How the Cabal Maintains Their Power & How to Defeat Them

Here’s an article that features our post “Beyond BRICS: Exposing the Rats“, which should be very useful in furthering our Collective Enlightenment, so that those who fed on our ignorance will realize that there certainly are limits to their power.

How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent | Beyond BRICS: Exposing the Rats

Stillness in the Storm

Updated: April 4th 2015: Synchronistically, on the same day this article was published, a NOTICE and PUBLIC ORDER was issued by Judge Anna Von Reitz. The notice can be used to help bring awareness and take action to end the mandate of authority maintained by the cabal, one more tool in our chest for freedom.
The article below is a history of how the Vatican led, Federal Reserve System took over the world, stole the constitutional republic from the people, and installed a corporate slavery system, debt slavery, without anyone taking notice.
This is ESSENTIAL data for anyone aspiring to be free. True freedom, personal sovereignty, the freedom described by the founding fathers, can only exist with profound knowledge and willingness to defend that freedom, from those who would take it.
Before that article, I am going to describe all of the underlying core principles in simple everyday language.
Our True Relationship to Government
There are 3 key reasons why the cabal masquerading as government can lawfully maintain their control: Your Incompetence, Their Breach of Trust and Implied Consent to their Authority, by all the other ‘citizens’ of government.

The people’s relationship to government the world over is greatly misunderstood. Most people think we are the servants of government, that they are at the top and we are at the bottom. But Government is now, and has always been, a Trust Relationship, with the people over the government. Trust Relationships are managed under Equity Law, the Law of the Sea, otherwise known as Contract Law or Common Law loosely.
While there have been many claiming these laws are ‘bogus’ and irrelevant, this is not taking into consideration the whole truth, which I will attempt to briefly explain. The basis to our legal/lawful system is Natural Law, and free will consent. So long as consent is given, it is in accord with Natural Law, the ‘rules that are made’ once consent is given (legal codes and statutes) is where most of the erroneousness is contained. Natural Law is consent, man’s laws are the rules created, once consent is given, or implied. 
Law of Free Will: A trust agreement, or contract seems like some invention of modern society, but it is actually a principle of the natural world and has always existed. When two or more free will beings want to interact, they do so using agreements, and if we analyze life itself, we can see that at every level of interaction, there is always consent operating. Free will, in this sense, is ALWAYS honored, but since someone may not understand what they are consenting to (due to lack of knowledge), they may agree to something in the past, which is later discovered to be dishonorable.. The point is, all power and authority is actually an agreement between the people to be governed. Hence all governments, whether a Monarchy, Democracy or Republic is a trust agreement, an Corporation (Corporeal Oration – to make real through speaking, agreement).
This aspect of reality is understood deeply by our would-be masters, and they know that any power one person has over another is illusory. Someone can claim to be your master, but usually needs to use coercion, threats of violence, in order to compel your consent; fines, imprisonment, sanctions etc. This is a crucial point to understand, and while many people would like to believe we are totally victimized by the cabal, the truth is, our own incompetence and lack of action, gives them our consent. More on this later.
Lastly, the creator of the universe needs to be taken into consideration. For some this may seem like woo woo, but our would-be masters acknowledge the existence of a creator (albeit a distorted and fallacious concept of one), and in all honesty, so must we if we want to understand our true place as creditors and grantors of the estate; our freedom of mind, body and soul. These essential ideas must be accepted (at least on the surface) in order for us to understand how the systems on earth work.
The Creator Creature Trust and Estate

The narrative can be summed up as follows: The Creator is within each being in the universe, from small to large, and when free will acts, it is literally an aspect of the creator in operation. The powers that should not be known this deeply, and this can be seen by reviewing the Papal bulls of the Vatican. When the creator ‘sent us forth into the creation to move, breathe and have our being’ we agreed to do the ‘working of god’ and honor ‘his will.’ We were entrusted with a mind, body and soul to do this, creating our ‘temple within’ and help create a harmonious paradise on earth.
The powers that be know this, and have described it within their own writings. The covenants of God, within most abrahamic religions, are an example of this. Papal Bulls assert the Vatican and it’s trustees as the trusted consorts to god, stating until God or the people do otherwise, their rule is divinely ordained; until we dispel their presumption of god given authority. They say: until we ‘come of age’ and realize our purpose, those who have ‘come of age’ are entrusted to share their knowledge and educate us so we can do the great workIf we refuse to do the work, and fall into sin (ignorance of our original trust with god to do his will) a trusted consort to god must come in and manage us till we see the light; the Vatican and it’s agents in this caseBecause each person is a powerful embodiment of the creator, if we use our powers unwisely, we can create much chaos in the world. Until we come of age, and begin using our will to create harmony we must be managed like animals and spiritually dead things. While this is a sobering perspective to contemplate, it is in harmony with Natural Law, but the Vatican fails to do what god commands them to do (educate and uplift humanity) and this is a crucial point we will address later.
We need only look out into the world to see how this narrative reflects reality. Our world is being destroyed by war, environmental pollution and manipulation via deception of the people. Our world is run like a pirate planet.
Where things go horribly wrong is that our ‘consorts to god’ our would-be masters, are in Breach of Trust with god. They are morally obligated to share the truth and uplift us so we can become competent. More on this later.
How Did We Give Consent? Trust Agreements
Trust Agreements (contracts) are very simple. When you want to ensure something you own or manage is taken care of, while you are away – an estate, you can create an agreement (trust) with a friend who can manage it for you. You set the rules for management that your friend must follow in order for them to honor your agreement. This presumes: your competence to manage the estate, that you own the estate and that the person you entrust to it will relinquish it back to you upon your return. The person you entrust with your estate is the trustee, you are the grantor, and in this case, the administrator because you set the rules for how the trust is to be managed. Finally, you are also the beneficiary, because you benefit from your estate being managed while you’re away. This is the standard form trusts take the world over under many names, with three roles: Grantor/Administrator, Trustee and Beneficiary.
Your Incompetence: If you die, are lost at sea, or ‘go crazy’ (becoming incompetent), the trustee can claim as such, and gain complete control over your estate. Unless you present yourself, so as to dispel the presumption of your death or incompetence, the trustee stays in control. Their claim of incompetence or death becomes a cured fact in Equity Law. The key concept being, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU, in order to dispel the presumption, and regain control over the entrusted estate; in this case government. You must be present, which indicates you have come of age, and are able to use the estate entrusted to you by god; your body, mind and soul – and what you do with these things.
Breach of Trust: If the trustee does not honor the rules you set up, they are in BREACH OF TRUST. In order to reclaim the trust, you must notify them of their failure to honor the trust agreement (filing a UCC1 Financing Statement is one method). If you fail to do this, you are negligent, and by definition incompetent. Clearly, if you can not recognize that the person you entrusted to managed your estate is breaking your rules, then you must not be competent. As a result, the trustee can maintain control, even if you are alive and not lost at sea.
Implied Consent of all the other ‘citizens’ of government: This is the crucial point most people miss. The government is the trustee of the people, they have to do what the people say, or more accurately, if they CLAIM that the people want something, and the people do not say otherwise, now the government has a MANDATE issued by the people, as a result of their silence by consent. In other words, if the government claims that the people want to be enslaved, and the people do not say otherwise, they agree by their inaction. This is known as implied or tacit consent.
The cabal controlled government, the trustee, declared all of it’s citizens as incompetent, and enemies of the state (“Trading With The Enemy Act” (Sixty‐Fifth Congress, Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a.). This claim, under Equity Law, became a cured fact when NO ONE TOOK ACTION to notify the trustee’s of their Breach of Trust. As a result, the government now has a mandate, procured from the people themselves, to manage the people as incompetent slaves. Literally, we gave them permission to do everything that has been happening on earth. Granted we were unaware due to pervasive deception on the part of the trustee’s, but our inability to see the fraud, proves their case of our incompetence.
The solution to this is simple, yet long of action. Before we can solve the problem, we must gain knowledge of what it is, how the trust relationship was set up, and where things went wrong.
This is what happened:
When you were born, your parents declared you incompetent, and created an estate with the corporate government to manage your affairs for you, until you come of age; become competent. This declaration is accurate. Until you understand how the world works, what Equity Law is, and what your true status as a Grantor and Administrator are, you are not competent. Given most people have no idea about any of this, their claim is accurate in the aggregate.
If the government was honorable, it would disclose all of this to you during the course of your life and eventually you would take control of your estate. But the trustees are not honorable, and instead they do everything they can to keep you ignorant, offering all sorts of distractions to maintain your status of incompetency. By the time you do come of age, you’re more interested in distractions then you are in managing your estate (mind, body and soul), and taking responsibility for your life.
While you are growing up, the government quietly declares you to be dead and lost at sea. Since you are already considered an enemy of the state, you are a criminal under the 13th amendment, and can now be treated as a work slave. This is described well in the post The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite:
Many people think that slavery ended during the Civil War, with the ratification of the 13th amendment, but in fact the 13 amendment legalized slavery on a massive scale:

We will be discussing these treaties in more detail in a moment and how they go to the motive of the equally bizarre and false 13th amendment that converts every United States of America citizen into both a criminal and a slave, or a 14th Amendment US citizen into a piece of cargo- being worse than a slave.

Within the Equity System Managed by the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code, our estate is created at birth via the proof of live birth; a birth certificate. An Estate is an age old piece of technology developed for imparting trust from the original owner or creator, to a trustee or third party. For example, during the crusades, the volunteers would entrust their estate to a friend or family member, who would manage the land for them while they were gone. If the Crusader died or was lost at sea, then the friend could claim the estate as their own. And this is exactly what the Elite do for every birth certificate carrying individual:

The United States is the only country in the world that not only condones slavery but has embedded it as a religious and moral right within its own constitution. However, that is exactly what the false 13th Amendment says:

The 13th Amendment does not abolish slavery; it converts it into a claimed religious and moral right. The 13th Amendment does not end slavery; it just changes the name of slaves to criminals.

Let me read it to you: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

So if I am able to claim someone as a criminal, such as in summary justice – then I can make them a slave. How could anyone in their right mind logically conclude then that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery? It did not! – it institutionalized it to the present day under the Fascist models of the NWO 2.0 then the Third Reich and now the Fourth Reich.

Lastly, the Birth Certificate does not clearly state Live Child or Dead Child, and this opens the door for a presumption of death. Just like the family member who took ownership of the Crusaders estate, the trustee can claim that the grantor died or was lost at sea, so can the government. As long as you do not show up to say otherwise, this presumption becomes a ‘cured fact’ under Equity Law, and the government can step in and begin using your estate for their own purposes.
The Solution
Hopefully an underlying theme should be apparent, that complete knowledge or lack there of, is the root cause and therefore solution. Let’s address each of the key factors.
Our Incompetence: Since it is true that when we are born we are not competent, we must educate ourselves. Knowledge is power. How can we possibly hope to get our entrusted estate back if we don’t even know it exists or that we have claim to it? The information presented in this article is a great start. But memorizing a few facts, and filling out a UCC form is not enough, this knowledge is the first layer of the onion, we need to go all the way to the core. Our Estate is not a birth certificate, or a piece of land somewhere, our estate is our mind, body and soul. This is where the lawful/legal side merges with the spiritual side.
We must learn discernment, and stop placing blind faith in leaders and experts, because these are representatives, they represent us when we must present ourselves. This is done by gaining personal knowledge so we can see deception when it crosses our path, and call it for what it is. In this case, that our would-be masters, those who claim to be ‘consorts to god’ are actually in Breach of Trust with the covenant of god, because they hide the truth instead of sharing it; Dark Occultism. When we understand enough about these realities and present this truth to others we are proving our competence.
Breach of Trust: The trustee’s to our estate, must be notified as to their breach of trust. Now that we have done the work to gain complete knowledge, we must begin acting on this knowledge. If we continue to accept the illusory authority of government, we are still incompetent. For example, by voting for a president, you are entering into an agreement with the government which presumes your incompetence, and their status as authority over you. By our very action of voting, we give them our consent and validate our incompetence. In this sense, knowledge will become power, if acted upon. Either we stop consenting to all the forms of authoritarian rule (paying taxes, tickets and fines, accepting corporate justice from courts, etc) and in doing so prove our competence, or we do nothing and continue to issue implied consent. In this case, there is no grey area, there are no bystanders, either you’re working to be a part of freedom or you’re working with the cabal by remaining ignorant and inactive; harsh as that may sound.
Implied Consent from all other ‘citizens of government’: This last point is what unifies all the people of the world under a common cause; true freedom. Even if we do the work of educating ourselves, and then prove our competence by acting within this knowledge in our personal lives, there is still a whole world of incompetent and willing slaves to deal with. Because they have, by their ignorance and inaction, given a mandate to governments to continue slavery and tyranny, we cannot be islands of freedom within a sea of piracy. Remember, their mandate is maintained by deception and ignorance – they deceive people into giving them the ‘right to rule.’ As such our efforts MUST be focused on the unawakened and ignorant masses. When enough people have dispelled their own incompetence, by gaining complete knowledge of the problem, then we can act as a collective to dispel the presumed mandate of authority. Each person who is asleep is working for the cabal and doesn’t know it. It is our job, as those who have learned the truth, to reveal it to them, and allow them to become present, so they no longer need to be represented by government.
Final Message of Hope
The core problem is within each human being on earth, including the cabal themselves. The Cabal know the truth, and deceive us into accepting and maintaining our incompetence (ignorance). Humanity at large has been trained to be a slave race and accept authority as real, instead of illusory. The false belief in authority must be dispelled, by gaining knowledge of the truth, that there are no real authorities, only trustee’s given the power to manage our affairs, by our consent.
As such, any solution which does not address this, is only a stopgap measure. Even if every single Cabal member was magically transported off earth, the real problem would still be here, and another master would come in to rule the well trained incompetent slaves. As such, where we focus our time and energy is crucial. We must seek to gain mastery of ourselves, and in doing so reclaim our estate; our minds, bodies and souls.
As we gain knowledge and develop mastery we become deception proof and present our competence. Now we can look back in our lives and see how our actions helped maintain the status quo of false authority and tyranny and begin un-consenting by changing ourselves. Learning about health, law, and how to be honorable will help us dispel false beliefs, and empower us with real knowledge to act competently, removing any need for a ‘consort of god’ to manage our lives for us.
The good news is that the whole system is designed for this purpose in the first place. Our would-be masters knew that they couldn’t stay in power unless we remain ignorant and inactive. Like a magician their illusion only works if we can’t see behind the stage.
The control systems many have come to loathe (Legal codes, Equity Law, etc) are all based on trust agreements, and as soon as we become aware of this, we can take action, and the whole system of control works against the cabal and for us. Now we use the UCC and Equity Law systems to our advantage, making them honorable. In this sense, these systems are a tool, like a hammer, and are not evil in and of themselves.
Simply put, the whole problem, in its full scope and impact, involves all intelligent life on earth, as each being is contributing to the current condition. We must reclaim our true estate, our minds, bodies and souls and in doing so become the free and empowered beings we were always meant to be. Now our estate is used by us create harmony and the long sought golden age on earth, instead of the horrific NWO we seem to be headed for now.
Note about BRICS: There are many claims as to reforms that will change the system of control and slavery on earth, BRICS is one of them. While it is entirely possible some measure of relief maybe gained, given the realities described above, it is only a stopgap measure. We can be hopeful of a solution, but should not stop addressing the root problem.
More Data
The following is an extensive history, but is not the complete picture. For more on all this see:
The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government
Unam Sanctum and Cestui Que Trusts – The Convent’s With God Declaring Humanity Incompetent
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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
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15 thoughts on “How the Cabal Maintains Their Power & How to Defeat Them”

  1. Yes I do understand that the truth can set one free. But the reality is that as long as the cabal are in power, we are powerless. Other than not relying on government, we have no power in the courts or when slapped with taxes or fines. What can one do legally without being in contempt to their control, and prosecuted?

  2. Questions about Possible Lawsuit
    I am not a lawyer and am not hereby practicing law, but the following information is based on reference books available in a library that apply to one particular State in the the United States, that may serve only as an example.
    Based on the information in this article about the Cabal, it appears that the Cabal members may be guilty of Common-Law Fraud by Nondisclosure (omission or concealment) and Breach of Trust or Breach of Contract.
    Fraud by nondisclosure, a subcategory of fraud, is created by a duty to disclose between the parties.
    Outline of Elements:
    1. The defendant concealed from or failed to disclose certain facts to the plaintiff.
    2. The defendant had a duty to disclose the facts to the plaintiff (a question of law; thus, it is decided by the court not by a jury of fact-finders). [any one of four bases for duty is legally sufficient]
    3. The facts were material.
    4. The defendant knew:
    (1) the plaintiff was ignorant of the facts, and
    (2) the plaintiff did not have an equal opportunity to discover the facts.
    5. The defendant was deliberately silent when it had a duty to speak.
    6. By failing to disclose the facts, the defendant intended to induce the plaintiff to take some action or refrain from acting.
    7. The plaintiff relied on the defendant’s nondisclosure.
    8. The plaintiff was injured as a result of acting without the knowledge of the undisclosed facts.
    1. Four-year statute. The limitations period for a fraud action is four years.
    2. Accrual. A cause of action for fraud accrues on the date the defendant makes the false representation.
    3. Discovery rule. The limitations period does not begin until the fraud is discovered or could have been discovered through the exercise of reasonable diligence.
    A. Actual damages:
    1. Damages for economic injury.
    2. Damages for injury to personal property.
    3. Damages for personal injury.
    B. Exemplary (punitive) damages:
    C. Equitable remedies.
    D. Interest. The plaintiff can recover prejudgment and postjudgment interest.
    E. Court costs.. The plaintiff can recover court costs.
    F. Attorney fees. A plaintiff cannot recover attorney fees in a common-law fraud action. However, if the fraud claim is interrelated with another claim that permits the recovery of attorney fees (e.g., breach of contract), attorney fees for fraud may be recoverable if the same legal services were used for the prosecution or defense of the other claim.
    QUESTION 1: Does every citizen of the United States republic have individual “standing” in a cause of action for fraud?
    QUESTION 2: Is such an action for fraud eligible for Class Action status?
    QUESTION 3: Is there is precedent in case law (common law) in the United States or any State of the United States for such a civil lawsuit against the USA Corporation?
    QUESTION 4: Is there a lawyer or law firm interested in taking such a lawsuit on a “contingency fee basis”? A mere 1% (one percent) contingency fee is such a case could potentially amount to billions of U.S. dollars.

    1. If the majority is thinking the same way you do, Irie; just the mere discussions along these lines should make the enemy trembles.
      It would be just a matter of time.

    2. I been feeling uncomfortable about the control of government for some time now. I’ve come to the realization that a change must take place. Teach me and I will teach many if not all.

  3. United States Case Law (a/k/a Common Law) regarding Fraud by the United States against its individual citizens, severally and jointly.
    Maybe a lawyer who sees this article about the Cabal will be able to use the following information regarding United States government political corruption and the law.
    Honest Services Fraud
    Honest services fraud refers to a 28-word sentence of 18 U.S.C. § 1346 (the federal mail and wire fraud statute), added by the United States Congress in 1988,[1] which states: “For the purposes of this chapter, the term scheme or artifice to defraud includes a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services.”
    Black versus United States
    Black v. United States, 561 U.S. ___ (2011), is a white-collar criminal law case decided by the United States Supreme Court dealing with businessman Conrad Black’s fraud trial. Along with two companion cases—Skilling v. United States and Weyhrauch v. United States—it dealt with the honest services provision, 18 U.S.C. § 1346.

  4. Thanks for reposting my write up. I am really encouraged to see these ideas being discussed within the awakening community of late.
    If i may comment on some of the questions?
    Amos – the ‘justice system’ was corporatized in 1789, and there hasn’t been any true common law justice or ‘constitutional justice’ since then. What have had is Statutory Code Enforcement, and adjudication in a private court which masquerades as public. These technicalities aside, what it boils down to is mafia control. There is no justice, just a gang of thugs using their brainwashed henchmen to do their dirty work.
    Irie, I think this addresses your question about reporting these frauds to a D.A. or prosecutor willing to bring the thugs to justice.
    Since there is no justice system operating within the US (as the common man or woman would understand it) then there is no one within the system who can bring it down, without also rallying enough support from the people themselves to ensure the proceedings are handled properly. Which of course would mean abandoning the fraudulent statutory codes.
    While some statutory codes, like the Tax Code, acknowledge natural law (albeit in a very obscure manner), the powers that be are thugs. They break their own rules, and play all sorts of games to ensure your legally enforceable case is never brought to court. Consider the Redemption accounts of Strawman cases, and the present usage of bogus Amendment Notes within the Foreclosure Litigation system as an example of this. All of the major banks were found guilty of using fraudulent promissory notes, of all sorts, to foreclose on homeowners, and they had to pay a settlement to the homeowners affected. But the system didn’t fix the problem, it just made the litigation process more timely, and allowed the banks to continue fraud, so long as it paid the defrauded home owner a settlement. Which, by the way, was a few hundred dollars in most cases, for homes worth hundreds of thousands.
    That being said, in my opinion, since there is no true Justice System, we must become it ourselves. ITCCS is an example of this, and while there has been no tangible results, the principles are valid. The Enforcement of Justice, in this case Common Law, must come from the people, and since the people are largely mind controlled dupes and agents by proxy, a Common Law process will not be effective until enough people awaken, organize and rally together to ensure Justice is served.
    In my view, we are still in the education phase of the awakening, and every mind we open a door for will literally become a force for justice, once a critical mass has been reached.
    I also think discussion amongst the awakening community is essential for unifying our collective efforts to affect real change. Thank you dearly for participating.

    1. We are compelled by our common necessity to be educated along these lines; grateful and honored to have shared your work and ideas.
      Mabuhay, Justin!

    2. The creator has stated in the biblical stripture;” my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”

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