Venezuelan Supreme Court Fights Back Deep State Regime Change

The Maduro government is imperfect. The Venezuelans are just like the Americans, and the rest of the global population. They can easily be manipulated through economic pressures, and black propaganda. Fortunately for the Venezuelans, their Supreme Court is standing up to the developing Deep State incursions into their domestic affairs.
According to media reports, the Venezuelan Supreme Court has blocked all of the self-proclaimed interim president’s bank accounts and financial transactions within its jurisdiction after the Venezuelan authorities have launched the preliminary investigation into the activities of the country’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing a statement of the Venezuelan Supreme Court’s president. In particular, the court’s ruling imposes a travel ban on Juan Guaido until the completion of the investigation.
The country is further tethering into a full blown economic recession as the Bank of England refused to release its gold deposit amounting to US$1.2 billion. The Deep State is hoping that by squeezing the Venezuelan government from accessing the much needed funds that the military will have no other choice but to side with the foreign interventionists.

The weaponization of the banking system by the Western robber barons is what triggered in part the establishment of various development banks to finance the One Belt One Road global economic initiative of China under its president Xi Jinping, to help neighboring countries achieve their own economic development with relative independence from the financial oligarchs whose exercise of absolute power is without any sense of wisdom and accountability.
Russia, for its part, is also unloading its US dollar denominated assets in response to a decade of economic sanctions against its citizens and companies.
Misguided socialism is its own enemy. The Maduro government needs to invest more on critical infrastructure that would lead to self-reliance rather than promote a culture of dependency.
It is time for Venezuelans to learn the lesson that if they could not industrialize their economy in time, and just rely solely on their oil exports, they will be perpetually dependent on the good will of other countries that are still doing business with them.
Such is the fate of societies lead by personalities who have no real scientific and technical background. Typical lawyer politicians just strive to please the governed by giving dole outs, e.g. free housing and free healthcare, to maintain the position of authority and fattened themselves up along the way, instead of creating the right environment conducive for long term economic development and mutual progress, beyond their days in the office.
We will only achieve great economic progress if we put technicians in positions of decision making as to what should the government’s priority be, and the most practical approach of achieving such goals, at any given time.
We are living in a society where even scientific knowledge are governed by immutable laws and constants that have nothing to do with reality, but limits the potential of the inquiring mind.
Economic programs should not be etched in laws that are inflexible, but must respond in real time as the need changes, or satisfied, so that any limited resource is maximized to its full potential.
We have a government that claims to represent our shared interests, yet more often than not, it is the aspiration of the privileged few that wins the day.
The people’s abolition of paid legislators in favor of an Open Source Legislature alone could save any country from corruption and the high expense of running that branch of the government. Moreover, any direct participation of the people in the crafting of their own future will create more responsible and progressive thinking citizenry that is able to govern themselves.
On the other hand, the capitalist monetary-based economic system has just reached its new shameful milestone when Oxfam reported that only 26 billionaires own more than half of the world’s population.

The world is yet to see a truly democratic system of government. However, the technology and infrastructure to make it happen already exist today, e.g. social media platforms and blockchain technology.
It’s time to realign our priorities and maximize the full potential of the technologies that are already in place, and realize that the very idea of government itself has been effectively rendered obsolete. It is grossly irresponsive, unreliable, inefficient, and always subject to the whims and emotion of a few individuals.
Spontaneous order, that’s how the natural system maintains its equilibrium of peace and harmony, all throughout its existence.

46 thoughts on “Venezuelan Supreme Court Fights Back Deep State Regime Change”

  1. They should EXPELL ALL Amerikans.. and close their embassy down, just as Murika did to the Russians and their embassy.
    This is exactly the same format that they Killed Ghadafi invaded Iraq Lybia,Yemen Syria , and winding up Iran, and now Venezuela, when are these Zionist Crooks going to be called out for their Blatant MEDDLING just to control te Oil which is NOT theirs. Such Hypocrites, and their puppet countries all rush to brown nose them, I smell Rothschilds Central Banksters all over this,, all from their HQ Israel

  2. Lets SEE Now…This means that the ENTIRE USA is a “Partner” of the “Deep-State”…witch is Controlled by the Vatican’s City of London’s Central Bank…Making IT Partners of the Deep State…WE already KNOW the Entire world is controlled by VATICAN “Corporate Canon Law System” = Governments ARE THE DEEP STATE!
    Geeeeeeeee! That was Easy to figure out Huh???
    AWAKEN! Folks!

    1. – removing the violations of the US Constitution made by the Kenyan, BH Obama, does not drain the swamp. AIPAC exerts a controlling influence on +60A% of the US congress, and Judaism´s MOSSAD now controls several major US cities, in addition fo Chicago, e.g. Orlando.

      1. While you at it lets hear you all swear Allegiance to your ruler ISRAEL which these scum are putting into Law now to do at work and schools, or else.
        I mean WTF are we going to accept this blatant attempt to bow down to what ever ZioRothschilds HQ Israel tell us to do, or are we going to grow a pair and hang these bastards !

      2. The holocaust? ‘Jews’ found in every country of this world are the wealthiest, how did this happen. Why did the world census of jews show a growth of these populations during the war? Look it up….
        Why are they so determined to ‘rule’ the world for their own and when will we stop playing by their tune?

    1. Now we see why Rothschilds declared Bankruptcy of their Power Companies, they are going satellites to direct power down, ‘allegedly’ and I dont believe a word of it..

      1. Its a VERY Good thing You DON’T believe that crap…Because even the FAKE Jews Know that They have no REAL Power or Control of this Universe witch “Divine Source Creator” has ABSOLUTE Control of.
        The FAKE Jews are nothing more than a bunch of “Blow-Hards”…The “Melanin Jews” (Black Jews) are the REAL Jews…ONLY “Khazarian Jews” Occupy Israel…FOR NOW.

      2. Yes Kennyboy and according to Columbus the voyages to the Americas was to free Jerusalem from the Muslims and find the Garden of Eden? Now why would he be travelling across a large body of water( the Atlantic Ocean) heading west to India Superior and India Minor as this was what America was known as before the change of name in search of these ‘treasures’. Why would he also include on his maiden voyage a Hebrew speaking interpreter?

    1. You forgot to mention the war declared on GERMANY…Witch the German’s Actually WON against America, Via “Operation Paper Clip”…Because They WANTED the Nazi’s Technologies witch are now deployed against the Entire world via the SECRET Space Force (Program)…BUT!.. even right now They are STILL using the SAME tactics with Other countries…Korea (Again!)…The Middle East…Venezuela…Sneaking up on Africa (Their REAL prize, They will “Meet-Their-Fate” On!
      Seems THEY Have “Heads-of-Lead” about using WAR to keep control of the “Babylonia Salve-Money System in tact.
      Looks like They are running out of “BALLS” to PLAY with Huh?

    1. YEP! Hitler was a FAKE JEW himself…He Also KNEW Who the REAL JEWS Are, and wrote in one of his Books Quote: “America HAS the REAL Jews”
      WHAT, does That say about the REAL “America”???

      1. Oooh! I almost forgot to mention…Hitler Called the FAKE Jews “Bastards”, because he KNEW they ARE Fakes.

    1. A little bit of a contradiction here in this video, as the it initially starts off with the satanic side and claiming that the Christ is Satan’s son( This by the way is what is mentioned in Thoth’s arrival to this earth( remember Kristi?) The narrator concludes that the only way to get salvation is through JC?
      Somebody is very confused here.

    1. GEEPERS!!! Ole’ Oil-Can-Henry Looks Like the Monster He is, Yikes!…Must NOT be geting enough “Babies Adrenalin” these days, Huh?
      The “Creature” is a “Bull-Homo” who like Feasting on Young boys!!! SICKO PSYCHOPATH!!!

    1. When you boil down all the trauma the planet and us human’s are being subjected to it comes down to ONE ENTERTY that is ALWAYS working at this hubris, and they are the Zionist Rothschilds Cabal, not great number number , but the control due to their majic money is all invading.
      Due to us HUMANS, born with the true knowledge of Right form Wrong, and being unable to morally justify killing any living thing including these deceivers, means these inhuman freaks can and do what we could not with out severe repercussions to our minds and basic empathetic feelings for others and all things living, and profit from it.
      We know what they do is WRONG, but we have no voice or sociapathic army to do the RIGHT thing, it really does seem the only way is to harden our hearts and go for these inhuman’s for the greater good. The anger I feel towards these inhuman’s is immense now,with every revelation of their deception and cruelty making me more so and find it hard not to show it any chance I get, but as usual I’m presented with a tin foil hat or told our Weather Modification Poisoning of the Earth and every living thing are only vapour trails and all is as Nature is and does !…
      If this means I get called a domestic terrorist for truth and humanity so be it..THEY GOTTA GO, before the planet dies, such insane ignorance that wealth brings and breeds.

    1. Yes , they have been busy perfecting the SOCIAL CREDIT system on the Chinese for the last decade or more, a much better mass of people who already have had dictatorial rule, and of course Cashless society, and now they will bring it over here along with driverless cars, no going just where you want,if allowed to go anywhere with out permission or a document , full surveillance and Stack n Pack cells to live in, assuming your elected to be allowed to live of course and not old or unproductive work wise,then you will be assisted with a demise pill to save on resources,, and forget about children, they will be cloned and reared by the State, ready for future use… such inhuman’s at the top pushing this madness.and GETTING AWAY WITH IT.which is even MORE alarming, why cant more people see it?

      1. why cant more people see it?
        The very same question that I ask myself every day Rodney, everyday. My mother, father, brothers, friends and children just do not see it, not even my missus. We nearly fell apart over the ‘xmas’ celebrations which I do not believe in anymore so yes I have changed, but they do not want to believe anything else but what they have been brought up believing. They will not even research this that is how dogmatic they are in their belief.

  3. There is Only ONE Group of “People” that THINK They are “Getting Away” with IT…BUT…They are in one Hell of a SHOCK, That is FAST Approaching this Planet!!!
    The “Funny Part” is MOST of this Shock will be “Self-Inflicted” After they are EXPOSED FOR WHAT “THEY” ARE.

    1. You know what Kennyboy, I am looking forward to this day and even if I maybe one of those that has their name in the book of dead I am looking forward to it. I have got very tired of the lies, I have got very tired of the lack of natural law of the land and watch these so called humans wreak havoc upon this earth with impunity.
      The earthlings could do with some help from the Creator, this situation needs to be put right.

      1. Seems You have the SAME scenario I’m living with…People still Trapped “Inside-the-Box” No one in my Family even stays in touch with Me (Laugh!)
        Of course most are still JW’s’ Jehovah’s (Satanic) Witnesses…the MOST “Dog-Matic” Religion Ever CREATED by the Vatican/Rottenschild Family! Laugh!!!
        Count yourself EXTREMELY Fortunate because once the “Divine Source Melanin beings” Return…THEY, May be RUNNING back to YOU for HELP.
        Don’t try to Fight with them over this…Just WAIT, and be Ready to HELP them Deal with IT.

    1. If you are talking about “Service to Others” , rather than “Service of Self” as the Luciferian/Satanist believe, That’s just FINE.
      Quote from a “Wise-One”:
      “To care for Things as if they are people, is an “Illusion”…To care for people as if they are Things, Is “Violence”…To care for People as if they are People, is “Justice”…TO CARE FOR PEOPLE AS IF “THEY” ARE “OURSELVES” = “LOVE”!

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