New Zealand’s Modern-Day Dystopia; The Imposition of Medical Tyranny

Firearms Banned, ‘New Dawn’ Magazine Censored, and the New Prime Minister Once Suggested Hunting Down the Unvaccinated, So What Could Go Possibly Wrong?

There is an interesting correlation in New Zealand between banning Semi-Automatic Weapons, its Covid-19 lockdowns and now censorship of a popular news magazine called ‘New Dawn’ which seems like old times.  In other words, New Zealand has become a Nazi-inspired police state that took place before and during World War II that would have made Adolf Hitler extremely proud. 

New Zealand imposed a ban on basically all semi-automatic weapons after what was considered a terrorist attack known as the Christchurch Mosque shootings.  What was strange about the mosque attack was that the video was deemed illegal and that anyone who viewed or downloaded the video would be prosecuted.  

Why is it illegal to watch a video based on one of the most devastating terror attacks in New Zealand’s history?  

Maybe the authorities did not want the public to see the video because they might have concluded that the massacre was an obvious false flag operation in order to ban ordinary citizens from having legal firearms in their possession, and maybe it was the start of a censorship regime to ban alternative news organizations from exposing globalist plans, government corruption and its constant lies on the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines. 

On March 20, 2019, Reuters published ‘New Zealand bans military type semi-automatic weapons used in mosque massacre’ reported that “New Zealand will ban military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles under tough new gun laws following the killing of 50 people in its worst mass shooting, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday.”  The report mentions how many firearms are owned by law-abiding citizens:

New Zealand, a country of fewer than 5 million people, has an estimated 1.2-1.5 million firearms, about 13,500 of them MSSA-type weapons.  Most farmers own guns while hunting of deer, pigs and goats is popular. Gun clubs and shooting ranges dot the country.

That has created a powerful lobby that has thwarted previous attempts to tighten gun laws.  Federated Farmers, which represent thousands of farmers, said it supported the new laws.  “This will not be popular among some of our members but … we believe this is the only practicable solution,” a group spokesman, Miles Anderson, said in a statement

Why do I believe it was a false-flag operation?  Author T.J. Coles made the case in New Dawn magazine’s Special Issue Vol.16 No.6 in an article titled ‘The Strange Story of Brenton Tarrant’ describes Tarrant’s background as making a fortune on cryptocurrencies to his travels around the world including Latin America, Europe, North Korea and even Ukraine. 

While he was in Ukraine, Coles said that the “Elements of the neo-Nazi Ukrainian outfit, the National Defense Organization (Carpathian Sich), reportedly translated Tarrant’s white supremacist manifesto, The Great Replacement.”  Tarrant supposedly sent copies of his manifesto to government officials in New Zealand and the media.  Roughly twenty minutes before the shooting, “Tarrant (or purported) posted on the online forum 8chan of his plan to livestream the massacre.”  The description of the shooting was as follows:

It was reported that at approximately 1:40pm local time, Tarrant entered Al Noor Mosque, shooting 42 people dead.  Upon leaving, Tarrant allegedly shot another person on the pavement before driving to the Linwood Mosque, at which point the livestream reportedly cut

The police arrested Tarrant before he could continue his plan to “shoot” more worshippers at the Ashburton Mosque.  Coles explains the events that led New Zealand authorities to ban the murder video:

Social media took unprecedented, coordinated steps of suppressing uploads of the murder video.  Within hours, the global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism had found 800 different versions of the video.  The videos are horribly pixelated for the usually high-quality GoPro.  They show piles of corpses before Tarrant had even entered certain areas of the mosque.  The movements of the people depicted are impossibly fast

Coles asked a legit question, “Was the massacre a real event conducted by special forces, but the video fake and designed to make look like a single killer?” He continued “With the exception of the worshipper who allegedly said to Tarrant, “Welcome brother,” no facial identities, other than Tarrant’s, can be discerned.” 

Coles connected all the dots which all leads to a conspiratorial fact, and the first dot is Stephen Millar who was arrested “unarmed” outside of Papanui high school wearing combat fatigues but here is where the story becomes strange, “But the Daily Mail reported: Police “released [Millar] who had taken a gun as protection when he went to pick up his kids from school.”  This leads to another connecting dot as described by Coles:

One of the Noor Mosque survivors, Adrian Wright, said that he used his Navy training to tackle Tarrant.  Wright turns out to be a deck officer who had worked for private maritime security companies.  The presence of a maritime security expert sets the pattern continued in the Bærum  Mosque shooting [Norway], allegedly by Phillip Manshaus, whose massacre was reportedly prevented by a worshipper, Mohammed Rafiq, who happens to be an ex-Pakistani Air Force serviceman.  All very strange    

According to an article published on ‘After terrorist horror, chief censor opens up: ‘The world can be a very brutal and cruel place’ New Zealand’s Chief Censor David Shanks said that the massacre at the Christchurch Mosque was “probably the most harmful media event ever inflicted on the people of one nation.”  And just like that, they made it illegal to watch the video.

A False-Flag and Then Comes the Weapons Ban

It seems that the government used the Christchurch Mosque shootings to ban semi-automatic weapons and other firearms so that the law-abiding citizens of New Zealand cannot defend themselves against a future tyrannical government under the watchful eye of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

The events leading to what I call “The Plandemic” is uncanny.  Following the weapons ban, the unthinkable happened, one of the deadliest diseases known to man, Covid-19 but I must emphasis that Thank God for a 100% cotton facemask that saved humanity, (of course I’m being sarcastic) so they enforced the use of facemasks or what I like call ‘face diapers and social distancing rules followed by government directed “lockdowns” and the people of New Zealand were basically defenseless. 

Then as Covid-19 spread, the authorities announced those who tested positive (from the inaccurate RT-PCR testing kits) for Covid-19 would be placed in “Hotel Quarantines” or what should be rightly called “concentration camps.’ As reported on August 13th, 2020, by Yahoo News Coronavirus: New Zealand’s extraordinary quarantine step as outbreak grows’:

New Zealand will put all positive cases of coronavirus in the country into hotel quarantine.  There are now 36 cases of the virus in New Zealand with 13 in Auckland alone.  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday she expected that cluster to grow.

Ms Ardern added the cluster of cases was “serious but being dealt with in an urgent but calm and methodological way”.  Health Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield told reporters on Thursday all cases of COVID-19 were “to be managed in a quarantine facility”

Censorship in New Zealand: New Dawn magazine Banned in Major Bookstores

In 2020, the New Zealand government-imposed internet censorship legislation which has afforded them the power to censor so-called “dangerous content”, but a public backlash came about, and the authorities canceled the legislative law.  However, the New Zealand government wanted to create an institution to study and pinpoint anything they deem disinformation, misinformation or what we normally call propaganda and that’s where organizations such as ‘The Disinformation Project’ which is obviously a government-funded entity comes in.  

One of the magazines that is currently targeted for censorship that they eventually want banned in all bookstores and elsewhere in New Zealand is called New Dawn magazine

Another article by based on the The Disinformation Project ‘Whitcoulls stocks magazine peddling mosque terror attack conspiracy’ claimed that “Nationwide bookstore Whitcoulls is selling a magazine peddling a number of anti-vax conspiracies and insinuating the Christchurch mosque terror attack was a “false flag” operation.”  The article said that “one issue features a two-page article about the Christchurch mosque gunman, suggesting he wasn’t the perpetrator of the 2019 terror attack that claimed the lives of 51 Muslim worshippers” but Kate Hannah, the director of The Disinformation Project or who I would call the lead chief advisor for censorship “said some of the commentary in New Dawn was borderline in legality.”

Kate Hannah is the director of The Disinformation Project, which is a Principal Investigator with Te Pūnaha Matatini, a think-tank based in Aotearoa New Zealand Centre for research for complex systems which is “funded by the Tertiary Education Commission and hosted by the University of Auckland”, in other words, they are funded by government entities.  Hannah is also a PhD candidate at the Centre for Science and Society at Te Herenga Waka which is based in Victoria University of Wellington.

Te Pūnaha Matatini is described as a place where “the meeting place of many faces” where they bring together “researchers from tertiary institutions, government institutes, private sector organisations and marae communities from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.”  However, an independent journalist by the name of Chantelle asked a question on what Hannah called the “Disinformation Dozen” and who funded The Disinformation Project.  Chantelle made a point followed by a question:

I’ve spent the last year talking to a lot of people obviously that are against the mandates and asking their perspective, and seeing a different perspective, to just the government narrative and its really interesting and I have to say there is a deep, deep, deep difference between what the government was saying about people and their true intentions and I think personally, to me when I’ve met tens of thousands of these people, the number one thing that people kept coming back to is that the government kept not giving people information and letting them make up their own minds up and giving them accurate information to the widest extent and not allowing different points of view. 

Which means that it polarized people.  And an example of this is, we have official information acts that show that Jacinda Ardern openly lied to everybody in New Zealand and the media when she said, we’re not considering vaccine passes, and she had already been briefed on what the pass would look like. 

So, if people see this information, then they see the government lying to them. And obviously that just extends wider questions around what else they possibly be lying about?  And if it’s about health.  Why are we not looking at things like healthier eating? Why are we not lowering GST on these items? Why are we not encouraging people to get outside?

These are the types of questions people have.  Why are we not talking about treatments, it’s just vaccines?  I think the whole community has a lot of questions, and rather than answering them, they’re told that they are stupid or irrelevant.  I know the Maori community…. “

Then Hannah interjects and asks, “So what’s your questions Chantelle”? Chantelle asked “So, I am concerned, that I think we are seeing government propaganda, continuously, and it’s only following a certain narrative.  Do you think the government has done an accurate job of representing all sides of this argument and giving people enough depth in enough studies?”

Hannah then said, “I’m not the government, sadly.”  Chantelle responded, “you’re funded by the government though.”  Hannah then sarcastically said, “Am I? Who are you funded by Chantelle? “Honestly, Independent citizens” Chantelle replied.  Kate Hannah’s response was an obvious lie when she claimed, “So am I, at the moment I’m funded mainly by my husband actually to be completely honest.  You’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do.” 

Well, ok, I guess her husband pays the salaries of the other researchers and probably pays the rent as well.  Later in the video, Hannah abruptly ended her speech by denying Chantelle’s mate, a scientist who was raising his hand to ask a question and Hannah said “umm, probably not keen to take questions from Chantelle’s mate to be perfectly honest.”  The video of the confrontation was produced by Operation People, and it is called ‘Why did she run away? Watch as Kate Hannah is questioned about her government funded research’ View the full video here.

So, we know Kate Hannah and The Disinformation Project is an arm of the government’s censorship regime.

Not only the government’s censorship is a major problem for the people of New Zealand, let’s just say, adding insult to injury, the new Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins made a statement back in July 2021 on those who were unvaccinated and said that the government will start basically hunting down individuals and force them to take the Covid-19 jab.  

“I think early next year we’ll be in the phase of chasing out people who haven’t come forward to get their vaccination, or missed their bookings and so on” and that “I want every New Zealander to come forward, but human behavior suggests that there will be some people that we actually have to really go out and look for, and some of that may spill into next year….”

The New Zealand Government is Imposing Medical Tyranny  

The New Zealand government has become a de-facto medical police state.  They have banned citizens from legally owning firearms, they have censured the alternative media and free speech, and they have implemented a medical tyranny that will attempt to enforce mandates on its citizens to take dangerous, life-threatening Covid-19 vaccines, it sounds like Nazi-Germany reborn.  What comes next? 

Unmarked vans with government thugs dressed in black uniforms that will kidnap activists on the street and forcibly place them in “Hotel Quarantine camps”?  Will they go door-to-door forcing vaccines on the unvaccinated?

New Zealand seems to be the shining example for the WEF, and their ridiculous plans for the rest of the world.  The people of New Zealand are starting to wake up to the scam and that is why the government banned citizens from owning firearms, censored the alternative media because they understand that once the people know the truth, there is no turning back.

The government of New Zealand and their WEF handlers are concerned with alternative news sources such as ‘New Dawn’ magazine currently sold in some bookstores and online that exposes the facts on the Christchurch shootings, on the real dangers of Covid-19 vaccines and other important news stories such as how the US and its Western partners support the Nazis in Ukraine

It’s obvious that the establishment is losing the information war and that’s why they fund The Disinformation Project as some sort of legitimate institution to censor real news that the public needs to stay informed.  The world needs to pay close attention to what is happening to New Zealand.  The people of New Zealand ae victims of the Globalist cabal who want total control over humanity.  Let’s support the freedom fighters of New Zealand, help New Dawn magazine get the word out.

Timothy Alexander Guzman writes on his own blog site, Silent Crow News, where this article was originally published.

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  1. Nothing really shocking about New Zealand; New Zealand is not unique in this regard. It merely typifies the global reality of societies being highly polarized between believers and activists of vaccine-affirmers and vaccine-deniers. We are leaving in a post-truth world where one can’t even believe anyone professing to be a scientist and far less a professional of whatever. Private profits have prostituted vertually every profession that previouly in the modern age were easily regarded as noble. But then whatever hit out elites, they rapidly allowed the world to slip irrationally into post-modernism; uprooting everything previously held sacred or scientific !

  2. It was a spin off from Australia’s madman on the loose, Martin Bryant who was their justification to disarm Aussies. Bryant was under psychiatric care but no one blamed the Dr whose job it is to protect the patients from themselves and the community from them too No one said it was a medical failure in duty of care which is what it was No they all being sheep just said ooh dear me we better surrender our guns in case we go crazy and start killing school kids too. Quite interesting actually to think about that “temptation” and the response
    Anyway they’re all nutters and it’s better they should all be locked up one way or another Thieving lying low life most of them drug peddling money laundering Well respected members of the business community next up the ladder of criminal communities under the new world orders rule of law,.

    1. The medical profession and sector has become so thoroughly corrupt and perverted under the bloating lard of capitalism and privatization that almost any genuine or psycho medical case under them can be weaponized by them on their own or at the behest of the various “security” branches and their specially initiated operatives. By the way, neither the national elites nor the business class can be universally condemned, there are many in their midst who are highly moral and responsible members of their respective societies.

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