UN Security Council holds high-level meeting on Syria

The United Nations Security Council is holding a high-level meeting on Syria in New York on Wednesday, September 21, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.
The meeting, chaired by New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key, started with a briefing on Colombia, followed by a discussion of the situation in the Middle East, with special focus on Syria, after the US-Russia brokered ceasefire collapsed due to US bombing of Syrian government forces, and the subsequent attack on the Aleppo aid convoy.

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3 thoughts on “UN Security Council holds high-level meeting on Syria”

  1. “Sensible Comments”? OK. The UNited Nations is very much aware of the ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity being carried-out by those in the Corporation registered as “US Government” and the masters of the Bilderberg Group and affiliates. Thus, any “High Level Meeting” is only a ploy or poor attempt to convince the ‘People’ that this organization is not in full support of the ongoing genocides in Syria, Palestine, or any other Nation being forced into their place under the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and the ‘New World Order’ of the occult elites and their dark gods!

  2. the united nations is the most irrelevant bunch of clowns ever put together, at the end of the day it only takes the prostitute from harbard university powers to make the final vote one way or another.

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