Donald Trump: Just Another NWO Apprentice

Donald Trump is acting and sounding more like Obama than the self he was projecting at the campaign trail last year. This only means that he is double-crossing the nation in favor of the privilege that the White House position could provide to his own enterprise.
Otherwise, a lot of things could have happened already.
No, it’s not about what the Deep State will do to him. It’s whether he had the vertebra to do it in the first place.

True or False? Fact-Checking Five Key Points of Trump’s First UN Address

01:05 20.09.2017(updated 05:02 20.09.2017)
After referring to North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un as “rocket man” in front of the UN General Assembly, US Presidential Donald Trump made a slew of remarks with questionable accuracy.
Trump stepped up his aggressive rhetoric toward Tehran, berated Kim’s “suicide mission” in developing nuclear weapons, and spared zero effort touting what he claims are his own economic accomplishments. Were the claims true? Sputnik News has a quick review of key points where the president may not have been fully truthful in his comments before the UN.

  1. “We want harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife.”

US foreign policy since the 9/11 terror attacks has been nothing if not violent. US soldiers have occupied Iraq since 2003 after toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime. Since 2001, US airstrikes have peppered Yemen to reportedly eliminate al-Qaeda militants, but the UN itself calls the Saudi-led (and US-backed) coalition in Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. US forces are arriving in places like Somalia and Afghanistan in greater numbers as recently as the past month.

  1. “No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea. It is responsible for the starvation deaths of millions of North Koreans. And for the imprisonment, torture, killing, and oppression of countless more.”

The US has engaged in a laborious effort to both cover up its torture program and to simply “torture for the sake of torture,” former CIA officer John Kiriakou has said. To silence potential leakers of the torture program, the CIA told its own contractors who it paid to design the torture program “a nuclear bomb was going to be exploded in the United States and that because I told them to stop, I had lost my nerve and it was going to be my fault if I didn’t continue.” On these grounds, the US lacks the moral authority to preach to other nations that torture is morally wrong.

  1. “We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program. The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into. Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States.”

Trump has long sought to deny the basic reality that the Iran deal has worked. Since taking office, the White House has certified twice—not once, twice – that Tehran is compliant with the terms stipulated in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Nevertheless, Iran hawks in Washington loom large and Trump appears to have succumbed to their pressure.

  1. “Fortunately, the United States has done very well since election day last November 8. The stock market is at an all-time high, a record. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years.”

Plummeting unemployment trends started during President Barack Obama’s tenure; it has merely continued since Trump was elected president.  Without any major legislative victories on campaign issues such as infrastructure and tax reform, there are actually no major policies Trump can point to as evidence he did something to drive unemployment lower. To his credit, though, the promise alone of lighter regulations has helped maintain the current bull market.

  1. “In America, we seek stronger ties of business and trade with all nations of goodwill.”

Daniel Kovalik, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in the US state of Pennsylvania, observed concisely that US sanctions against Moscow “are in fact … economic warfare against Russia.” Despite repeatedly saying he would seek to improve relations with Russia, Trump’s administration has allowed measures antagonistic to Moscow to become law. Sanctions targeting North Korea and Iran included a late provision that applied sanctions against Russia as well. Trump said the sanctions were “seriously flawed” but let them become the new norm anyway.

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18 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Just Another NWO Apprentice”

  1. Funny thing is that the North Koreans only wanted peace agreement signed with US that guarantees US will not attack them. US turned them down repeatedly. Then they seen what they did to Iraq, Libya, Syria etc and understood there is no other way than to develop nukes.
    Then there is this ‘double freeze’ proposal which DPRK agreed to but US turned it down, again. Really, what do the North Korean are supposed to do?? Trust the US?? They are not stupid. North Koreans will not attack anyone, They are not suicidal unlike Deep State. This bitch Haley is a disgrace to UN. What the actual f..k is she doing there? Does she understand what diplomacy is? This mentally ill unwashed whore does all for Kimmy to reaffirm his belief that there is no other way because US never give up to take the Norks down.
    I hate commies but my money is on Kimmy this time around.

  2. WELL, possibly NOW, Americans will wake up to the TRUTH about the FARCE of UNITED STATES Corporation and STOP playing their game of Voting for either side of “2 sides of the SAME COIN”.
    You can SECEDE as an INDIVIDUAL or work much harder and LONGER to get your state or another state to SECEDE : RON PAUL talking with JEFF BERWICK about ANARCHISM :

  3. And I wonder why no other country has anything to say about this???? Is the American military really the tool for the British Hierarchy and possibly some other European power??? These war mongers have broken every UN resolution that is going and yet are not penalised by the way of sanctions – WHY???
    Why has America never signed a peace treaty with NK is it because of their disappointing war efforts back in the 1950’s? – some unfinished business I would guess.
    So now it is down to the American populace to effect change, and they need to do that now – this world has seen enough blood shed and stupid leaders ordering these slaughterings.

  4. the only two nations not controlled by jews are…surprise suprise…. Iran and North Korea! …”If you cant control them, destroy them”….
    And also notice censorship of anything relating to jews is at an all time high now everywhere, even on alt-sites like reddit/wordpress/etc.

  5. Also, i dont agree with this article that “iran deal has worked”. Its only worked, AGAINST IRAN bc its vastly overpowered:
    The EU+USA bascially stole of all of Iran’s bank accounts and told them they cant have their money unless they get rid of all their nuclear facilities. Thats not a “deal” is it. Thats jewish extortion.
    The article then goes to say that “sanctions are in fact economic warfare” – so how is it warfare if its against Russia, but not warfare if its against Iran? Both have nuclear facilities.
    Is it bc Putin is a crypto-joo that is still interacting with Rotshchild family while Iran is NOT?
    I challange anyone to prove me wrong on this. Try and give me a counter argument….

  6. Clearly in the minds of the CIA, elites, Establishment and others this is a true representation of a reality in which they believe whole-heartedly. It is obvious that to contradict such assertions would be deeply offensive. Mr Trump is clearly moved by this evident sincerity. His views, clearly, were initially ill-formed and could not stand the deeply honest and genuinely espoused ideas of the CIA, etc. Mr Trump is being dis-ingenuous only in the sense of seeking office that was above his status in life. The CIA for its’ part is a profoundly Calvinist/Jesuit oriented organisation with many employees messianic or sub-messianic in orientation i. e. it is unbalanced in composition. It, along with the Beltway (and notably the Washington swamp in general), is the Woman/Great City of Apocalyptic notoriety. These folk act in the greater interest of the People as have all such previous incarnations of the Woman/City in their opinion. They are the consummated sin of the desires of America for recognition on a world stage going back when.
    So in a sense Columbia and the Statue of Liberty represent the Woman called Sin in the Jar taken to Shinar – most probably, in the literal sense also in America, the Wyoming Craton.
    As for us, those of a different ilk, we suffer greatly from the ignorance of Truth among the above characters. This is a battle between a City of Light (as in Satan is himself turned into an Angel of Light) and our growth into Truth and Light as the heretic forces of so-called Darkness. We will prevail and the CIA will be extinguished. WE ONLY NEED TO WALK IN THE LIGHT OF LIFE.

    1. There are three kinds of people on this planet:
      a. the satanic psychotic 1%ers that rules humanity.
      b. the stupid low IQ 95%ers that makes up humanity.
      c. the remaining ones which are absolutely sick and tired of living together with the
      first two

  7. The “plug n play system” hasn’t changed since 4/12/1865.
    Having faith/trusting in man; any man, will always lead to disappointment.
    Ungodly Council(Wizards) coves up D. C..
    The scheme: make people believe that they have a voice/vote – when in fact, they actually do Not.🤡

  8. “Heads Up” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – September 21, 2017
    Where are all the Trump supporters? Better yet, why we’re there any ever given how blatantly dirty it was?
    Talk about an Orange Crush?
    Just so everyone knows this burner President Trump signed the Executive Order RV’ing America today, which forced the USNs into play, not because he wanted to but because He and BiBi gave the Chinese no other choice but to eliminate the USD openly from existence.
    Their alternative was prosecution before an international war crimes tribunal. They chose to walk away from every position at the last second and take credit for solving Middle East Peace.
    That was their legacy end game. Collateral damage sure, but the result will engender such peace in the world who really cares what the history archives tell us was actually real.
    Those cabal clowns literally waited until the last possible second. Now was that by benevolent design? No.
    Malevolent choice? It’s the only explanation–think about it–together they create me unthinkable levels of chaos and death only to suddenly leave as heroes with less than a whimper and family amnesty.
    Notice too how all of this new Mueller information is suddenly spilling out into the press. In essence prosecuting Trump in the media so there’s no need for a trial.
    That was and is the Elders.
    As for the manipulated and catastrophic weather events… it makes one wonder what PR did to deserve not one but two devastating hurricanes–spiritually speaking.
    Wasn’t the USA, Inc domiciled there? IRS? Federal Reserve Bank? FEMA?
    And what about Florida and Houston? Same thing? Different? Or both?
    What if God was benevolently letting all these low lying communities, cities and nations know that the cabal industries of oil, gas and chemicals were finished, and that the earth axis tilt is real, and soon His ocean waters will be rising to absorb their land.
    You know… maybe these hurricanes were a little “heads up” of what His larger plans were moving forward.
    And that these “week in advance” forecasted storms were just His gentle way of reminding residents that larger weather related events were slated to arrive by His merciful hand.
    Never to rebuild there.
    As for the two earthquakes in the general Mexico City area, those were both benevolent operations meant to destroy deep underground cabal hideaway bases.
    Notice how both quakes were equidistant between both North and South America’s.
    Some big, well known names were eliminated in those vaporizations.
    Hey where are the Bushes? Rockefellars? DuPonts? Astors? Vanderbilts? Warburgs? Lizards? Oppenhieiners? Loebs?
    In hiding is where. Or are they? Everybody is chalked. Including former Federal Reserve Board member families.
    Sadly the above ground rumbles took down extremely week structures and caused severe civilian losses of life.
    Collateral damage personified. Give to get I suppose. Sobeit.
    God is with us.

  9. Trump is doing what everyone hoped he wouldn’t do
    Trump is a phoney. The give away was when he pulled Churchill’s bust from the basement and put it back on display. Churchill was behind WWII
    I suspect Trump is controlled. Possibly compromised
    Not saying Hillary should have won

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