Brexit Treated as The New Terrorist for Courting EU Collapse

As ludicrous as the mainstream media have always been, Brexit is now being used as the new bogeyman for just about anything that is wrong about the Empire.

.. and will be blamed for more in order to prevent others following suit, including those states from the other side of the Atlantic.

Barack Obama had been a key voice warning that leaving the European Union could hurt Britain. But with Thursday’s shock referendum result now sinking in on his side of the Atlantic, there are growing concerns about what this seismic geopolitical event could mean for Americans too.

1) The economy

The International Monetary Fund recently estimated in a report published in Washington that the Brexit could knock up to half a percentage point off the combined output of all advanced economies by 2019, including the US. The IMF expects international trade and investment globally will shrink in response to the political uncertainty of an exit, especially one that may throw Britain, a key US trading partner, into sharp recession.

2) Financial markets

Turmoil in the bond market has already had a more direct impact on US monetary policy, after Janet Yellen warned that uncertainty over Brexit was a factor in the Federal Reserve’s latest decision not to raise interest rates. Wall Street grappled with volatility rarely seen since the financial crisis of 2007-08 after Britain voted in favour of leaving on Thursday, with many US banks based in the City of London on the front line.

3) Transatlantic alliance

The biggest concern in Washington is not just over the waning influence of its most important diplomatic ally within Europe, but the destabilising effect an exit could have on the continent as a whole. If other member states follow suit, the EU itself could slowly unravel, leaving it vulnerable to growing Russian economic influence and perhaps weakening Nato too. Some fear the western alliance, constructed after the second world war and a cornerstone of US influence in the world, now has a deep crack running through it.

But is there really something wrong about Brexit?
Only those who are ignorant about the true nature of the European Union want to be part of it still. Those who have benefited largely from the current setup are the ones passionately fighting for it.
To the open minded, some few simple facts need to be laid out right away. These are:

1. The EU leadership is composed of unelected, anti-democratic bureaucrats that most Europeans knew nothing about;

2. The EU Parliament is not authorized to craft and pass laws which protect and serve the Europeans;

3. EU’s stringent regulations protect established corporations from new startup companies;

4. You don’t need trade deals to buy and sell goods from other countries. You just need to follow their own regulations;

If there’s really something wrong with Brexit, it’s the chance for the British to return to the path of freedom.
If there’s only one video that you need to watch and learn as much about how the British people lost a lot of its economic freedoms through its membership in the European Union, and why the non-EU member Switzerland has more economic freedom and are far better off than all of its European counterparts, this should be it…
One thing inherent to all schemes of lies is that they cannot be sustained indefinitely due to the negative effects that are sure come out later, disproving earlier claims. It’s no wonder why other EU countries are now contemplating of following the Brexit path.
The ongoing Project Fear, or Project Threat, is meant to sabotage the Brexit process in order to force the UK to have a second referendum that will defeat the Brexit vote.
It must be understood that the UK economy, as all other economies, is not dependent on politics and politicians. The economy is dependent on the people and their capacity to buy and create goods, both tasks, of course, have nothing to do with politics, but more so with industry and creativity.
The EU collapse is not a collapse of the European economy, but is a collapse of a Corporate Empire that is serving only the plutocratic interest of a few inbreed families of Europe.  The EU is only about the preservation of the few who have appointed themselves to the royalty, an idiotic concept of exceptionalism.
The rest of the world will always be eager to do business with the Europeans, and the massive infrastructures for doing so are now being laid out across Eurasia and certain parts of Latin America. There will be a New Planetary Order that is free from wars, weather warfare and hunger.

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6 thoughts on “Brexit Treated as The New Terrorist for Courting EU Collapse”

  1. Absolutely astounded by the high numbers of people who believe themselves to be progressive thinkers, scorning all Brexit voters as if the only reason for wanting to leave the super state EU is based entirely on bigotry and racism. It is in this moment that we can see the immense power of mainstream media and the brainwashing that still exists, despite it being the information age. Even with unwavering evidence of banking cabals and large corporations getting away with all that is tyrannical and harmful to our world, masses of mainstream thinkers believe the vote to leave EU is simply about immigration, the idea being pushed hard by the MSM. So depressing is this thought that all one can do is retreat into ones heart, respect the journey of every soul and pray the awakening hits the masses with a bit more speed than we’re currently seeing. Namaste.

    1. completely agree. But the source of the “immense power of mainstream media and the brainwashing that still exists” is really just WELFARE. Hardworking people who make thier own way in life voted out/brexit. The only people I have seen that voted to stay in where leftists that are for exmaple:
      – young people, deeply in debt from government backed student loans, thinking that their leftist university propaganda is the real world
      – liberals that live off inheritance/parents and spend aboslutely no time in the uk whatsoever, that use it simply for its paper benefits (ie for tax purposes, or as a ‘springboard into europe’ – contributing nothing to the local economy – just like david cameron and his tax shelter in jersey)
      – and the hoards of people living off welfare – living in council properties, with child benefits etc that somehow thought that the EU gives the uk money instead of the other way round and so that their welfare might be at risk.
      overpoulation, propaganda, and a corrupt government is a recipie for disaster.

    2. Im surprised that everyone wants self governance and democracy, they do not go hand in hand, self governance is a republic backed by a constitution and the creators of that constitution, the people or the sovereign are the top of the hierarchy, not any govt or fictitious garbage, democracy is ruled by the majority of the people, no constitution, no rights except that which is the will of the majority, the minority has no say, no rights, no anything and must abide by rule of the majority, its a dictatorship with apparent rights but none

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