Karen Hudes & Wolfgang Struck Using Myths to Muddle Global Financial Reset

There are multiple parties that have been using the fabled Marcos Gold, Yamashita Treasures, and bogus Maharlika land titles for extracting “membership and processing fees” from unwitting victims.

As of late, personalities like Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck, both claiming to have worked in the World Bank, and UBS, respectively are advertising their collective efforts to cause a global reset through the “Global Debt Facility”.
The problem with what these two self-confessed experts on global finance is that they are supporting their claims with spurious historical data, some even strayed too far from alternative accounts now beginning to surface here in the Philippines.
Even the documents they are using contradict each other in some ways. They may be thinking they can fool everyone outside of this country, but we can’t allow ourselves to be used for their nefarious activities.
And while they may be dropping the Jesuits’ culpability in all things financial and political quandary they are obviously doing this to project legitimacy, but even their own documentary evidence indicate they are still connected to Cabalist banks.
Below is a snapshot of her own document indicating she is “acting general council” to the Cabalist IBRD…
karen hudes
So, how can we trust these people?
Here are some of the few discrepancies we have noticed:
In an email sent by Wolfgang Struck to Karen Hudes on October 25, 2015, he provided his own historical background of the Marcos Gold:
It wasn’t Marcos who bought back the Philippines from the USA as there wasn’t a need to be.
Documents and direct video testimony by the living heir to the Kingdom of Maharlika, Prince Julian Morden Tallano, proved that the Treaty of Paris was paid for by the Tagean/Tallano family, among other local families, in the amount of $20 million in gold coins, which in turn part of  the total 1.2 million metric tons of pure gold of the Maharlikans.

In comparison, the liens that were filed against the Federal Reserve totaled up to 4.6 billion kilograms of pure gold [here], and another 2.4 billion kilograms against the G7 [here]. All these claims have resulted to the massive resignations of bank and finance CEOs, some presidents, and a pope [here].
However, after the payment for the Treaty of Paris was done, the Americans decided to occupy the islands, hence, the Philippine Revolution against Spanish Rule was followed with a revolution against the United States. The abuses of the Americans which triggered the Philippine-American War remained unacknowledged until today.

The “Marcos bought the Philippines back” narrative is aimed to support the idea that Marcos owned the gold of the Maharlika Kingdom, documented to be totaling 617,000 metric tons being deposited to support the establishment of our Central Bank.
According to the same video testimony of heir Prince Julian Tallano and Pasay City Court documents, the origin of the Marcos gold was the latter’s machinations, together with OSS Agent Sta. Romana, to charge 35% of the effort to recover the entire gold hoard from the Vatican “safekeeping” during World War 2.
The remainder 65%, or 401,050 metric tons, of pure gold is said to have been kept at the basement of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas building in Roxas Blvd. since then, but this was rebutted 10 years ago by our local historian who said that the entire Maharlikan Treasure is now under the name and control of the Vatican Church. Not to mention that they have successfully conscripted the 90% of the population to kneel at their false gods.
It was the Jesuits in the Vatican Church who borrowed the 617,000 metric tons of gold bars, and the sovereign treasure was delivered in person by Prince Julian Macleod Tallano, who suddenly died in Europe of a heart attack on December 17, 1939.
World War 2 was initiated primarily to gain control of the historical treasures of the East, the rationale to such action of which is written in The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, a Jesuit conscript just like Karl Marx.
The Yamashita WW2 Golden Lily Loot belongs to the Chinese Dragon Family and our people are never claiming that as our own. However, people like Hudes, et al. are lumping these historical treasures, i.e. Dragon Family’s and our Maharlikan Treasures, as one and the same.
So, as far as Struck’s email to Hudes is concerned, the only line that has some resonance to the truth is the portion “We have established, though, that the O.C.T. No. T – 01-4 is true, valid, and owned by Prince Julian Macleod Tallano”.
After that, we still have to verify if Queen Victoria is indeed a relative to the Tagean, because such claim would then legitimizes any British efforts against the country which they already tried more than a hundred years ago.
What comes next is another load of bullocks which only a deranged old man could do…
Wolfgang has mistaken Rizal for a Moses. But, we already know how the Jesuits work, i.e. spreading unverifiable fantasies to delegitimize a valid claim.

Dr. Jose P Rizal

Dr. Jose Rizal was not killed by the Philippine revolutionaries known as Katipuneros under the leadership of his fellow mason, Andres Bonifacio. Rizal was imprisoned by the Jesuits and sentenced to die in a firing squad. It was Bonifacio who exerted all efforts to recover Jose Rizal from the Spanish incarceration.
After winning the first waves of battles with the Spaniards, Andres Bonifacio was sentenced to death by musketry by the Spanish-American conscript Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the same man who ordered the death of Gen. Antonio Luna, one of those who paid for the Treaty of Paris with $1.2 million in gold coins.
In deep contrast, Emilio Aguinaldo, the self-proclaimed First President of the Republic of Cavite never won a single battle.

Gen. Antonio Luna

Both Bonifacio and Luna were the true patriots who paid the ultimate sacrifice to free their motherland. Ironically, they died not at the hands of a foreign enemy but from the Oligarchy whose descendants are still in control of the media, political and financial institutions today.
What we can agree on is the fact that it was Jesuit Rev. Severino Diaz, aka OSS Agent Sta. Romana, who worked with Marcos to steal 35% of the Maharlikan Gold as “commission for its recovery from Vatican safekeeping during WW2”. Marcos’s brand of patriotism indeed came with a price tag.
Subsequent plunder of the remaining 401,050 metric tons of gold of the Maharlikan Kingdom were to be facilitated by the Aquino Government that followed the Marcosian dictatorship.
During the Aquino administration, all state corporations forming the nexus of the planned full industrialization of the country were privatized with 60% Oligarchy ownership and 40% foreign owned.
These are the prime motivations of the move to proclaim the late President Corazon Aquino for the sainthood immediately after her death though the ABS-CBN propaganda network.
The entire political and financial oligarchy is moving heaven and hell to keep these facts from the people. These traitors are working with their counterparts in the US, Europe and Vatican to muddle the issues behind the Global Collateral Accounts, and our local Maharlikan Treasures.

“The Philippines was dilapidated, looted and now an impoverished nation because of the conspiracies made by some elite peoples, priests and nuns that are controlled by the Jesuits. Today, political crisis & intrigues, social agitations, street marches-protests-rallies, and rebellions are very common in the Republic of the Philippines. These arenas are the expertise of the Jesuit Order.
I admit I’m angry to the Catholic Church as I saw my poor countrymen living in despair. Why did the Catholic Church betray my countrymen and our country? They (Catholic Church) came into our country and my countrymen embraced them honestly and with respect.I have in my possession 15 sheets of original photocopied documents linking Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz (Opus Dei) alias Col. Santa Romana (OSS Agent), Gen. Edward Lansdale, Ferdinand E. Marcos, the late Archbishop Of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin and Baron Arndt Krupp for the looting of various gold and of course our country’s very own gold. And you’ll be shocked that the shadows and footprints of the Jesuits-Vatican will be realized once and for all.”

Bobby Limeta, NHI historian

We implore everyone to stop patronizing about Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck “Global Debt Facility”, or that of Landa Global Humanitarian Programs. These people are out to squeeze you of your hard earned savings.
Aside from Hudes and Struck, the Jesuits are also using another clown named Tiburcio Marcos who just recently added the surnames Tagean-Tallano to muddle the claims of the Tallanos, You can see Tiburcio’s version of the story at  8:15 minute mark:


It is our conclusion that since the Keenan Group has already recovered at least 70% of the Dragon Family’s collateral accounts, the Jesuits, through the effort of the above con men, are trying to salvage whatever assets they could get their hands on to, like the Maharlikan Treasure which with the cooperation of the local Oligarchy they might be able to control of.
This is not without precedent in World War 2 when Gen. Douglas McArthur fled to Australia with 50 metric tons of gold in cooperation with a Roxas from the elite circle, where the former was immortalized to have uttered the phrase, “I shall return.”
Return he did to ensure the full control of the Jesuits of the territory and its treasures for the glory of the Khazarian-Roman Empire.
What the Jesuits, or Knights of Malta Bankers, or Templar Knights, or Khazarian Mafia were doing then is too simple yet even a Marcos did fall into the Rothschild Swiss Bank trap: Replace all hard assets like gold and all other precious metals with fancy paper, i.e. gold certificates and bonds, which they have no plan of ever honoring in the future without a fight.
To prevent any nation from ever becoming militarily superior, they must:

  • educate and conscript future leaders of the country with fat incentives;
  • introduce “low intensity conflict” by organizing rebel groups with just enough capability to instill fear and abort economic progress;
  • spread different religions and fraternities to effectively divide and conquer the population;
  • control the media to broadcast endless entertainment and pornography of all sorts to keep the masses preoccupied.

020212_0806_TheLastSens9.png 020212_0806_TheLastSens3.png 020212_0806_TheLastSens6.png
The mechanism for a global reset is being implemented in a gradual manner to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Another reset, or debt jubilee dubbed as the “Year of Mercy” to hijack the real one, is scheduled by the Jesuits in December 2015.
The real humanitarian programs will be released without you spending a penny for any registration, or opening of a bank account. In fact, it may not be in the form of cash but in other tangible “quality of life” enhancers to avoid possible hijacking of the funds.
For the alternative history of the Philippines, please watch the following documentary. English narration starts at 10:00 mark.

Original copies of legal documents of the Tallano position are linked below:

Entry of Judgment – December 1991

More documentary evidence and direct testimonies are presented in our “Lost Land of Maharlika” article.

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  1. Thanks for this information. The thing that jumps out at me the most here is that regardless of which people or groups you believe, there appears to be much, much, MUCH more gold already above ground on planet Earth than currently discounted by our admittedly fraudulent markets. In fact, I seriously question if gold is even scarce. As the markets eventually absorb this the obvious implications for the price/unit of gold are not favorable.

      1. Based on me piecing together all of the different nuggets of information I retrieved over the last couple years I do not doubt it one bit. I’m very open minded to the reality that there may already be 2M or more MT of gold above ground.
        Gold is not scarce. Bitcoin is scarce.
        If we ever defeat or at least castrate the Cabal and funny money, counterfeit scams go away then the price/unit of gold measured in any fiat or even in Bitcoin would absolutely plummet.
        Part of the information I studied over the years suggests the Banksters were enticed to keep gold above $270/ounce because above that point enabled them to “lease” gold for 6% annually while only paying the Federal Reserve 1% annually to do so. Of course the entire thing was a huge scam and merely typical Bankster paper shuffling. They generated 5%/year literally without even legitimately giving or moving any physical gold.

  2. Both Karen and Wolfgang are frauds we know this but they just keep on keeping on….TVM is a con as well and his initials are often found on the sides of pages relating to the phony White Spiritual Boy/Committee of 300 documents. These documents are well known as fraudulent. I pray that in the near future we get the Global accounts opened so that the world can rejoice in new technology and rebuilding their nations and homes….All the best…..Neil Keenan………..

  3. A much needed historical clarification that the entire world should read and digest. Few, however, will because of their shallow existence, lack of caring, and the lies & omissions by Jesuit propaganda. Should the people of the world one day wake up, it won’t be because of their own doing. It’s because they will have already lost it all.

      1. I hope we get it done so others can continue being who they really are and that is a couch potato then so be it. I realize if everyone contributes this is over with immediately but one can never expect this and some are looking forward to the change with the Jesuits in charge. I agree with you but most are afraid of standing up not realizing that the alternative is death. Little do they know. It is 2 in the morning here and tomorrow I have to be on the other side of the island so I will say goodnight…take care and be safe

      2. THANKS for the website but want you to know I have seen much of the Gold (three football fields in one place) and this is just a bit of what is really out there….they have lied to us about gold, diamonds and much more…..Me

  4. I would like to thank the author of this fantastic article for putting in the time and work to expose not only the truth of this issue in the Philippines but also the mess that Hudes continually attempts to drag into the accounts….I will close off by saying this, “when I first spoke with Ms. Hudes just a few years ago she had no idea not only who the Dragon Family is but also the accounts. It is clear she has gone from the US owing the Germans gold (the Germans owe the US seeing they kept their hands in the Federal Reserve throughout the war and have never to this day paid back one cent) to the Japanese and the WB would open up the Accounts together (we stopped this) and now on to Wolfgang and I would think if the author of this piece wished he could do a nice little piece on Wolfgang himself seeing he has outstanding bar bills still not paid in the Philippines…..Agaiin brilliant work and research…I sat, read and loved it and keepiing me in one place this long is a feat all in itself. Thank you so much.
    Neil Keenan

    1. Maybe gold are real but the people who claimed that he is the owner of the whole philipines and gold are fraud , why ? One is claiming that he is the son of marcos from a previous princess is a big lie, the picture that they are posting in the u tube next to marcos and morden tallano is actually the queen of france , princess of Austria. Queen Antoinette. I have exact copy of thier so called first wife of marcos in my position.😀😀😀😁😁🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔

  5. Mr. Keenan, you are really obsessed, aren’t you? Philippines had kings before Spain came along. I suggest you read their history, another thing the Philippines is second to South Africa in gold deposits in the world, besides gold, silver, copper, platinum, gems, pearl, chromite, nickel, iron, manganese. Philippines never runs out of gold, even after 1000 years ago, There are videos called the God culture, it would tell you about their gold, Solomon”s gold, based on the bible. So the Philippines has always been rich in gold. There are trillion dollar goldmine still untapped. I hope you stop putting filipino people down, you don’t know about this country.

    1. Who are you kidding the assets that the Philippines claims to own during the Marcos era belong mostly to the Asian culture. Yeah you had kings and still do but they own little or nothing and that which they hold they can never cash seeing they are not the owners. It is simple. Marcos was an appointed M1 by the CIA and Marcos was also appointed as a nominee by the Golden Dragon Family. Nothing more needs to be said. Keep with your make believe history. And you had very little gold.

      1. why americans and you thinks you know our history much? what do you know? philippines assets wealth is always be philippines assets and wealth and not asian culture! ferdinand marcos is a CIA and USA victim and next is our country, your government conspired to make philipiines like hell and its not a theory, your government steals wealth from the philippines without our wealth your USA will be nothing and its no lie!!!! fuck you neil keenan you dont know anything about my countries wealth!!!! vatican borrowed that gold from maharlikan family to finance hitler in his war and it was returned by vatican to maharlikans through fr. diaz and atty. ferdinand marcos so stop your claims about yours-made-theory we have verry big gold and yours pres george bush acknowledges it, well keep pushing your theory man no one in the philippines believes you

      2. Yap… its true the gold is from the mountain , still today pilipino are still digging gold but they are the so… called natural gold deposit made by nature. We have plenty of them, i do know because i owned land that has gold bearing on it. People simply wash gold from dirt and sell them to the bank…🙄🙄😎

  6. We may have gotten a lot of information from differeny sources… We may have added something to our learnings about the Philippine History and the Treasures..
    We my have had leaders strong and lousy alike that managed the Philippines from the 1900s to the present…
    The way I see it, Vatican, America, England and all these NWO branches are the ones taking control of our nation, our world and even our lives.
    A lot of people talks ill and dislikes with them controlling us BUT NO ONE, so far, HAS THE GUTS TO DIRECTLY DISOBEY THEM AND STEP OUT OF THIS CORRUPT, EVIL SYSTEM.

    1. Your answer is in the book of Daniel. The USA/BRITIAN will rule until the Christ destroys them. Fight them, you will perish. Stay neutral

    2. Zephaniah 1:18. ” Neither their Silver nor their Gold will be able to deliver THEM in the day of ‘Divine Wrath”
      Ezekiel 7:19. ‘Into the streets they will throw their very Silver and an abhorrent thing, their on GOLD will become”.
      Is this what makes the world spin around – REALLY?
      Is this what produces food, is this what promotes LOVE or LUST?
      Get with it people and find your GOD in yourselves.

  7. This website is a pile of SHIT and is part of the establishment in protecting the crimes of the Bankers ans attempting to discredit the whistle blowers. This is the first and last time I will ever read the shit on this crap site!!!

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