Rothschilds surrender US Corporation bankrupt USA Republic accepts shared human destiny

The Satan worshiping cabal suffered crushing defeats last week on all fronts multiple sources agree. The biggest news is that US President Donald Trump announced last week that the cabal owned United States Corporation founded in 1861 has been replaced with the Republic of the United States of America that was founded in 1776.
by benjamin
March 20, 2017
The Satan worshiping cabal suffered crushing defeats last week on all fronts multiple sources agree. The biggest news is that US President Donald Trump announced last week that the cabal owned United States Corporation founded in 1861 has been replaced with the Republic of the United States of America that was founded in 1776. For details on this see here:

That is why the talk of US government functions shutting down on March 15th as the US $20 trillion debt limit was reached failed to materialize. The debt belonged to the Corporation, not the Republic. The Corporation has been declared bankrupt and the debt null and void, multiple sources agree. That is because United States Corporation Secretary of State and slave to Corporation top shareholder David Rockefeller Jr. Rex Tillerson failed in his effort to get funding for it in Asia last week, Asian secret society sources say.
Japanese imperial family sources say Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger showed up with Rex Tillerson and both threatened the Imperial family in a failed effort to get them to cash a bogus 4京(kei) yen (40 trillion dollar) World Bank bond so that they could keep the US Corporation going and place their flunky Ichiro Ozawa as Prime Minister of Japan. Ozawa is despised in Japanese government circles and will not be allowed near the Prime Minister’s office so the request was denied, Japanese right wing sources say.
However, the US military is determined to get rid of current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Finance Minister Taro Aso, who blocked the deal, because they are desperate for funds to keep their international operations going. That is why they are flooding the Japanese media with stories exposing Abe’s scandals. Abe represents a faction of extreme right wingers who wanted to start a war with China and so is definitely tainted goods as well and will likely be removed.
There are ongoing discussions over exactly who to replace Abe with and the White Dragon Society is recommending the relatively clean and competent Hideo Higashikokubaru as an interim Prime Minister who would represent the consensus of the Japanese bureaucracy and other power brokers. Asian secret society sources, for their part, say there is no alternative to Abe at present and so he must be given a new script to read. The discussions are ongoing.
The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers also tried to keep themselves from going bankrupt by taking over North Korea. North Korea is the location of a vast treasure of precious minerals and other underground resources located around the sacred Korean Paektu Mountain, the Asian secret society sources say.
It can now be confirmed that the French Branch of the Rothschild family staged an assassination of a fake Kim Yong Nam in Malaysia recently so as to discredit Kim Jong Un and remove him from power. They hoped to replace him with a fake eldest son of Kim Yong Nam (Kim Han Sol) who they hoped to present as the legitimate heir to the Korean throne. The Asian Secret Societies were not fooled one bit by this and were told it was the Rothschilds, not the CIA, who were behind this failed plot, White Dragon Society sources say.
Rex Tillerson, for his part, publicly threatened last week to take over North Korea by military force on behalf of his Rockefeller masters. “Rex can bark all he wants for Rocky, but no war will be allowed on the Korean Peninsula,” is what Pentagon sources had to say about that.
There may be war in the Middle East though, in order to take down the Satan worshippers occupying the government of Israel, Pentagon sources say.
To force Israel to make peace US top general Joseph Dunford met last week with King Abdulla II of Jordan to cement an alliance against Israel, Pentagon sources say. As a result “Israel is now surrounded by a military coalition of Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey as the Big 3 [China, USA and Russia] force it to make peace,” the sources said.
Faced with this situation, Israeli Prime Minister and Satan worshipper Benyamin Netanyahu flew to China on March 19th to seek protection from paramount leader Xi Jinping. Pentagon sources predict “Bibi will also get no love from Xi who may demand a stop to Israeli attacks on Syria, a return of the Golan Heights, a two-state solution for Palestine and ISIS defeated so China can rebuild the Middle East and promote Eurasian integration.”
The Saudi Royal family is also in China seeking protection after failing to get asylum in either Japan or Indonesia, WDS sources say. While in Japan an obviously fake “King Salman,” who looked much younger than the real King and who was not senile like the real king, was paraded in front of the TV cameras. What this means is the real King is dead and Americanized Prince Muhammad Bin Nayef is now King of Saudi Arabia.
That explains why Saudi Prince Bin Salman flew to Washington last week to seek protection from Donald Trump. Protection was denied, Pentagon sources say. Trump also refused a bribe from Salman aimed at getting him not to enforce the “911 anti-Saudi terror law,” the sources continue. Trump is also now onto the fact that Bill Gates and Son Masayoshi were acting as surrogates for Salman with their offers of a $100 billion investment fund, they say.
Trump also refused to take a bribe offered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week not go after Rothschild flunkies like John McCain and Hillary Clinton, the sources continue. That was what was behind Trump’s public refusal to shake Merkel’s hand.
The Pentagon sources are also saying “pressure may be applied on France or special forces and CIA operatives inserted to rendition Obama [another Rothschild servant] from Tahiti to face drugs, wiretapping, sedition, and other charges.”
CIA sources for their part are saying that Anthony Weiner and other pedophile criminals are “singing like canaries” and providing the FBI with plenty of evidence about high profile pedophilia and related black-mail rings at the top of the Western power structure.
The Trump regime is also determined to finish off the illegal drugs industry in South America. That is why the US Coast Guard “not only survived budget cuts, but may even get more money, naval, intelligence and military assistance to bust the Bushes’ Colombian and Mexican cartels,” the sources say.
There is also evidence that efforts to stop drug money laundering are starting to pay off. US financial industry sources say South American drug barons have been using their drug dollars to buy Iraqi Dinar as a way to launder their money. However, since the Clinton/Bush faction lost the US election, these Dinar are never likely to become a usable currency, the sources say.
Asian Secret Society and WDS sources agree though that since years of “drug war” failed to do anything to eradicate the annual 2-3 trillion dollar illegal drug business, the long term solution is still going to be to legalize and regulate narcotic substances so as to minimize the damage they cause and keep money out of the hands of crime gangs. There are ongoing top-secret negotiations towards this end, the sources say.
Asian secret society sources are also saying that since the Western powers refuse to hand over control of the US Dollar system, they now expect it to be gradually replaced by a system involving “four or five” key currencies.
In the meantime, the Republic of the United States of America has agreed to support a Chinese concept of a “human community with a shared destiny.” This Chinese idea was accepted by unanimous vote last week at the United Nations Security Council.


The Chinese have also been given a green light to go ahead with massive infrastructure plans aimed at making the world more inter-connected. As a part of this, The Republic of the USA is ending all support for military activities in places like Africa and the Middle East aimed at disrupting Chinese infrastructure work, Pentagon sources say.
Western power centers have also begun to endorse the WDS proposal to set up a Western future planning agency to organize major projects to improve world living standards as well as restore and enhance natural eco-systems. This will mean replenishing the oceans with fish, restoring rain-forests, turning deserts and arctic regions green and expanding out into the universe. Hopefully there will soon be announcements to this effect accompanied by the release of massive funds to make it possible.
There are also preliminary negotiations underway to mark the new golden age with a new calendar system to replace the Western based Gregorian calendar. This would mean a reset to the year zero under a new world calendar. The system would be based on both the movements of the Sun and those of the moon. A committee of experts will work out the details.


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  1. According to ZETATALK General Dunford deposed the Feds board last year, after the coup that he headed. That was the first step in decapitating this hydra. The methodic path being followed is not something the public would understand were they to be privy to its implementation.
    David Rockefeller died a natural death at 101 years of age, nor will his death cause any ripples around the world. Does his death matter? The Rockefeller family formerly controlled part of the Federal Reserve, being on the Board of Governors.
    But Dunford took that control away from the board in 2016, retaining only US government control over the Fed, so Rockefeller’s death in that regard was irrelevant. His personal wealth pales when compared to Soros – 3 billion vs 26 billion – and Soros was attempting to destabilize the US and Europe, for his gain. Thus the Soros network continued after his death, with a double, where Rockefeller was allowed to die in peace.

  2. “The Lion roars and the whole world trembles; the mighty Bear mauls even Mother Russia; the Great Dragon spews Holy Fire and the Eagle screeeaaaammmms as if Leviathan were already clawing out her woken, loving, living heart and planting it into a worthless decision for longevity with claw-licking delight.” Does anyone know the origin of this prophecy? Obviously, the entire world assembly of leaders turned on Obama in the twinkling of an eye. No sooner did he have U.S. Treasuries traded to China to bail out the banks for Rothschilds than Communist China spilled the intestines of the Falun Gong into the plastics before cold pressing and it rolls right past 50 shades of blindfolds.The daughters of Eve, Israel and Abraham are drunk on the blood of the innocents and it is global infanticide. Liberations of Gaddafi and American female soldiers all over the world with their lack of modesty and electric toothbrushes. England drops out of the EU, pulling their Royal NATO forces and the Queen cedes the throne to William. Solemn, heartbroken Putin is going to let the dairy sector collapse and 24M infants will starve by Christmas; the mercy plan of the century, to stop them from being barren-burdens and involuntary organ donors. There are so many broken crayons in the U.S. they can’t even see the O.B. and maternity wards shutting down despite all the additional revenue in those facilities after the cockfight of the century in the U.S. Congress; let alone the tools of infanticide originated with Peking man…not Egypt! They slashed at the C.I.C. for bowing to HRH Salman Abdulazeez al Saud, when he was actually begging for help, but as you stated, the House of Saud can’t help itself. Benjamin Netanyahu a Satan worshipper? I doubt that ten-fold. His women are on the front lines because they are defending their HOMELAND. Even Bulldock of Australia won’t throw ample funds at the sex and trafficking rings to save the children, because there is no saving the children. It is the world against the Red Dragon, Molech Leviathan (the wreath), Pharaoh and Satan. The good news is, Leviathan gets bound for a time, a time and half a time and the regiments get cast into darkness equitable to obsidian from the land of Tob. Ouch, descendents of Cain, spitefully cannibalizing your own babies. Icy, evil, evil, evil, ugly, ugly, icy, icy, icy, icy heart of evil, ugly icy Hell is for you vile Peking man. (No, not all of them). Our God, the Alpha and the Omega is THE match for your alliance with Aton-Ra, you Jackals! There’s so much putrid dog-flesh around here those righteous protectors are going to turn blue, meaning they have met their demise. Our God doesn’t tolerate image keeping, let alone from the divine and protected bloodlines of the S’Rhoighal Mo Dheham, the legacy of the American Scotsmen…duh, boys. You aren’t supposed to be inferior to broads and dogs you traitors to the King of Kings! Pray, those of you that will. Pick up the sword of the King and follow to the victory. Can you NOT hear the pounding, relentless drums of the Great Ancestors of the sons of Shem? Boom, boom boom boom, get down ugly hell, icy evil ugly hell, get down get down goodbye icy evil ugly hell…it is time for the draft horses because the Scots have conked themselves out with rocks and now are tossing their giant cabars in front of everybody. The HORSES WIN! The King of Kings WINS! WE WIN! Hallelujah and AMEN!

  3. Holy cow !!!! the actual problem is lack of unity , humankind in all it’s amazing differences, is all the same , we all have the same needs , water food health a roof over our heads and basic desires ,,, so,,, the meaning of one ,, unity

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