Wars and turmoil expected to increase in autumn before old world order collapses

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August 15, 2011

The financial cyber-warfare witnessed in US stock markets following S&P’s downgrading of US debt was clear proof deep division remain at the very top of the global financial system. One side was trying to bankrupt Bank of America and cause the market to tank, while the other wanted to keep their stock Wall Street cash cow pumped up with fake money in order to draw more suckers with real money into the market. The result was a bloody draw. It is now certain there will be increasing global turbulence heading into the autumn as this secret war intensifies.

The first new dramatic event in the fall may well be a Turkish invasion of Syria, according to both Japanese Middle-Eastern experts and Turkish media reports. The fall of the Syrian government would remove a major Iranian ally from Israel’s borders but does not mean a pro-Israeli regime would replace it.

The other possible autumn surprise still remains a nuclear terrorist attack within Europe or the US. This would amount to nothing more than blackmail by the old world order thugs as they try to avoid bankruptcy and the loss of power by any means possible. Reports of such a planned attack appearing in both “alternative” and propaganda media outlets are a clear sign of this.

The situation in Israel is also expected to continue to destabilize as the US corporate government hurtles towards bankruptcy. Without US financial aid, Israel would not be able to maintain anything close to the living standards and defense budget it now has. The mass demonstrations by poor Israelis may well be a sign the aid cut-off has already been started by the Obama regime. Obama and his pentagon backers have already overseen a purge of Jewish Whitehouse staff, notably in the economics team, which is bad news for aid dependent Israel.

Obama and his pentagon backers are hoping to preside over a forgiveness of US debt and a new financial system. However, the controllers of the old financial system are doing everything in their power to prevent this from happening. The result may well be thousands of arrests of prominent financiers by a soon to be announced US military government. “We will put them in the Fema camps they prepared for ordinary Americans,” one CIA official promised.

Confirmation of this possibility came from both senior Rothschild and Japanese underground sources who say North Korea has promised shelter for over 1 million refugees expected to be fleeing the US but only if they promise to help reunify Korea on terms that are favorable to the North.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has also been hiding in North Korea for the past month to avoid a hit contract rumored to have been taken out on him.

However, this contract may have been rescinded recently. The Japanese yakuza underground, including the Yamaguchi Gumi, the Inagawa Kai and the Sumiyoshi Kai have all united into a single group and are under orders from their top bosses to lay low and take no action. The political right wing activists who want radical action “are poor and have very little influence,” a senior gang source said.

The Japanese underground sources have also confirmed that Columbia University Professor Gerald Curtis is now the senior CIA officer in Japan. Curtis would be wise to contact the White Dragon Society for an exchange of opinions.

The gang source also told this writer he had independently heard of the split in the ranks of the formerly unified cartel that presides over the printing of US dollars. He said Rockefeller and his oil company allies had offered a job in the dollar cartel to a Hong Kong Chinese. If this is true, it would indicate that side of the syndicate no longer has any major allies in either Taiwan or the mainland.

The source, who presides over a large network in Russia, also said that close to 200 Western oil company allies in Russia “vanished,” before the oil majors gave up and abandoned Russia to Putin and his allies. This was a major blow to the former Western oil cartel.

Another Japanese underground figure, meanwhile said he dealt directly with the Israelis who were arming Libya’s Khadafi. He confirmed, as did a Japanese cabinet source, that Khadafi was being attacked because he set up an African financial system independent of the BIS cartel. African countries were now able to buy oil from Libya using this new gold back currency but England, France and Italy could no longer afford to. These countries are also attacking Libya because their exploitative neo-colonial interests in Africa are being harmed by this currency. The Japanese government source said negotiations were now under way to split Libya in half and leave Khadafi in power amongst his own fellow tribesmen.

In Japan, meanwhile, negotiations are taking place to set up a grand coalition government consisting of the Komeito, Liberal Democratic and Democratic parties. This government would be able to have a large influence on the US political situation by declaring which faction has the rights to use Japan’s vast US Treasury holdings. Right now, the bias is towards Obama and his pentagon allies.

Overall, the deadlock will continue into autumn.

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