been relatively stable. That is, there have been no major upheavals or cataclysms. But from your reports, it seems on the one hand that the Old Order oligarchs are still fighting to regain their ground, and that this presents a real possibility of some cataclysmic events. Possibly even world war. And again from your reports it seems on the other hand that many new global economic and political alliances and arrangements are emerging and that these may very well come into conflict with each other. And that at least there may be major upheavals and radical changes in the global situation.

    And for these reasons, I have reflected that we are now in a much more unstable and unpredictable time than we have been in over the past few years. And that consequently, while the mining companies the NIA has recommended over past few years were able to grow very well under a relatively stable global environment, now with a much more unstable and unpredictable global situation, the enterprises of those same mining companies may very well be disrupted or stopped by any number of variables. So I am wondering if it is a much bigger gamble to invest in these companies right now than it has been over the past few years. I was wondering if you have any feedback or counsel about this.

    My assets are very small. But in one way or another–either by purchasing metals or by purchasing the NIA recommended stock shares–I want to get my money out of the big Old Order banks.

    Dear Sir,

    First of all, let me say I am not a financial adviser and I am especially uninformed about short-term market trends.

    Having said that, what I am hearing from my sources is that most of the world’s gold has been kept off the market and may soon re-enter the market. That would be bad for the gold price. However, gold could rise to $5000 an ounce before that happens. I simply do not know because it depends entirely on how many dollars they will take out of circulation when they move to the new asset based system.

    In times of uncertainty people will still need essentials like food, shelter and clothing so these might be areas to look into. Alternative energy is also about to take off.

    My own view is that there will be turbulence over the winter as the old system collapses and a emporary, one-off drop in Mediterranean and US living standards as these countries go back to their own currencies (in the US case that would be treasury dollars). Following that, there will be a boom. For example, if I had money to invest, I would wait for the Greeks to announce a return to a devalued Drachma and then invest in Greek tourism.

    Anyway, just remember food, shelter, clothing, friendship and love are more important than abstract money. Good luck.

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