Russia is Setting Up An “AfroVillage”

The Moscow and Tver Regions are preparing to welcome 3,000 families from South Africa. In a rural area situated roughly halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, an “African village” is in the works as part of a five-year pilot program initiated by the African International Congress (AIC) in Russia. This project aims to settle a significant number of migrants from South Africa.

Representatives from the AIC, along with African diplomats and local officials from the Tver Region, recently held a ceremony where they unveiled the symbolic cornerstone of the village. The chosen location is near the hamlet of Porechye.

Konstantin Klimenko, who is the head of the Eurasian International University (EIU) and the general representative of the AIC in Russia, stated that the plan is to establish 30 settlements across Russia for Afrikaners who wish to immigrate. These Afrikaners, who are of European descent and have ancestral ties to Africa, are primarily Boers or farmers. Many are converting to Orthodoxy and moving to Russia due to the appeal of its moral, spiritual way of life, and traditional family values.

The Afrovillage is a component of the ongoing pilot project in the Moscow and Tver regions, aiming to settle approximately 3,000 Boer families. Should the project prove successful, the AIC and its partners have intentions to extend it to other regions within Russia.

Although construction of the Afrovillage has not yet commenced, the organizers of the project are actively working to establish a support network for the incoming settlers. Starting from September 1, the EIU will launch an online Russian language learning program for around 200 settlers.

Furthermore, project organizers have collaborated with a local farmer named Alexei Trofimov to establish the ‘Milkburg’ cheesery near the future village. The initial settlers, who intend to be dairy farmers, will be able to procure their supplies from Trofimov and sell their products through Milkburg.

It is worth noting that this settlement initiative appears to be distinct from the expansion of economic and educational opportunities in Africa, which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced during the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg.

In May, a separate plan came to light for an “American village” in the southern Moscow Region, intended for 200 families of conservatives seeking refuge from political and religious persecution in the United States.

Let us just get the terminology understandable for those who don’t know: The terms “Boer” and “Afrikaners” used in this article refer to white people of European origin. Since black rule in 1994, around 80000 of this people have been murdered.

The first attempt by president Putin to help this people (which I am part of) actually started in 2017 when visa requirements for South African passport holders were waived for visits up to 90 days. Since then there were several “fact finding missions” from here to different places in Russia. I am not aware of anything significantly negative found there during this missions.

President Putin deserves much credit by becoming the first head of state in the world to make it clear that this “Afrikaners” are welcome in Russia. Of the estimated 3 million who already immigrated to other countries, they were just “allowed” in after a battle which took some people up to 3 years – not “welcomed” !

It would be great if the Afrikaners can all understand who and what was the Soviet Union and who and what is Russia. In short for those who don’t know: The communist revolution was not something which started spontaneously in Russia. Karl Marx (who was not Russian, but German) ended up with his “communist manifesto” at the Rothchilds in the UK, who liked the idea, but realized that it would be too difficult to “sell” the idea in the UK. With their Rockefeller friends they decided to try to implement it in Russia, which was “too Christian” under the rule of Tsar Nicholas. Most of the Bolshevists, if not all, were transported by boats from the USA. Keep in mind that the Rothchilds and Rockefellers have no shortage of funds. There were also other rich contributers.

The communist revolution started and very soon Tsar Nikholas with his whole family was executed. Most important to understand is that the Soviet Union was dictated and financially kept alive with “western money”, mainly from above mentioned architects of communism, for at least 80 years.

This very same controllers of communism “trained” hundreds or thousands of “freedom fighters” from Africa, to fight “white colonial rule” for their “independence”, which resulted in complete dependence within 3 years or less.
The Afrikaners fought a 14 year war in Angola against these Soviet supporters and Soviet trained fighters. It was all in vain as the then minister of foreign affairs, RF Botha (Rothchild puppet) signed South West Africa “away” in favour of SWAPO, the terrorist group, who consequently took over the rulership and changed the name to Namibia.

Everything in Russia changed when the last Rothchild puppet, Boris Yeltsin, was replaced by the first real elected president Putin, since the communist revolution. The establishment knew that their game was over. They knew that Putin knew where communism came from. They knew that from that date, Putin will rule Russia and not the Rothchild gang anymore.

Understanding this, it is easy to understand the motive and reason why the Rothchild-controlled west was the mastermind and financial provider of the coup in Ukraine in 2014. When they saw the time as “ripe”, they started the war in Ukraine with provocation against Russia, which left them with no other choice than to enter Ukraine (and get accused of starting the war) to stop the Rothchild-controlled “west” before it is too late. The Afrikaners basically did the same by entering Angola.

It is very unfortunate to see how the mainstream media here in South Africa, in the name of “opposition”, succeed greatly (not completely) into mind-controlling the majority of the white population plus many others, into the believe that Russia is still the Soviet Union and that everything that Putin and Russia do is bad. The satellite TV broadcaster, Multichoice, used to broadcast RT, but I was told by them that it was not their decision. Their link from Europe was cut off – I was told. So, the only “other side of the story” is not available on South African TV anymore.

On the other hand, the ruling ANC, which came to power with Soviet help, also believe that Russia is still the Soviet Union. As this ruling ANC is a total failure, most of the opposition parties use this as reason to be against Putin and Russia, only because the ruling ANC support Putin and Russia.

As the truth can only be suppressed for a certain time, I believe that more people will finally “see” instead of “look and look, but see nothing”. The initiative from Russia as outlined in this article, will likely be a success. Very important is that it should not be referred to as “African Village”. “Afrikaner Village” would be the correct name. All my experience with Russian and Belorussian people are good and so I don’t think that there will be an integration problem. Those who choose to go there must realize that it is totally different from here and that they will have to learn to read and speak Russian – which is possible. I would say that those under 50 have a good chance to get settled.

Boer from AZ

On the other hand, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, strongly criticized the New York Times on Friday, accusing them of endorsing white genocide in South Africa. This came after the newspaper published an article that downplayed the significance of South African MP Julius Malema singing a song called ‘Kill the Boer’ to a large rally audience, suggesting it was merely a metaphor.

South African MP Julius Malema 

Musk, a billionaire who grew up in South Africa, tweeted, “The audacity of the New York Times to support calls for genocide is unbelievable! If there was ever a moment to boycott that publication, it’s now.” He also shared a link where readers could access Times articles for free.

The media outlet had argued that only “certain far-right Americans” interpreted the song, which Malema sang with the crowd participating in a call-and-response manner, as an incitement to violence. The song’s chorus alternated between shouts of ‘Kill the Boer’ and ‘Kill the farmer.’

The Times cited Malema’s court testimony from the previous year and the perspective of some “historians,” maintaining that the song should not be taken literally. They suggested that it was aimed at highlighting the government’s failure to address land ownership disparities between Black and white South Africans.

In an attempt to deflect from Malema’s calls to “shoot to kill” white farmers, the Times shifted attention to Musk’s retweeting of a video. This move, they contended, convinced certain right-wing Americans that white South Africans might be facing danger.

Musk responded to the video of Malema singing by tweeting, “They are openly advocating for the genocide of white people in [South Africa].” He also directed a question to President Cyril Ramaphosa, asking why he remained silent on the matter.

The New York Times was not the only one emphasizing Musk’s remarks while overlooking Malema’s stance. Mother Jones published an entire article discussing how white nationalists supposedly celebrated Musk’s involvement, dismissing the concept of “white genocide” as a mere conspiracy theory.

Malema performed the song ‘Kill the Boer’ at the 10th anniversary celebration of his left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters party. This party was founded in part due to Malema being expelled from the African National Congress, the party associated with Nelson Mandela, for singing the same song in 2012.

The decision to take in farmers from Africa is a wise move for Putin considering that agriculture is an expanding industry in Russia. It’s also good for geopolitics where everybody is happy, except the warmongers.

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  1. About 20 years ago, I began to look into Canadian history, the founding of Confederation under Queen Victoria. I was very proud, until I came across the Boer War that she authorized, and the fact that some Canadians volunteered for it. I was horrified. There’s a cartoon out there with Queen Victoria having a hard time crossing into heaven when she died because of what she did to the Boers. I looked up the history of the Boers in South Africa, and it was very enlightening. What a terrific, heroic people they are. I am mortified to think that Victoria and some Canadians took part in their persecution. I hope that the Boers can find refuge everywhere, not just in Russia.
    At the same time, I am very interested in your comments about the Rothschilds behind the Bolshevik war on Russia. It bothers me that a particular alien people, who make themselves aliens by opposing the very existence of their racial cousins, should be referred to as “the West” and “the West” made guilty of the Bolshevik acts in Russia. In my opinion, “the West” is not free but is controlled from within by self-made aliens who are using and directing governments and institutions to achieve their anti-Western and anti-human aims. I have the names of some of the Bolshevik bankers, but I would appreciate knowing a lot more about them; and their ties to the City of London; and to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. So, if anyone has any links to share, I will appreciate it. And more importantly, who are the successors of these mobster banks today? Who are the bankers behind the RIIA today, we know historical names, we need to know who is active currently. Thanks for your time.

    I am sorry to have to say it, but you do indeed have to be careful of Putin. He is “ex” KGB. Former Soviet dissidents have warned about him in recent years, including
    Alexander Podrabinek and Vladimir Bukovsky, who both said that seen from the inside, Putin is re-Sovietizing Russia. Then there is Christopher Story who edited and published the letters of Anatoliy Golitsyn, a high-ranking KGB defector to the USA who in the early 1960s warned about the long-term strategy of the KGB, including faking the collapse of the USSR to allow Russia to resurface and merge with the global institutions, the better to influence and take them over. I have done research on the situation in Canada and the USSR is not “dead”. The Quebec “sovereignty” referendums of 1980 and 1995 under the Parti Quebecois are not about Quebec independence, they are about globalism, world government and communism on the old Yugoslav model under Tito. In 1996, a book was published by left-wingers who lamented the loss of the 1995 Quebec referendum and of the “singing tomorrows” they had anticipated. That quoted phrase is proveably pro-Soviet.

    So be very careful. Don’t be misled. May God bless the Boers and keep you safe wherever you are.

  2. Well, it’s a very good gesture by Russia to be closed with the African continent and be relevant to its people in times of their need.,

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