The Khazarian mob is on the run as US military takes over Federal Reserve Board – Fulford

The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken over the Khazarian mob’s main source of power, the Federal Reserve Board. To confirm this, go visit the home page of the Federal Reserve board, it is no longer

by benjamin
October 13, 2015
The US military, under the new leadership of Marine General Joseph Dunford, has come out with guns blazing to free the people of the United States and the world. Under his command, the US military has taken over the Khazarian mob’s main source of power, the Federal Reserve Board. To confirm this, go visit the home page of the Federal Reserve board, it is no longer
but is now
The Chinese coordinated with this move by announcing their China International Payments System alternative to the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system meaning their take-over of the US dollar system outside of the United States was proceeding as planned. The implosion of the big Khazarian mafia banks is now just a matter of time.
Furthermore, there have been huge ongoing military moves in the Middle East aimed at removing the fascist Khazarian Nazionist government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel, according to Pentagon and Russia sources. To facilitate the Russian purge of Satan worshipping Nazionists from the Middle East, the Pentagon has withdrawn all its aircraft carriers from the Persian Gulf.
The rogue Netanyahu regime only added gasoline to the fire last week by faking a US air force air raid against Syrian government forces in Aleppo, according to other Pentagon sources. The Russians were not fooled by this maneuver and responded by sending missiles and fighter jets over Iranian airspace (with Iran’s permission of course) to attack multiple targets in the Middle East, killing hundreds of Israeli, Saudi and Turkish troops operating against international law in Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon sources say. The real message of course is that the US military was ready to step aside and allow the Russians to clean up the mess in the Middle East.
Fearing for his life and that of his regime, King Salman of Saudi Arabia checked into a hospital claiming severe Alzheimer’s disease while his son, the real power, Defense Minister and Crown Prince Salman flew to Russia where, according to Pentagon and Russian sources he
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    1. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned branch bank of the Bank For International Settlements. Our military has not taken over this bank.

    2. All governments in the U.S. were allowed to apply for delegations in gov before May 2012,[1] such as for the city of Atlanta, for the county of Loudoun, Virginia and for the U.S. state of Georgia. This was not always true; under an earlier policy, only federal agencies were allowed to use the domain, and agencies beneath cabinet level were required to use subdomains of their parent agency. There is a lack of consistency in addresses of state and local government sites, with some using gov, some us, some using both (the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania uses, and for the same web site) and still others in com, org or other TLDs. thev Federal reserve was a privately owned bank.

  1. According to the wki link it was .org, Anyway, that doesn’t work anymore either. My hope is that the end is in sight for all these criminals. Crimes against humanity!

    1. Why would anyone go to Wiki Link for serious information? Serves you right. Our troubles are escalating every single day. The “end” is nowhere in sight and never has been in sight. Humanity has been locked in everlasting war and bondage since the beginning of recorded history. You should read the Sumerian Clay Tablets for a clear understanding of what is going on today.

      1. Dr. Michael Hudson at the University of Missouri KC has involved himself with the results of archaeological digs in the past. Harvard University has documented archaeological evidence from Sumer as a nation that went through economic difficulties and got out of them through debt cancellation as did Babylon under Hammurabi.

        1. Even the United States has experienced brief periods of economic bliss through the destruction of debt. It never lasts very long.

      2. @ Roger
        Hey man,
        do you have a site, youtube channel, blog, or private space of your own??
        I’d like to connect and maybe share some resources.
        I’ve been following that “breadcrumb trail” for years now. It still Amazes me how much we have left to uncover of our True origins & history. That knowledge changes everything.
        Ben @

  2. Regardless of the literal accuracy of Fulford’s every single word and sentence, the message here is very clear. Obozo threw in the towel on Syria and we also have a “resignation” by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Why? We also see snippets of potential cooperation between the Pentagon and Russia and Iraq (of all nations) now feeling comfortable enough to work directly with Russia and ask for their help.
    Let’s not forget the Banksters forced an invasion of Iraq not once but twice and now Iraq is dealing directly with the so called “bad guy” in Russia. It sure looks like the Cabal is losing power and by extension it’s quite reasonable to expect the Federal Reserve to lose power and face banishment.
    What has the Fed done other than jawbone for about a year and a half now? Is it possible they have already lost quite a bit of power and that is in part why we see so many other Central Banks taking action?

    1. All central banks are owned, controlled, and regulated by The Bank For International Settlements. Nothing changes in global finance without a BIS Bretton Woods Accord. Order out of chaos is the preferred method of operation and to detail every red herring in the news is a waste of time. As long as we owe the Federal Reserve 18 trillion dollars plus interest, the Federal Reserve will remain powerful and in control. The people of America are the ones buckling under austerity today. At some point the Fed will collapse our system and reboot it. The owners of this planet have been in control since the beginning of recorded history and will remain in control.
      The Rothschild Banking Dynasty owns Reuters, Associated Press, and United Press International (and most of the BIS). The Rothschild’s are serving up red herring for you every day. To try to unscramble the chaos they throw out 24 hours a day is a serious waste of time …
      To claim that our military has overthrown the Federal Reserve based on the fact that the internet site changed from .org to .gov is an absurd opening statement. The site has always been .gov.

      1. I specifically stated quite literally frankly that hanging on every word from Fulford (or anyone for that matter) is not what is important. There are actual events taking place that indicate a shift in power and the events themselves stand out regardless of what source provides you with the information.
        I must say you truly sound like a Cabal disinfo mouthpiece or some type of status quo peddler.

        1. To open a composition with an ignorant statement is inexcusable and usually serves as a baseline for the rest of the content. Obviously you have never heard of the Bretton Woods accords or the Bank For International Settlements. And have no knowledge of the mercenary forces maintained to destabilize regions of the world by influencing public opinion with artificial violence and aggression. This tactic has been used on us for millenia. And you have fallen for it.
          If you rely on information that is partial, biased, censored, without source, and full of omissions and innuendo … God help you. You, and billions of people like you, are the problem.
          The events taking place on earth indicate chaos and destabilization … nothing more. All power on earth is held by the BIS money-changers and always will be. There are trillion-airs on earth that you have never heard of and there are quadrillions of dollars owed to them. These people own the planet and always have. And always will.
          You truly sound like a person who has not done their homework. Start at the beginning with the Sumerian Clay Tablets and follow the thread through Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, The British Empire and America, up to today. A true understanding of world events can be found. There is no need to be confused or bewildered and left guessing. The outcome should be clear to you.

      2. Thank you for the lecture.
        Again – despite my efforts you are still linking me directly to Fulford (or any hypothetical “source”) as opposed to absorbing that I am referencing the events and trends and not my reliance on trolling the internet for every utterance that appears.
        Yes, as amazing as it may sound to you, I have heard of the BIS and Bretton Woods and your reference to such makes you sound like an IMF sycophant and/or mouthpiece along with the other titles assigned to you by me previously. Insinuating to all that you are somehow superior to others (perhaps based on your pedigree or Cabalist lineage) only serves to embarrass you. By the way, why are you so vehemently defending the status quo at this particular site of all places?
        I am also aware of the likelihood of vast sums of assets built up over hundreds of years. I am also aware that it is entirely possible not all of these “dynasties” or “families” want the status quo in the financial system to continue.
        My initial point and my point now is that there are real events and signals suggesting very serious change. My point was never to agree with every word ever written by Fulford. My own view is that many nations are indeed taking decisive actions to move away from the FRN not to be confused with the USD. Personally I feel that at the end of the day so called “adversaries” such as China and Russia want and need the United States to survive which does not preclude them from wanting to move way from the Federal Reserve and Central Bank centralization in general.
        Is it really that hard to understand that just maybe other countries are sick and tired of FRN hegemony and the Cabal instigating conflict to pursue its own agenda at the expense of tens of millions of lives just in the last 75 years or so?
        So – yes indeed there is an odious debt outstanding to the Fed about as valid as the counterfeit FRN used to create said debt. In time in my view – either the U.S. moves to an asset backed currency issued by the Treasury or via trade and finance the rest of the world will abandon the FRN leaving nothing behind it but . . . . . . . well, nothing along with a military no longer needed or feared as the bully in the neighborhood.

        1. You appear to be under the impression that all countries are sovereign entities. They are not. The borrower is servant to the lender. Every country on earth is well beyond the threshold of bankruptcy and in receivership to the BIS, by proxy. The United States went into receivership to the Federal Reserve with the Emergency Banking Act of 1933 and exists today in name only. Maritime Admiralty Law (bankers law) rules the planet and the BIS calls the shots. The IMF and the World Bank are member banks of the BIS along with the BRICKS banks as well. All privately owned.
          My perspective is different than that of most people because I have taken twenty years of my life to educate myself in global finance.
          Your “status quo” must be dismantled … but massive ignorance of how it works will prevent any effort to eliminate it. This is why the problem gets worse every single day. They play us right into their hands … every time.
          There are serious game changing events taking place in the world today, there always has been and there always will be. Humanity has been locked in everlasting war and bondage for over six thousand years now. This is how the planet is ruled. Divide and conquer.
          Find out who actually owns this planet and stop listening to the bankers whispering into your ear …

        1. Thanks IB … it is very hard to find people who understand what is going on. Almost impossible … !
          Now you need to address your fused number two chromosome to get to the bottom of the matter. This issue is a real game-changer …

      3. “Humanity has been locked in everlasting war and bondage for over six thousand years now.”
        From my research, it is At-Least 13,000 yrs. Randall Carlson, Freemason on Civilization “The Reboot”
        How long? What happened, and what existed before then? is anyone’s guess. But that’s another story…

        1. You are absolutely correct I-Sci. It started around 13,000 BC. I used 6,000 in reference to the time frame of the Sumerian Tablets. If you want to know what happened before 13,000 BC, read “The Lost Book of Enki”, a translation by Sitchin. These tablets go back 450,000 years in great detail. An extraordinary account of human origins. You will love it! Josh Reeves does a great online reading of the book in 12 – 3hour parts.
          Part 1:

          (all we ever eat is chicken …!)
          Reeves reads many good books online. Check out his U-Tubes and his site. Then there is Lloyd Pye and Michael Tellinger, which you probably know of. And Brambley, Bolay, and Parks …

      1. America has over 600 military bases in 160 countries. There are 190 countries on earth. America has a military occupation of 80% of the planet, the most powerful military empire that the earth has ever seen. There is no meaningful challenge to this empire. The east has been at war with the west for 6,000 years, a war of divide and conquer. If you continue to chase every red herring that is thrown at you … you are simply supporting and endorsing the age old strategy of divide and conquer. Stop listening to the bankers …
        Educate yourself.

  3. We have had eight presidents that were either assassinated or had an attempted assassination. The common thread is that every one of them were in direct heated conflict with the global bankers. McKinley, Garfield, Jackson, Monroe, Harding, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan. Kennedy signed executive order 11110 to abolish the Federal Reserve. Twelve days after the Green-Hilton agreement set the order into law internationally, Kennedy got his head blown off. The order stands to this day, never repealed by congress or struck down by the Supreme court. Reagan released the Grace Commission report in 1986, proving that every penny collected in federal income tax was paid to the privately owned Federal Reserve for interest only (no principle) on our national debt . Seven days later he was drilled full of holes. He was supposed to die. Andrew Jackson survived nine assassination attempts by the bankers.

    1. The video is a good entry level primer. The caveat is: Who do you think it is that sits behind the bench at the Hague? = mis-information. Ultimately you have to contemplate human DNA and why our number two chromosome is artificially fused, why we have nine gene inversions, why we have 250 non-terrestrial genes, and why this genetic modification to humanity is detailed in the Sumerian Clay Tablets 6,000 years ago. God does not make artificial bastardized connections and neither does evolution. There is a door number 3.
      Most of the monetary gold on earth (90%+) is in private hands and has never been audited. It may not even be here … which is most likely the case.

  4. And you really want me to believe our Pentagon? Especially under the Obama NWO regime? The Federal Reserve is part of the NWO regime. We have NWO Islamo Nazi’s running our Country right now.

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