US Actively Opening A Second Theater of Tension vs. China

The US is currently escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula in an attempt to provoke a response from China that would lead to South Korea’s increased military acquisition of new weapons, similar to what war merchants did to Taiwan much earlier.

Early this month, North Korea alleged that the US military is engaging in intrusive surveillance flights that violate its airspace and encroach upon its exclusive economic zone.

Pyongyang has issued a warning to Washington, stating that if these provocative actions continue, they may resort to shooting down American reconnaissance planes.

These heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula is primarily due to the large-scale joint US-South Korean War Games, during which the White House deployed aircraft carriers, nuclear-capable bombers, and Reaper drones to the region.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula are escalating further following the docking of a US nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea on Tuesday. This move is viewed as a significant provocation directed at North Korea.

Through a South Korea US alliance upgraded to a new nuclear based paradigm, we will make substantial efforts to fundamentally block North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats.

Yoon Suk Yeol, South Korean President

The arrival of the USS Kentucky, an Ohio-class submarine with nuclear capabilities, at the port of Busan in South Korea is notable as it is the first time such a US submarine has visited the country since 1981.

However, strategically, there seems to be no significant purpose for docking a nuclear-armed submarine in South Korea, given their ability to operate covertly and cover vast distances with long-range missiles.

It is highly probable that the move is intended to send a strong message to China.

China has strongly objected to NATO’s expansion into the Asia Pacific area and has issued a clear warning that it will respond firmly to any actions that infringe upon its legitimate rights. This warning was conveyed through a statement from China’s mission to the European Union, in response to the NATO summit held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

During the summit, the US-led Western military alliance criticized Beijing, accusing the People’s Republic of China of posing challenges to NATO’s interests, security, and values.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) employs a wide array of political, economic, and military measures to expand its global presence and assert its influence. However, the PRC’s strategy, intentions, and military buildup remain veiled in secrecy.

In response to NATO’s expressed concerns regarding China’s “ambitions and coercive policies,” the Chinese mission rejected these allegations. They pointed out that the NATO communiqué ignores essential facts, misrepresents China’s stances and policies, and deliberately attempts to discredit China.

The Chinese mission emphasized that Beijing is committed to firmly protecting its sovereignty, security, and developmental interests. Furthermore, they accused NATO of disregarding fundamental truths, deliberately distorting China’s policies, and smearing its image.

We urge NATO to stop its groundless accusations and provocative rhetoric against China, abandon the outdated concept of the cold war mentality, abandon the misguided practice of seeking absolute security, don’t mess up Europe and then try to mess up the Asia Pacific region and the world.

Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

China’s leading diplomat, Wang Yi, has also called on Japan and South Korea to develop a sense of “strategic autonomy” independent of Western influence and collaborate with Beijing to “reinvigorate Asia.”

No matter how blonde you dye your hair, how sharp you shape your nose, you can never become a European or American, you can never become a Westerner,” Wang said.

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