Macron Resign! – Yellow Vest Protestors [LIVE]

The streets of Paris are flooding again with Yellow Vest protestors demanding the resignation of the Deep State stooge Emmanuel Macron, who is responsible for bleeding the French with higher taxes amidst deteriorating incomes.
Understandably, the Deep State mainstream media is not covering the protests, which started on November 17th, and now entering its 5th week!

The ongoing demonstrations, which saw clashes with the police and 700 arrests nationwide, are the biggest threat so far against the Macron administration.Spineless Macron, of course, is nowhere to be found except through the mainstream media, giving some token measures to protestors’ demands.
Now, the latter is seeking his outright resignation.

Will Macron resign?

The latest polls indicate that Macron only has 18% popularity, which translates to the Yellow Vest protestors having a huge approval from at least 80% of the French population. This is expected considering that Macron was only propelled to power through the usual Deep State electoral machinations that have sustained their tight grip on most governments around the globe.

If the people of France could sustain the demonstrations across the major cities, they might just be able to have a crack on it. Macron already blinked first.

6 thoughts on “Macron Resign! – Yellow Vest Protestors [LIVE]”

  1. Macron should resign . The power to elect its leaders is in the hands of the people. Now that people are awoke they realize this and how they should represent themselves and not who fells is best to represent them.

  2. Funny! I was reviewing a video on Live Leak where a “Yellow vest” rep was explaining WHY the movement was started and the REASONS for it!
    basically it “Mirrored” the what Larken Rose said about STATISM!!!
    I SEE this movement GAINING like a “Wild-Fire” world wide as Governments keep tightening the screws on a VERY frustrated people.
    Look up a video called: The Myth of Authority” too.

  3. Macron is puppet of evils, so does this make him evil as well? Can’t he just flip? We people are more powerful than elites.
    Did he steal the election? If elections are so easy to streal, Macron resigns, and a carbon copy can be installed as replacement.
    Does Macron run France alone? He resigns and then what, all the rest stay there.
    I heard he fired a great general from the army, and army became very angr, so
    should we except a coup.

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