Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender

by benjamin
November 10, 2015
George Bush Sr. and his Nazionist faction are negotiating surrender, according to CIA sources. The Nazionist regime of Benyamin Netanyahu is also doomed, as are their Saudi proxies.

The storm of information poured out by the Internet, the new Guttenberg Press, has made a critical mass of people aware of the enormous crimes of George Bush Sr. and his Nazionist cohorts. The result is that, at age 91, Bush, who said he was retired and no longer talking to the press, felt obliged to put out a new auto-biography where he tried to throw henchmen like former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former Vice-President Dick Cheney under the bus, essentially trying to blame them for the excesses of the George Bush Jr. regime.
With its Halloween attack on a Russian airliner, the Israeli regime has also doomed itself by arrogantly attacking the three great powers of Russia, China and the United States. The result is Israel is under a full military blockade that will not end until Netanyahu and his fellow war-criminals make an unconditional surrender, according to Chinese, Russian and Pentagon sources. Their so-called Samson option of taking the world down with them has now been neutralized, the Pentagon sources say.
George Bush Sr. began to negotiate surrender because he recognized the check-mate situation he faced, White Dragon Society sources say. Bush’s top lieutenant in Asia, Richard Armitage, ratted on Bush last week when he was questioned by officials connected Joseph Dunford, the new top US military commander, Pentagon sources said. Under questioning, Armitage admitted he ran the heroin side of the Bush mafia business, they said. In addition, we can now confirm from South American sources that Maurice Armitage, the mayor of Cali, Columbia was running the cocaine side of the business.
The new peace deal in Columbia between the FARC rebels and the Columbian government has cut drug funding to the Bush linked Sinaloa cartel to such an extent that hundreds of their goons had to fly to Saudi Arabia in order to find work as mercenaries in the war against Yemen, the Pentagon sources said. Mexico’s move to decriminalize drugs is another factor cutting off funding to the Bush mafia, the sources say. The result is that Jeb Bush’s campaign has run out of money. George Bush Sr. himself may soon no longer be able to afford the massive bodyguard presence he needs to keep himself from being hanged as a traitor.
The Bush oil and drug network run by the Nazionist ISIS proxy army in the Middle East is also being systematically dismantled.
Bush CIA asset Ahmed Chalabi was heart-attacked last week
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9 thoughts on “Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender”

    1. If he is negotiating (w/ who?) then how come he is not already behind bars? I think it’s a bit too late for any negotiations,… The amount of crimes & the damages are exorbitant & unconscionable,… I don’t believe this. The destruction continues unabated, & the NWO is marching forward, not the other way around. If there is any truth to anything Fulford is saying,… then it is time to place all of these monsters behind bars,… enough is enough,… WTF are we waiting for,… ???

  1. ” Babylonian debt slavery is ending, freedom is coming.” at the end of any other post or intel this would not carry much weight. At the end of Ben’s it means much. thank you Ben. the Event could be this year after all

  2. Netandyahoo in Washington this week,Obama playing ball again,bussiness as usual i would say.I will stop reading Fulford posts for good if nothing really changes till next month.

  3. Fulford, for years you sell the story that the Zionist cabal is losing power and that White/green/blue/yellow/pink Dragon Society is helping to destroy, so, that we can live as free human. I ask
    Tell me what is this hallucinogenic you use, I want to catch a wave too! You just talk, never show any document, and that’s journalism?
    Please stop talking, show evidence! Open a case in international courts of crimes against humanity, CITE NAMES AND THEIR CRIMES! make your search even more tangible, visible to all people, otherwise it’s just fallacy.
    Kabbalah is arrested in Israel in a magnetic belt, but that bullshit is this? Where is the proof? PROOF!!!
    I concluded that you are a liar propagandist. Remember you said that at the latest in October China would announce its new economic model? WHERE??? If you did not like being called a liar, shows me that you’re right!
    Several things that you say is not fulfilled, and you always arranges a way to run the agenda.
    His manipulation technique is outdated!
    ” According to Pentagon sources… ”
    ” According to our sources… ”
    ” According to our sources the White Dragon society… ”
    WHERE ?!?
    Result, the cabal is playing on terror in the Middle East and soon in the world, plunging Russia and US in the prelude to a ww3.
    To me, you’re a just another crypto-informant whose mission is to calm the most troubled hearts, those who long for help, yearn for evil being fought on equal terms.
    I’m tired.

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