Illuminati desperation grows as final takedown approaches

Posted by Benjamin Fulford

February 21, 2011

More and more people are popping out of the woodwork these days offering startling new revelations about the crime family that runs the Federal Reserve Board. Here are just a few of their crimes: the creation of the Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof Group to assassinate politicians like Italy’s Aldo Moro, the use of falsified international treaties to seize control of global finance, the replacement of the real Dalai Lama with a stooge and plans to induce massive global starvation this spring and summer.

The reason more people are willing to come forth and testify is that they finally see the Illuminati, or gang (committee) of 300, Khazarian Satanists or whatever label you choose to use for them, as headed for a final takedown. Perhaps that explains the latest rash of attempts to bribe members of the White Dragon Society, including this writer.

The Satan worshipping owners of the Federal Reserve Board, however, are extremely fanatical about their religion and many continue to believe their plans are pre-ordained and unstoppable. Their campaign to overthrow governments world-wide, starting in the Middle-East is part of a plan to vastly hike oil and food prices in an effort to engineer famine and war by late spring or summer.

Here is some of what self-described Olympians (David Rockefeller has referred to himself as “Zeus” in the past) or committee of 300 members including Joseph Rattinger, John McClay, Fred Potter and Alexander King, among of others, have to say about their activities:

“When Queen Elizabeth II was enthroned, the ceremony was presided over by a committee of 300 (hereafter “member.”) leader.”
“We do not believe in God and worship Lucifer.”
“Whenever a US President speaks a member can be seen in the background.”
“The Club of Rome works for us.”
“We want a small and better world without useless eaters.”
“Industrial progress leads to population growth so we are dedicated to the destruction of the industrial state.”
“We remove any leader who, like Kennedy, stands in our way.”
“We were formed by an alliance between the Anglo Financiers and the Black Nobility of London, Venice and Genoa.”
“We have a chapter in Washington.”
“Interpol, Mossad and the FSB all work for David Rockefeller.”
“Henry (Heinz) Kissinger is one of our most important agents; he belongs to the Grand Alpine Lodge in Switzerland that controls the Italian P2 lodge.”

In a typical move by committee monster Kissinger he told Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “We will make a horrible example of you if you continue with your nation building.” Bhutto was later judicially assassinated by committee member General Zia-ul-Hak. The same people killed his daughter Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Prime Minister Aldo Moro was killed on the orders of committee member Bettino Craxi, who created the Red Brigades in order to have an enemy required to justify fascism.

This information was given to the White Dragon by committee members who thought it would convince us they were invincible and that attempts to bring them to justice would fail. They say their members hide in public places like 10 Downing St., Congress and the White House.

The US House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Energy is one of their main strongholds in Washington.
Meanwhile a Japanese agent who has sub-contracted for David Rockefeller and the committee had his own startling revelations.

According to this agent, the Dalai Lama was replaced as a young child with a committee selected candidate. He says the Tibetans of the Dalai’s clan, together with members of the Tibetan Royal family were trying to remove this impostor in order to liberate world Buddhist organizations from committee control.

The head of Japan’s largest Buddhist Lay organization, Son Tae Chuck (Japanese name Daisaku Ikeda) is in a coma and his organization, which controls much of the Japanese police establishment, was also about to be liberated from committee control, he said.

Also, committee agent Dr. Nakamatsu is trying to take over the cult Kofuku no Kagaku (Happy Science). Happy Science funnels money to the advertising giant Dentsu. Dentsu is used by the CIA in Japan as part of their media control grid.

The two top committee agents in Japan now were Nobuo Tanaka from the International Energy Agency:

and Isao Iijima, arch-traitor Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s former secretary. They are in control of distribution of dollars and yen created by the Bank of Japan. Korean pretending to be Japanese Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is also a Rockefeller flunky, the agent said. These traitors will all be hearing from the White Dragon society soon.

The agent had many more revelations that we will keep from the public record at present in order not to impede ongoing criminal investigations.

We can also now report the White Dragon Society has obtained copies of treaties such as Schweitzer Agreement and other international treaties that prove the so-called owners of the Federal Reserve Board and the US dollar printing machine have been using fraudulently altered versions of these treaties to justify their stranglehold on global financial transactions.

The same scumbags have been trying to take over various Middle-Eastern nations in order to loot their central banks, jack up the price of oil and start World War 3. They will be stopped. If any mass starvation begins, it will signal the start of a total purge of all committee members and their flunkies.

Representatives of a Southern Chinese power broker, who claimed connections with the Federal Reserve Board, also came to offer this writer an astronomical bribe last week. There is an Intaglia printing press in Southern China that prints US dollars and clearly the owners of this printing press wish to maintain their control over this particular dollar printing subsidiary. This can be arranged provided the Southern Chinese faction ceases to cooperate with the Satanist committee and their agents. No bribes, however, will be accepted by the White Dragon.

The White Dragon Societies calls for the creation of a new meritocratically staffed organization to replace the Federal Reserve Board and the IMF to take over the issuance of US dollars. It also wants a global economic planning agency to be set up to carry out projects, such as ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, greening deserts, exploring space etc.

The Rothchilds and European Royal Bloodlines, for their part, are asking for a sovereign island with two UN seats and unlimited funding in exchange for their cooperation. This is something the White Dragon can live with.

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