Top 10 Ways Humanity is Being Murdered

Of all the threats to humanity today, none is more destructive than modern-day “evidence-based science.” And by the word “science,” I don’t mean the humble pursuit of knowledge using genuine scientific methods. What I mean is the dogmatic, corporate-driven brand of distorted science based on falsified evidence, bribery of gatekeepers and corruption of government regulators.

That “science” is killing us all with hormone disruptors, hidden food chemicals, heavy metals, genetic engineering and neurological disruptors. The pushers of this corporate-driven “evidence-based science” claim to be aiding humanity, yet their actions prove they are only destroying the health of the population and the future viability of the life-sustaining ecosystem as well.

For every poison that threatens humanity today, there is a group of scientists lurking behind it, profiting from its consumption while spreading lies about its safety. The aim of this Natural News article series is to exposed the lies of corrupt “science” and reveal the truth about what “evidence-based science” is really promoting in our foods, medicines, industries and home environments.

What follows, then, is a ten-part article series, with each part outlining one “evidence-based science” threat to continued life on our planet. Each article is sourced and verifiable through even the most basic web searching. None of this is fiction.


GMOs have been proven to cause wildly increased growth of cancer tumors. They also cause infertility and organ failure. That’s because GM crops grow deadly insecticides right in their own tissues. When those crops are consumed by humans, the insecticides are part of the meal.

When GMOs were recently fed to lab rats in a carefully-designed experiment, it was reported that:

“The animals on the GM diet suffered mammary tumors, as well as severe liver and kidney damage. The researchers said 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.”

Here’s a photo of the actual lab rats fed GMOs in this study:

GMOs may also help explain why infertility is skyrocketing in humans and why younger children are increasingly being diagnosed with cancer.

Given the deadly results of consuming GMOs, every “scientist” who pushes GMOs is an indirect murderer. To push this dangerous technology without any long-term safety testing whatsoever is a violation of the “precautionary principle” that used to be honored in scientific circles. But caution has been abandoned in favor of corporate profits, and now it’s all about selling more food, seeds and chemicals, regardless of how many men, women and children are killed or damaged in the process.

When you see a “scientist” arguing in favor of GMOs, think to yourself, “That’s a homicidal maniac” because widespread death is the ultimate result of their irresponsible, dangerous actions.

While a case could be made for “clean” vaccines that are manufactured without mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde, no such clean vaccines are offered to the public. All vaccines offered at pharmacies, health clinics and hospitals contain brain-damaging metals and chemicals by design.

The CDC has openly admitted that vaccines are intentionally formulated with dangerous metals and chemicals. Every scientist knows that mercury is toxic to the neurology of mammals, and they know the same is true for formaldehyde. Yet they all conspire to LIE to the public and claim vaccines have no side effects, knowing full well that vaccines contain metals and chemicals that directly damage the human nervous system.

In this way, all modern-day vaccine pushers are guilty of knowingly poisoning (and sometimes killing) infants, children and senior citizens.

145,000 dead children from vaccines

Over 145,000 children have been murdered by vaccines over the past two decades. Babies that receive the most vaccines are also the most likely to be hospitalized (or die). Furthermore, when pregnant women are injected with flu shots, it results in a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths.

When you encounter a doctor, a nurse or a pharmacist recommending a vaccine and telling you it’s “perfectly safe” with “no side effects,” think to yourself, “That’s a lying child killer!”

And remember, vaccines are pushed in the name of “evidence-based science.” It’s all “scientific,” they say, to inject your child with mercury and watch as they experience convulsions, comas or death. Yet there is actually no science whatsoever to demonstrate that vaccines improve the health outcomes of children. The vaccine pushers are terrified of comparing vaccinated children against non-vaccinated children, because they know the non-vaccinated children are far healthier. So the studies are never done, and the vaccine myths are pushed via propaganda instead of real evidence.

Many parents who are arrested and prosecuted for “shaken baby syndrome” are actually victims of vaccine damaged children. Convulsions and seizures have become so common in the minutes and hours after vaccinations that the medical community had to create a cover story which claims that “convulsions are normal” and nothing to worry about.


All those who promote the addition of fluoride into municipal water supplies are conscious liars. They know that the so-called “flouride” pumped into the water is actually a deadly chemical used as an insecticide, often imported from China.

It’s called hydrofluosilicic acid, and it’s not “naturally-occurring fluoride” as they claim. They are fully aware of this, but they choose to lie and deceive the public by stating they are only “rebalancing” the water with a natural element.

In truth, the chemical fluoride used in water fluoridation is also derived from phosphate mining operations as well as nuclear fuels processing. Doctors and dentists who promote fluoride actually hope to see people harmed by it because it means more business for them. A fluoride-damaged dental patient can produce thousands of dollars in revenue for a dentist, and a fluoride-damaged hospital patient can generate millions of dollars in medical procedures.

Chinese exporters of fluoride chemicals describe fluoride as follows:

It is used in the manufacture of effervescing steel, and the smelting and refining of light metals. It is also used in fluorination of drinking water, as a wood preservative, an adhesive preservative. An insecticide, a protective coating for metals, a pickle for steels and other metals, a flux for soldering and welding, as well as a flux and pacifier for ceramic, glass and porcelain enamel. (SOURCE)

Here are two images take from the website of Chinese fluoride exporters. Notice all the industrial uses for this insecticidal chemical?

Fluoride pushers know they are pushing poison

I have met lots of doctors and dentists who advocate water fluoridation. Every one of them is fully aware that it isn’t “natural” fluoride being pumped into the water. They know it’s a harmful chemical, but they push it anyway. That makes them all “science” criminals who are knowingly harming people. Just like GMOs and vaccines, water fluoridation poisoning is all conducted in the name of “evidence-based science.”

But all the evidence actually shows hydrofluosilicic acid (flouride) is a deadly poison.

Drug companies are not in the business of health. They are in the business of marketing disease then offering their patented, overpriced chemical medications as a “treatment” for disease.

But their treatments never cure the disease. They only “manage” it, leading to a lifetime of medication dependence which just happens to financially enrich the drug companies.

The real story, however, is that drug companies push patients onto a toxic cocktail of multiple chemical drugs, none of which have ever been tested in combination. The resulting toxicity to your liver, kidneys, pancreas and brain is devastating. All drugs have toxic side effects, and although they are marketed in the name of “evidence-based science,” they kill over 100,000 Americans each year.

Doctors are well aware the drugs they prescribe are killing patients, but they are on the receiving end of lucrative bribery schemes run by the drug companies, so they keep pushing those drugs while raking in the cash for themselves.

Every drug-dealing doctor who pushes statin drugs, ADHD drugs, blood pressure drugs or antidepressants is a criminal co-conspirator of the drug cartels. Every one of them should be indicted for poisoning their patients with deadly chemicals, yet under the label of “science” this mass poisoning continues.

Today, one in five U.S. boys has been labeled “ADHD” and will be prescribed mind-altering medications. The top-selling class of drugs in America, statin drugs, cause muscle wasting disorders, liver failure and sometimes even death. It is widely prescribed to nearly everyone who walks into a doctor’s office, and medical “scientists” claim they want to drip it into the public water supplies, just like fluoride.

We are long past the time when doctors could claim ignorance with all this and say, “We didn’t know these drugs were killing people.” They do know! The real science on patient deaths is irrefutable, yet these doctors keep willfully, consciously prescribing the very chemicals that will kill many of their patients.

When you see a doctor prescribing drugs to everybody, think “Negligent homicide.”

You probably don’t realize it, but nearly all the “blueberries” used in cereals, bagels, pancake mixes and other foods aren’t really blueberries. They’re actually chemical concoctions made with propylene glycol, artificial blue colors and high-fructose corn syrup laced with mercury.

Faked chemical blueberries, it turns out, are only the beginning of this story. Nearly every processed food you buy from the grocery store is made with a matrix of damaging chemicals that cause neurological disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, gallstones, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. All these chemicals are formulated via so-called “evidence-based science” to be the perfect chemicals for creating lifeless food that just toxic enough to kill you slowly but not so toxic that your death can be linked to any single ingredient.

The FDA has never even deemed these chemicals as “safe.” It simply grandfathered them all in, assuming they were safe because the food manufacturer scientists said so. As a result, your food is now laced with a dark symphony of deadly substances such as:

  1. Aspartame
  2. MSG
  3. Chlorine-based sweeteners
  4. Sodium nitrite (causes cancer)
  5. Partially-hydrogenated oils
  6. Homogenized fats
  7. Sodium benzoate and other preservatives

Pepsi has been openly caught using fetal cell tissues as part of its soda flavoring. Bread companies use human hair compounds harvested in China. Chicken McNuggets have been found to contain an anti-foaming chemical called “Dimethylpolysiloxane”.

All of this is called “scientific” and was engineered by scientists. It’s really called “food science” and it means using chemicals to create a dead, nutritionally-depleted item that looks and tastes like food but isn’t actually food because it never decomposes. Even bacteria won’t eat some of the items you buy at the grocery store!

The more we eat of this dead, processed food, the more quickly we die… murdered by “food scientists” who work for mega-corporations.

Pesticide chemicals are usually derived from petroleum, and some of them are based on fluoride. Pesticides are, of course, sprayed on crops to kill insects. But an overwhelming mountain of scientific research shows that pesticides remain intact on foods, and when they’re consumed by humans they cause devastating diseases such as:

• Alzheimer’s and dementia
• Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s
• Cell death
• Birth defects
ADHD, yet astonishingly the “scientists” at the American Academy of Pediatrics says children should eat more pesticide!

In addition, pesticides are killing food pollinators such as honeybees and birds.

Scientists who work for chemical companies claim pesticides “evidence-based science” and are perfectly safe for humans to consume in essentially unlimited quantities. They rely on the fact that pesticides kill people slowly to hide the true devastating health effects of their chemicals. When people are killed by pesticides, they are said to have died from things like “liver failure” or “natural causes.” In reality, however, their deaths were radically accelerated by the inadvertent consumption of enormous quantities of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, none of which are safe for long-term human consumption.

Many modern-day chemotherapy chemicals are derivatives of mustard gas chemical weapons used in World War I. The Nazis got their hands on the technology, and through chemical / pharma companies such as Bayer (whose co-director was convicted of crimes against humanity in the Nuremburg trials), they managed to create “chemotherapy drugs” which are still used today.

Chemotherapy’s No. 1 side effect is cancer. Even if it shrinks one tumor, it causes permanent damage to the brain, kidneys and liver while igniting thousands of other micro-tumors throughout the body. The reason chemotherapy is used by the cancer industry is because it results in repeat business.

Chemotherapy causes cancer

Chemotherapy actually “backfires” and causes health cells to feed the growth of cancer tumors.

One group of scientists accidentally exposed the total fraud of chemotherapy when they were trying to research its effectiveness on treating tumors. They found that chemotherapy causes healthy cells to release a protein that fuels cancerous tumor growth, thereby ensuring repeat cancer tumors (and thus repeat business for cancer clinics).

Cancer clinics need not show ANY positive results from their treatments. If a patient dies from the chemo, everyone says they “died of cancer.” If the patient lives, they are heralded as a “cancer survivor,” after which they have a 95% chance of the chemo causing new cancers, resulting in yet more revenues for the cancer centers. No cancer center blames patient deaths on the poisons being dripped into their veins.

Oncologists are fully aware of all this. Most refuse to undergo chemotherapy themselves, but they gladly diagnose patients with cancer then sell them chemotherapy drugs at obscene markups, pocketing the profits while poisoning their patients. Conventional cancer treatment centers are the closest thing to “Nazi chemical torture camps” that exist in the world today.

Oncologists knowingly and willfully prey upon the ignorance of their patients in order to poison them (or kill them) while generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for themselves. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that says chemotherapy cures cancer. The idea that it “shrinks tumors” is also scientifically irrelevant, given that tumors contain cancer stem cells that grow back with a vengeance. Shrinking a tumor is not a sign of an effective treatment.

Most cancer patients could be literally cured of their disease by ending their exposure to common carcinogens (food, smoking, environmental chemicals, fluoride, etc.) and greatly boosting their intake of vitamin D, broccoli juice, garlic, pomegranate, omega-3 oils and other anti-cancer superfoods.

Plastics have long been heralded as a “scientific” breakthrough, and in many ways, plastics really are amazing materials. For cars, prosthetics, computers and industrial uses, plastics offer enormous advantages over other materials.

But when it comes to health and food, plastics are devastatingly dangerous. Many plastics release bisphenol-A (BPA), a powerful hormone disruptor that’s responsible for “feminizing” males, spurring the growth of so-called “man boobs” and reducing sperm viability.

Plastics are ubiquitous in the food supply, and many consumers (astonishingly) microwave their foods in plastic! This releases dangerous plastics chemicals right into the food, all while destroying the nutritional value of food.

While plastics can be safely used to hold dry foods at room temperature, if they are carrying liquids or being used as containers to heat foods, they often leach BPA and other chemicals right into the food. BPA has been found to alter brain function, not just body hormone expression.

Levels of BPA in your blood rise 1200% after eating canned soup, reports the Harvard School of Public Health. And the worst part of all is that BPA replacement chemicals such as BPS have been found to be twenty times more toxic than BPA.

So if you’re drinking out of plastic or heating foods out of plastic, you’re harming yourself in the name of “evidence-based science,” because it’s scientists who came up with all these plastics and insisted they were harmless.

In the world of plastics, by the way, the safest plastics compounds for holding liquids and food are HDPE (high-density polyethelyne) and P.P. (polypropylene). P.E. is found in so-called “PET” containers (polyethylene terephthalate), which according to most sources does not leach any chemicals whatsoever into the food or beverage.

Here’s a good overview of which plastics are safe to use with food or beverages:

Non-organic cosmetics and personal care products are loaded with “scientifically-formulated” chemical ingredients that cause cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, neurological disorders and even skin diseases.

A typical “skin lotion” or cosmetic base is made with a sickening cocktail of incredibly toxic chemicals purchased in bulk from chemical factories. Many are shockingly high in lead, and most cosmetic manufacturers actually hide their ingredients from consumers in order to conceal the truth of what’s in their overpriced products.

The FDA, for its part, openly allows cancer-causing chemicals and heavy metals to be used in cosmetics. After all, people who are harmed by cosmetics will become profitable patients for the cancer industry, right?

Cosmetics and personal care products are routinely formulated with dangerous, sometimes deadly chemicals such as parabens, triclosan, ethoxylates, diethanolamine, and phthalates. A typical perfume fragrance product contains 20+ cancer-causing chemicals, and Dr. Samuel Epstein, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and author of Toxic Beauty, has openly warned about cancer chemicals in name-brand products like Avon.

Remember, all these cancer-causing chemicals are added to cosmetics and personal care products through the application “evidence-based science.” The problem, as usual, is that the evidence is selective and distorted in order to serve the profit interests of the corporations. The “scientists” who do all this are on the payroll of the very corporations whose products are killing people for profit.

The Environmental Working Group has an excellent online database of cosmetic ingredients where you can search more than 81,000 products for possible worrisome ingredients. Natural News has been a longtime supporter of the EWG and its efforts to blow the whistle on dangerous chemical ingredients that are “scientifically” formulated into personal care products.

In the name of “science,” our world has built a network of deadly, unstable nuclear power plants that quite literally threaten the very future of human civilization. As the Fukushima accident shows, all these “scientists” who think they’re so smart are actually incredibly myopic in that they couldn’t even foresee an earthquake causing a tidal wave that would impact a nuclear facility built on the shoreline.

Keep in mind that Japan is part of the most seismically active region on the planet, meaning you’d have to be a complete idiot not to realize offshore earthquakes will happen there. Yet these “nuclear scientists” signed off on the project, almost certainly because they all financially benefitted from its construction and maintenance. Billions of dollars were spent to build it, and billions more in an attempt to rescue it.

Not satisfied with placing only the population of Japan in grave danger, nuclear “scientists” have also designed and supported the construction of nuclear power plants all across the world. Today, there are 440 nuclear power plants operating in 30 countries. Every single one of them is instantly vulnerable to a solar flare event that would knock out the power grid and isolate these power plants from the grid.

Why is that a problem? Because most nuclear power plants rely on grid power to run their own coolant circulation pumps, without which they go into fuel rod meltdowns (Chernobyl-class events). While power plants have backup generators, all such generators are built with super-sensitive circuit boards that could all be “fried” by either a solar flare or even a high-altitude EMP attack from a rogue nation such as North Korea. I’m not aware of any nuclear facilities that have EMP-shielded backup generators to run the pumps. Perhaps they exist, but I doubt it.

The result of all this would be a cascade of nuclear meltdowns that would unleash a radiation apocalypse capable of killing nearly all human life on planet Earth.

This network of civilization-destroying nuclear facilities has been supported by “evidence-based science,” of course. Never mind the fact that there’s no evidence of their long-term safety… nor even any evidence that they can withstand EMP attacks or large-scale solar weather events. As with GMOs, vaccines and everything else covered in this series, the scientists are wildly guessing (and hoping) that nothing bad will happen.

The real evidence says that Mother Nature will throw you a curveball

They have built the global nuclear power infrastructure on the false belief that nature is predictable and calm. In reality, nature is radically unpredictable and sometimes quite destructive as we’ve all seen with earthquakes, hurricanes, meteor strikes and more.

So in the name of “evidence-based science,” we have all been placed in a nuclear death trap that could be unexpectedly set off by a space weather event (solar flare, meteor striking the planet, etc.). The fact that nuclear power plants have not been designed to automatically and passively pull the fuel rods and cool them with nothing more than gravity and thermodynamics is truly astonishing.

Of all the idiotic things “scientists” have done in our world — GMOs, vaccines, chemotherapy, and so on — the construction of “ready-to-blow” nuclear power plants is the most insane. Chernobyl and Fukushima have taught us not only that things can and will go wrong (Murphy’s Law), but that when they do, governments will LIE about what’s happening, even if it means exposing more innocent civilians to deadly doses of radiation.

The cover-up is the important thing, you see, not saving the people.

Yet, astonishingly, the nuclear industry operates as if Murphy’s Law doesn’t exist! Murphy was delusional, they claim, because nothing ever goes wrong. That’s why nuclear plants only need a few hours’ worth of backup batteries and a few days’ worth of diesel fuel for the generators. That’s it! Beyond that incredibly shortsighted preparedness plan, it’s a total meltdown followed by a nuclear holocaust.

How’s that for a “scientific” achievement?

Among all the talk of “saving the children,” no one wants to save them from a nuclear accident

It is bewildering that today’s political climate is so focused on talk of gun control to try to prevent a few dozens deaths of children, yet there is absolutely no talk of how the nuclear industry has put ALL our children at risk of death by operating with extreme arrogance under the “science” label.

If you’re afraid of “assault rifles” and what that might do to a child, you need to look more closely at nuclear power and what that does to everyone. Rifles can only be used to kill a small number of people in a relatively small space for a very limited amount of time (a few minutes). Nuclear power plants can kill a massive number of people in all directions, with deadly effects lasting for thousands of years. Yet the political deadbeats in Washington have no interest in discussing the threat of a nuclear holocaust and why we should save ALL the children from such an event unfolding.

Ultimately, I believe that nuclear power is a greater threat to humanity than GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, pharmaceuticals and all the other topics mentioned in this ten-part article series. All it takes is one unexpected solar event and humanity is terminated. Such events, by the way, occur with startling regularity (every century or so), meaning that everything you’re reading about here will be tested sooner than you might suppose.

No wonder even NASA is warning the world that a massive space storm could unleash huge devastation across our planet while crippling the power grid. As The Telegraph reports:

In a new warning, NASA said the super storm would hit like “a bolt of lightning” and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken.

Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services’ systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to “everyday” items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs.

Due to humans’ heavy reliance on electronic devices, which are sensitive to magnetic energy, the storm could leave a multi-billion pound damage bill and “potentially devastating” problems for governments.

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    1. I’m largely in agreement, and I think your tone is more balanced than some of the comments here would indicate. You don’t seem to be screaming like a lunatic at all (under the circumstances), and I do think the big corporations have no regard for human health or safety. And yes, they are, wittingly or otherwise, profiteers of pain–on many levels. I’m deeply disturbed, however, that you left out Gas and Oil. The fossil fuel industry is really the agent behind our impending decline as a species. And fracking, cloaked in secrecy and flying under the radar–or operating with the total approval of the EPA–has already threatened (or destroyed) millions of lives in developing nations and now in the US, especially in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Texas, and Ohio. I have to wonder how you could leave out such a dangerous element in your list of threats to humanity. Is it possible, incredibly, that you you a shill for Gas and Oil?

      1. your last statement is the zone where we should all be after reading above statements. We are not usually there though. Our brain is trying to be to nice when it should be -what is here in wordage or missing– that may be a flag. Let us all develop a foundation of protective criticism. being intelligent and not closing up with opinion. you have reminded us to look for truth even when its not available. thank you

    2. And worst of all, the wireless transmitters being forced on our homes (smart meters).. and the cell phone towers, having been deregulated, that are being located next to our homes and schools… the radio-frequency microwave radiation from these devices is classified as a 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organization…. and probably will be moved up to a 1a classification before long.

  1. You people are dangerous.

    The more who believe this nonsense, the worse it’s going to get.

    The anti-vaccine stuff is particularly heinous.

    1. For those who shun the clear daylight of truth and prefer living in intellectual darkness, I invite you to read Kevin Galalae’s book: Killing Us Softly, if you have the stomach for it. Address:

      Be sure to brush with your favorite fluoride toothpaste, and breathe deep when chemtrails dump overhead. Then you can start your day with GMO cornflakes with GMO soy milk, fluoride in your coffee made from city water, and grab a soft drink with artificial sweeteners for on the go. Have a nice day Steve, but please wake up before you look UP at the grass. Reality aint pretty.

    2. You might consider actually looking at the facts … vaccines have never been proven to be that beneficial. They do plenty of harm… even causing deaths… So many deaths and injuries have been caused by vaccines, that the government has passed legislation to protect the vaccine makers from being held responsible… much like they protect Monsanto..

      1. “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”~Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) Founding Father, natural-born American and third President of the United States.

  2. Thank you Jules. Shout it from the rooftops! Profits over people, we have sold our humanity for power, greed, and the truth is none of us will survive this. Everything is poisoned. Food, earth. Sky, water, humans. No one hears, all that’s taught is hate that which is not you. The world I knew is no more. But I can not change. Love still lives in me, God, still exsists in me. I cry for the world but I live to know _that beyond this all my answers await my arrival. Much love “peace” thank you for your voice.

    1. Excellent point, leigh anna! My new grandson is totally VAX-FREE and on “Mother’s Milk” since Day One. He’s thriving and will continue without “74 dangerous and crippling chemicals being shot into his healthy body before he reaches 18 years of age.” To Parents and Grandparents who are “Awake:” Educate your children concerning the dangerous, premeditated injury or death in Vaccinations! Be aware that your children CAN and DO attend schools without being vaccinated! Remember that, ok?

  3. Very very interesting read. My diet & knowledge has not been upto scratch due to my working 60 hours a week but from now I know about ur site & will acknowledge all what you have advised … Thank you

  4. Keep in mind that the following comment comes from someone who mostly agrees with you on the topic in general.

    You are doing more harm than good with this article. The way it is written screams, “Kill piece”. You denigrate the ideal you are trying to support by raving like a lunatic trying to generate a lynch mob. Sure, you’re mad, I’m mad, we should all be upset, but you also need to roll it back. They way you’ve written this serves to only whip those that agree with us into a frenzy… and push away people who might otherwise grow to support the cause.

    Second of all, you need to freaking fact check. For example… Pepsi does NOT add fetal cells to their flavoring. That is absolutely stupid. They DO use fetal cells to TEST the flavorings, which IS horrible. However, it is substantively different than what you allege, and you’ve made all of the detractors of corporate science look as big an asshat of you.

    Also, cite your studies. If you can’t, you need to do your reasearch before posting a rant like this… and if you can but won’t, your motives are just as suspect as those of the the avaristic pseudoscientists.

  5. Fukushima is going to screw us all!
    The almost total media blackout is driving me crazy!
    America & Japan just don’t give a shit about our health, It’s all about making as much money as possible at this point.
    Oh the humanity!

    Check out this link if you want the truth about what has been happening since the triple meltdowns at Fukushima.

    This is the absolute best resource I have found for those who want to know what is really going on!

  6. From the time God created man, man-kind has done nothing but try to destroy itself. Unless man turns back to God, God will allow man to destroy himself. God gave man everything for sustenance, but man will never be satisfied with the simple means of survival. Man will destroy himself and the earth and everyone in it. Only through Jesus, the Christ, will we be able to escape this up-coming destruction and be transformed to an incorruptible life, in which we will live eternally with God, the Father.

  7. I guess the right wingers don’t have all the nuts afterall. Really? Every oncologist out there is corrupt?? Where is your data for this? Not that I don’t think there is corruption going on but if you drve even one from life treatment then you are the murderers.

  8. in the last 6 months i’ve cut 90% of prepared foodz out of my diet n i do feel better. lotz fresh is the answer. thou it be expensive, but so is goin 2the rite n pay more n feel better or make that payment on your dr’z bmw. eat 2 live. n no fast food.fresh is best..CAPT’N HAPPY

  9. I’m a vegan and animal rights activist because I love ALL animals. I have rescued rats from testing labs I adopted before they were killed. I hate any humane that kills,mutilates, abuses and tortures any animal. And it’s all done for greed.

    1. That is silly. Animals are for our benefit. That’s how God made allowed things post-flood. The Bible is truth not our human imaginings.

  10. I don’t disagree with the entire article but your sources are terrible. It’s almost as if you have read every headline discussing each subject without comprehending both sides of the argument. I understand your opinion. I agree that your voice must include bias and skepticism. This however, is a poorly written attempt to steer uninformed readers into a fear driven state with no hopes of a solution. What’s your next entry going to be? “Answer to Cancer: The Benefits of Alkaline Infused Water”? And then in your conclusion you link all of this to a statement involving NASA and a global catastrophe? Lay off the Alex Jones and take an English comp class.


  11. I always love it when some uninformed rube (or shill??) decries the attention being paid to these issues (such as Steven’s comment about vaccines above. Thankfully there are people willing to step outside the sacrosanct rubric of the status quo to share their viable research data points on these issues and, with technology (such as this site), information can be more widely distributed. We have quite a large Amish community where I live and it’s interesting as it pertains to vaccines particularly that autism in the Amish community is non-existent. Of course, they don’t poison their offspring with vaccines. Hmmm….I wonder if there’s a correlation? Oh, I forgot, this is not a double blind randomized placebo controlled science experiment so the conclusions must be irrelevant. (This exists to be sure sure….but it’s not likely to be widely publicized). Good people reading this: Continue to be alert, open your eyes, listen and take care of your own while informing others when it’s appropriate. Thanks, Steven, for causing me to want to share more and add to the discussion.

  12. Thank you for spreading the truth. I especially give you props on covering the fact that the Queen was a genocidal maniac, that is how I found your sight. I also think they are killing us with fentanyl and causing such havoc that suicide is at an all time high.

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