Israel Controls America

There are countless events on a global scale which say and prove America is not in control of itself, but Israel.

On May 31, 2010, six civilian ships, forming as “Gaza Freedom Flotilla,” were sailing on international waters towards Gaza carrying much needed humanitarian assistance. Consequently, Israeli forces boarded the ships using firepower which resulted to several grave injuries and deaths.
Israel officials claimed that their armed forces were under threat, when they boarded the ships and massacred anyone on board.
It must be understood that the ships were sailing under US and Turkish flags floating on international waters which, under international norms, served as extensions to the sovereignty of those countries under which those flags represent, and therefore, should void all claims of immunity from lawsuits emanating from those countries against the perpetrators, in much the same way as those who were on board that ship who did not pose any threats to Israel has every right to protect themselves with everything they’ve got.
In other words, the culpability rest on Israel, and on Israel alone, once their armed forces step on board the ships.
Again, this was not the first time that Israel got its way with crimes covertly, or overtly, in the international scene.
But in this case, it was clear that the United States denied the deaths of its own citizens on board the flotilla just so it could please its Israeli masters.

So, it was repulsive indeed to see the presumptive US president’s pandering to AIPAC, even with the hindsight and knowledge that Israel, along with Saudi Arabia and UK, all sharing the same culpability on the crimes against thousands of Americans who died at the false flag attack of the World Trade Center in 2001.
Gaza, of course, is just a small area that should not warrant international attention. But there was no Israel in the first place either. There was only Palestine.
The world is only paying lip service to the gradual shrinking of Palestine, and the rise of Israel influence across continents. Otherwise, this should not have happened.
shrinking palestine 1 shrinking palestine 2 shrinking palestine 3 shrinking palestine 4
The conclusion would have been that Israel controls the United States, but the Americans are not in control of their own corporate government either.
The world needs to see real actions instead of mere rumors of ongoing reforms.
This does not mean that Israel is doing it alone. Israel itself is controlled by its own creator, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.
It’s a grave insult to the men and women in the US military to let armless groups like CodePink do the necessary work…

… and for US politicians to let the Jewish rabbis do the condemning for them.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

12 thoughts on “Israel Controls America”


    The Khazarian tribe without the OXTR empathy gene and with 40 % probability of schizophrenia has left a 1000 years long trail of genocides and now forms the terrorist organisation of the Earth

    They have now again found time ripe for a false-flag terrorist attack.
    But Bruxelles is just another of their long sequence of standard false-flag terror actions, e.g. Palestine, JFK, 9/11, Middle East (devastation of peoples, countries, cultural heritage, *deleted* uranium, millions of refugees, revival of medieval torture, kidnapping of foreign children for organs for transplantations), London, Boston, Paris, Boko Haram, Libya, Yemen, etc., and Aids, Ebola, Bird Flue, Zika, Gates *vaccine*, Chemtrails, Haarp, Monsanto Agent Orange, Roundup, GMO, Big Pharma poison, Petrodollar, Exxon denial, junkfood, POP, Disney, Fox News, etc.

    Imagine if a media show and man hunt similar to Bruxelles were launched every time the nazionists blow up a bomb in a marketplace in the Middle East to put Sunnis and Shiites against each other, or ISISrael’s callous monsters daily murder of Palestinian children !

    NONE of this could take place without the AIPAC MAFIA’s reign over the US Congress !

    How do they do it ?

    Here is the answer:

    ICC and the FEMA camps are waiting impatiently !

  2. Whoever holds the monetary policy of a country, controls that country. Israel does not hold America’s monetary policy. However, America’s monetary policy is held by the same entity that holds the monetary policy of Israel. This is confusing you …

    1. Roger is right….. Its inaccurate and plays right into the NWO agenda to blame Israel for what the shadow minority manipulate. Furthermore, if you don’t believe the threat of jihad is real, your a dupe. In short this article is full of inaccuracies. Keep searching

        1. It is a 6,000 year old war, the East versus the West. Or Enki versus Enlil if you have studied true history. Every conflict on earth is sourced in this ancient war. Two half brothers constantly challenging each other. Very terrifying and yet entertaining, for the global herd of human hybrids.

  3. I travelled to Israel last year. You can drive from one side of it to the other in a day. The place is literally falling to pieces, it is bordering on a 3rd world country. The place is being attacked left right and centre from physical and propandised threats like this one on this page. It is ridiculous this type of commentary. God to Israel and see the place for yourself.

  4. Americans need to know the truth about Israel. Who benefits more from these wars in the Middle East? Israel or the U.S.? Israel of course. We are so far away from the Middle East but the the Muslims could destroy Israel very easily. Israel would rather American /Boys die, lose limbs than theirs. Only 2-3 percent od Americans in the U.S. are Jewish but it is the Jews that handle our monetary policy, our news services, like the AP , the television networks, newspapers, radio stations. You control the news , you control knowledge. During 9-11-2001 they went in full gear and blamed Osama Bin Ladin within the hour of the World Trader being hit, All those involved in informing the world who was responsible for the attacks was Israel. It is the Zionist Jews at the pentagon running show. They would like to see all those Islamic countries surrounding Israel brought down by us.It is 15 years since 9-11 and trillions later and the American people deserve to know the horrible that our own government and Israel attack and killed 3,000 civilian American in the worst attack ever on American soil. We demand justice for the criminal that plotting against our country and took down 4 skyscrapers and change our way of life forever to get the American people to go to war in the middle East.

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