Dictator Erdogan demanded this German Video be Taken Down

German ambassador was summoned by Erdogan, lately. Turkey’s dictator wanted the German government to take down a video showing his excellency in reestablishing his Ottoman Empire through friendship with Daesh Islamic State, suppression of free speech and terrorizing Kurdish communities.

Instead of complying, the German authors added some English and Turkish subtitles in it.

This recent attack on the “Big Boss from Bosporus” will surely fuel more refugee flooding into Europe from Turkey.
Erdogan and others like him are very egoistically sensitive people. And creative pieces such as the video above is one way of bringing down an oppressive regime through the inducement of a stroke, or a heart attack.

2 thoughts on “Dictator Erdogan demanded this German Video be Taken Down”

  1. ERDOGAN cannot demand anything, while he is laughing at the rest of EUROPE, what we have to do now is to quit and ban the EU and NATO they are both AMERICAN DONKEYS, only then can Europe be proud of itself, there will be no peace in the world while the EU countries continue to lick American arses, even though they may be threatened or blackmailed, they will never be safe because the USA has a history of betraying it’s allies and vassals, it is time to say F.O that is the polite way to say FOREIGN OFFICE. ps the video was great.

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