False Flag On USS Enterprise Still On Course

Update 4/21/2012: The instigation for nuclear exchange continues…

We have posted last month the article “False Flag Attack on USS Enterprise to Start WW3“, and as expected they are positioning the “Big E” where it should be, near Iran!

Spread this article without the element of fear but in the spirit of deterrence

Spread this article in whatever manner, including making it your own, to avert another disaster. If this thing happens we might not be able to talk each other again. The next nuclear war will be our last.

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3 thoughts on “False Flag On USS Enterprise Still On Course”

  1. We are very grateful for a lively interaction from our guests and do respect everyone’s opinion.

    However, it is our view that something will only instill fear if we don’t understand completely what it is all about.

    Here at eClinik we conquer fear by confronting it head on, rather than denying it. If more people know about it before it happens, its purpose of instilling fear is effectively defeated.

    The purpose of any false flag operation is to remind us that “we still need them” to protect us. The purpose of this article is to inform these crooks that we already knew who the real culprit is before the actual mayhem is carried out.

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