Netanyahu Turns to Western Mercenary Groups to Fight Hamas

Apart from receiving generous military backing from the United States and Europe, the Israeli military is resorting to Western mercenary companies in its genocidal campaign on Gaza.

Aside from the substantial military help provided by the US and Europe, the Israeli military is turning to Western mercenary companies in its homicidal war against Gaza.

Pedro Diaz Flores, a known Spanish mercenary, disclosed in a recent interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that the Israeli regime is recruiting Private Military Companies (PMCs) to achieve its aims in the besieged zone.

He revealed that “many” mercenary groups had joined Israel’s army, for which they are paid “very well.”

“So I came here for the economy, for the money.” They pay well, provide nice equipment, and the work environment is pleasant. “Complementary missions aside, it’s 3,900 euros [$4,187] per week,” Flores said.

Flores, who fought alongside neo-Nazis in Ukraine, mentioned how his organization helped Israeli forces.

“We only provide security support to Israeli armed forces troops or arms convoys that are in the Gaza Strip,” Flores stated, confirming the presence of PMCs in Gaza.

“We are in charge of checkpoint security and access control on the Gaza and Jordanian borders.” There are a lot of PMCs here, and they all work together. They have traditionally guarded border crossings between Eliat and Aqaba.”

According to photographs uploaded by Forward Observations Group (FOG), a top American PMC, American PMCs appear to be working in the occupied Palestinian territories assisting the Israeli authority.

FOG released numerous photographs and stories on social media of its members in Palestine, surrounded by a massive stash of weapons and donning military gear.

The mercenaries’ social media pages show them stationed alongside the Gaza border in the occupied regions, wearing the American flag on their uniforms.

In a January YouTube video, the group disclosed its presence on the frontlines of the Ukraine war, aiding Ukrainian forces in their fight against Russian forces.

FOG has promoted their gear through training films on its social media platforms and website.

Derrick Bales, a US mercenary and ex-US paratrooper, founded FOG and has come under fire for his relationship with Vadim Lapaev, a member of Ukraine’s far-right Azov Battalion.

Bales, a former US infantry soldier who also served in Afghanistan, apologized but played down the extremist nature of the Ukrainian fighters.

Vice News cited Lapaev as claiming that he regretted his previous involvement with neo-Nazis.

Aside from unconventional forces, the US has sent around 15,000 military personnel to the occupied territories since the regime’s renewed onslaught against Palestinians on October 7.

The Pentagon revealed deployments in October, including two US aircraft carriers and their associated escort ships, as well as the repositioning of an amphibious task force of approximately 4,000 US Marines and sailors.

An infantry battalion of around 900 combat soldiers, F-35B fighter planes, armored vehicles, and other weapons are among the sailors and Marines onboard the USS Bataan and two other warships.

Apart from billions of dollars in military aid to Israel, the US military continues to ship weapons and has pledged to provide more missile interceptors for Israel’s Iron Dome military system, small-diameter bombs, and other GPS-guided weapons, according to Sabrina Singh, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

In this context, the US is secretly supplying Israel’s air force with 2,000-pound “bunker-busting” bombs to be deployed against Palestinians in Gaza.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) story, 100 BLU-109 bombs, which are designed to breach reinforced surfaces to reach underground targets such as military bunkers, have been delivered to Tel Aviv.

The bombs, which have a warhead weighing more than 900 kilograms, are capable of piercing reinforced structures such as concrete before exploding, killing a large number of people.

The clandestine arms deliveries are being exposed at a time when the US claims to be pressing Israel to limit civilian losses in its Gaza military campaign. However, US-supplied munitions have been the primary source of high civilian deaths throughout Gaza.

According to US sources, an airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza in the early days of the war, which killed over 100 people, was carried out with US-supplied munitions.

According to another recent source, the US allegedly supplied phosphorous shells used by Israeli forces in an October strike on a Lebanese town.

The disclosure came after US officials raised “concern” about the regime’s use of white phosphorous, which human rights activists believe should be probed as a war crime.

Meanwhile, various Russian news outlets and specialists have reported on mercenaries fleeing Ukrainian territory and heading to the occupied regions to assist regime forces against the Palestinian resistance movement.

“Assistance and attention to Kiev are noticeably decreasing due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which cannot but worry the Ukrainian authorities,” a Russian news outlet said on Telegram.

“The transfer of Foreign Legion fighters to participate in the war on the side of the Israel Defense Forces can greatly affect the morale of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” X wrote in a separate entry.

“Is the West ready to close the Ukraine project and devote all its attention to a new conflict in the Middle East?” 

In this context, the use of mercenaries in Gaza raises concerns about responsibility and the role of the international community, as it exacerbates Palestinian suffering.

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  1. Genocide? Retaliation for genocide isn’t genocide. You are supporting terrorists and people who were given multiple opportunities in history to do the right thing. Israel allowed them to live on their land. Their own government uses its children and people as shields. Hamas is the devil incarnate.

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