Saudi Arabia to be broken up; Israel must choose between Netanyahu and Tel Aviv

The dismantling of the Khazarian mafia control grid continues with ongoing takedown of the leadership of Saudi Israelia, say Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.  In particular, negotiations are now taking place between Russia and the U.S. to divide Saudi Arabia into a Sunni zone controlled by Iran and a Shia zone controlled by Turkey, according to CIA and FSB sources.
Here is what the Pentagon had to say on this:  “Karma’s a bitch, as Saudi Arabia may be dismembered for what it did to Jamal Khashoggi, and Mohammed bone Sawman (MBS) may be forced to end the Yemen war and lift the Qatar blockade, while the U.S. may find new partners in Turkey and Iran after the Global Currency Reset.”
The other thing going on is that the long-awaited arrests of cabalists in the U.S. have already begun, the sources say.  The highest-profile of these are senior Goldman Sachs bankers arrested along with former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for looting money from that country.  One of the uses for the stolen money was to finance the Rothschild-glorifying film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
More of the over 61,000 sealed indictments will be unsealed after the U.S. midterm elections, but already, “Gitmo Air is wheels up,” the Pentagon sources say.
Another visible aspect of this is the cabal (Rockefeller faction) General Electric Corporation’s ongoing bankruptcy, the sources say.  This writer’s great-grandfather George Taylor Fulford was the largest single shareholder in GE before he died in a mysterious car crash in 1905.  All newspaper archives related to this crash have vanished, but his GE shares all went to the Rockefeller family via a corrupt trust fund, according to my grandmother.  So for me, this is poetic justice more than a century after the fact.  It is also important to remember that GE was intimately involved in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami mass-murder attack on Japan, since it was their nuclear generators that were supposedly at the heart of this crime.
In any case, the ongoing slow-motion stock market collapse will continue to claim corporate victims as the new Quantum Financial System goes online, the Pentagon sources say.
The sources also say,“ The migrant caravan [in Mexico] may have been neutralized with 15,000 U.S. troops to the border, as ISIS [Daesh], MS13, and other criminal elements were arrested by Special Forces, while Mexico has induced many to seek asylum.”  In other words, attempts to use this caravan to disrupt the U.S. midterm elections have been neutralized.
There is also high-level intrigue going on in East Asia with the remote-controlled hijacking and crashing of Indonesian Lion Air flight jt 610, CIA sources say., “This plane crash was part of a proxy battle for control of the Singapore financial system” sources said.
Here is the CIA report on the crash:
“The fall of the Lion Air JT 610 was intentional, there’s no fuselage left, most passengers will not be identified because there’s nothing left to analyze, and four passengers have been identified – one with a fingerprint one from a tattoo found on a piece of skin tissue, one from a tennis shoe that was seen in a photo worn by a passenger before the flight, and one from a dress that was wearing a passenger was seen from an image with his family before the flights. The bodies together with the plane have been pulverized.”
“The cockpit recorder, if found, will not be revealed to the public. If it is found the track will be irreparably damaged. It contains [DNI Note: probably 30 minutes, if note erased earlier at the parking with the proper procedure, in this case recording is only from 1st engine startup] the last 30 minutes of pilot and co-pilot [DNI note: and all the frequencies selected on the various comm panels, all mixed together] conversation. Most probably they realized that the control of the aircraft was taken over by remote. This information cannot be disclosed to the public.”
DNI note: We refuse to read or share this rubbish from a bunch of incompetent.
“Yesterday I was told that the 28 government employees in there various specialties were part of a white hat team who were negotiating an agreement with representatives of the Zionist cabal for the release of one of the gold bunkers on the island of Bangka this was to be used for humanitarian purposes starting with the Indonesian People (this was told to me by a person whom I trust and who is aware of these subjects). It seems that the Zionist cabal has given its answer to the negotiations by pulling down the plane.”
DNI Note: The aircarft nosed down 45°, they would have had only sea, no horizon, in front of them at their cockpit windows.
In addition other CIA sources say that the gold in question has long been controlled by the family of the long term Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.
Lee Kuan Yew was one of the few people authorized to collect the bonds issued by the banking cabal backed by gold stolen from Asia, the sources said.
Money has been recycled into the global financial system through the mining industry, they say. This is one of the secrets of the prosperity of the island state, they say.
I personally hold one of these bonds with a total value including interest of 1.16 billion dollars, this bond was owned by the daughter of pu yi, the last Emperor of China.
He lives in Japan with the new identity and has delivered it to me through a Buddhist temple with the clause being used to finance the creation of a meritocratic planning agency.
The bond is part of a series backed by 70,000 tons of Manchu gold for a total value of $ 4.5 trillion dollars, not 40 trillion dollars as erroneously reported above and will be monetized responsibly, when projects to save the planet who will be approved by experts and the work made available to the private sector, say the sources of the White Dragon Society WDS.
The bond was judged to be genuine and the cabal now under pressure because it has to keep the promises of monetization.
The Gnostic Illuminati told the WDS that they made four nuclear weapons available. WDS has informed the zionist cabal that it will destroy Tel Aviv and Basel in Switzerland if the securities will not be monetized. Later they will be destroyed New York and London Washington DC and Rome [DNI note: boooooom week… ].
If this seems radical remember that humanity has wiped out 60% of wild animals since the 1970s. This means that we are facing an event at the level of planetary extinction.
The funds are to be used to fund a massive campaign to stop environmental destruction end poverty and allow human expansion in the Universe.
Attempts to prevent the start of this campaign will be treated with the necessary force, including extreme measures such as those mentioned above, WDS sources say.
He also reminds us that we are asking high-level criminals to return stolen gold and these criminals have already been politely invited to return the stolen goods.
In any case these weapons are unlikely to ever be used because White Hats, US Military and agency are already on the case. Pentagon sources say: “the arrests of the cabal will intensify after US President Donald Trump will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris on the 11th of November, remember that it is the day of the veterans“.
It is also interesting that, at a small level, much has happened even to me since an obligation was handed over to WDS.
First the technician responsible for a popular Japanese web tv program where I appear as a guest (I was told that he is more than 600,000 views a week) was hit by a car on the night of Halloween causing the cancellation of the show for five months, just enough time for it to resume. Later the Japanese gangsters called me claiming the incident.
However they explained to me that the incident was due to gang rivalry and that nothing had to do with my appearance on the tv show. We could not identify them because the caller id did not appear on their phone call.
Of great interest, a woman victim of MK Ultra targeted with microwave weapons flew away from Spain to seek protection from the WDS.
It seems that she works for the Jesuits who are not necessarily enemies of the WDS.
What we mean by this is that while Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former head of the Jesuits, was registered by the NSA while he had boasted on the phone to be Satan, responsible for the attack of Fukushima on 3/11, the new head of the Jesuits and Catholics is preparing for a massive campaign to help save the planet say sources of p2.
As long as we agree on the need to save the planet, and many parallel efforts towards this common goal can coexist, then we can say that past rivalries can be forgotten.
We are also told by the Japanese gangsters that the Jesuits are ordering Barbara Bush’s cousin Richard Armitage and the Japanese manager Joseph Neto exert pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to execute their orders.
Both are monitored 24 hours a day. Seven days a week, and for the good of the earth we strongly recommend coordinating their activities with WDS.


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  1. The same stories told over time and time again.. Negotiations with the Cabal….. Now 61000 sealed indictments.
    Well if the stories are true that they have planted nuclear bombs in every major city of the world then they have us over a barrel! So how are they really negotiating terms then if indeed they are.
    The stock markets are maxed out and the US dollar is ‘losing’ ground to other currencies, but is it really or just simply once again changing form?
    Notice how nobody is really directed to the true Assassin Bug of the world, especially in the recent decades.
    It is not enough just to watch and wait, we all need to be doing at least one thing that will help bring these enemies of the human race down.
    Have a good weekend folks….

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