"Crackas With Attitude" Hacking Group Penetrate US Police Databases

That same hacking group that successfully penetrated the CIA Chief email account has done it again, this time penetrating US Police systems.
This goes to show that the system comprising the very backbone of the fascist technocratic dictatorship is not completely immune to attacks.

When all those who have the right skills for the right job bond together and do something, we can tear this whole system down any given day. This is our first responsibility.
Those people who are constantly using the universal excuse of “just following orders” have misplaced their allegiance to a fascist dictatorship. They need to be reminded who provided them their salary.

Hackers Who Targeted CIA Director Turn Attacks on FBI, US Cops

A hacker
04:16 10.11.2015(updated 05:25 10.11.2015)
The group, which goes by the name “Crackas With Attitude,” first gained access to the law enforcement systems that allow police to share information in real time. A screenshot of the database was shared on one of the member’s Twitter accounts.


The screenshot shows the Joint Automated Booking System, or JABS, a federal arrest system used by both local and federal law enforcement departments that features a real-time chat and file transfer service for officers.
Unlike the previous breach of CIA Director Brennan’s email, which the hacking group claims they obtained through social engineering his service providers into giving him information, for the FBI database they claim to have exploited a flow in the system.
Another account tweeted a screenshot of activist-turned-political-prisoner Jeremy Hammond’s arrest records, including the names and phone numbers of the agents involved in his railroading.


On Thursday, coinciding with the Million Mask March protests, the group also posted a link to personal information for over 2,200 members of law enforcement and federal agents. They claim to have personal data on 34,000 government employees and military personnel.
The group claims that by infiltrating JABS, they now have access to a long list of programs and resources, including the Enterprise File Transfer Service, Cyber Shield Alliance, DFS Test, eGuardian Training, IC3, IDEAFX, Intelink, Intelink IM, and Justice Enterprise File Sharing, Special Interest Group, Virtual Command Center, National Data Exchange, National Gang Intelligence Center, Repository for Individuals of Special Concern, RISSNET, ViCAP Web National Crime Database, Active Shooter Resources Page, Malware Investigator, Homeland Security Information Network, and eGuardian.
It is currently unclear how much data they have access to or how much damage could be done by the breach — or what damage has already been perpetrated.

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