The White Dragon Foundation is set to officially start operations on June 1st

Posted by benjamin
May 23, 2011

The White Dragon Foundation is set to become a functioning legal entity on June 1st, according to the lawyer who is handling the application with the Japanese government. The principle philosophy of the foundation will be to maximize both the amount and variety of life on earth and in the universe. Once the foundation is set up, it will solicit donations from individual and institutional investors for the purpose of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. There are three projects the foundation initially wants to get involved with:

1) Use previously suppressed energy technology to remove salt from sea-water and turn the deserts green.

2) Increase the flow of nutrients in the oceans in order to increase bio-mass by at least 10-fold.

3) Transform the military industrial complex into a space exploration and development complex. One project already on the drawing boards is a plan to create an artificial planet.

Although the foundation is scheduled to get formal approval on June 1st, 2011, there will still be a lot of background work to be done before there are any visible results. The first stage will involve careful planning.

There will also be a need to set up an international economic planning agency and that will require a global headhunt of experienced economic planners and people with the know-how for setting up institutions. The International Economic Planning agency would be one of the prime institutions involved in carrying out the White Dragon goals. It would also set up new goals.

This planning agency would be modeled after the very successful one used by Japan up until the Americans forced them to shut it down. That means macro-planning would be done by the agency but much of the actual work would be carried out by the private sector.

In the meantime, the collapse of the old world order will continue to accelerate and there is a very strong possibility of some very nasty incidents of the 911 and 311 variety. Dark Brotherhood sources say that four nuclear weapons stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk are not in the hands of any military organization. Of these one was set off in the sea-bed off of Japan’s coast triggering the March 11 tsunami. The other three, according to these sources, are somewhere in Europe. They say they may well be set off on June 1st in an attempt to discredit the White Dragon Foundation and act as a sort of hail Mary pass aimed at starting world war 3.

Although we have no direct intelligence on what the possible targets are, it is likely the old world order would target their own centers of power (a la 911) and blame it on Al CIAda. Thus a good guess for possible targets in Europe would be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, the La Defense governmental district near Paris, Vatican City, Milan, EU headquarters in Brussels and the London City financial district. If any concrete leads emerge, we will publish them immediately.

The world’s armed forces, for their part, have reached an understanding that they will not be provoked into destroying the planet in a nuclear holocaust. The Chinese and US military establishments had friendly meetings in Washington last week and instead of having a press conference afterwards the Chinese and US military bands played together. That is a pretty clear message that they were reading from the same page.

Sources in both the CIA and MI6 meanwhile, are saying that President Obama has fled to Ireland and will not be returning to the USA. This could simply be a threat aimed at forcing him to toe the line after recent perceived hostility towards Israel. However, Henry Kissinger is also in the UK writing obsequious editorials in the hopes he will not be tried for his various war crimes. This all probably depends on whether his German royal family hosts in the UK are able to stay in power.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, meanwhile, is visiting top US Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel in Chicago no doubt to discuss the future of Israel. The fact of the matter is that the Israeli Palestinian situation has been in a deadlock for ever since 1967 and the entire world is sick of hearing about it. Some sort of deal will have to be reached. The Jews will also be asked to rebuild the temple of the mount next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The American Jews will also have to help identify the Satanists hiding in their midst. It is believed that close to 1 million Satan worshippers who live in Western countries. They have been engaging in human sacrifice and other horrific activities and will have to be dealt with. The worst criminals in their midst will have to face the justice system of their host countries. Their children will have to be re-educated.

However, in the spirit of the planned worldwide jubilee, the focus will be on truth and reconciliation and not revenge. It will be interesting to watch “conspiracy theory” transform first into mainstream conspiracy news and then into history.

Secret structures have been put into place to ensure that never again will the earth be threatened by Satanic forces.

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6 thoughts on “The White Dragon Foundation is set to officially start operations on June 1st”

  1. I am so pleased than finally something is going to be done with the Satanic Zionists and all their associates, if I can help in any way I am only too willing to assist.

  2. Hello Ben,

    I have 25 years in International ICT, Corporate Management, and Corporate consulting on three continents

    My work experience includes: NASA, JPL, Caltech, Hughes Aircraft, Global Company Consults, Raytheon, IBM, Toyota, Nissan, 99 Cent Only Stores (US$ 1 billion a year retailer), Telecom-New Zealand, MTV, etc.

    I also know something about the other topics you write about.

    As I am looking for my next job, I would like to submit my CV to the White Dragon for consideration.


    Charlie Bluehawk

  3. Is it not hubris to impose anthropocentric desires on the whole earth and presume to know how to improve nature’s balance? It might be prudent to emulate Native Americans before embarking on any projects to save the world. They could teach other cultures about balance.

    Maximizing life on planet earth has unintended consequences. It ignores the mineral kingdom. All kingdoms on earth have consciousness. It might be more prudent to maximize awareness or consciousness.

    Desalination has unintended consequences. Intense agriculture, even aquaculture, has unintended consequence.

    The four (4) Granit P-700 cruise missiles of the 24 such missiles from the U.S.S.R submarine Kurtsk sunken in the Barent’s Sea are reportedly in the hands of the Bavarian Illuminatti, and one of them was reportedly fired at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 with a disabled thermonuclear detonation device from a submerged platform attached to a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Singling out “Satanists” for eradication is a variation on the Salem witch-hunts. What would Jean d’Arc say? If a Satanist or anyone else breaks the law, then treat them justly according to the rule of law, not the rule of vigilantism. Likewise, distinguishing good Christians from not-so-good Christians begins a slippery slope. The separation of church and state is wise for secular cultures, but theocracies exist in other cultures. This poses a dilemma for the rule of law that is yet to be resolved.

    A global economic planning agency would do well to allocate resources by consensus to different recommended projects for the good of humanity and future generations, especially infrastructure, and let the specialists across all fields pursue what they preferred. The incentive of self-interest is still the greatest motivator of individuals.

    A global economic justice agency could maintain balance by preventing inordinate disparity in income distributions and wealth distributions as measured by related ogives and Gini coefficients. Chief Sitting Bull, an Oglalla Sioux heyoka, observed that the white man is crazy about the yellow metal, and he knows how to make lots of things, but he does not know how to distribute things to everyone.

    It is unrealistic to believe that the world will never be threatened by Satanic forces. Why is there a world? Who are you?


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