The debts are finally being called in and those who thought they were Gods fall to earth

Posted by benjamin

July 26, 2011

At the very top of the power structures of this planet lies an esoteric realm where a very few people find themselves with great power in their hands and nobody above them to give them commands.

Such a situation causes insanity in those too weak and too greedy to take the responsibility. Such is the case with the people who have ruled Western civilization since the end of World War Two. They were greedy gangsters drunk with enough powerlust to grab the reins of control but had not the wisdom to rule a planet. Their time is coming to an end. The reason for this is simple, they made the mistake of many fallen empires past: their power was built in debt.

People who follow the daily news grind, especially the news addicts to saturate themselves with information every day, often are blinded by detail and cannot see the big picture. They are like fish swimming about a pond that has been isolated from the main river. They worry about their daily food but fail to realize the dry season has come and their pond will dry.

The situation in the West is as follows: for decades many countries, notably the US, the Mediterranean European countries, England, France and a few others were receiving ships full of goods from the rest of the world and sent them back empty. In exchange they sent out IOUs. The big mistake they made was to think these IOUs were real money. They thought that all the money being lent to them was “inflows of capital,” and that by using other people’s money they could move into the post-industrial “financial services” economy.

The hubris of leaders of the West, concentrated in the Bilderberg Committee, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and headed by a committee of 300, has proven to be their downfall. Their big plans for world conquest and a fascist world government or fourth reich headed by them were to be financed by the people they intended to kill and subjugate.

Their big plan was to grab the oil of the Middle East and Central Asia, consolidate control over the Muslim world and then use Russia, Japan, NATO, Taiwan and India to crush China. The Chinese, of course, were supposed to just shut up and finance all of this. The Chinese wisely (and obviously) said no to all this and started spending their money on anything but the military industrial mass murder complex. That is why suddenly everybody started bowing to China. They never forgot the Golden rule, “he who controls the gold, makes the rules.”

The news addicts worry about the raising of the debt ceiling in Washington D.C. while forgetting that this is an annual public show that has nothing to do with the underlying reality. The reality is a series of high profile meetings, punctuated by threats and begging to get foreigners to continue to finance the fascist rogue corporate regime that took over what used to be the Democratic United States of America.

The Federal Reserve Board can print dollars all they want but the rest of the world is no longer accepting dollar printed in the US unless there is something real to back them. This is the reality the corporate news cartel is trying so desperately to hide.

There is another huge story they are trying to hide, the story of China’s gold. In 1938 the Nationalist Government of China sent 7 US warships full of Gold to the US for safekeeping. They were given 60-year US government bonds in exchange. After the 60 years ended, the US was supposed to give the gold back to China. In other words, the Americans were supposed to give back the gold in 1998.

When they did not, the Chinese owners of the gold sued the Federal Reserve Board at the International Court of Justice at the Hague. The Americans argued that when Nixon delinked the US dollar from gold in 1971, they gave the gold back to China. What he was referring to was the fact that Nixon gave Chairman Mao’s government 200,000 tons of gold in exchange for a promise by China not to make any moves in Asia for 50 years, or until 2021. The US lawyers said that by giving gold to the communist government of China, they no longer owed gold to Taiwan. The court ruled otherwise.

The first shipment of gold was supposed to be returned to the rightful Chinese owners on September 12th, 2001. Instead, the American criminal regime took the gold to California (and thense to Paraguay) and blew up the World Trade Center to hide their crimes. They were basically giving the finger to world civilized society.

For a while they were able to buy time by building up a vast military machine and by playing off the various Chinese factions against each other. However, bit by bit the criminal US regime became isolated from world power. They lost Russia to Putin. Japan made a secret decision to stop handing over money. The Chinese factions began to unite. The Middle Eastern regimes began to decouple oil from American made dollars. Colonel Khaddafy told the Europeans to stop paying for oil with debt. The British Empire split from the rogue US regime.

So now, the White Dragon Foundation is offering to take some of the trillion dollar Chinese gold-backed checques issued by Federal Reserve Board and cash them. They wish to use this money to finance a swords-to-plowshares transition of the military industrial complex. They wish to finance vast projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. They wish to end poverty.

Once the planet stops bleeding the WDF would like to finance things like research into longevity, expansion into the universe and the development and implementation of hitherto suppressed technology.

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    Ainda temos tempo… poucos dias para o mudar… talvez uma semana ou menos.
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    Peço a Mario Soares que se junte a Francisco Louça e marquem uma conferencia de imprensa de nivel Mundial e abram o jogo para o Mundo… evitando este erro propositado e criminoso que os banqueiros Sionistas como os Rockefellers, Rochilds e companhia estao a montar…
    Sei que uma conferencia de imprensa mundial como esta jamais foi feita, mas voçes dois sao dos unicos Homens que teem uma personalidade de acordo e figuras para terem força para fazermos frente a estes criminosos com suficiente força … para forçarmos uma avalanche de reaçoes que parem estes criminosos.
    Juro.vos pela Alma de Jesus Cristo e pelo Corpo de Deus que nao é brincadeira, por favor actuem de acordo, ou começarao a perder o controlo e governo sobre tudo e todos muito em breve. E nem as forças militares ou exercitos serao passiveis de serem comandadas em cadeia de comando… brechas e divisoes onde menos se espera. Pois as ideias de sinceridade lealdade paz começarao a fluir e nascer diferentes de ate agora… E as pessoas saberao e nao poderao defender um sistema corrupto.

    Os tremores de Terra estao a aumentar exponencialmente nos ultimos dois dias em todo o Mundo e ha sinais precessores de aumento estao ai, derivados desta manipulaçao humana que se esta a criar na consciencia colectiva Humana.

    TMLRB de Quetzalcoalt @ Mago Ritmico day of the Year.2011

  2. BF writes: “When they did not, the Chinese owners of the gold sued the Federal Reserve Board at the International Court of Justice at the Hague. … The US lawyers said that by giving gold to the communist government of China, they no longer owed gold to Taiwan. The court ruled otherwise.”

    The ICJ information office at the The Hague told me by email that they have no record of any lawsuit between China and the USA.

    Would you please provide the full citation of the referenced lawsuit, including the Cause Number or Case Number, and the initial filing date. In addition, would you also provide the URL or link to the court’s final order in the case?

    Thank you for your efforts to expose the false and reveal the truth.


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