The Absurdity of Claim that Israel Knew Beforehand About Hamas Op

Nowhere in the world is right and wrong, just and unjust clearer than in Palestine. The defenders of the Israeli regime lack the honesty to admit that they only believe in the law of the jungle, and certainly none of the teachings of the Abrahamic religions.

Or, they plainly lack the honesty to admit that “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” only applies to them but never against them.

This, sadly, is old news.

There is a lot of talk that the Israeli regime knew beforehand about Gaza’s historic ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’ operation, but a deeper examination reveals its absolute absurdity.

Also doing rounds is a claim that Egypt warned the regime in Tel Aviv days before October 7 that a major event was brewing, but Tel Aviv irrationally ignored it.

For many decades, the mainstream Western media has been in thrall to the much-hyped abilities of Israel’s wardens, spies, and military members, but October 7 busted it all.

The idea that the Israeli regime actually knew about what was in the offing continues to falsely assign to them omnipotence and perfection which they clearly lack.

The most important logical endgame of this idea that “Israel knew, but…” is the idea that the regime let the disaster happen because it is ultimately going to gain from it.

That’s a very hard pill to swallow because truly anything can happen right now, as the situation is so unstable, and Israeli losses are already without parallel.

The best comparison for this idea is the belief that 9/11 was organized by Washington, which they orchestrated because they knew they could turn it into massively profitable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But the comparison here comes up short because Israel is nowhere near as militarily powerful as the United States and is in an infinitely more vulnerable position.

The United States is invulnerable to invasion – nobody is planning a simultaneous landing in Boston and Seattle, and no tanks are amassed in northern Mexico or southern Canada. The US is not surrounded by hostile forces who are waiting to free the Native Americans from their poverty-ridden concentration camps.

On the contrary, the regime in Tel Aviv is surrounded by resistance movements across the region, as well as the Palestinian armed resistance groups themselves.

The establishment in Washington is exponentially larger than the Zionist entity in hard power, soft power, population, GNP, technology, safety, quality of life – the list goes on and on, and it explains why the Israeli regime is completely dependent on US support.

Along with the bet that Israel let October 7 happen because it thinks it will profit suggests that the regime is actually in control of the situation.

Here are four critical aspects of the situation that Israel is certainly not in control of, and which also drastically reduces its ability to attempt to control the situation.

The quality of military equipment: It is not the 1990s anymore, and the West no longer has a monopoly on the best ordnance. Russia’s military technological supremacy over NATO is on display daily in Ukraine to anyone paying attention.

It was first proven in their successful defense of the government in Syria, and by the fact that there was no Western military attempt against Moscow in Syria.

Hypersonic missiles, superior electronic warfare, better military production – it’s both a long list and a list with very serious real-world consequences.

Iran is unarguably the world’s drone leader now, has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the West Asian region and is one of just nine countries that produce air defense missile systems, showing how advanced engineering has become.

It’s reported that resistance Gazan fighters eluded Israeli spyware simply by using Chinese Huawei phones, tablets and laptops, which obviously lacked the embedded spyware US products like Apple are believed to have.

This is another example of how it’s not the 1990s anymore, how the world needs to recognize that there have been enormous technological gains by non-Western nations in the 21st century, including movements against imperialism and apartheid.

The quality of morale: Fundamentally anti-Israel forces have won recently in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine and against Daesh.

Morale is obviously very high, and – as proven by the Vietnamese to the Taliban – nothing is truly more important in war than morale.

There is no reason for Israel to have high morale: all of the fundamentally pro-Israel forces keep losing, and the regime itself is wracked by internal crisis.

Why wouldn’t Gazans have high morale and wage such a massive counterattack? Much like the socialist-inspired Vietnamese in their fight against Japan, then France and then the US, Palestinians have been squirreling away better and better war materiel, and they too see which sides have actually been winning on the battlefield in recent years.

The quality of experience: All of the victories listed above have produced a battle-tested pool of soldiers and soldiers-turned-military advisors.

There is a reason why there are so many statues of people like Iran’s top anti-terror commander General Qasem Soleimani outside Iran, but not any statues of pro-Israel military leaders.

How can we compare the Israeli army, which is full of conscripts who have never fought in wartime conditions against a military peer, and who only fight with massive air support beforehand, with the forces who defeated (Israeli-backed) Daesh and US forces?

This is, of course, a serious question that may be answered if Israel dares to enter Gaza.

Beyond people, the equipment used in these wars of defense and true anti-terrorism actions has been battle-tested. Contrarily, the equipment used by Israel, the US and NATO is primarily made for sale – usually to their puppet dictatorships – and not for actual use, so even their equipment “lacks experience” winning.

This reality of inferior Western technology has been incredibly and undeniably evident in Ukraine. If people could just accept this new reality, then they would understand the world since 2015, when Russia began its intervention to aid Syria, much more effectively.

The quality of ideology: With the fall of the USSR, much of the world became ideological slackers willing to accept – despite all the neo-colonial proofs to the contrary – that liberal democracy was the most humane, most egalitarian and most modern socio-political model.

The precipitous decline of the West, kicked off by their Great Financial Crisis in 2008, and the concurrent rise of China and Iran have shown that alternative models – specifically those which are socialist-inspired and not liberal-inspired – are indeed superior, as so many billions believed prior to the implosion of the USSR by their elites.

We must remind ourselves that the European Union really only got started in 2009, with the Lisbon Treaty, and has flamingly proven year in and year out to be nothing but an economic, moral, political and democratic failure, greatly adding to the global ideological discrediting of Western liberal democracy.

It is not the 1990s: there is dissatisfaction, disrespect and danger, which is now associated with the ideology of Western liberal democracy.

Of course, the imprisoned Gazans never had a reason to trust the Israeli regime, but simply get on Twitter and look at all the Westerners who see the truth of Israeli crimes – something which was technologically impossible to do for so long – and you will see that Western ideology is wilting under even-handed scrutiny; modern memes abound and amuse, such as a current meme which reveals that the same countries which have sent arms to Ukraine are essentially the exact same ones which refuse to recognize Palestinian statehood.

It’s often true that in the West no amount of losses – military, scientific or political – and no amount of moral discrediting can make many of them realize just how far they have fallen since 2007.

This refusal to believe in any reduction of their power does not add to their actual power in 2023 – delusion can only carry one so far in the real world – but the four above-mentioned factors have clearly improved in favor of the anti-Israel resistance forces.

So the idea that the Israeli regime would willingly put itself into such an unstable situation at such a bad time for them – and think they can easily control it and even profit from it – seems totally illogical, definitely desperate and maybe even suicidal.

The regime in Tel Aviv has long been homicidal, but it is not suicidal enough to risk WW-III at such a weak moment.

Lastly, there’s the idea that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu – despite being less popular than ever – was somehow able to orchestrate a veritable standing down of Israeli military systems on October 7 as a way to create the inevitable unity wartime induces and thus save himself from corruption prosecution.

This idea implies a vast web of pro-Netanyahu people who somehow spectacularly evade the detection of the vast number of anti-Netanyahu Israelis, at least one or two of whom would surely have blown the whistle on such an operation.

Such a conspiracy beggars belief is a pathetic continuation of the false “omnipotence” theory of Tel Aviv and is yet another detracting of the agency of Palestinians, attempting to render the four above historical trends unimportant.

And it refuses to see Gaza’s unprecedented operation properly – as the latest collapse of the Israeli regime and the West since the US-caused 2007 Great Financial Crisis and the failure of the European Union.

Of course, the only truly known idea right now is that there are a lot of ways where things can go very, very badly right now.

However, the resistance axis is obviously stronger than in multiple generations, and the idea that the hand of Israel is powerful enough to control absolutely everything, everyone and every historical trend is less logically supportable.

Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. His latest book is ‘France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values’. He is also the author of ‘Socialism’s Ignored Success: Iranian Islamic Socialism’ as well as ‘I’ll Ruin Everything You Are: Ending Western Propaganda on Red China’.

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  1. That is a terrible analysis of the situation. Admittedly I couldn’t even read the whole thing because it was so bad. Just stop.

  2. They knew before hand and allowed it to happen, for their own ultimate gain. This is the Great Game.

    In the event of a wider war the Russians hands are tied. The Russians are tied up in the war in Ukraine and now the threat of another front is about to be open up against them using the false flag destruction of the Finnish Link Gas Pipeline. These are all coordinated and well plan events.

    Without any hope of Russian intervention and with the looming threat of American intervention on the side of Israel, the Arab nations will have no other choice but to stand down. They will of course sabre rattle alot, but with the Russians strategically sidelined by the West, they Arabs will have to bid their time.

    But notice what has happened since war has broken out in the Middle East, and the False Flag Finnish Gas Line narrative were conjured up this week. The Russians have scaled up their offensive against Ukraine. In just the single town of Adviedka this week, they have scaled up from dozens of tanks to hundreds of tank. This is just a small part of the front line. Against a single town. Not seen since the Second War. “The Second Woe”

    “The second woe is past; and, behold, the Third Woe cometh quickly.”

  3. Did someone break into your house and write this moronic, poorly thought out, wishful-but-untrue jibberish on your computer? Or are you a bit slow, too much CNN?

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