Japan PM Shinzo Abe Charged for Election Rigging @ The High Court

A group of plaintiffs have filed election protests against Japan’s PM Abe for having benefited from rigged elections. The High Court of Japan displayed a very dishonorable conduct, uncharacteristic in Japanese setting, by employing hundreds of police personnel restricting cameras even outside the building.
But the people are fighting back…

The plaintiffs presented the following facts:

  • Voting Machines are manufactured by Musashi Engineering;
  • Musashi Engineering is controlled by New York based Fortress Asset Management;
  • Peter L. Briger, Jr., Fortress CEO, is a member of the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission;
  • PM Shinzo Abe, the defendant, is a major stockholder of Musashi Engineering!

We strongly urge you to watch the videos below which show the real sentiments of the Japanese about their government in relation to the US, Inc. and an additional clip on one witness programmer who admitted in court about his authoring of the program used in rigging the US elections for the Bushes.

Thanks to JEWJEW鮮邪er!
abe at us senate
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