CIA + CFR 66% Germany Depopulation Target 2025 Exposed

Ever since the 1960s, and even immediately following World War II, there has been a thorough profiling of surviving world economies. The goal is to learn more about which nation poses the biggest threat to the prevailing economic and military power of the day.

Upon identification, CIA operatives are dispatched to sow the seeds of discord that would ultimately demolish the community’s economy and cohesiveness. For the already enslaved industrial economy like Japan, or the relatively stable government like Turkey, geowarfare is eventually deployed when high profile extortion, political blackmail and assassinations fail.

The plunder of the Global South’s economy has been going on for centuries, and only recently have concerted efforts been made to put an end to it. Today, not only are the economic foundation of the West profoundly weakened, its geopolitical influence around the world is waning, too, case in point, the recently expanded BRICS.

In response to successive Western sanctions against their own interests, Russia and China combined their efforts to undermine the Hegemon economically, geopolitically, and militarily. The duo effectively garnered the support of Iran, Africa, a number of Arab countries, and the Eurasian heartland.

Recently, those Francophone countries in Central Africa have just kicked out the last vestiges of their colonial past by sending home French troops pretending to be operating against terrorist organizations, which were actually organized by the CIA and its allied NGOs operating in the region.

Not only is the Jesuit organized, CIA Mossad blackmailed, DC corporate government is wary about threats from abroad, the Dark Cabal is equally concerned about the threats of its power from domestic dissenters.

What would happen if the Collective West’s economy collapses? What turmoil is waiting when the financial system ultimately crashes, and the stock markets no longer attract willing victims?

Will the existing size and capabilities of the police force and national guards be able to contain the pushback from the public when the shit hits the fan?

This is the scenario that the Western elite are now most concerned about, and silencing the great awakening through social media censorship is not working, and certainly not enough. The dissenters must be physically reduced to a more manageable size.

These are the reasons for the scramble towards AI driven data gathering, biometric surveillance, development of automated anti-riot machines, and outright domestic biowarfare through coercive mRNA Cas9 injections.

To placate the population and render them immobile and totally pliable, painting the blue skies with toxins they have developed over the decades through chemtrailing has long been the New Normal.

Massive population reduction has been one of the most important agenda among governments in the Collective West. They’ve rationalized this with the myth of living in a planet with finite limited resources, and manmade CO2 induced global warming.

They have projected that when the shrinking of the physical economy becomes undeniable, and the money printing machines could not keep up with the illusion of its global economic primacy, as shown through repeated threats of government shutdowns due to Congressional disagreements on budgetary priorities vis a vis debt ceiling, street riots would become inevitable.

These are not theories of an idle mind, but the only intelligent explanation as to why they have projected the population to reduce to as much as 50% on average in these Western countries by 2025.

No wonder that the German farmers are shutting down the highways all the way to the parliament.

They are being systematically murdered in accordance with the long planned annihilation of the German population from 81 million in 2017 to 28 million by the year 2025!

Aside from the projected 66% drop in headcount by 2025, the German economy must also shrink from US$ 3.7 trillion to US$ 621 billion with purchase power parity to $14.7k from $50.2k in 2017.

The Zionist desire for revenge against those who murdered a lot of Khazarian Jews must still play a significant factor in this agenda, even to this day.

Surprisingly, the Russian population remains unchanged now and in 2025, implying that the departing Hegemon will be powerless to take any action against the federation.

Same case with China and India…

Another fascinating statistic is that the Philippine population would be allowed to continue to expand, despite being one of the countries that imposed a COVID lockdown and COVID vaccinations during the simulated pandemic, where mRNA related injuries and deaths didn’t make headlines because there’s not enough of them.

It’s most likely owing to the perpetual need for good hardworking English-speaking slaves in the US and EU, that they must use placebo injections only. Still, they would be the most expensive saline solution vials that the health department ever purchased.

Anyway, the above data came from the lesser known CIA and CFR insider website,, where a comprehensive data gathering has gone on for so many years, without everyone’s knowledge and obviously, with plausible deniability, as the information has been taken off from that website.

But the Wayback Machine versions can still be accessed from here:

Dr. Edwin Deagle, Jr. was the Assistant Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense. He was also the Director of International Relations at The Rockefeller Foundation, a powerful global “philanthropic” organization. Deagle was nominated by President Bill Clinton to be the Air Force’s Under Secretary in 1993, and according to a FOI CIA disclosure, he maintains constant touch with the agency, implying a close relationship with the CIA.

One paper, dated 1977, makes an intriguing reference to an event defined as “the most significant in the intelligence field since 1947.”

The full letter to then CIA Director Stansfield Turner from Dr Edwin A. Deagle Jr., the Deputy Director for International Relations for The Rockefeller Foundation. Source
The full letter to Dr Edwin A. Deagle Jr., the Deputy Director for International Relations for The Rockefeller Foundation from then CIA Director Stansfield Turner. Source

Yes, replacement theory via the ongoing mass migration is real, as cheaper migrant labor makes it more feasible for returning Western companies to thrive in the West, as they are able to compete with Chinese and Indian cheap labor force in the global market.

Finally, the Western media did not broadcast the complete International Court of Justice proceedings, in which South Africa presented a strong case of genocide against the Zionist State of Israel, nor did it cover the German farmers’ protest against their government’s decision to eliminate energy subsidies.

This reveals a lot about who the true enemies of the West are. There is no need to theorize.

John, a US Air Force veteran sent us this information, as he always does in his free time. Thank you very much, John.

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