2 thoughts on “If COVID19 Forces Us to Work from Home, Fintech Will Be Used to Monitor Online Activity by Law”

  1. Always restfully, gentlemen having read of your flaccid concerns, I’m not surprised that you think Patriotism (a love of homeland) is a mere piece of Jingoism. Take all and in return give back nothing. The me, me, me, philosophy of soft dandies who never dirtied their hands in the physical world that exists outside of thought. Q What are you doing in the real world to change your perceived wrongs. Other than complain that is.

    Anthony P. Healy PS happy holidays

    1. This website has survived for the last 11 years by providing healthcare freedom to all of those who believe in what we do. That’s why they keep supporting us in return.
      Making the right technology work for those who still can think independently by themselves, is something not all geopolitical website do, at least not as early as we did… and we are not done yet.
      Those people, who have been here much earlier than you, are now laughing at the peddlers of COVID19 black ops because they are completely free from ALL biological threats since the day they’ve found us, now and in the future. That’s the lasting solution we have provided them and will keep on doing for the rest of the world.
      How about you? What exactly is your purpose here?

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