Khazarian mafia still planning big false flag events but their defeat is certain

by benjamin
December 12, 2016
The Khazarian mafia is planning spectacular false flag terror operations between now and December 19th in a last minute attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being formally appointed as President of the United States, CIA sources say. However, the military forces of Russia, China and the United States are all working together now to remove the final vestiges of Khazarian control so these efforts will no more than the final thrashes of a dying beast.

There is also a very intense cyber-warfare campaign under way aimed to removing truth websites so that the Khazarian corporate media’s false world narrative can be reasserted, the sources say. This is what is behind the ongoing attempt to try to label the current truth revolution and the election of Donald Trump as being done by “Russia.”
The recent widely publicized Washington Post article that featured a list of so-called “fake news” sites cited information compiled by US State Department and Obama administration fronts like Voice of America, the Atlantic Council and the National Endowment for Democracy.

The fact is the real fake news outlets are propaganda organs like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, BBC etc. These are the outlets that still routinely report lies about 911, Iran, Saddam Hussein, ISIS, Russia etc. All of these lying corporate propaganda outlets will soon experience a change in management and will be forced to either report the truth or be shut down.
Both Asian secret society and Western agency sources report that a major purge is ongoing and that large numbers of people are “disappearing” in Asia and in the West. The outward sign of this has been the domino fall of Khazarian mafia controlled governments.
However, the Asian secret society sources say that information provided by the NSA claiming that Chinese President Xi Jinping reported to Evelyn de Rothschild was false. They say the Asians have been having a series of meeting where, among other things, it was decided that since Xi supports world peace, he will remain in power. Other world leaders, however, will continue to resign, the sources agree.
The most recent domino to fall was South Korean President Park Geun Hye who was impeached last week. South Koreans were infuriated to hear revelations from Wikileaks and other sources that Park took part in “Satanic rituals” and allowed Demonic spirits “complete control over her body and soul.”

There has been a strenuous campaign by the Khazarian mafia to deny any connection to Satanism but more and more insiders are saying it is very real. The images of ritualistic cannibalism at an elite party run by Marina Ambramovic are a reflection of very real cannibalistic orgies that do take place, bloodline family sources say.

A list of celebrities who attended this event can be seen here:

“The truth is the ‘Elite’ wouldn’t be doing public ‘mocking’ cannibalistic Satanic rituals or ‘Galas’ if they were actually not being actively engaged in such sick and twisted disgusting practices,” a CIA source points out.
A lot of information about these elite horrors will be coming out in the war crimes trials that are expected to start in January, 2017, several sources agree.
A CIA source says that “Obama as the CEO of the Corporate United States, quietly joined the International Criminal Court In 2010. Ten years ago George W. Bush gave presidential immunity to the Bush/Clinton crime family. It is over on 31 December. On Jan. 1, 2017 they can be arrested and brought before the ICC. This is the reason they are detained now, in house. This is being kept very close to source”.
“They will wait for Trump to be sworn in for sure then the shit will hit the fan,” the source summarized.
Pentagon sources say Marine General John Kerry will head the Department of Homeland Security who will purge it of Khazarians before starting a campaign to close the US border to “drug cartels and ISIS.” The Pentagon sources were informed that if they wanted to go after ISIS the first person they should arrest would be Senator John “ISIS” McCain. Such arrests are taking place with the big wigs scheduled to go down in the new year, CIA sources confirm.
In the meantime, financial warfare is raging. This was seen in a Bloomberg terminals outage last week Pentagon sources say. Hedge funds also got a body blow last week as the Supreme Court ruled 8 to 0 that insider trading is a crime even if the tipper gets no financial benefit from family or friends, the sources say. This ruling will make it much easier for law enforcement folk to clean up Wall Street, they say.
Also, Wells Fargo Bank has been purged of hundreds of cabal bankers and will likely be taken over by HSBC soon, the sources say. In a related move the private Swiss Bank Edmond de Rothschild was kicked out of China roth kicked out of China after many Khazarian proxies in that country were rounded up, the Pentagon sources say. The Chinese military for their part, say the only Western banks they fully trust now are HSBC and Standard & Chartered.
The US and Chinese military are negotiating a deal that will help bring on a global currency reset, sources close to the negotiations say. The deal involves trading US dollars for Asian gold and is being blocked by the Rothschild banking clan, the sources say. For that reason both the Asian secret societies and US agencies have been given the precise coordinates of the Rothschild clan leadership.
The White Dragon Society says missiles and aerial bombing should be avoided in order to prevent the destruction of priceless art work.
However, CIA sources who have long been battling the bloodline families take a harder line:
“Do they worry when they bomb & demolish historic ‘priceless’ treasures in the Middle East? NO, because their goal is not to acquire or save treasure but to attain total and absolute control. Didn’t the Cabal use strategic nukes on 9/11? If we want to take the control back of our beloved planet only an equal show of force will get their attention. That we’ll send a strong enough message that we mean business and that enough is enough and that is either their total surrender or face total annihilation…their choice!”
The Gnostic Illuminati is definitely leaning towards “total annihilation,” so bloodline surrender to the more moderate WDS forces is recommended before it is too late.
There already has been a Khazarian surrender in Syria. Here a ceasefire and evacuation of Aleppo has been agreed upon after Syrian government forces and their allies took over 93% of the city. In a definitely related move, the Rothschild controlled company Glencore and the government of Qatar agreed last week to buy a major stake in the Russian energy company Rosneft.

The Syrian war was started to force Syria to allow Qatar and Saudi Arabia to build a pipeline there in order to export gas to Europe. The Syrians refused because they preferred a pipeline controlled by Russia. So, the fact the Qataris have reached a deal with Russia means they have broken with Saudi Arabia over Syria.
The Saudis, for their part, have rushed to save their asses by sending Softbank’s Masayoshi Son to visit Trump to offer to create 50,000 US jobs using $50 billion of Saudi money. The Saudis are going to have to fork over a lot more than that just to pay the blood money they owe for all the horrific crimes their regime has carried out. Just ask the Yemenis.
The Saudi regime will be “taken care of,” as a part of an overall settlement of ongoing conflicts that is unfolding as the Trump regime heads for “triple entente,” with Russia and China.
This is why Russia and non-OPEC oil producers agreed to cut supply in order to raise prices and stabilize energy dependent currencies. The move towards more harmony can also be seen in the Aleppo cease fire was well as in a Russian agreement to supply Ukraine with the gas it will need this winter.
There is also expected to be some sort of breakthrough involving North Korea. A rare glimpse in the true nature of that regime came out last week when it “accidentally” revealed there are only 28 domain names using the North Korean .KP registry.

If you look at some of those 28 sites you can see clearly they are not managed by North Koreans. This disclosure may, together with the downfall of South Korea’s President Park, be a sign some sort of Korean Peninsula Peace agreement being in the works.
On a final note, there is more weirdness emerging from Antarctica. Last week a “large glowing blue cloud” appeared over Antarctica, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Does the Vatican know something about this cloud that we do not?
Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
We can all help the revolution by avoiding all Khazarian pharmaceutical drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.

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  1. I’m confused. If we are seeing such a revolution then why are white supremacist groups rising and spreading hate? How is this a revolution? It is retrogressive behavior. You are preaching change but the change we see IS NOT for the best of the United States and its people.

    1. For Jews like yourself, Israel would be a place you should settle in, where no “white supremacist groups.” Other liberals traitors, turncoats and sellouts can find their place wherever they believe they belong to, where they will feel safe from troubling “spred of hate” towards them. Basic stuff, Jew. Read Thomas Chittum regarding what happen when dominant culture dies.

      1. Just like your words of hate. You will be a short fire and lay silent in the end. The people will rule not the cowards you associate with. May God be with you.

      2. You talk of “white supremacist groups” but I’m just not seeing any such thing in reality. But if you are truly scared, by all means flee to Israel. Israel was put on the map for one purpose only: to get all the “chosen people” in one place. The plan has not changed. Israel will soon be but a highly radioactive crater, and humanity will finally have peace.

      3. Absolutely agree! People of European heritage are sick of the kikery, and there Jews better understand that their run is OVER! Give up, hand yourselves in, suicide whatever you want… Start praying that this time your ‘holocaust’ crap doesn’t play out for real! START PRAYING!

  2. HSBC is Rothschilds’ bank. When those Chinese gold and silver were taken over from China during the British Empire’s rule, it was HSBC that server as premier City of London’s (i.e. Rothschild’s) bank for that job. Isn’t that disinformation agent Fulford working his job wonderfully?

  3. HSBC is Rothschilds’ bank. When those Chinese gold and silver were taken over from China during the British Empire’s rule, it was HSBC that server as premier City of London’s (i.e. Rothschild’s) bank for that job. Isn’t that disinformation agent Fulford working his job wonderfully?

  4. And I thought Hillary Clinton is dead and they are going to announce it as Fulford said they would. What happened to Trump ascending to presidency? Didn’t Fulford say how Trump won’t be president, how Republicans are going to nominate someone else and Democrats as well. I think Joe Biden was Fulford’s name meant to replace Illary Clinton. And let’s not even go into Fulford’s lies about Putin being Rothscild’s agent. First thing OPutin did after ascending to power was to imprison that Rothscild thief, his fellow Jew Khodorkovsky, who lo and behold had transferred all his stolen wealth during the Jewish theft of Russia in the 90s to… yes, you go it right, baron Jacob de Rothschild from City of London where his lair lies. That’s just some examples of outrages lies Fulrford is selling to his readers.

    1. Rotschild’s fellow Jew Khodorkovsky, I should have explicitly pointed out. Putin is Russian. Finnish origins. I didn’t finish reading Fulford story, after reading his lie about HSBC, which served as Rotschild’s bank for centuries, not being Rotschild’s bank. Fulfors is sticking to that old axiom of disinformation spreading: mix 1 truth with 5 lies and sell it to the public. I believe Fulford’s truth is general direction of where his stories are heading: dismemberment of at least some of oligarchy in the west. He does have some insight into what is happening, so he’s being kept as the source of disinformation by someone for sure. He would’t have gotten the chance to sit one on one with David Rockefeller if that wasn’t true.

  5. How is this man even reporting on such issues? Freely reporting news of secret establishments with no repercussions. It seems as if this is more of a decoy than truthful updates. A healthy skepticism is needed to read these stories.

    1. I see his past articles have some contradicting information! How can we take you seriously Ben when one minute Hillary is dead then alive! Same for Soros among many other things you say! Can u explain why we still see Hillary and Soros in the news as well as explain all your other contradicting statements!You know which they are! This alone is worth its own article piece!

  6. Who were trafficking Opium to China in the 19th century?
    “The shameful opium trade in China, into which the easily corrupted Brits were drawn by Rothschild [Jewish] money, was in fact the brainchild of a British sephardic Jew, Elias David Sassoon. He was joined in this ignoble enterprise by another British Jew, Silas Aaron Hardoon, his partner in the firm E.D. Sassoon & Co. . . .
    Europe wanted tea, silk and porcelain from China, but China was self-sufficient and needed nothing in exchange from Europe. The result was a trade deficit in which Britain (via its East India Company) owed China an enormous and increasing amount of silver.
    How did Britain try to solve this tricky problem? It left it to the Jews who formed the nucleus of the East India Company to come up with a neat solution.
    The East India Company began to grow opium on its Indian plantations. It then transported the processed opium to Bombay and Calcutta [now called Mumbai and Kolkata, respectively] where the crop was sold by auction to “independent foreign traders.” [Then it was shipped to China.] This innocuous phrase—“independent foreign traders”—needs translation. It is of course a euphemism for Jewish merchants. . . .
    This, then, is how the British Empire became so powerful: by winning two Opium Wars with the help of Rothschild [Jewish] money. . . . The Brits grew rich on Chinese tea, Chinese silk, Chinese porcelain, and [annexed] Hong Kong on a 99-year lease. And on this they built their Empire, with the help of the mercantile Jews.
    What did China get in exchange? — Millions of opium addicts. By 1905, it has been calculated, 27 percent of Chinese males had become addicted to opium, with “13.5 million people consuming 39,000 tons of opium yearly.”
    [To visualize just how massive was this Jewish/British opium undertaking in India, a lithograph of just one opium warehouse in India is shown on the next page of this Article. It was depicted by Bengal Commissioner Lt. Col. Walter S. Sherwill.]”
    More here:

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