The Federal Reserve Bank is now looting private bank accounts to keep itself afloat

by Benjamin Fulford

February 28, 2001

In a sign the end game for the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is truly near, several wealthy Americans claim the Feds froze their bank accounts and are stealing their money. In addition the Bush/Cheney/Clinton cabal have called upon the 800,000 richest Americans to unite behind them. The freezing of many accounts may thus be a form of blackmail aimed at forcing cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Gnostic faction has contacted the White Dragon Society to inform it they would continue toppling all autocratic regimes in the Middle-East and elsewhere. Sources in MI6 and the Japanese Cabinet have confirmed this by saying the Saudi Regime will be taken down after the Libyan campaign ends. Syria is also on the hit list, they say.

At the end of it all, they promise, maps of the world will have to be redrawn and re-issued because no autocratic regime will be allowed to survive and many artificial borders will be removed. In the latest sign of the coming changes, Pakistan has joined Turkey in liberating itself from Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate control.

The wealthy Americans, one worth $150 million and the other worth $180 million are among many who claim they are only allowed access to $3000 per month of their own money. They are planning to sue the Federal Reserve Board in an attempt to get their funds. Another individual who owned independent anti-government radio and TV stations in the North Eastern United States says his companies were seized from him, his bank accounts were frozen and he has left America to wait for the storm to blow over.

Meanwhile, a Rothschild family source says the Bush/Cheney/Clinton faction will become increasingly desperate and violent over the coming couple of months as their access to money is being increasingly blocked. “They are doing what they do best, that is to point guns at people,” he says. They are also stealing. That is why they have been looting private bank accounts and safety deposit boxes in the US. He predicts they will be able to keep their fraudulent government going until June at the maximum. He says this prediction is based on financial mathematics.

The game plan of the Feds, in the meantime, remains one of trying to provoke Americans into mass anti-government rioting in order to have an excuse to round up “trouble makers” and put them into concentration camps where they will be given lethal injections according to CIA and other sources. They still plan to use mercenaries now operating in Iraq and Afghanistan to do this. The Pentagon is still saying they will fight the mercenaries and will disobey any orders to harm American citizens.

In addition, our CIA sources say Henry Kissinger, George Bush Senior and other cabal members have been forbidden from leaving the United States.

Several sources are also now saying there may be an internet shut-down in the US before the criminal corporate government finally falls.

The change of government in Ireland means the Irish will soon be joining the Icelanders in refusing to have the average citizens pay for bank fraud through crippling debt. Ireland will find itself leading a Europe wide revolt against the secret rule of the Roman Empire and the banking elite. The elite in Europe have been warned: any government that from now on tries to steal from its people to pay for massive bank fraud will be removed from power.

On another front, an early April meeting has been scheduled between a White Dragon Society representative and several representatives of the Chinese leadership in Beijing. The Chinese have confirmed this through a special envoy to the White Dragon. However, no decision has been made yet on exactly who they will be meeting with in Beijing. The meeting will be aimed at creating a win-win solution to the various problems the planet earth is now confronting.

Finally, we would like to conclude this week’s report with a letter from Neil Keenan about the latest developments in the plan to start mass arrests of criminal secret government cadres. Much of it concerns the attempted murder of R.C. Dam of the Office of International Treasury Control. R.C. Dam is now under protective custody and has been extensively debriefed meaning any further attempts on his life will be too late and meanngless. R.C. Dam was the final signatory to the fraudulently mandated Federal Reserve Board and his testimony means the white hats now have the legal means and reasons to arrest all of the owners of the doomed Federal Reserve Board.


Here, again, is the link to that letter, which is on Ben’s other site.

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