DESPICABLE: Israel Settlers’ “Practical Plan” to Build Beach Houses Over Gaza Ruins

A coalition of Israeli settler groups—apparently supported by the apartheid state—has gathered to talk about a “workable” plan to establish the first settlements in Gaza.

This information is made public in the middle of the Israeli government’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.

The plan to erect homes atop demolished Palestinian dwellings is causing grave worries, as the conference is being organized by a coalition of settlement groups.

An Israeli real estate company called Harei Zahav published a concept for dwellings in Gaza. The company is well-known for building illegal colonies in the Occupied West Bank.

Startlingly, their commercials declare, “A beachfront home is real!, as the number of fatalities in Gaza approaches 20,000.

Several people have condemned the Israeli government for their blatant planning of additional colonies in Gaza, despite accusations that they are killing Palestinians.

Critics contend that the Israeli government’s overt post-genocide colonization plan amounts to additional war crimes.

Reliving the agonizing memories of the Nakba, in which Zionist militias leveled over 500 Palestinian towns and villages, is made worse by the construction of settlements on the remains of demolished Palestinian houses.

An extreme fringe of Jewish settlers is organizing with the help of the Israeli occupation army to promote a radical expansionist ideology centered on permanently uprooting Palestinians, while Israel continues its homicidal war in defiance of international criticism.

In an effort to fulfill an ideological pledge to conquer and populate the entire West Bank, settlers publicly support occupying the biblical land of Israel.

Leading advocates of this agenda even advocate for the violent eviction of over two million Gazanos in order to make it possible to recreate evacuated colonies there.

Beyond providing political cover, the slaughter in Gaza increases the resources and armaments available to radicals while eroding the legal framework that prevents vigilantism against Palestinian communities.

Since October 7, there have been numerous instances of settlers in the West Bank destroying property and uprooting Palestinians with almost complete impunity.

The sense of inflated power that the settlers are experiencing is also refreshing calls to annex large swathes of the West Bank and proposals to forcibly “transfer” Palestinian populations.

Leaders of illegal settler groups now explicitly state that, in the aftermath of conflict, “no one stops you or tells you not to do it.”

Rather than calm tensions, Israel’s genocide in Gaza has become a pretext for fulfilling a dark, messianic vision of Greater Israel built upon perpetual oppression.

It is feared that, without urgent intervention to halt settler expansion and violence, facts on the ground threaten to bury any faint hopes for peaceful co-existence.

4 thoughts on “DESPICABLE: Israel Settlers’ “Practical Plan” to Build Beach Houses Over Gaza Ruins”

  1. I refuse to that these people
    are “The Chosen One”. Maybe at some stage of biblical history they were worthy of the title, but not in today’s world.

    1. “They” are imposters and hypocrites “chosen” for exposure by the Almighty. It’s time for revealing of the biggest secret. Enough of this. There is nothing holy about Zionists. Holy people don’t murder their own brothers and sisters for profit or anyone for that matter. Thou Shalt NOT murder.

    1. So the jews moved out 2000 years ago and now they come back and claim the land ??? Little bit strange not? And instead of being thankful for what was given to you, you expand and steal the land from the Paletinians who lived there for 2000 years and you even make life for them to a real hell ……
      The world finally is awake and see waht Israel really is. You have once and for all lost their support worldwide. You better get accustomed to the new situation and keep your big mouth closed. The world does not need arrogant, selfish, parasitic jews.

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