Marcos Presidency: A Conjugal Narco-Government?

Retired Generals from the Philippine Military Academy have become restless once more due to revelations exposing the 16-month-old government of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as protectors of drug lords and smugglers. This revelation poses a threat to the security of the population.

The unease among these retired officers began when Finance Secretary Ben Diokno highlighted concerns about the country heading towards a ‘fiscal cliff’ due to the escalating AFP pension budget. He stated, ‘It’s unsustainable; if this trend continues, there will be a fiscal collapse.”

The Finance Department presented a straightforward plan to Congress, proposing a reduction in monthly pension payments. Naturally, this was met with objections from AFP retirees, some of whom were amputees or still bore war scars.

Complicating matters, Diokno’s budget colleague, Amenah Pangandaman, provided conflicting figures. She claimed that the overall pension for 2023 amounted to P230 billion, inclusive of a P273 billion gross retirement gratuity and leave credits. This assertion was incorrect, as leaves and gratuities fall under retirement benefits rather than post-retirement pensions.

Adding to the confusion, a third figure of P214 billion for the 2023 AFP pension was listed on Diokno’s DOF website. How can there be three different figures for the same expense item?

The pair was challenged by mathematician retired Adm. Ariston delos Reyes (PMA 1971), who stated, “[Their] purposeful and persistent use of vague, undefined, flowery and high-sounding terms aim at disinformation.” The public is confused by this and unintentionally adopts their interpretation. Such benefits are guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution and the National Defense Act (Commonwealth Act No. 1), but “they demonize not only our pension but also our fight for what is rightfully due us.”

With that in the background, a massive exposè has surfaced through the valiant efforts of a hugely popular vlogger known as ‘Maharlika,” 2 days ago, whose no-holds barred YouTube channels and Facebook accounts have been suspended and deleted multiple times already.

According to this exposè, the incumbent president Marcos Jr. is seen associating with a drug dealer Mark Anthony Sayarot, who regularly supplies the couple with the drugs they need to manage the day’s official functions.

Seen below is the same drug dealer touring in New York with the presidential entourage, last September 2022.

Top Left: Speaker of the House Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez, cousin of Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. (middle left), and wife, Marie Louise “Liza” Araneta Marcos, a lawyer. Shown at the back is drug dealer Mark Anthony Sayarot, who went with the entourage visiting Australia.

Surprisingly, the wife is purportedly the one actually running the government and making presidential decisions, as her husband is rumored to hide in their room when faced with pressure, e.g. Surigao earthquake.

Seen here is one of those occassions where the wife is instructing the elected president how to properly think and treat the people they are surrounded with. Any failure to comply with will result to a black eye, literally.

MANILA (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): By now, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr would have already assembled the ministers and department heads he needs to help him run his government.

But there’s one person who will sit high up in the pecking order, without the baggage of accountability that elected and appointed officials have – his 62-year-old wife, lawyer Louise Araneta-Marcos, known to most as Liza.

At the end of every day, she will be there to help him sort out the decisions he has to make.

She has said she has no interest in joining his government, but she is widely believed to have been the architect of his political ascent.

“I don’t think he makes any decision without talking to the wife. (She) will be the No. 1 adviser, the No. 1 voice to listen to, the last voice to listen to,” a lawyer who attended university with Araneta-Marcos told Agence France-Presse.

The Star – Malaysia

Another close confidant of the president is a known large scale smuggler appointed as a Special Envoy to China, among two other special envoys.

A snapshot of Michael Ma, Special Envoy to China. (Maharlika video blog above)

This individual had previously been investigated for smuggling by no less than the Lower House of Congress.

Michael Ma’s name mentioned again along with two other Special Envoy to China, Luchiene Ang, Andrew Chang, as large scale smugglers of various agricultural products during a Congressional hearing this year. Just drag the player pointer of the same Maharlkia video blog to the indicated time stamp to listen to the actual names being investigated for having involved in said large scale smuggling.

This hearing was allegedly terminated under instructions from the Office of the President. This explains why the campaign promise of bringing down the market price of rice per kg, from Php55 to Php20 is not forthcoming.

Among these revelations, the most disheartening aspect is the strong possibility of the president being a cocaine addict who shares needles with his wife.

If this allegation is proven true—given that former President Duterte had previously warned the public during the campaign period about one of the then-presidentiables being a known drug addict among close relatives and friends—then the country’s status would shift dramatically from being a drug laboratory-free state, during Duterte’s reign, into a state resembling a conjugal narco-government.

The people are now connecting the dots as to the failure of the president to mention something about drugs in his annual State of the Nation address.

What’s even more intriguing is the abrupt change in the country’s stance regarding the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) investigation over the deaths of drug pushers, which started 30 days before Duterte’s presidential inauguration on June 30, 2016. The public interpreted this event as the corrupt police officers’ attempt to cleanse their ranks, potentially severing long-established links to the criminal underworld involved in drug and human trafficking before Duterte formally takes office.

However, the Western colonizers see it as a great opportunity to stop the incoming Duterte government from hindering the smooth operation of the State Department and CIA operatives in the Philippines, including the multiple bombings of Davao City, Duterte’s home city, to continue selling the “war of terror.”

Upon assuming office, the Duterte government severed the country’s tie with the ICC. This withdrawal of official membership to the Western controlled, anti-independent-minded government mechanism was initially supported by the new Marcos government.

Today, there are reported sightings of several ICC agents moving in and out of the Judiciary, engaging with the ‘right people’ in various ‘civil society groups’, gathering information on how to implicate both Dutertes—the current Vice President and the former President in “crimes against humanity.” (This is what keeps the ICC busy to even look at what’s happening in Gaza.) However, both father and daughter still command massive support from the population as drugpushers are returning in the neighborhood again.

Shown below is a 5 kilometer line of the underprivileged wanting to receive something from the Dutertes this holiday season…

The Dutertes are not that rich, but the well-off and well meaning pupulation of Davao City is funneling their charity through the family because of trust in the way they governed Davao for decades now, which in earlier times the largest city in the country.

What further aggravates the supporters of Vice President Sarah Duterte is the systematic obstruction by the Marcos-Romualdies-controlled Lower House of Congress to her office’s intelligence budget. They have hindered her access to intelligence funds intended for her office’s routine pro-poor advocacies.

These initiatives encompass, among other things, anti-communist efforts such as establishing classrooms and deploying teachers to remote areas through the NTF-ELCAC. This program had demonstrated significant success in reintegrating actively armed communists into society during the previous Duterte administration.

The frustration intensifies when the current government recently offered another ‘peace talk’ with the political arm of the communist movement, who has the longest track record of making a mockery to government’s effort towards peace in the last 50 years. According to the sentiments expressed by a PMAer, this move borders on the absurd. ‘Why negotiate with these communists who are effectively defeated already?’

All of these issues represent the unseen aspects of a government currently run by Liberal Party figures aiming to exploit government resources, much like they did in the pre-Duterte era (1986-2016).

These blatant disregard to the agreed upon programs of government that bonded the two families together to overwhelmingly win the last presidential and vice-presidential elections in 2022 is a stab in the back by the Marcoses against the Dutertes and the 83% of the 67,440,226 voting population who turned out to vote in the midst of a pandemic.

Philippines Vice-President candidate BongBong Marcos talks to his sister Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, the Duterte-Marcos tandem broker, during BongBong’s announcement of his candidacy in Manila Philippines October 10, 2015. REUTERS/Erik De Castro

This current situation sheds light on why the Philippines isn’t participating in the establishment of a multipolar world. Instead, it finds itself hurtling towards destruction in the South China Sea, in its loyal service to the outgoing Hegemon.

This is evident in the increased number of military bases hosting US forces facing Taiwan; the procurement of more US arms, vehicles, sea and air assets, as there’s a prevailing belief among this crowd that Uncle Sam is finally exhibiting tangible support in the Philippine struggle against Chinese aggression in the disputed Spratlys and Scarborough Shoals.

They probably haven’t heard yet of what’s happening in Ukraine to date. Or, they are simply busy snorting “polvoron”.

The conjugal narcopresidency seems determined to solidify its hold on power for the next three presidential terms by completely erasing the Dutertes from the Philippine political landscape. This plan involves active collaboration with the Ortigas-Makati-Araneta Oligarchy, the Jesuits, US Embassy, George Soros’ Smartmatic automated voting system, and the ICC.

However, the traitors may face a significant hurdle—the Philippine Military possesses a highly effective method for removing a sitting president without plunging the country into a civil war: ‘Withdrawal of Support.’ This approach has already claimed its first victim, the once highly popular presidency of Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada. He was exposed for involvement in Jueteng, a betting platform popular among the less privileged.

With the Vatican Church already exposed as a House of Pedophiles and money launderers of mafia dirty money, not to mention its sordid regular human sacrifices in the catacombs of the basement of St. Peter’s Basilica, as first-hand witnesses-victims have recounted in the past, and the general population’s natural animosity towards drug use and petty criminals on the streets, the real enemies of the State might be in for a great surprise.

But drug addicts can always hallucinate and try.

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  1. These are not just mere allegations but this is something that the couple have to face that they have to subject themselves every now and then for an illegal drug test examination from an independent body to erase any doubts from public perception that they are users.

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