US Air Force Admits They Can Control Weather

The US Air Force and DARPA would like us to believe that they have stopped using HAARP in Alaska for research and experiment. Even then, we all know that there are other HAARP systems out there in the form of radar communication and surveillance systems that are rigged on top of mobile platforms that are deployable anywhere in the world.

All they need to do is twist a button to change the frequency to microwave range and increase transmission power enough to reach and heat up the atmosphere above the target.

Unnatural weather patterns suggest HAARP is still here.

Air Force Bombshell: Admits They Can Control Weather – HAARP


While HAARP and weather control has been called a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and government officials, during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, dropped a bombshell in answer to a question asked by Lisa Murkowski in relation to the dismantling of the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.

Walker said this is “not an area that we have any need for in the future” and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.

Many believe HAARP was created and has been used for weather control, with enough juice to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and comments such as this bring about the question of whether conspiracy theorists are more on target than anyone has admitted to date.

This is not the first time a public official has acknowledged that HAARP and weather control is not only possible, but has been and continues to be, used as a “super weapon,” as evidenced by a statement in 1997 by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, where he said “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Is it still just a conspiracy theory if public officials admit it is true?

Watch the question and answer session below:

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Are they really dismantling the Alaska based HAARP?

How about the floating HAARP transmitters masquerading as mobile radars used in the Philippines?

The US Air Force and DARPA would like us to believe that they have stopped using HAARP in Alaska for research and experiment. Even then, we all know that there are other HAARP systems out there in the form of radar communication and surveillance systems that are rigged on top of mobile platforms that are deployable anywhere in the world.

All they need to do is twist a button to change the frequency to microwave range and increase transmission power enough to reach and heat up the atmosphere above the target.”

The technology is covered under US Patent 4,686,605 on the “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

us patent 4,686,605


Just three units of these mobile HAARP platforms, masquerading as radars, can make the hurricane steerable by a common method known as triangulation.

88 thoughts on “US Air Force Admits They Can Control Weather”

    1. And if you believe this report you are the worlds biggest ass clown out ive spent 13 yrs in the army and nothing can or has ever been known to control the weather and ive carried a high top secret clearance

      1. High top clearance huh. You were in the guard for four years and faked a back injury as soon as there was any wind of a possible deployment. You have never been any where and you live at home with your dad. Your whole life us a lie and if you keep telling these lies the stolen valor act will catch up with you. Just admit to everyone you are full of it and move on. What would your family think of you if they knew all the lies you have told.

      2. Your doing your job well as a disinformation agent … Well done soldier , now stand down and let the truth out !

      3. You carry a “HIGH” top secret security clearance? That in itself lends to you know nothing about security clearance. And secondly, even if you DO have some level of a security clearance, that does not give you knowledge of every program in the United States. Gimme a break dude. That is laughable.

      4. BULLSHIT…if you believe that Sir , your either Ignorant or not privleged enough to be able to recieve classified info…from the people you work for . The HAARP, is for Real ive bern keeping an eye on this reversed radio waves antenna for over 20 yrs. its just so sad that the govorment has used it on its own country, numerous times..
        That last time was 2015 the largest Hurricane to ever hit this planet … in MEXICO…

      5. Are you kidding me? Of course you are going to say that, you were military. With top secret clearance. Do we think you would say anything else? Jesus!

      6. Did it say army? Nope! Air force has all the intelligent people thats why you have to score high to join but the other branches accept the uninitelligent people like yourself!!! GTFOHWTBS

      7. Just because you have a TSSC, doesn’t mean you know everything. just like there are things the President doesn’t know. If you truly believe this is bogus the HOAH and Charlie Mike. No need to insult people because you believe it fake.

      8. Correct, HAARP was for influencing the ionosphere but for communication, not weather modification.

      9. If you carry a high security clearance you would tell people. For the simple fact you make yourself a target. What ever makes you feel cool

      10. There are 37 levels of ‘Above Top Secret’ so you do not apparently “have a need to know.”

      11. Most people, regardless of clearance, absolutely do not have the “need to know” anything outside of their current job. And that “need to know” leaves when you do.

      12. Seeing that you can’t even put a proper sentence together…I imagine it’d be easy to pull the wool over your eyes.

      13. Like they are going to tell someone like you of little significance and risk you blabbing about it on the internet just as you are now. Anyone that’s in the army is a peon in this game. The ppl that know the real truth aren’t out in the fields getting dirty. They’re underground protected and cut off from society and all forms of outside communication. Because if the truth were to show itself, there’d be mass riots and complete chaos. Even the president doesn’t get this kind of knowledge. So if this is true or not, you don’t know shit, except that you think the shit you know is true. And you couldn’t be more wrong. If you truly believe that there’s not even the remote possibility of anything like this or ideas similar to this, then you’re a nieve ignorant dumbass and I pity your close mindedness. Probably a Trump supporter. There’s a reason he won. Totally rigged just like Bush. And look at all the anarchy and chaotic shit that happened under his presidency. But for my sake and my family’s sake, stay dumb and blind, better chance of survival for us with less stupid ppl around like you.

      14. you’re funny . Trying to debunk this . Today and last Friday our weather is back to being normal after Obama left office Even Calf drought is over and in the south east . And the NW is back to having real normal clouds and rain again .Go Trump! Plus the first thing the new president did was take down the Climate Change website as soon as of 1 pm Friday on Jan 20th .

      1. I agree with you Peggy. They have over 2 dozen FEMA DEATH Camps on American Soil, with 40 Million Coffins ready. We have ISIS Terror Compounds as well,.. I believe it’s 35 now. They are all armed and ready for Obama to give them the word to attack. There are over 2200+ Mosques in America – the one’s that have been raided, Law Enforcement found tunnels under the Mosques leading to massive amounts of Guns, Rockets, Bombs,.. I’m more than positive every Mosque, No go zone and individual homes that these “refugees” stole,… Are all Armed. Obama and Clinton made sure they were. The ultimate goal is to DEPOPULATE 3 Billion lives in the Western World. They will allow 500 Million to stay alive – which in turn they will be either sex slaves for the women and children, and labor for the able bodied men. Speak up and get this out – with Clinton wanting to bring in 65,000 more and forecasting 100,000 more each year – even if we don’t have what’s already here causing Destruction on Epic Proportions – Look at Sweden, France, Germany, London, Australia,..etc – you just can’t look at the developments happening and by now, haven’t figured out that these “Peaceful Refugees” are Terrorist Soldiers with one intention, to kill all Western Civilization and and turn the world into a Islam/Muslim place where their Barbaric Sharia Law will rule. Sharia Law will put women especially at the worst situation of all,.. they will be downgraded to below a rat, beatings are within the law, Rapes and “Honor Killings” will be enforced. If you get “accused” of doing anything, you can be hung, stoned to death, burned to death, beheaded,.. what ever they feel like doing – they will do it without even 1 second of hesitation. Girls 12 – up will more than likely be forced to marry one of these Soldiers, who will then beat, rape, belittle and maybe even killed. Boys – Muslims are Pedophiles, they use boys for pleasure there is no age range as they have killed children as young as a few weeks. They also make arranged marriages for the young girls, toddlers actually – usually 4 and up, where in a lot of cases, they end up with a man 3 – 5 times her age. Unfortunately they are brutally raped and sodomized to the point of death on that very marriage night. If they manage to live – their reproductive functions are very likely destroyed. If they cannot use you to have babies,.. they will probably get sold into sex slavery and will eventually die. From what I understand about the Agenda – they are going to take all the little children from families and be raised by the Government. Those child care facilities are more than likely going to be run by men and women who are very disturbed and are Pedophiles. You can figure out what’s in store for those poor babies. Men will be for the most part slaughtered. The one’s allowed to live – slaves. If you look up FEMA Executive orders – you will see that you are being run by the Government – they can displace you, take your home, car, anything you cherish and probably throw you in a FEMA DEATH Camp and or killed,.. they can do this for NO particular reason,.. it’s you with the clothes on your back. You will no longer be in charge of what you eat, drink or amounts of it. They will enforce MANDATORY “vaccines” which will be poison in some form. This is no joke – this is happening. Think about it,.. does bringing in 65,000 more of these people that want us all dead, make any sense? To a SANE person – of course not. Obama and Clinton are not on our side. Look up Agenda 21 Depopulation. All of the politicians, leaders, etc. that are FOR OPEN BORDERS are all corrupt and under the impression that they will be immune to being a part of the Depopulation amount of 3 Billion that must be exterminated. They aren’t, once they have done what Obama and Clinton wants, they have no use. They are dead to. (those people deserve it). Well my friend – I will Pray to God for GOOD to win over EVIL, please do the same. We are at the point of TRUST NO ONE. Never let anyone take your weapons, if you see someone that looks shady – SHOOT. You Must Profile people now. Don’t wait til’ they pound down your door – SHOOT. God Bless the World! In Jesus name AMEN. Pray friend.

    2. To the best of my knowledge, the ionisphere only carries charged particles which affect how radio waves are reflected. I’m not aware of any way of controlling the weather with this. There may be some edge cases where clouds can be created or moved a bit with energy from radars / microwave, but that’s not really that much, and ultimately, you aren’t getting as much back as you put in.

      1. The layers surrounding our planet are heated by the charged particles and that creates weather effects. The patents for this technology demonstrate many many militarily “useful” effects, including opening unique communication channels while simultaneously blocking other communication channels, generating large area brainwave entrainments, a radar-like ability to show activity deep in the ocean and even underground, and more effects. Look into it, it’s interesting.

      2. Yes that’s correct. Weather is created in the lowest layer called the troposphere where the clouds exist and weather conditions are formed. I learned this in high school in a meteorology class.

    3. people have eyes but cant see and people have ears but cant hear do a little research and deploy yourself as a a disciple
      if life is such an amusement then pick your side
      faith is he who dont lie and the devil meaning evil cant stand the beginning nor the end (genisis and revalation)
      so if life is hidden from us its because of our actions where not corrected so we end up w/ deceiving people
      we must reconstruct our lives yet if people would buy into their future like counting your blessings before they hatch we could possibly live with god (god is the future) think about it the word convenience is rude and their is so much evil behind that word (i dont want to get into that) but patience opens a view of opportunities
      understand the american dream has been controlled for years
      if its as simple as feeding a cow grass why not let domestic animals roam they where put here for what to own (wrong)
      weve been owned and mentally controlled (a pattern has occured)
      we the people have explored and found electricity awesome right
      understanding it has been difficult for some people yet we choose to hang it over our heads like candy we want it but dont care who made it so convenient right
      FYI if u didnt know static electricity pulls water (plastic materials is the moon possibly and wool is mostly the earth trees,life ) no one really knows what the moons really made of but i do know the moon pulls the water like static would so thats my best answer molecules on the surface
      so the phenomenon lives on as our lives could be at jeopardy
      so much $ has been invested in this ask donald trump his uncle and father met nikola tesla also trump family was involved in creating a static generator (van-degraaff generator)possible controlling the storm would be a better generator my brother and i have ideas on that conversation w/some more understanding and info of errors its like starting at the bottom w all previous mistakes to happen again government info must be replayed because getting info from them is like history replaying itself hidden from the main agenda us the people if i could create a storm wouldnt u think some idiotic person try it (hidden from us isnt good and us knowing isnt good either)idk im not a

    4. OK 1st off the ball on the red ship is the x ban radar. I watched it pearl harbor in 2006 ish. This article is so full of half truths it’s not funny. So a radio Antena can transmitted power into the ionisphere to create a high pressure system as it bubbles the ionisphere. News flash hurricanes are low pressure system lol

    5. Whore of The Bible here, sir. The Hurricane? Did you do this? Did you flood your own land? What about the other countries? THUS SAYETH THE LORD, “I DO THIS. YOU DO NOT.”

    6. Please if anyone knows about this please reply me and about 200 other people in the Arkansas Hot Springs area have been sick for over three months because of the weather we have then very ill with nausea aching all over the body spitting up green stuff and we specifically blood coughing up blood I was hospitalized for weeks and my lungs had what they thought were pus pockets and they have no idea what it is they thought it had something to do with the weather changing I am still sick I have been on Bactrim I’ve been on penicillin I have been on clinda myosin doxy cycling Vancomycin

    1. I’m so glad that Libyans are waking up to this.
      I was no fan of Muammar Gaddafi, but he was murdered because he didn’t cow tow to the corrupt elites in the West, America and Israel, and now he’s dead we have the first ever *World Bank* squatting in Libya. Screams volumes…

  1. Just wait till the world wakes up and discovers that HAARP, and the GWEN Towers around the U.S. can alter your mind as well!!

    1. Thats the truth…they arent going to admit to the fact that the big hurricane that hit Mexico this last yr. 2015 and was said to be the biggest hurricane ever to hit this planet , i live in Wadhington State and the day before it hit Mexico the chemtrails in the sky here was so massive , it was unbelievable. So at that point i knew the haarp had been used and im convinced they caused the hurricane. Ive been studing the HAARP. For over 20 yrs. Its a reversed radio waves Antenna that DOES mess with the weather as well as can single out a person and mess with their mind. Seriously there is also one in Florida too. … Hurricane Catrina… so I say to Our Goverment, who do you think you are messing with. MOTHER NATURE??? Admit what you assholes have done and let the chips fall where they may.

      Wake up AMERICA.. Its time to take action.

      1. If a plane left tails like they do, we would hear them down here. Idk if these are related. (Most likly) But they are dusting us with something. Becareful who you say that too. You can get in trouble. They’ll lock you up and give you “experimental” drugs.

  2. Walker said “We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do”

    The Air Force admits that HAARP affects the ionosphere, what has this to do with weather control.

    HAARP is a means to manage the ionosphere, not the troposphere.
    The ionosphere is the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies 75-1000 km (46-621 miles) above the Earth.

    The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere and site of all weather on Earth. The troposphere is bonded on the top by a layer of air called the tropopause, which separates the troposphere from the stratosphere, and on bottom by the surface of the Earth.

    All weather occurs only in the troposphere.

    HAARP affects only the ionosphere.

    1. The distance traveled by an electrical signal depends on its electrical pressure [V], i.e. the higher the voltage [V] the farther the distance reached by that signal.

      If your 3-volt remote control could change your TV channel it doesn’t mean you can change your neighbor’s TV channel across the road.

      If HAARP could reach the ionosphere, why not the troposphere which, as you said, is nearer?

      All the HAARP operator needs to do is lower the transmission voltage from 200 million volts to 100 or 50 million volts by twisting a single knob.

      A Tesla “death ray” may need a different frequency with the same amount of voltage as HAARP, but your car’s spark plug only needs 40kv to 100kv to force that quarter inch gap of atmosphere to become conductive.

      By comparison, FM radio transmitters broadcast at 50kw power while HAARP is about 4 billion watts according to its patent.

    2. Sheeple! Imagination is critical to understand things that baffle the mind. Imagine a bulge above all. The air below rises into said bulge. Do you not imagine the normal patterns would be changed below? Weather is created from air patterns, right? Change the pattern and you can change where and how the weather might happen

  3. If the USAF does control the weather, why do we have people starving because they cannot grow food due to drought? Why do we in the U.S. Have states like California in a man made drought?
    I’m sure someone somewhere is making tons of Money. Its amazing how greed is showing it’s self. I believe in making money but not at the expense of taking life human life.

    1. Yes, it has caused the drought here. Check out satellite images of the Pacific by the west coast. We are bombarded, then it drifts in — along with the streams of chemicals they spray on us in our mountains and valleys. I guess they’ve decided to create rain for us, because it’s been pouring for a week or more, which we need…but it also makes us wonder wtf is raining down on us?!! People laugh at me and others for sharing this stuff. Whatever. Keep sleeping, sheep. Keep drinking your fluoride water. Keep watching that Fox “news” like my asshole neighbor and friends and family do. The attacks no longer phase me. Screw them all. This whole thing goes deeper than just chemtrails and weather manipulation. All of us now have metallic nanoparticles inside of us. Do your ears ring constantly? Loudly? Mine do, and have for a long time. It’s like a high-pitched radio frequency that is incessant! Jump down that rabbit hole if you dare, but I warn you — it will blow your freaking mind what they have in store for us.

      1. I need to find out more about the high pitched sound I’m hearing. What causes it? It started a year ago. Anyplace you can recommend to research? Links? Thanks

      2. To: Donita
        You just blew my mind. I suddenly developed what i thought was Tinnitus, around 5 years ago when i got part of a Q-Tip stuck in my left ear, which the dr., removed. But right after i started to hear a ringing sound in that ear. I assumed he ripped the ear drum with the tool he used. I went to a specialist who said it isn’t torn. I’m a musician, have lost my hearing several times due to loud onstage volume, so i assumed i had Tinnitus. What you wrote here, just makes sense and i’m looking into it. Thank you.

  4. Why people don’t believe that such contraptions have been created to alter weather patterns astonishes me. Mankind is still a basic animal, but many are quite intelligent enough to make these systems, so for those who are either unwilling or too stupid to comprehend that this is real, then I suggest a refresher course of secondary school…And you can bet that certain governments are using these systems to profit from other countries suffering, the US, UK Israel and they’re ilk being the biggest offenders.

  5. Raw & Real Data: 100 years ago the Wright Bros first flight was called a hoax by some scientist because they said it was not possible. 🙂 Next google “Jet Fuel additives” than read the MSDS sheets on them. There known as Polymer Fuels and additives that work well with HAARP to make artificial clouds. I also know an ex RAAF that says he never saw anything out of normal while serving for 8 years but agrees the Clouds are weird over the skies in Melbourne, AU these days.

  6. Is this where you pass out tinfoil hats? No? Why? I would have thought you had an overabundance of the shiny little things.

  7. If chemtrails were sprinkling stuff from the air, wouldn’t the govt folks be affected as well? That’s like pooping in your own cage and then living in it….it doesn’t make sense

    1. Neither does harming oneself with chemicals to get high. Power is more addictive than drugs. Make sense now? The world is run by psychopaths. Insatiable greed.

    2. People feed their kids poison as food everyday! Kids drink gatorade at soccer games! Diet coke! Aerosol cheese! Captain Crunch! Oscar Mayer! People poison themselves constantly! C’mon, man…..

  8. Uhh “high top secret security clearance” means jack shit if you dont have what the military calls the need to know. You are only allowed the information that is top secret to the level that allows you to get your job done. Top secret clearance does not mean you all the sudden know all of the top secret info. How do I know? Well not only do they tell us this I can also say so because I have a top secret clearance. Theres no one waiting to brief you on everything going down on every level as soon as you get a clearance. Its a need to know basis.

  9. I’m not ameteorologist, but I am familiar with enough physics that I find this merits questions. First: define “controllable.” Even if there were some means of influencing a hurricane’s path, they wouldn’t just be able to reverse it, because of inertia. Second: define “control.” When people say “control the weather,” it conjures up images of TPTB deciding just how the weather should act that day, and implementing it. This ability to micromanage is not possible: for one, the Navier-Stokes equations, which model fluid flow, by necessity also model turbulence (it would make a lousy model if they didn’t describe all known phenomena). This means the equations (which, by the way, haven’t been solved) have chaotic solutions, and so we can’t always even predict the result of a given action. Thisis why I find the language misleading; but “influence the weather” doesn’t sound nearly so ominous, does it?

  10. There are many H.A.A.R.P. arrays on U.S. (Rothschild) military ships around the world. So closing one array is nothing. And we must wonder WHY they are closing it. I’m sure it’s for even more nefarious reasons than keeping it running.

  11. Weather modification has been used for warfare purposes since at least the 1960’s – Operation Popeye: cloud-seeding was used over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam to slow down the enemy and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. It’s all there in the declassified documents for anyone who has a brain to see. It’s not a “conspiracy theory” – it’s been openly acknowledged for decades.

  12. Hey oscar,

    These radar installations and mobile ship radar platforms are what is creating and directing the direction of the hurricanes. Not saying every event is man made, but lots have questionable aspects and can be linked to the x band ship being deployed to the Philippines as there are 2 HAARP installations in Japan. The patent uses three beams to steer the storm cell.

    Michael, ultimately influence and control are virtually the same- it’s more so the context that you view the term “control”. The weather works on its own, just like your mind isn’t telling you to breathe. The point is that if they would like a “natural” event to Happen, they can make it happen – when and where. Sure they can’t turn a hurricane around, but why would you even try? How would that look natural lol. Also the point is to create a weakened country so they need to lean on ol Uncle Sam and their friends at the world bank and IMF. Similar events to this recently would be the sudden earth quake that struck China’s super computer…. wow, how fortunate for the USA if the worlds fastest super computer(China’s) were critically damaged or even just taken offline for awhile

  13. Seriously, send two gigawatts of electricity to ground in Louisiana for 24 hours and you get 3/4 inches of rain over an area of 100,000+ square miles. It’s been happening in the U.S. since January 2013. It started shortly after this happened. (Ask yourself, “What happens when thousands of mobile devices text “The second half just started” at the Superbowl all at he same time?

  14. Why would anyone want to control the weather? That could kill all the fish in the ocean or all the birds in the sky. The food chain, that we depend on for survival, could very quickly be wiped out. You cannot live without food.

  15. From a private revelation: And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit … and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall have dreams;
    Message from the Lord Jesus to John Leary – 2011 & 2012; Before HAARP was used against the Philippines and other Asia Countries;

    “My people, on the weather programs, on television, you can see the continuous whirlpools of great storms that constantly come across America from the Pacific Ocean. The HAARP machine is in an ideal position in Alaska to influence the weather conditions of the Pacific Ocean.”

    “You have an exceptionally snowy and extremely cold winter as in previous years. It is a known fact from the internet information that the HAARP machine can heat the ionosphere to modify the jet streams that control your climate. It is these manipulations of storms that can increase the amount of precipitation, and bring to America cold air masses from Canada.”

    “Even though many people have spoken about the disasters caused by the HAARP machine, there are no open protests to stop these manipulations. Pray that the misuse of this machine will be more widely disseminated so that people can complain more forcefully of the damage caused by earthquakes and bad weather attributable to the HAARP machine.”

    “My people, the promoters of Babel’s globalism can cause catastrophes – or brandish disasters as a means of pressure – against any country of their choice. They used the HAARP machine to cause major earthquakes worldwide.”

    “Where they caused earthquakes of magnitude 8 to 9, the tsunamis managed to cause more damage. This vision [given to JL] is that of another strong earthquake in the Pacific that will trigger a new wave of tsunamis. Scientists have an early warning system set up to warn people of all tsunamis in the Pacific, but there will only be a short warning period, as the waves of the tsunami travel very quickly.”

    “All countries along the Pacific coast of Asia should be ready for another major event.”


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