Putin Put the G20 on Notice: “We know you are financing Islamic State”

There are countless evidence of the direct involvement of Western countries on the rapid rise of the Islamic State or ISIS terror group. Aside from directly airdropping material support to the terrorist group, the West are also facilitating the selling of oil from ISIS occupied oil fields in Syria and Northern Iraq.

It is for these reasons why Russia was invited by the Syrian government to intervene:

While the Paris Attacks may serve as a pretext for NATO invasion in Syria in the coming days to sabotage the substantial Russian-led coalition gains, Putin is telling everyone that Russia is fully aware that nationals from the G20 countries are directly financing the Islamic State terror group.
The biggest Putin revelation at the G20 Summit below did not make it to the mainstream headlines, but who cares? This message is directed towards the leaders and representatives of the G20 countries.
What is significant about this message is that it was delivered right on their faces at the G20 Summit 2015 in Turkey a day ago, after which he went back home ahead of everyone else suggesting he has no time kowtowing with anyone.

ISIL Financed by 40 Countries, Including G20 Member States – Putin

putin at g20 2015
“I provided examples related to our data on the financing of Islamic State units by natural persons in various countries. The financing comes from 40 countries, as we established, including some G20 members,” Putin told reporters following the summit.
The fight against terrorism was a key topic at the summit, according to the Russian leader.
“This topic (the war on the terror) was crucial. Especially after the Paris tragedy, we all understand that the means of financing terrorism should be severed,” the Russian president said.
Russia has also presented satellite images and aerial photos showing the true scale of the Islamic State oil trade.
“I’ve demonstrated the pictures from space to our colleagues, which clearly show the true size of the illegal trade of oil and petroleum products market. Car convoys stretching for dozens of kilometers, going beyond the horizon when seen from a height of four-five thousand meters,” Putin told reporters after the G20 summit.
The Russian president also said that Syrian opposition is ready to launch an anti-ISIL operation if Russia provides air support.
“A part of the Syrian opposition considers it possible to begin military actions against ISIL with the assistance of the Russian air forces, and we are ready to provide that assistance,” the Russian president said.
If this happens, the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad, on the one hand, and the opposition, on the other hand, will fight a common enemy, he outlined.
Cooperation With the US
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that the United States has shown a certain willingness to resume cooperation with Russia in several areas.
“It seemed to me that, at least at an expert level, at the level of discussing problems, there was, indeed, a clear interest in resuming work in many areas, including the economy, politics, and the security sphere,” Putin told reporters.
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Now, who can look at Putin with a straight face and say we have nothing to do with ISIS?
Putin has also vowed to go after the perpetrators of flight 7K9268 crash, offering a $50 million reward for information leading to their arrest. In response, Egypt has already put into custody two security personnel who may have aided the planting of a bomb on board the ill-fated A321 flight.
“It is not the first time Russia has faced these barbaric terrorist crimes, which often come without any visible reasons, internal or external, as was the case with terrorist act in Volgograd back in 2013. We haven’t forgotten anything or anyone,” said the President.
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Four days ago, Russia has bombed an ISIS convoy of trucks transporting oil to its intended customers, i.e. one of G20 mentioned above.

“An air reconnaissance in Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor near the town of Mayadin exposed a convoy of tank trucks transporting crude oil towards the Iraqi border, in the direction of the oil processing facilities controlled by IS.

A notice was immediately passed to a Sukhoi Su-34 bomber patrolling the area, which delivered an airstrike on the convoy.

Objective control data confirmed complete elimination of the tank train,” the military spokesman said.”


Here’s the video showing the delivery of Toyota pickups with mounted machine guns and herded by an Apache helicopter.


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