Much ado about China’s Hu; did he order Obama to resign or was Hu blackmailed?

February 7, 2011

High level sources have provided us with a flurry of contradictory news about Chinese President Hu Jintao and what promises he extracted during his January visit to Washington. A high level CIA source has said the Washington establishment was forced to promise Hu that Obama would soon resign, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve Board would be abolished and frozen funds would be released by March of this year in order to finance a new era.

Other sources including a senior Japanese leftist activist (a new but famous source) and a member of the British Royal family are saying Hu was blackmailed in Washington and would thus soon be removed from the Chinese power structure. Finally, senior Chinese sources introduced by the yakuza are telling us the so-called Dragon Family has nothing to do with China. What is clear from all this information, much of it from new and unverified sources, as well as all the revolutionary incidents being provoked around the world, is that we have entered a very sensitive time in the battle over the future of the planet earth.

The White Dragon Society has also now been contacted by an outfit known as Alpha Omega Station. Alpha Omega was the link between the US dollar and the Ruble during the cold war. During the cold war, the only way to carry out foreign exchange transactions between the US dollar and the Russian Ruble was to go through Alpha Omega Station, according to a senior Russian FSB and CIA sources.

Alpha Omega was given an unexpected new role in 1994 when the French, American and British Bretton Woods mandate expired and Western financial oligarchs could not agree on a new regime. The control over the dollar was thus temporarily given, the sources said, to Yuri Andropov, the head of the KGB. Our FSB source says that a high level conference was called in 1994 and various extremely senior people (mostly Royal family members) were ordered to bring 7 devices that controlled aspects of the financial system.

The boxes were stolen at the meeting by US officials (including Bill Clinton) and their Russian collaborators (including Michkael Gorbachev) in an attempt to hijack control of the financial system.

Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome security measures put in place and a secret war over control of the world’s money has raged on ever since, the sources say. The FSB is now offering to help reactivate the system, they claim.

However, Ambassador Leo Wanta, who claims to have been part of the operation to overthrow the US financial system has never heard of Alpha Omega station.

The FSB source, for his part, says the money Wanta got was part of a larger pool but that Wanta did not have the codes necessary to use it. We are not sure exactly what to make of this information other than to say that it fits in well with bits and pieces of related intelligence gathered in the past (such as unsolved incidents involving murdered Russians and empty safes rumored at the time to be related to the fall of the Soviet Union).

The Russian source also promised to provide codes to the Bank of Japan to prove his authenticity. This has yet to happen, however, but it may soon.

Meanwhile, Bank of Japan Governor and Senior BIS member Masaaki Shirakawa had the following to say about the negotiations towards a new Financial System: “We are in a constant process of finding a new model,” and that “we are seriously discussing how monetary policy is conducted…it is something we are working on.” Shirakawa also said the gold backed system used up until the 1930’s failed because “it was not flexible enough.” Shirakawa was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan.

The Chinese sources introduced by the Yakuza, for their part, said they expected vast funds to be released world-wide sometime by March. They claimed to represent a senior Southern Chinese power broker and added they dealt directly with Federal Reserve Board Governor Ben Bernanke. The release of the funds would come as soon as the paper work for a new foundation to act as a temporary depository was completed, they said.

These sources also said that it was Chinese custom for all Politburo members to take a piece of any business they gave the green light to and that they were immune to blackmail about this because it was part of the system they use.

The leftist Japanese source connected to senior state Shinto hierarchy for his part, said Hu Jintao had created a fake past for himself and that in reality he was a Japanese agent and he was being blackmailed about this. This dovetails with an earlier claim by a source linked to Rupert Murdoch that Hu was linked to the Japanese Sokka Gakkai Buddhist sect.

The sudden approach of new sources bad-mouthing Hu, however, raises my suspicions because as a general rule when new sources pop up and actively feed a journalist with “explosive” information, they usually have a hidden agenda. In any case, this is an internal Chinese matter they will deal with.

Things are definitely coming to a head soon.

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