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Philippines is a beautiful country, everybody knows that. It’s listed as one of the best countries to retire on.

Why not?
It’s rich in natural resources, populated by English-speaking inhabitants and it has a thriving economy.
But digging deeper into the dark corners of its recent history reveals how this paradise known as the Pearl of the Orient is systematically made a living hell for the majority of its people, by the few “mestizos”.

Pedicabs or tricycles ply the streets in Dumaguete City. Instead of jeepneys, tricycles dominate the public transportation area in this retirement destination. (Cheryl Baldicantos)
Pedicabs or tricycles ply the streets in Dumaguete City. Instead of jeepneys, tricycles dominate the public transportation area in this retirement destination. (Cheryl Baldicantos)
Piece by piece, and through decades of heavy handed policies, these foreign collaborators and landgrabbers are accumulating vast and major portions of our sovereignty, forcing our countrymen to look for greener pasture elsewhere.
Ironically, those Overseas Filipino Workers [OFWs] are persistently sending an average $ 20 Billion annual contribution into the local economy, which is what keeps it afloat even during hard times, benefiting the Oligarchy even more.
The OFW bears the brunt of the highest social cost of all, i.e. the collapse of his own family.
The BS Aquino government’s religious licking on the asses of his Western masters provided him with positive media coverage and favorable financial credit ratings, yet those economic gains only widens the gap even further between the natives and landed mestizos.
Having full control of the local mainstream media, the Oligarchy has kept its power unchallenged until now…

The above videos are merely focusing on one notable clan, but the Oligarchy is bigger than that, and it is symbiotically connected to the dark agents of the Vatican that have been in control of the most critical institutions of the country.
Our job in the alternative media has just begun and it’s one Herculean task to wake up a nation divided and fully acclimatized to the Jesuits’ multi-pronged psychological schemes.
Once again, we are taking this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us for years now. We couldn’t do this without your help. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.

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  1. Having been in the Philippines, from Leyte to Luzon, I was always favorably touched by the warmth of your citizenry. I cannot comprehend any reason that your nation has been hammered by foreign invaders for the last 80 years. A supposition may be because some of the rumored “Global Settlements” are buried on your lands, and that the Cabal and western Oligarchs have since been attempting to steal your wealth. has made overtures of a bond redemption site and museum at It is stated that “… the government and in particular the people of the Philippines as part of the proceeds of the settlements will be used for the Reconstruction Projects”. I can only hope this becomes a major part of your history.

      1. Thanks again. I had read this before, but had forgotten the extreme number of years of suppression the Philippines has endured.

  2. Hi,
    I would be curious to know a little more about your collective. How many people work with you, how you got interested in this and how this sort of information is received in the Philippines. I trust you’re of Filipino origin.
    Here in Europe people just smile and change subjects when you talk about these sorts of things. Conspiracy theory and all.
    For info, there is a book called “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr, an ex-Canadian military intelligence officer. The book is a reference for the history of the Cabal/Illuminati. In it, he explains that immediately after WWI, 1920, the German High Military Command started planning for the rise of National Socialism, Hitler and the next world war. Basically, one German general started preparing a world wide network of contacts (business, political and industrial) and the Philippines was one of the major bases for this network.
    The book is free for download, if you’re interested.
    PS We have previously exchanged in the comments on Fulford’s articles.

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