Chaos Prevails at Highest Levels of Western Gov’ts as the Financial Fraud Unravels

by Benjamin Fulford, November 28, 2011

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that certainly fits the situation now seen at the highest levels of power in Western civilization. In essence, the story is that the true source of power in the West, control of the financial system, fell into the hands of fanatical religious cultists who wanted to artificially make the prophecies in an ancient religious text (the Torah or Old Testament), come true. This fraud-based enterprise is now falling apart. The result is unprecedented chaos at the highest levels of power in the sect-controlled governments of the United States, England, France, Italy, Germany and their slave states. One of the immediate triggers is a lawsuit that was filed in New York on November 23rd, claiming the assets of the global financial system belong to the people of the planet and not a powerful religious cult that uses the United Nations as a façade.

The immediate story behind this lawsuit is the hidden history of the 20th and early 21st centuries. It goes back the 1930’s when the world’s gold was confiscated from private citizens and placed into centralized storage areas by the families that controlled the Western financial system. Since neither most Jews nor many Asian wealthy families wished to hand over their gold, the cult staged World War 2 in order to confiscate it.

At the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, control of the post war financial system was given to England, France and the United States for a 50-year period in exchange for promises to develop the planet.

These promises were broken when a subtle cultist coup d’etat began with the assassination of President Roosevelt. Instead of global development, the religious cultists started the cold war. Their aim was to stage an end-times war between “Gog and Magog” that would result in the death of 90% of humanity and leave the remaining 10% of humanity as slaves of the cultists.

A group of 77 nations, known as the non-aligned group, disagreed with these plans and signed an international agreement known as the Hilton Green memorial that placed their gold and assets (equivalent to 85% of the world’s known supply) under the signatory power of President Soekarno of Indonesia.

When President Kennedy realized he was nearly fooled by the cultists into starting a nuclear holocaust with the Soviet Union, he agreed to work with the non-aligned nations on a Marshall Plan to develop Asia and Africa. Soekarno signed over some gold to the US government and Kennedy began issuing dollars controlled by the US government and not the sect-controlled Federal Reserve Board. Kennedy was subsequently assassinated and Soekarno was driven from power.

At this point the cultists forged the rights to create money based on the non-aligned assets using arcane financial instruments devised by Henry Kissinger, financial adviser to the Pope. The non-aligned nations, lacking the military power, were helpless to stop this theft.

The cultists created a false organization known as the OITC headed by a Cambodian by the name of R.C. Dam, to claim legitimate ownership of the assets that backed the global financial system.

With their Soviet vs Western world Gog-Magog plan not working, the cultists devised a new plan. According to this plan (as reported by Israeli newspapers among others) the new Gog would be the G5 Nations (England, France, Germany, Italy and the United States) while the Magog would be Russia, China and Iran. The immediate trigger to this new Armageddon was to be a limited nuclear war between Israel and Iran (this is what is behind all those hysterical headlines about the “Iranian nuclear threat.”).

Fortunately for us, the Pentagon, the Russian Military and the Chinese government were all refusing to go along with this insane cult scenario.

Instead, an elaborate sting operation was set up by the combined intelligence and police organizations of many nations to end cult control of the Western financial system.This involved first trying to cash $1 trillion worth of bonds issued by the cult-controlled Federal Reserve Board in exchange for Asian gold. One of the cult’s main organizations, the P2 Freemason lodge (members of the P2 lodge told this writer they controlled both the Mafia and the Vatican), offered to cash these bonds. Instead they absconded with the bonds and tried to cash them.

The investigative trail, illustrated in detail in the legal complaint

led, among others, to the fraudulent OITC and the United Nations as well as UN chief Ban Ki Moon.

[this pdf document is also available at this alternate location]

Moon, by the way, is associated with the Unification Church, a cult that has been linked to drug smuggling, arms dealing and professional assassins (we have the testimony of a moonie killer). The Unification Church has a large ranch next to the Bush ranch in Paraguay. The cultists were planning to flee either to underground bases or the Southern Hemisphere when their fake Armageddon started.

Moon has been recently trying to use fraudulent financial documents to take control of global collateral accounts. He wants to use this money to take over African nation states and resources.

Moon, of course, is a lackey of high level cultists like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, the Warburgs, the Morgans, the Rothschilds and the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate. They exercised their power through unelected, non-representative organizations like the committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the IMF and the World Bank.

The very fountain of their power in the post-war era was fraud perpetrated on the people of the planet. This lawsuit gets at the very heart of that fraud by uncovering the fact there is no valid international treaty that justifies their control of the Global Collateral Accounts backed assets of the people of the planet. Their control was enforced by murder, bribery and lies, not mutual consent.

As the cult control grid in the G5 countries falls apart over the coming weeks and months, humanity will be presented with mind-boggling information about their hidden history. New ways of running the planet will be openly debated.

In the West, it will mean that people will choose their own destinies instead of being brainwashed by cultists into irrational, non-scientific for-profit cult schemes like the “War on Terror.” Technology, like free energy, that has been suppressed and monopolized by cultists will be made available to the public at large. There will be a lot of confusion initially as the sheeple are set free and told to do what they wish, according to their desires so long as they do not harm others.

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6 thoughts on “Chaos Prevails at Highest Levels of Western Gov’ts as the Financial Fraud Unravels”

  1. I was wondering if there is a way to donate by mail and if I can get a book instead of a e-mail book as I am having
    a hard time downloading it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Belinda:

      As of now, the book is only available in its digital form. Sending it thru CD is also not viable as the postal services in my country is exceedingly inefficient. Downloading the 28mb eBook is the only option. To facilitate your download, use a file downloader extension from your browser.

  2. The sad and important thing is, when is this so-called change going to happen. There seems to be only a lot of talk, without action and in the mean time the criminal leaders of the world continue on their merry way of screwing the people and the planet!

  3. Hello Laila,

    Let me try to get that posted for you.

    The short answer to your question though, is that changing how the planet is run is not an easy thing and it must be done carefully to avoid chaos. Also, the powers that be, especially the criminals in Washington D.C. do not intend to go quietly into the night. We are dealing with people who want to start WW3 so using violence against them is not a wise option. Arresting them, however, is probably what is going to have to happen.

    Hello Benjamin,

    I’ve attempted to post the below message on your typepad site 4 times. I just wondered if you are deciding to not post it, or if the message is not getting through to your end somehow?

    Hello Benjamin,

    There is much good news, and I anticipate each weelky report with bated breath. I want to be cautious in asking you a question as I don’t want it to be construed as disrespect. I revere what you do with the highest regard. You are braver than most, to be sure.

    In viewing your various reports and interviews I am left with the same question each time. You have touched on the answer in a couple of reports but, I have to profess, it leaves one with a sense of unease.

    The WDS has wanted to move forward with the dismantling of the cabal and reset of the financial system under a “lets do this quietly” approach. With the centuries of secrecy, that has been the very essence of what has allowed the cabal to reach this level of unbridled power and criminal behaviour. I am baffled as to how the WDS thinks that more secrecy is the course by which they can achieve setting the world’s people free. I must ask, how can that possibly work?

    I would like to suggest that members of the WDS who have lived a very worldly life on one hand, in another way, by virtue of the security and walls around them, have been shielded from coming to know regular people, thus they have underestimated the people. They have not given us enough credit for intelligence. The WDS should not hold back any information, history, knowledge, etc. It is amazing how, when exposed to truth, people rise to the occasion. A peoples, civilizations, communities have a way of sorting out the important issues and governing themselves in the face of hardship.

    Our world has gone so far off course by the evil hands of the oligarchs, that ONLY full disclosure can help us assess our past and present, so that we can make decisions about how to live a healthy future.

    The process of disclosure, if it was ever really going to happen, must speed up exponentially if millions (billions?) of lives are to be saved. Making arrests along with total exposure to the masses would help speed up this process exponentially. It could only help. How could the people in power continue to rule if we all knew what they have done to us? They will have lost all credibility and be forced to step down, as no-one would do their bidding. Police officers and military would put down their guns. Information would come faster as the scoundrels know the whole world is watching and they would spill the beans on each other that much faster. The process of open justice could start immediately without the cabal being shielded by their network of cronies. Where could they hide?

    Why is protecting the reputations of a few hundred criminally insane and evil people be more important than the lives of millions of good hearted and hard working peaceful people?

    The oligarchs are very precarious right now. One only has to turn on the television to see the posturing and threats they are making to each other, to know that great peril could come at any moment. They will only continue this horrible game if they are not exposed for who and what they really are. The ONLY thing that will stop them is mass public exposure. They will not stop until they realize that we ALL know who they are and what they are responsible for.

    The western politicians and people at the top that made or are making decisions that forever changed people’s lives over the last dozen years are making their way, one by one into the media lately, treating themselves and eachother as some sort of heros of this era. Its vile to have to look at them cementing their reputations into history in this manner. Please get them off the airwaves.

    The danger is imminent. The WDS knows this. With so many of this great world’s people that are dying every day at the hands of these criminals, and the very real threat of millions of people about to die in the imminent future, how does the WDS justify holding on to such important and life saving information? The only conclusion I can intelligently come to is, they either have an ulterior agenda, or they don’t have the bite that they claim to have. There is no answer they could give that would be good enough. I fear that it comes down to self preservation. They would have to take some responsibility for the crimes against humanity and for using the hardworking citizens of this world as their own personal welfare system for hundreds of years. That’s not something they are comfortable with getting out, nor do they want to give that up. They are selfish beyond words.

    If the WDS wants any credibility at all, they will need to do something so big, so monumental, that the public could not doubt any more, that there has been a ruling secret cabal that has committed heinous crimes against them. In my very humble opinion, the ONLY way to do this is total exposure of the people responsible, and total disclosure of their acitivites. Otherwise, they and their families, who will pick up the reigns, will only continue to do this to us again and again.
    I know there are many, many facts about this that I can not fathom, and I imagine this is what the WDS is giving as a reason for the stalling of publicly naming the criminals. The concern is that they may be using this as subterfuge so they can buy themselves time.

    The time is now Benjamin. Please do what you can to convince them of this. Murdoch is in a beautiful position to do something monumental for humanity right now with the media, yet he chooses to wait. Wait for what? You would think he would be bending over backwards to show good faith. Instead, I think he’s waiting to see if anyone from his side is willing to rescue him and offer him protection from the WDS. I know he’s still doing his “education” tour, keeping the mind control of our children alive and well. He should be told “hands off our children!”. Hillary is supposedly on a “short leash”. It must be one of those expandable leashes, because she’s out encouraging laws to further make US citizens more vulnerable by stripping them of their rights to protect themselves.

    I’d love to be wrong about all this. Benjamin, please convince the WDS to show us they have some teeth.

    Your fellow human being

    source »»

  4. United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; Civil Action No. ’11 CIV 8500, Judge Holwell; Neil F. Keenan, Individually and as Agent for The Dragon Family, citizens of foreign states, Plaintiff, v. See Attached Schedule A, Defendant, SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION, 23 November 2011, /s/ Clerk of the Court
    Schedule A
    1. Daniele dal Bosco
    2. The Office of International Treasury Control
    3. Ray C. Dam, individually, and as President of OITC
    4. David A. Sale, individually, and as Deputy Chief of the Counsel for the Cabinet of OITC
    5. [blank]
    6. The United Nations
    7. Ban Ki-moon, individually, and as Secretary General of the U.N.
    8. H.E. Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragaglini, individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in New York
    9. H. E. Ambassador Laura Mirachian, individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva
    10. [blank]
    11. Italian Republic
    12. Italian Financial Police
    13. Silvio Berlusconi, Former Prime Minister of Italy
    14. The World Economic Forum
    15. World Economic Forum USA, Inc.
    16. Giancarlo Bruno, individually, and as Head of the Banking Industry of WEF
    17. and various unknown individual co-conspirators, John Does A-Z
    Plaintiff Demands Trial by Jury for All Applicable Claims

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