Duterte Winning vs. Narco Politics Left by Pro-West Liberal Party; Crossing the Rubicon towards BRICS

The incumbent Duterte administration is working at a faster rate than the last administration, and events in the Philippines are moving so fast, we can hardly keep up with them.

By now, many may have heard already how the president lambasted the European Union once again for being hypocritical about its own geopolitical crimes in the Middle East, and the closing down of its borders to restrict the entry of refugees, incidentally the direct result of their military intervention in the Arab region.
By the end of this month, the total number of drug surrenderees would be reaching a million as the supply of methamphetamine, known locally as shabu, is dwindling and the price is rising up to at least a 20-fold of the street price 3 months ago.
Estimates vary from 80% to 90% of the illegal drug trade nationwide that has already been eliminated by the 3 month old Duterte administration.
Just recently, a large industrialized meth production plant disguising as piggery, i.e. to mask the distinct smell of the substance, was raided in a remote section of Northern Luzon. Authorities estimate that the said plant is capable of producing at least 500 kilograms of meth per day.
The above raided shabu laboratory is said to be the handy work of Peter Co’s associates. He is now languishing in Bilibid maximum security prison, but his clout on some past government officials, i.e. from the Bureau of Corrections personnel to as high as the Secretary of Justice Leila Delima, now a senator by Smartmatic manipulations, enabled the incarcerated druglord to run his illegal drug business without hitches until Duterte came in.
The unsuccessful inauguration of the above industrial size meth plant should give us a pretty good idea of how big the whole illegal drug enterprise has become, and for how long they have been in business already, that they can afford to operate it in plain sight.
Now, thousands of government officials are already identified and verified to have dipped their hands into the meth jar. Narcopolitics is in the process of being completely eliminated. Yet, both the United States and the EU would like to focus more on the 2,000 deaths that are still under police investigation.
The collaboration to destroy Duterte has been exposed locally, and the collaborators are identified to be the Lopez Oligarchy media ABS-CBN, through its reporter Gretchen Malalad.
Fortunately for the country, within that same media outfit resides a more objective journalist, Teodoro Locsin, the new ambassador to the United Nations.
Let it be understood that here in the Philippines, the number of deaths has not risen really when compared to past administrations’ statistics. The only difference is: it’s now the drug-crazed individuals who are dying instead of the hapless residents who cannot use the streets at night without getting robbed, molested, kidnapped, raped and killed.
While Duterte is encouraging the total eradication of illegal drugs and peddlers at all cost, he is also offering the police force to run after erring police officers who are into illegal drugs themselves with a bounty of PHP 2 million apiece.
Duterte’s decisive war against narco-politics gained even more traction when the Department of Justice and Congress recently received the willful testimonies of at least 30 high profile inmates being used to raise funds for the candidacies of some of the members of the Liberal Party during the last elections.
At the center of these congressional hearings is the alleged monthly protection money, and a separate amount for the election campaign funds for the former DOJ secretary, now a senator, Leila Delima, required from the witnesses.
The video below provides a vivid picture of why Duterte needs to step in, and what the US /EU hypocrites are trying to sustain in order to effectively destroy the country.
The ongoing investigations shed more light to the involvement of some police generals, the top echelon of the justice department, mayors, and legislators, in the illegal drug proliferation, which, according to the leaked anti-money laundering council findings, involves billions of pesos.
As a direct result of the lower house inquiry, LP Senator Leila Delima was removed a few days ago from the chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Justice, in favor of an independent senator Dick Gordon.
The above video summarizes what the Philippines is experiencing right now.
‘Leila got millions from NBP drug lords’
ANILA, Philippines – Sen. Leila de Lima collected millions from high-profile inmates in New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City when she was still justice secretary in the previous administration.
This was the common allegation raised by several inmates in their affidavits submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ).
Drug and robbery convict Herbert Colangco revealed that the Carcel Side, a coalition of gangs of inmates from the Visayas and Mindanao which he leads, had given De Lima P3 million per month.
Carcel is one of the two factions of inmates in the national penitentiary with over 7,000 members belonging to the Oxo Allied Group. The other is the Presidio Side led by drug convict Jaybee Sebastian with over 5,000 inmates, mostly from Luzon.
In a four-page affidavit obtained by The STAR, Colangco explained that the amount was for “payola” to then DOJ secretary De Lima “para sa pribilehiyo sa amin at para maipagpatuloy din ang mga negosyo sa Bilibid (for privileges accorded to us and also for our businesses inside the NBP to continue).”
“Sa tantiya ko po, ang umiikot na halaga ng droga sa loob ng Bilibid sa pagpayag ni secretary De Lima bago pa kami ilipat sa NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) ay hindi bababa sa limampung milyong piso kada buwan (By my estimate, the amount of illegal drug trade inside the NBP upon permission of secretary De Lima before we were transferred to NBI would not be lower than P50 million per month),” bared the self-styled musician who even managed to produce music videos inside the penitentiary.
Apart from illegal drug trade, Colangco confessed that he also ventured into selling beer inside the NBP during De Lima’s time.
He said he was allowed to sell beer in can to thousands of inmates during events at NBP for more than 10 times the original price per can and would earn P3 million for 300 boxes.
“Ang share ni secretary De Lima sa pag-aapruba sa pagpasok nito ay P1 million. Ito po ay dinadala ng tao kong si Rey sa DOJ o kinukuha ng tao ni secretary De Lima na si Joenel Sanchez (kasama sa security ni De Lima) at ng kanyang boyfriend na si Ronnie Dayan (secretary De Lima’s share for approving the entry of beer was P1 million. It was either delivered by my courier Rey to DOJ or picked up by secretary De Lima’s security aide Joenel Sanchez and her boyfriend Ronnie Dayan),” Colangco further alleged in his notarized affidavit.
Colangco, head of the notorious Ozamiz robbery gang, recalled that when he and other high-profile inmates were transferred to the NBI in 2014, Sebastian then had a monopoly of illegal drug trade and other illicit activities inside the NBP.
“Ang hindi susunod sa kanyang gusto ay tinatakot na ipapatapon. Naniniwala ang mga tao sa loob ng Bilibid na pwedeng gawin ito sa kanila ni Jaybee Sebastian dahil alam nila ito ay malapit kay secretary De Lima lalo na sa boyfriend nito na si Ronnie Dayan (Those who will defy him were warned to be thrown away. People in the NBP believe that he is capable of doing that because he is known to be close with secretary De Lima, especially with her boyfriend Ronnie Dayan),” he added in the sworn statement signed last Sept. 1.
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has confirmed that Colangco, fellow drug convict Noel Martinez and about 10 other inmates would testify before the House of Representatives inquiry on the proliferation of illegal drugs in the NBP.
He revealed that eight of them have been transferred to the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) custody for fear of their lives inside the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa City.
Aguirre said some of the witnesses have bared in separate affidavits that they have collected money from illegal drugs since 2013 to support the senatorial bid of then secretary De Lima.
The DOJ chief hinted that there is also a witness who delivered P5 million to De Lima’s house in Parañaque City, which was allegedly personally received by the senator and Dayan.
Aguirre added that they also received information that De Lima, wearing a disguise, visited the NBP eight times and would go directly to the “kubol” of Sebastian.
He said a letter from Sebastian would be submitted to the House on this matter.
Aguirre earlier alleged that secretary De Lima brought out “coached witness” Edgar Matobato, who claimed to be a former member of the Davao death squad, in a desperate move to preempt the “explosive” testimonies and evidence to be presented against her in the House probe that will start on Tuesday.
Update 28Sep2016: Minority solons want De Lima probed, arrested after Bilibid riot aimed at assassinating druglord linked to Delima
It is in these contexts that Duterte is inviting the best legal representatives of the EU, UN, and the United States government to discuss the subject of extrajudicial killings with him, personally and in public.
The war on illegal drugs is just one of those multipronged offensives against criminality and corruptions that the Duterte government has launched. Limited only by the national budget crafted by his callous predecessor, it already partially delivered some of the DU30 campaign promises pertaining to:

  • Enhancing food security by releasing farm equipments that were languishing to rot in government warehouses;
  • poverty alleviation through direct cash and rice transfers to those below the poverty threshold;
  • accelerated peace talks with communist rebels; absorption of leftists into the government; it’s the first time in 4 decades of war that the communists broke bread with the president at the People’s Palace;
  • accelerated peace talks with secessionist Muslim Mindanao in parallel with a relentless military operations against the ISIS- affiliated Abu Sayyaf terror group.

The Duterte government is also working how to end labor contractualization for job security, and institute a more simplified and progressive tax system whereby the rich pay bigger taxes than the rest.
The ongoing military operations against the ISIS-affiliated Abu Sayyaf has also yielded the recovery of several hostages, deaths and surrender of terrorists in Muslim Mindanao.
These are just few of the reasons why investors are still keen on doing business in the Philippines, and those who are already here are not leaving the country for another. In fact, the trade secretary is announcing that expression of interests to invest in the country continue pouring in due to stable economic fundamentals.
But the western media are trying their best to create a gloomy perception by publishing only one side of the Philippines’ war on illegal drugs.  However, Asians are already aware of their illustrious records indicating that the Western media are just mere tools for propaganda to attack any non-conformist leaderships around the world for the Globalists’ own selfish agenda.
They are now zeroing in on President Duterte as they have demonized Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir in the past.
Both Asian leaders survived those back propaganda, and made great contributions to the economic development of their respective countries.
Also, it has already come to the attention of the administration that a move to oust the president is being cooked by some elements of the Liberal Party, and Filipino-Americans beholden to the good graces of their hosts in Washington, DC.
Malacañang yesterday claimed it has already identified groups and personalities who are allegedly working on a destabilization movement against President Duterte.

Saying that they’re taking any sort of threat seriously… I have received information from credible sources in the United States. We have some information also. We have some names but we have to confirm.”

“…The Americans are quite allergic to heads of states who differ from their (US) plans.
And this is exactly what President Duterte showed them. It’s definitely worrisome,” Gonzales added.

Gonzales also said that, apart from the Philippines, the US is capable of inspiring uprisings against governments by first making impressions that such leaders are “dictators”.

“They did it in Chile back in the 1970s. They did it with Saddam Hussein [of Iraq] and Muammar Khaddafi [of Libya]. They could do it with Duterte too,” he said.

“…President Duterte, in a speech in Davao City last Monday night, even called the US as the world’s “number one terrorist”.

“Do not try to lecture us about governance and everything for after all, number one terrorists kayo’,” Duterte said.


Through Duterte’s foul mouth, the population finally understood who really made the country suffer all along. The United States, or the EU can use every ammunition they have against our president and the country. Economic sanctions will always be a possibility, but Duterte got that covered already.
Yes, the Philippines is officially crossing the Rubicon towards the more progressive BRICS Alliance where mutual respect, peace and economic prosperity are the norms.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated his intention to distance his country from the US, its former colonial master, saying he is about to pass “the point of no return” with the US.
“I am about to cross the Rubicon between me and the US,” the controversial Pacific leader told reporters, without elaborating.
Duterte reiterated that the Philippines would seek closer ties with Russia and China, the two nations that challenged American ambition for global leadership. But, he added, the ties with the US would not be broken completely, only driven to a point that would allow Manila to have an independent policy.
“I am ready to not really break [US] ties but we will open alliances with China and… [Dmitry] Medvedev, he is waiting there [in Russia] for my visit,” Duterte said, referring to the Russian prime minister.

The latest US-RP military exercises were only meant to show respect for his defense secretary and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces who already made the arrangement a year ago, and not an expression of willful alliance with Uncle Sam.
With 97% of the Philippine population supporting the president, the Western Oligarchy cannot intimidate the country, no more.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  2. The best part is when Colangco showed the phone number which De Lima used to contact inmates in the Bilibid prison during the hearing(This was on Live TV). Apparently, this was De Lima’s personal number. The entire Philippines was bombarding De Lima with calls and texts as De Lima confirmed it was really her number. She received over 2000 texts and endless calls.

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