Hypocrisy Exposed: EU’s Secret Russian LNG Deal Amidst Anti-Moscow Rhetoric!

The European Union is criticizing Moscow while simultaneously increasing its purchases of Russian LNG by 40% compared to prewar levels, benefiting from more affordable supplies than those from the United States.

EU authorities preferred to keep LNG data private, as it revealed an uncomfortable truth.

Global Witness, an environmental watchdog, disclosed that EU countries bought 21.6 million cubic meters of Russian LNG between January and July this year, a substantial 40% rise compared to before the war. The European Commission acknowledged these numbers but argued that they don’t provide the whole picture.

Starting in February 2022, the EU ceased all imports of Russian coal, reduced Russian oil imports by roughly 90%, and cut overall Russian gas imports by about two-thirds, according to Tim McPhie, EU Energy Spokesperson.

Since February 2022, the EU has ended all imports of Russian coal. It’s reduced Russian oil imports by around 90% and we’ve cut total Russian gas imports by around two thirds.

Tim McPhie, EU Energy Spokesperson

Despite the ongoing criticism of Russia, the EU remained the largest customer for Russian LNG from January to July, and there’s no indication that this has changed since then.

Most of the Russian LNG is delivered to Spain, Belgium, and France, with other EU nations like the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Italy, and Sweden also opening their ports to the fuel. It is then distributed to other EU members.

Ursula Von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, gave a grim assessment of Russia’s economy a year ago, but in the months following her remarks, the EU paid Russia €5.3 billion for liquefied natural gas.

Russia’s financial sector is on life support. Russia’s industry is in tatters

Ursula Von der Leyen, European Commission President

Experts argue that EU leaders are displaying double standards regarding Russia and making themselves appear inconsistent.

We don’t hear anymore Ursula von der Leyen saying that the Russian economy is in tatters because (the) European economy is in tatters And if we cut off the gas and oil from Russia, then, here in Europe, we would be in deep trouble.

Elijah Magnier, EU Foreign Policy Analyst

Some point out that poverty is increasing in the EU, suggesting that the LNG scandal is further evidence that influential individuals with close ties to the arms industry are driving the war in Ukraine.

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  1. The EU saying one thing but doing the other thing is understandable. More than ever they are in dire need of the Russian LNG to prop up their declining economy.

  2. When it comes to the EU, it is one horse that you don’t look at in its front mouth but you must unwaveringly stare at its rear mouth, for that is where all the gas is !

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