Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows A Series of Radical Events

Something extremely significant occurred at the Bush funeral — special envelopes point to swift and sure justice on the way.

Note the two Secret Service agents, with hands together and lowered, standing directly behind George W. Bush.

“By any standard what just went down during the Bush funeral is so HUGE it’s incomprehensible.  First, the National Cathedral was in total lockdown with so many VIPs in attendance of the biggest funeral since Ronald Reagan’s.  That means that no one got in or out unless given the green light by the Secret Service.
How, then, was the entire venue cased out so well in advance that videographers were in the perfect position to capture the extraordinary events that took place?  This alone tells you that a massive set-up was, and still is, in the works.  Not sure it gets any more serious than this.  What is soon to follow “the envelope affair” will surely be the most incendiary series of events of the Third Millennium.” — Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Military Officer

At last count, at least 5 VIP families received the “special note” at the D.C. memorial service for George H.W. Bush.

That would be the Bush family (George W., Laura and Jeb), the Clintons (Hillary and Bill), the Obamas (Michelle and Barack), the Bidens (Joe and Jill) and the Pences (Mike and Karen).

Question # 1: Why did the sender make sure the wives also received the ominous message? Whoever is responsible for this psyop, it’s clear that every part of this drama was fastidiously choreographed for maximum effect.

Question #2: Why, specifically, did those 5 power families receive the secret message?  Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden and Pence?
Such a plot to capture the attention of both husband and wife was quite well planned out.  Handing the note to the Bush family at the exact time that the casket was passing by them also occurred with highly calculated significance.

There were many other Deep State dignitaries and VIP globalists at the same venue during that funeral service.  There’s no indication, however, that anyone else present got the “special note”.  Although this may not be correct.

The Extraordinary Context

It’s critical to understand the key aspects of the context in which this explosive drama played out.

Five U.S. presidents and vice presidents received a special envelope during the most MSM-hyped and misrepresentative memorial service in our lifetime.  How does that happen except with extremely purposeful design?!

KEY POINT: President George H.W. Bush was neither “gentle” nor “kind” to his nation as the MSM eulogized him.  Not only was he the pivotal rogue CIA operative in Dallas during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he was also the prime mover behind the Oklahoma City Bombing because of the Savings and Loan scandal fallout.  The Bush Crime Syndicate was also the key architect and ‘American’ co-conspirator that executed the state-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, as well as the well-orchestrated CIA-coordinated cover-up.

In spite of the ongoing “funeral service of the century”, a videographer(s) was present at all the perfect locations to capture the videos of the very moment when the notes were being handled and opened.

The video footage was especially shot in such a manner so as to catch the reactions of each VIP and their spouses, whether they saw the contents or not.

Next, the various videos were then disseminated to various YouTube channels to make sure they were expeditiously uploaded and easily viewed on the Internet.

First of all, there’s no other event in U.S. history that even remotely comes close to this stunning series of envelope incidents RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EX-PRESIDENT’S FUNERAL.

Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty that something very BIG happened, and that something even BIGGER is in the offing.

Just how big?

Everything points to the high likelihood that President Trump put these political dynasties and crime families on notice during the Bush state funeral.

Whatever they saw, or when they heard about the contents of the envelope, each individual was floored in ways that were both obvious and veiled.

The Bush family reacted in horror, especially Jeb Bush.  Laura was quite disgusted as well, although W. appeared to know it was coming. (

Hillary Clinton was her usual defiant self; so was Michelle Obama.  Barack couldn’t hide his fear (although he tried very hard to) as would be expected from the former Coward-in -Chief.

As for the Bidens, they were both visibly startled by the whole affair, reflecting a sincere disbelief that such a thing could even happen … … … during a presidential state funeral, no less!

The Bidens receive their envelope at the funeral and are being forewarned by Hillary Clinton who has already seen it.

As for the Pences, the camera never really caught them at the point of revelation so not much can be said about their reaction.

What’s of paramount importance here is that all of these political power-brokers represent the New World Order globalist cabal.  None of them ever saw a war they didn’t like.  Most significantly is that this happened to them in a highly symbolic venue in the nation’s capital.  Deep State is supposed to have complete control over such power places as the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

In light of these unique circumstances, it’s fair to say that Trump threw down the gauntlet.

And, that he did so in a manner that the whole world could see it.  This key point will profoundly inform the rest of the analysis.

The reaction will be fierce!

It’s only common sense that when powerful members of the psychopathocracy have been threatened, the reaction will be decisive and dangerous, destructive and deadly.

That’s exactly where we are today in America.  The psychopaths who have led this nation over decades have all been found out.  The Patriot Movement has completely exposed them for being the traitors that they truly are.

In fact, so many acts of high treason have been uncovered and detailed for all to see that the ruling cabal has these notorious crime families commit even more crimes to cover up their previous crime sprees.  That’s just how deep this multi-decade criminal conspiracy going back to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy really is.

As a result, these psychopaths are exceedingly desperate.  Hence, they are guaranteed to react like cornered rats.  In the process of trying to escape from the jaws of death after their military tribunals, there is simply nothing that they will not do.

In point of fact, there is a window of time that is quickly closing for both sides of this fight to the death.  However, neither side wants to act first for fear of being perceived as the aggressor.  As a result, the thoroughly corrupt Mueller investigation proceeds forthwith as though indicting the POTUS will secure their victory.

The NWO criminal cabal has ignored the great probability that posing such a reckless threat will only embolden Trump to run again sure of a victory.  He will never allow himself to be put in the position of being falsely prosecuted by a hardened gang of Deep State villains.

Because of their perilous deficit of understanding, the globalists are still working hard to set up Trump at every turn.   By incorrectly assessing their true predicament, the agents of Deep State execute their schemes as though no one is watching and they still expect outcomes that might have occurred pre Internet.

Engineered California Firestorms and DEW Attacks

“The Envelope Affair” did take place immediately following the worst attack on U.S. soil since the state-sponsored, false flag terrorist attacks staged on 9/11/01.  That would be the DEW attacks and pyro-terrorism perpetrated against the people of California throughout the month of November.

These geoengineered firestorms and Directed Energy Weapon attacks on the state of California not only devastated large swaths of territory, thousands were ruthlessly killed many of whose deaths have not even been acknowledged.

The distinguishing aspect of these cowardly attacks on innocent civilians is that they were carried out, by and large, in red counties and conservative strongholds.  Heavily forested parts of northern California have been subjected to these manufactured wildfire seasons for years now.  Only the past 2 years have seen 4 separate wildfire seasons that have been truly apocalyptic.

Whereas the authorities say only 88 people died, direct evidence has shown that hundreds have died.  The final death toll for November 2018 is certainly going to be in the thousands.  Exactly how many good people were murdered we don’t know, but you can be sure that President Trump knows.  He also saw the utter devastation himself upon his tour with Governor Jerry Brown—a highly compromised co-conspirator.

It appears that Trump cannot speak to this catastrophe the same way that he could not speak to the Mandalay Bay massacre staged in Las Vegas by the globalists.  Therefore, it may be that the coming storm will be a direct result of this California mass murder and malicious destruction of property statewide.

The three Bush family members showing undisguised shock after viewing the note received at their father’s funeral.

Secret Notes at Bush Funeral Point to a Huge Happening

How and when exactly the secret notes were disseminated at the Bush funeral has been captured by video.  Each video tells a story that is quite incredible.  The reactions of each VIP after seeing the contents reflect something that is both shocking and compelling for each recipient.

What follows is a series of videos that tell the story much better than we can.  It’s well worth watching each of them in order to grasp both the enormity and profundity of this unparalleled event.  The first article below provides an excellent overview of the whole sequence of bewildering events.

What in the world really happened at the Bush funeral?

What really happened?

Quite frankly, we don’ know what happened at the funeral.  The content of those notes is anyone’s guess.  What we do know is that each person who looked at the contents immediately knew what they saw was real and very disturbing.

With this critical understanding, it’s quite likely that all of the recipients received the very same note.  And, that it was designed to have maximum impact, which it did.

Therefore, what can be said with utmost confidence is that the gauntlet has been thrown down by one side against the other.  And, that what happened in that cathedral is perhaps the beginning of the end of life inside the Beltway as we — and THEY — know it.

In other words, these shared notes will prove to be the most highly consequential happening in American government as they have already triggered a chain reaction of cathartic events that cannot be stopped.

‘The writing is on the wall.’

There is no more apt expression to describe where the nation is at this critical moment in our history than: ‘The writing is on the wall’.

In the case of this “THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR”, the writing was on each note.  This biblical saying is pregnant with meaning, especially where it concerns the current and very delicate state of affairs in Washington, D.C.  As follows:

Rembrandt’s 1635 painting Het feestmaal van Belsazar‎ (Belshazzar’s Feast), collection of the National Gallery, London, UK
Rembrandt’s 1635 painting Het feestmaal van Belsazar‎ (Belshazzar’s Feast), collection of the National Gallery, London, UK

From the Biblical story in Daniel 5, where, during a feast held by King Belshazzar, a hand suddenly appears and writes on a wall the following Aramaic words: מְנֵא מְנֵא תְּקֵל וּפַרְסִין‎ (mənē mənē təqēl ūp̄arsīnnumbered, numbered, weighed, and they are divided) (Daniel 5:25). Daniel interprets the words as pointing to the downfall of the Babylonian Empire.[1]

Since the United States of America is sometimes thought to be the modern-day “Mystery of Babylon” in the Book of Revelation within various religious circles, this particular metaphor may have great meaning beyond anyone’s imagination.

KEY POINT: The 3 well-known city states and power centers — the Vatican, London and Washington, D.C. — really represent the “Mystery of Babylon”.  The United States just happens to be the current military arm of this New World Order triumvirate and, therefore, is falsely perceived to hold all the power.[2]

METAPHOR MESSAGE: The whole political order is about to change as the old way of doing business is no longer acceptable in Washington, D.C.  It’s entirely true that the current order — marked by pervasive lawlessness, serial criminality and institutionalized corruption — is the very same as that established by Black Babylonian Brotherhood of ancient lore.

Martial Law, Military Tribunals or Both?

Because of the rapidly unfolding events in the nation’s capital, things are about to get very hairy indeed (as well as precarious) for the American people.

The “new normal” of today cannot go on much longer, particularly because it quickly morphs into an even newer normal by the month, which is all the more outrageous and unacceptable.  “The whole place is coming apart at the seams” depicts the sense that everyone now has these days, and yet the tension just keeps intensifying.

Given this stark reality, the Republic will soon experience a house cleaning like none before.  Whether this “changing of the guard” is carried out by military tribunals or martial law remains or both remains to be seen.  However, there is great certainty about the absolute necessity of forming military tribunals that cannot be dismissed or ignored.

Military tribunals are especially required to prosecute the Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps who are conducting a soft coup against the POTUS. But why military tribunals?
Because those traitors practically own and operate the U.S. Criminal Justice System, that’s why!
(Source: MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary)

Given the true depth and breadth of the swamp “inside the Beltway”, it’s clear to the Patriot Movement that the only solution is a military one since the swamp creatures simply will not leave without a fight.  That’s even after the swamp is drained, the perps will put up a fierce fight to save themselves and their satanic way of life.

As for martial law, it’s now evident that the Democrat Party can never again be permitted to hold the reins of power in the USA.  Their collective acts of treason and individual acts of sedition are unprecedented in U.S. history.  In point of fact, there are so many stone-cold traitors among them that the only way forward may be a declaration of martial law followed by military tribunals to successfully weed them out.


There is no denying that the American people are witnessing an epic fight to the finish.

There are two sides that have stacked up against each other to wage what is essentially the War of the Titans—the 3rd Millennium version, that is.

Whichever side loses will be consigned to the dustbin of history; perhaps never again to wield power.

Will the nationalists led by Trump prevail at this crucial moment; or will the all-powerful globalists triumph?

Trump knows that if he loses, the Democrat Deep State will make his life extremely miserable—forever.  For that and other more serious reasons, he must run and win in 2020 or else Mueller’s mafia will prosecute him right into prison.  However, it’s really Trump’s family (his true Achilles’ heel) that’s the most vulnerable to malicious prosecution as the following post points out.  If Trump bails out of 2020, this will be the reason why … as it’s the central purpose of the Mueller witch hunt.

Does the highly unusual sentencing process of Gen. Mike Flynn reflect an ominous Deep State plot?

Bottom Line: No matter how you look at this fitfully evolving D.C. drama, things are about to get real ugly, real soon in D.C.  Regarding that eventuality, there can be no doubt.  Hence, patriots everywhere are best advised to stay vigilant…and locked and loaded.  The bolsheviks on the Left are notorious for staging “shock and awe” events that can take their enemies completely by surprise.  That’s precisely how Russia was plunged into the Bolshevik Revolution so unexpectedly … … … which was then followed by over 70 years of the totalitarian and brutal rule by the Soviet Union.

One last essential point is that, if the globalists don’t get their way with team Trump, they will certainly go ballistic as they always do when they are thwarted. See: NWO Globalist Cabal Closer to Exercising Nuclear Option

It’s quite significant that President Trump recently issued an Executive Order that extends the current national emergency powers of the POTUS.  Here is the Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption.

Source: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=111147


A lot has happened since then. What used to be covert operations are now being conducted in the open. Still there are some who are still looking for evidence that the Alliance has the upperhand. Not to worry of course. There will be more coming.


35 thoughts on “Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows A Series of Radical Events”

  1. About Time and what a time it will be…glad it’s in my life time to see and be part of battle. Something worth living or dyeing for as a Human Being much less as an American!

  2. I do not think that the ‘envelopes’ that was given to the bushes/obamas were transferred via the SA but I would hazard a guess and surmise that they were in the funeral itinerary/ hymn sheets booklet. Surprise, surprise!!
    They still walk though..

    1. That whole scenario just DOES NOT Add-up…More like a Faked Photo Opt designed to FOOL the Fools.
      The point made very well, was THEY WERE ABLE TO “WALK-AWAY”!
      Anybody else that would commit ANY crime serious enough be ARRESTED…would have ashes CUFFED on the spot…And they are trying sell US that they handed out Envelopes instead?!?!
      Anybody remember the “BOOT BS” they tried to sell us on a year or so ago???
      Yet ALL those “Booted” Traitors were able to WALK “”Free as a bird” anywhere SINCE then…REMEMBER???
      The BEST way those ARREST should have happen, was when THEY were ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE.
      The MILITARY has the very means to have carried out the operation RIGHT THEN…WHY DIDN’T THEY???
      Smells like MORE BS to me!
      HERE IS WHY IT IS FOLKS: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=spuRK_1546149085/


      2. But think about how those in the dark would react to mass arrests of their beloved politicians right after Trump took office. Talk about civil unrest – not to mention personal grief over learning the atrocities those “beloved” (and I use that word loosely), politicians had committed. I would be devastated to learn President Trump was guilty of the crimes the deep state politicians are responsible for.
        It has to be leaked to them slowly. Waking them up. They’ve been misled and lied to .
        I think each of these criminals have been shown the evidence against them and been forced to play out what we are watching now – exposing themselves to the very people they lied to and misled.

  3. Yes, this is a fine analysis. Just guessing here, but my guess is that GW turned States Witness and, weakened by the funeral of his dead daddy (and finally also free to tell the truth), he penned a quick “I turned States Witness re 9/11. We did it.” to Laura, who showed it to Jeb, who wet his pants.

  4. Just WATCH and SEE if there are ANY Public Trails for any of these “Grand-Traitors”…THEY SERVED IN A “PUBLIC OFFICE” SO THERE “MUST” BE VERY PUBLIC TRAILS!
    Don’t hold your breath though!

  5. I would like to ADD…There is a VERY “Interesting” scenario proposed on the “RedefiningGod.com” website that suggesting ACTION be taken against the VATICAN very soon!
    It sorta following the Fate outlined in the Bible at chapters 17 – 18 of Revelation!
    After All the Vatican IS the so-called “Anti-Christ”, if anyone Remembers.
    Chew on THAT Fact for while folks!

    1. I think that there is going to be a lot of ‘action'( premeditated) this year Kennyboy. They have their plans and they are going to bring them all to fruition and possibly at the same time to create confusion and illusion.
      Take for instance the new QE that was published in another post of Covert Politics that will be orchestrated by the FED, that will be one calamity that will if truly implemented cause havoc. Follow this by what maybe a BREXIT deal or not that happens in March. Which ever way that goes there will be a lot of very unhappy people, but a few will be delighted – it will be the results that they want.
      We continue to forget how powerful we are as a body, it our vices that keep us separated and blind.

      1. That LAST statement in your comment is Soooo True about realizing the Power WE actually have over our own selves is WHAT we must Remember…witch is Why I don’t “Participate” with any form of Government, because it can ONLY exist IF we BELIEVE in it.
        “Government is an Illusion”

      2. Me too Kennyboy. Please check this link out below, Akala gives a very good presentation on ‘Black History’ and interesting one to say and his ideas which I very much share should be re-born into the world of education. I say reborn because this was the truth before this overlay was applied.
        The reason why I agree with the what Ri-chard has posted concerning Hudok and Thomas david of house Deegan case is because as I said before it is a foot in the right direction to emancipation. You already practice it on an individual basis by not having a bank account, by not supporting any ‘government’ etc etc, but to share this knowledge and increase the momentum of the movement will drive these phoney leaders out and empower the people within this movement. In the case of Americans, you are not being lead by any government but a corporation and the government at the time sold that entire continent and the people within and including Negros, Indian and Whites to the British crown. So yes government are deceiving, but it is worse when people are given information that can lessen the suffering dramatically and do not act on it.
        There is a reason why this information is being made aware to those that are awake and that reason is to make it happen, bring it to fruition.

  6. “Anybody else that would commit ANY crime serious enough be ARRESTED…would have ashes CUFFED on the spot…”
    This statement is ignorant of White Collar crime being rife and deliberately unregulated, while blue collar crime is the main focus of ‘police’, thus another example of the oxymoronic nature of Western Oligarchical rule.

  7. @Bernard
    Obviously, you have misunderstood what I was saying somehow…YES, “White-Collar” crime seems Mostly un- punished for most people, and tha’s because most of those folks are in bed with corrupt government.
    ENRON corporation was Perfect example of HOW they rarely get REAL punishment for their crimes.
    They even made a Movie about the escapades They got away with…It’s called ENRON, The smartest guy in the room (Available on line)
    It was FULL of BS though about WHAT actually happened that caused it to go bankrupt…Enron was a PLANNED Fraud of MONSTROUS propurtions, aimed at Buying out the ENTIRE US Government as a means to Control ALL “Energy” sectors… and is PART of the reason WHY 9/11 was carried out.

    1. I notice that following my comments you have now qualified your initial statement by saying “most of those folks are in bed with corrupt government”, itself a somewhat distended and meaningless allegation based on no probative evidence. it also SEEMS to limit the debate to issues of corrupt government being key, with little other explanation.
      White collar crime is not seemingly unpunished, it is almost entirely unpunished, especially on an individual level. Corporations can be prosecuted for fraud, embezzlement etc. but they cannot be jailed, can they.
      If one reads any academic literature on crime as a social science [both white and blue collar] the emphasis is almost entirely on the blue collar experience. White collar crime is ‘too hard and too complex, and requires massive resources to properly police and regulate’, whereas blue collar crime is easy [comparatively speaking] to ‘get results’ upon.
      Additionally, regulatory agencies [like the SEC in the US, and ASIC and the ACCC in Australia] simply ‘play ball’ and assist in these high crimes and misdemeanours, especially with banking and Insurance companies. Consumer protection agencies are just as indifferent to consumer fraud and collude with multi-nationals to stymie and cover-up this hopelessly one-sided situation.
      Australia is about to complete a year long enquiry into the banking system revealing endemic corruption and criminality, including one bank [Commonwealth Bank of Australia} being exposed for at least 55,000 money-laundering transactions, sourced from both local and off-shore criminality. It took regulators almost 4 years to bring this revelation to light, but still no-one [or no entity] has been held legally accountable.
      Our justice systems are supposed to be independent from the other two arms of western styled democracy. For the uninitiated, the tripartite system – legislature, executive and judiciary is the constitutional axiom upon which the UK and its satellites [including the US] are theoretically based. The grist of the mill being that they are supposed to provide a ‘check and balance’ on each other to ensure democracy can prevail – see A.V. Dicey.
      Without such genuine independence we get the skewed nature of criminal justice whereby white collar crime goes unchecked, and the crooks have made sure this is the way by controlling the executive to control and influence the rest of government. I guess this is what you may now be referring to as ‘being in bed with corrupt government”.

  8. So to conclude, when Kennyboy (nee Kenneth) says “That whole scenario just DOES NOT Add-up…More like a Faked Photo Opt designed to FOOL the Fools.
    The point made very well, was THEY WERE ABLE TO “WALK-AWAY”!
    The most logical answer is that these perps know that the justice system is rigged, (as KB now agrees) so, of course, they will simply just ‘walk away’.
    In addition, very few [if any] of us know the full scope of the facts and circumstances surrounding this entire situation. For example, it has been suggested that the reason they can continue to walk away [aside from controlling/ heavily influencing the justice system] is that they still possess access to significant counter threat to prosecution ie WMD – w54’s anyone?

  9. I must also address the following statements by Kennyboy [this SEEMS to be an attempt to conflate this bloggers moniker with that of former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay?]:
    “They even made a Movie about the escapades They got away with…It’s called ENRON, The smartest guy in the room (Available on line)
    It was FULL of BS though about WHAT actually happened that caused it to go bankrupt…Enron was a PLANNED Fraud of MONSTROUS propurtions, aimed at Buying out the ENTIRE US Government as a means to Control ALL “Energy” sectors… and is PART of the reason WHY 9/11 was carried out.”
    Again, 911 was a crime, primarily, to ensure evidence of past high crimes and misdemeanours was eliminated. 661 people from Cantor Fitzgerald died on 911, almost 20% of the total of deaths on the day. 39 out of 40 ONI officers died. Gabon Capital and Eurobond employees also sustained a very high % of the deaths on the day. El-dorado was obliterated, and other investigative outfits following the Barrick Gold operation of the 1980’s and 90’s, including the litigation then afoot in the US and other jurisdictions specifically exposing these scams.
    Enron was part of this scam. It had been identified by ONI etc. Enron was bankrupted because that is the simplest means to put a corporation to death, and its associated documentation [evidence of white collar criminality] can then also be confidently buried and scattered to the winds.
    This is the reason Enron was ‘killed’, and its time of death temporally coincides closely with the 911 crimes. These people already controlled all energy, so this is simply not a logical nor likely reason to collapse Enron at the time. The purpose was to kill and bury it, and that’s usually done in the world of corporate bankruptcy [Insolvency] when something needs to be buried in a mire so deep and sticky retrieving anything from it becomes nigh-on impossible.

    1. Unfortunately Bernard, You remind me sooooooooooooo MANY “Supposed” Educated people that LOVE to “Complicate” information by LONG Winded about “Details” that a COMPLETELY unneeded and are designed to “CONFUSE” people searching for TRUTH!
      The FACT is that ALL “Corporate Governments” are EXTREMELY Corrupt…AGREED???
      Or do you have more BS to add to “Confuse” TRUTH searchers.
      Of course ENRON was not the only one, but it DID set out to HELP corporate Government….REMEMBER???

      1. Not just the corporate government, it must be taken into consideration that the ‘official’ government sold our souls to the corporations initially whether under duress or not, it was done. They( the corporations) design the laws and make ‘government’ effect them thus camouflaging their involvement.

  10. There was Never such thing as “Official Government”…There IS such thing as “Prime Source Creator” (Melanin)..witch the Luciferian/Satanist deviated from so as to create a “Version” of the ORIGINAL creation called HU-Manity.
    THEY are the ones that came “Out of Africa”.

  11. More convoluted argument based on “belief”, just like all religions, the same ones some people, oxymoronically, consider “evil”.

  12. Or are they primally agitated by genuine debate that seeks truth through logic, reason, knowable facts, life experience and wisdom?

  13. In this age of the internet, where truth meets the Crowley-ist catch-cry “do as though wilt” unsuspecting attacks from self-serving beliefs masquerade as debate.

  14. Reblogged this on The Hippy Chic and commented:
    I am working on a story that should blow the minds of a few people, as it certainly did mine. This blog is the best information I have come across as to what is happening-this is a fascinating time to be alive. I want to thank Covert Politics for this information, which could have taken the MSM years, if not decades, to publish.

  15. LOL Still waiting on anything at all to come of this, a year later… nothing beats the wishful thinking of the Qult

  16. Do you think Biden regaining the White House is rigged? Do you think this is an attempt to regain power by those handed the envelope? Do you think Trump will come back in 24?

    1. The only honest election is when people raise their hands, or not, for a candidate, and counted properly. This is about the Deep State maintaining its power through one of its political parties. Whatever happens in the next election depends on the action, or inaction, of the electorate. We don’t believe that any meaningful change will take effect if the same system and people are still at work.

      The current population of the US is 331,828,037. It’s impossible not to find a charismatic, smart and independent minded leader outside of the Oligarchy.

    2. A Trump will be back but it may be subordinate.
      If you don’t think the election was rigged, then come see me I have a beachfront property in a swamp.

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